Chris Pt. 01

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I was a bit hesitant when it came to submitting the following series of stories for publication in lieu of all of the negative comments and feedback that I’ve received on the majority of my submissions but then I said “Fuck it.”

The following stories are about something that happened in my life that I’m not very proud about and yet I have no regrets about it.

Not long after graduating from High School a few of my Male friends and I decided to experiment with each other. I’m not sure exactly why this happened because there was absolutely no physical attraction on my part toward either of them and I’m sure that there was none toward me by them.

The first guy I ever did anything with was my friend Chris. Chris kind of looked like a teenage Ron Howard with blonde hair. I guess you could consider Chris one of my oldest friends. My family were friends with his and we hung out a little when we were younger but it wasn’t until our later years of High School when we started hanging out on a regular basis.

Chris and I decided to spend the entire day fishing at one of the lakes that was within walking distance of where were lived. We had been there since early that morning and it was now going on late afternoon. We had moved from spot to spot throughout the day and ended up at one of our favorite spots on the lake. It was a stone wall that made up a dam which drained from the main lake body into a swampy marsh in the woods. Directly in front of us across the lake maybe 100 yards was a parking lot filled with people who izmir escort bayan were picnicking, feeding the ducks and geese or jogging along the path which surrounded the lake.

Chris and I weren’t catching anything and getting bored and yet we didn’t feel like calling it a day. We reeled in our fishing lines and just sat on the wall talking for a little bit. We were only about a year and a half out of high school and the memories were still in our minds and we began to reminisce about all of the hot girls we knew.

It didn’t take long for our young hormones to get the better of us and we both admitted to each other that our cocks were rock throbbing hard.

Chris was the first to whip his cock out and he played with it a little. I felt weird about that for a couple of reasons. Mainly because we were in a public state park and because a guy has never done that around me before. Within only a couple of minutes I took whipped my cock out and played with it. I’m not lying when I say that I was actually turned on by looking at Chris’s cock. I had no physical attraction to him but his cock was turning me on.

Chris’s cock was about the length of a normal sized hot dog but thicker. I kind of looked at it indirectly while he was stroking hoping he wouldn’t see me looking. A few minutes later however I said something that would lead to over three years of encounters with Chris.

“I’m not gay or anything but would you like me to help you out?” I asked him.

Chris didn’t say a word and just let go of his cock. escort izmir I stood straight up and without wasting any time I wrapped my hand around it. I started stroking him slowly all the while having a really awkward feeling as I did.

I don’t remember how long I had been stroking him but I’m sure it couldn’t have been anymore then a minute or two when Chris asked me if I would suck it. I actually wanted to suck his cock but only because I was hoping I’d get something in return.

The only thing was I didn’t feel 100% safe doing that outside like that so I told him that we should find a spot somewhere. To our luck, just behind us about thirty feet away was an abandoned shack that was about the size of a small barn and painted just like one which used to be one of the parks restrooms. We tried the door first but it was locked. That wasn’t going to stop Chris from getting his blowjob. Chris, being the more athletic of the two of us scaled a tree which Conveniently had a large branch that hung over the roof of the building and he gained access from a skylight on the roof of the building.

Chris unlatched the door and let me in and we latched the door behind us. We walked over to the only toilet stall in the bathroom and I sat down on the toilet. Chris whipped his cock out again and I started sucking. It was so quiet in there you could hear a mouse fart. I sucked Chris’s cock for a few minutes but then it crossed my mind that he could piss in my mouth if it wanted to.

“Don’t piss in my mouth or anything.” I warned izmir escort him and about five seconds later the fucker did just that. I spit his piss out and immediately stood up from the toilet and started lighting up Chris’s head with hammer punches.

Chris was laughing so hard at what he did that the pain of my punches didn’t even seem to phase him. In fact I think they only made him laugh harder.

I chased Chris out of the bathroom as I continuously lit him up with punches. He ran across to the wall where we were sitting earlier and he snatched up his fishing gear and his bike and he pedaled away laughing as I chased him.

I then collected up my fishing gear and started my walk home. The entire walk home I was spitting every two seconds trying to get the taste of Chris’s piss out of my mouth. When I got home I ate dinner and decided to head up into my attic computer room to look up some porn. I wasn’t in the attic long when I saw Chris walking up the attic steps. When I saw him I had a moment of rage and I could see that Chris could tell that. He stood there for a moment with a stance as if he were getting ready to run.

I forgave him for what he did earlier and we sat at my computer looking at some porn for a while before we started where we left off.

Aside from being the computer room the attic doubled as a spare bedroom and Chris and I walked over to the bed where I started sucking him again.

This time I told him that if he pissed in my mouth again I’d fuck him up. I sucked him for a few minutes and he returned the favor only briefly and when it was time for him to cum I asked for him to cum on my cock. I laid back on the bed and Chris shot his load on my cock, balls and hand and I used his cum as a lube to finish myself off.

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