Changing Her Ways

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Every Christmas dinner with my family was the same. My part of the family would head over to our cousins around the corner from our house. Our other cousins, who lived in the states, along with my Grandparents would meet us their. We would all sit down for a fancy, although not very filling meal. Then, us “kids” would be shipped of to watch TV or a movie.

For years, since I had been 13, I had always lusted after my cousin. Her name was Rachelle and was two years younger then I was. When I used to baby-sit for my cousins, I would sneak up to her room and poke around. Sometimes, I would read through her dairies looking for any interesting information from her life. It was an obsession.

This Christmas, Rachelle had just turned 18 and was still as stunning as ever. At 5’8 with blond hair down just past her shoulders, along with small, but very firm breasts and a great figure, not to mention a perfect round ass, she turned heads whenever she went. Rachelle had always dressed on the verge of being slutty. She had a knack for walking the thin line between dressing very well and dressing like a slut. Tonight, for Christmas dinner, she was wearing a skirt that went just passed her knees, but sat very low on her hips and a tank top that displayed her pierced belly and a fair amount of cleavage. Her hair sat, like always, loose on her shoulders.

As we ate our meal, I could not help but stare at my cousin. She was amazing. I kept taking the quick glances that one takes when they want to look at something, but don’t want anybody to notice. After the meal, and some short conversation, us “kids” (although we were not really kids, the youngest being 13 and the oldest, me, being 20) were sent downstairs to watch a movie.

The TV room was set-up with the TV in the corner and three couches in a semi-circle around it. I sat down on the couch farthest from the TV and, to my delight; Rachelle sat down right beside me. The movie was started and we all settled down for a long 2 hours. Almost halfway through the movie, Rachelle leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Josh, the computer in my room is fucked up, could you see if you could fix it? It will be more fun then watching this movie!”

“Sure”, I replied. Anything was better then watching the movie. Plus, I got to go into Rachelle’s room.

We arrived in her room and Rachelle shut the door. I turned on the computer and started to search for the problem. After a while, I tuned to her and said, “There’s no problem with your computer.” She was sprawled on her bed.

“Josh, I know that! I just wanted you up here so I could ask you a question without being heard downstairs.”

“Well”, I replied, “What might that question be?”

“I think you realized for the last little while, mainly starting when I was 14, that I was dressing, lets say, less then fully clothed.”

Laughing, I said, “Yes, I have noticed, you have been good at walking that thin line.”

“I know. And I was thinking: I’m really sick of walking that that line. I wanted to make a decision on which way to go. It was either start dressing really conservative or really dress like a slut. I decided to go with the slut. I have a good body and I want to show it off.”

“Really,” I replied “And you need my help, why?” I could not believe that I was hearing my cousin talking to me about this. I was in heaven!

“I know that you’ve been looking at me for the last while, actually, for the last 6 or 7 years. I figured you could help me dress like what you think is a slut. I mean, I don’t want to be really bad. I want my daddy to still allow me to wear the stuff, but I really want to turn heads.”

“I guess I can help” I managed to get out. “Let’s start with the nothing on at all and work up from there.”

“OK” she replied. Slowly, she wiggled out of her skirt leaving just her black panties covered her pussy. Then, she reached up and took of her tank top. Just her black bra and panties now covered her body. It was amazing, her body was perfect. There was not a thing wrong with it. “There, now what should I do” she said, snapping me out of my trance.

“Well, Rachelle” I said, “By nothing, I meant nothing, so you will need to take of the bra and panties.”

“Oh” she giggled, “Whoops” She took off her bra first. Her breasts slipped out in sat on her chest. Her nipples were already hard. They were exactly like I had imagined them. Finally, she squirmed out of her panties. Her pussy looked incredibly tight, although there was quite a bit of hair covering it up.

“Well” I said, “The first thing that needs to go is that hair covering your pussy. You have no hair anywhere else, except for you head, why leave some down there?”

“I guess your right” she replied. She seemed very nervous. “Could you go get my razor from the bathroom across the hall? Its in the drawer to the right of the sink.”

“Sure” I said, getting up. I left for the bathroom and opened up the drawer. There was the razor. I picked it up, along with shaving cream, and went back into Rachelle’s room. I still could not believe that I was seeing my cousin naked after illegal bahis all these years.

“Here” I said, handing her the razor and the cream. “Enjoy.” She put some cream on the top of her pussy, and slowly spread it around. When she felt ready, she started to shave. Slowly at first, but when she noticed that it did not hurt, but actually felt good, she started to enjoy it. She finished and stood up.

“There” she said, spinning around, “Does it look good?”

