Cheating 101

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Big Tits

Let’s be honest men think about sex a lot. I think about sex a lot. I crave sex like water in the desert.

Some say cheating comes natural to men. Been married for 25 years. As marriages go can’t complain. But after having made love more than 2000 times to the same woman I just can’t get that nagging feeling that my sex life has hit a major rut! I miss passion, novelty, pure lust.

So I reflected on this for quite some time – a week and have to find a solution that would give me the carnal pleasures I need AND get away with it. I don’t want to lose my family comforts on a whim…

So turn to porn, some would say. There are limits to what you can feel with the pleasures of porn. Not that I’m complaining but where is the carnal physical pleasure in jerking off?

Get a hooker, others would say. Well it would be a unattached good solution. Pick up a doped up AIDS ridden street walker to give me a sloppy blow job or doggy hump in some dark alley? Sorry ladies but I’ll pass on that. Could hire myself an upscale escort. At least the online photos look promising even bahçelievler escort if the price tag is a bit steep… But it wouldn’t be the real deal – she wouldn’t desire me for what I am but for the money…

Why not try to score someone at work. No can do – I unfortunately work in the same office as my wife. Things would get so complicated that life would be hell afterwords.

Fourth and last solution: Hook up with someone you know online. So I went and asked another married woman out on a date. I didn’t want anybody who was single and needy, I was in this for the deed not the feed. She was on my facebook friend list…Nothing was promised and I didn’t tell her what we were going to do.

Arrived on time, double cheek kiss. Here we go. Small talked on our way to a posh little tucked away restaurant in a neighboring town. I lied most of the time on what I did for a living and we avoided topics of spouses. She was quite nice. Not too talkative, not too silent. Most of the time I was just checking out her boobs and hands anyway. bahçeşehir escort Paid the bill like a gentlemen of course. She got a little tipsy with the wine and wanted to hold my hand, a chill went through my spine, but I didn’t sweat it. Next we went to a horror movie. Kept quiet because I still have principles, no popcorn of course.

Took her home. So now we part? My husband isn’t home, do you want to come in? Ok I’m game. Quick tour around the main rooms. She went to the bathroom I just sat there on her bed. She came out in her underwear. This is it… Cloths were hastily unbuttoned, she kissed like a wildcat. Very nice breasts for a middle aged woman. What about protection? Fuck it, I was screwed anyway… She sucked my penis like a girl on her first ice cream of the summer, quite nice indeed. Still half-dressed I was all over her lower parts and she had a freshly shaved pussy. What a treat. We basically went at it like Kamasutra was an Ikea manual for sex! Oral, vaginal, titfucking, anal, the works. We traded positions until we ran out of bakırköy escort ideas…After her second orgasm and my third (a technique called non-ejaculatory male orgasm, by which you contract the muscle between your ass and your balls, you get a real orgasm but no emission, so you can just keep on pumping) I asked her what I could try that her husband never did with her… but she didn’t have anything for me. Ok now it’s my fantasy time and I have a damn shopping list! Wanted her to eat out my ass, no can do, too dirty. Next I tried vaginal fisting, but my hand was too big. So we were 2 hours in, much like a marathon running time, orgasms were 5-3 and being a tennis player myself a set is only over when you hit six, so I asked her to jerk me off against the wall with her two hands until I could ejaculate onto her held out tongue. I finally exploded all over that giraffe tongue, face, neck and tits and it was heaven. We french kissed and it tasted like sour fruit, not that bad actually.

I fell asleep and slept like a baby, all sticky and sweaty but at peace.

Next morning I woke at the crack of dawn, I looked at her and said “Good morning. So yesterday how was your night out with your girlfriends?”

“Quite fun, and did you enjoy your trip to the medical congress?”

My wife was glowing and my inner devil was satiated.

Who said that Married Sex can’t be fun?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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