“Rachelle” I replied, “It looks amazing. I never thought you could look better, but you just passed that mark.”

“Thanks Josh, I really appreciate all the help you giving me. It makes me feel so good.”

“My pleasure” I replied. “OK, lets start with what you wear for most of the week.”

“Well” she said, “I still go the Private School down the street, so I guess what I would wear for most of the week would be my uniform. Plus, I like making other girls wet, so lets start with that!”

“OK” I replied. “Why don’t you get dressed for school, like you normally do.”

“Sounds good” Rachelle said. She went over to her dresser and pulled out some underwear and a cheap bra. I made a mental note: that would have to change. Next, she pulled on her kilt, it when down to just above her knees. To finish it off, she put on her white shirt. It was a little loose and seemed to cover up her breasts and body. She buttoned up the shirt and said, “There, all done! How does it look?”

“Rachelle, you look amazing in anything, and the schoolgirl outfit makes you look great. However, there are a couple things that need to change. How old is your sister again?”

“She’s three years younger then me, so she’s 15. Why?”

“Well, do you think you could go grab her school uniform? I assume she goes to the same school you do?”

“Yeah, she does,” replied Rachelle, “I’ll be right back.” She slipped out of the room and I looked around, realizing how lucky I was. She returned to her room with the kilt and top.

“Could you put it on?” I asked. “I know it might be a bit small, but that’s what I’m looking for.”

“I guess so” Rachelle replied. She took of her skirt and started putting on the new one. It was small, but would still fit. She struggled a bit, but managed to get it on. It went about 2 inches below the bottom of her ass. Perfect. Next came the top. It too was very tight, but showed off the curves of her breasts.

“Looking better already,” I said. “Just a couple more things.”

“OK, what else do you want me to do?” replied Rachelle. I could think of a lot of things, but I decided to keep that to myself, for now!

“Could you sit down at you desk like you would at school?” I asked.

“Sure”. She sat down in her chair and turned to me. Perfect, here underwear was very visible right up her skirt.

“OK Rachelle, two more changes you need to make. First, do you own a thong?”

“Of course I do Josh! What do you think I am?” laughed Rachelle.

“I can only imagine” I replied. “OK, why don’t you take of that underwear you have on and put the thong on? Also, take of your bra. You tits are firm enough, you don’t need support. It will let your nipples push out against you shirt.”

“If you think it will work Josh,” said Rachelle, pulling off her top and taking off her bra. Her breast lay in the open again, moving slowly up and down as she breathed, until she put the tight white shirt back on.

“Looking better already, Rachelle! You nipples really stand out. Its great! Do you think you could undo the top button too? The more skin showing, the better. Actually, there is one more thing: Tie you hair into two pigtails, one on each side of you head. It makes you look much more innocent and slutty.”

“Of course I can Josh, whatever you say, I’ll do.” She undid the top button. Then she lifted her skirt and pulled off her underwear. There it was again, her newly shaved pussy. I could tell it was wet as her pussy juices glistened against the light. It disappeared from view again, when the black thong was pulled up, just covering her amazing pussy. Her hands grabbed two elastics and put her hair into pigtails. “All done Josh,” she said looking in the mirror, “How do I look?”

“Amazing” I said. I was looking at the hottest grade 12 in the city. With a skirt that revealed her amazing tanned legs and showed the touches of ass when she walked along with a very tight shirt that her breast were just pushing to get out of, she truly was amazing. She pouted her lips making her look like an innocent schoolgirl. “Now make sure you buy this size of skirt and top when you go back to school after the holiday so you have a uniform of your own. Go take this off and return it to your sisters room.”

“Sure Josh” was her reply as she walked out of the room. Now, the question was, what next? I decided she had to learn how to act like a slut while not being viewed by others. She had to learn how to masturbate like one.

A few minutes later, Rachelle re-appeared in the door. She was wearing nothing but the thong. “You said to give back my sister’s stuff, and I did.” She said illegal bahis siteleri grinning. “All I had on that was mine was this thong! I hope you don’t mind.” She walked over to her bed with her breasts bouncing lightly as she walked. “Now what?” she asked, sitting down on her bed. She re-adjusted her pigtails.

“I think” I replied, “That we need to work on your slutty habits outside of the eyes of others.”

“What do you mean?” Rachelle asked.

“Have you ever fucked someone?” I asked. I figured I should go straight to the heart of the problem at hand.

“Um, yes” replied Rachelle, blushing.

“How? What position?”

“Well, just normal, I’ve only done 2 guys.”

“Ever up the ass?”

“No! I’m afraid it will hurt.”

“That, Rachelle” I stated, “Is your problem. To be a slut, you need to fuck guys every which way, in every position and in every hole possible. You need to want to be fucked! You need to need to be fucked!”

“Oh” said Rachelle, “How do I learn that, just fuck every guy I see?”

“That’s going a little far. But I do have a great I idea that could help you. I would assume you masturbate?”

“Of course I do. But just with my fingers. Just rubbing.”

“Then we have a problem that can easily be solved! Do you have a dildo by chance?” I asked.

“I don’t” said Rachelle, “But I think my sister might. Should I go look?”

“Yes. Bring back every thing she has.” Rachelle got up and walked out of her bedroom, her ass swinging as she walked. I was amazed she had never been fucked up the ass. Rachelle came back with two dildos. One was small, about the size of three finger and 4 inches long. The one that caught my eye however, was the thick 10-inch green dildo she was carrying.

“There” she said, giving me the dildo’s, “I never knew my sister was so slutty, I really need to catch up!”

“Yes, yes you do” I replied, smiling. “Here, take this.” I handed her the small dildo. “Go fuck yourself.”

“I you really want me too” Rachelle said. She started to rub her pussy through her black panties. I could already see a dark spot forming. She got wet fast. She continued rubbing and slowly pulled her of the black thong. Her shaved pussy was glistening from her juices. I could see some trickle down her leg and pool on the bed. Slowly, Rachelle started rubbing her clit with the small dildo. “Ohhhhhh” she groaned, “Ohhhh yeah!” She pushed the dildo into her pussy. It slipped though her wet lips with ease. She started thrusting back and forth. “Ohhhhh” she groaned again, “It feels so good.” Just as she started to get a rhythm going, I interrupted.

“Rachelle, stop.”

“But Josh” she moaned, “Why? I like this, it feels great.”

“Rachelle, stop!” I said, a little more forcefully, grabbing her wrist

“Fine Josh. What do you want me to do now?”

“Take this one,” I said, handing her the thick green dildo. “I want you to really become a slut. I want you to sit down on this.”

“Josh, it’s bigger then anything I have ever seen. Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, just do it. I swear you will like it!”

“OK. Here we go.” Rachelle said. She set the huge dildo upright on her bed. She stood up and straddled it. She dipped the dildo two inches into her pussy and then pulled it out. “Josh, its so thick, I’m not sure whether it will fit!”

“Rachelle, trust me, it will fit!” She nodded in agreement. She began to lower herself onto the big dildo. The sight of seeing her lips part was amazing, but the sight of her pussy being stuffed was even better. She got half the dildo into her pussy and stopped.

“Josh” she said, “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Rachelle” I replied, “Do you want to be a slut or not?”

“I do, I really do” she replied.

“Fine. Give me the dildo.” She pulled the dildo out of her pussy and handed it to me. The pussy juices ran down my hands. “Lie down on your bed, Rachelle” I said. She complied. “Put your legs behind your head and hold them together with your hands.” Luckily, she was very flexible and complied easily. Now there was a clean-shaven pussy, with red lips with nothing blocking the path of the dildo, sitting in front of me. “Here’s the deal Rachelle,” I said, looking at her. “I am going to push this slowly, but if you try to stop me, or move you hands or legs away from you head, I push it all the way in. Got it?”

“Yes Josh” she said, nodding. I put the Dildo on her pussy lips. For the third time that night, her pussy lips parted to allow the thick dildo in. I was surprised at how tight she was. This could be more difficult then I had expected, I thought. Rachelle started to moan as the dildo went deeper inside her. I had it half way in. I could see her struggling to not move her hands or legs.

“Feeling OK Rachelle?” I asked. She smiled and nodded, moaning heavily. I slowly started to push it in farther. Every so often, I would pull it back a bit and push the dildo back in a little harder. I looked up a Rachelle. She had her eyes closed and had a look of pure pleasure on her face. She continued moaning softly. I was canlı bahis siteleri almost all the way in. With one final push, all 10 inches of the thick green dildo was inside of my cousin. The sight was amazing. “Rachelle, it’s all in, still felling good?”

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah Josh. Its feels great!” She opened her eyes and looked down at her pussy. She gasped. “Wow, it really is all the way in there.” She started to sit up, keeping the dildo all the way in. When she was in a completely upright position, she started to buck up and down on the dildo, riding it like it was the only thing that mattered. “Ohhhhhh, Ohhhh yeah” she moaned, “Fuck yeah, it feels great, Ohhhh.” She started moving faster and faster, her face contorting into a look of pure bliss. “Fuck, oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT” she yelled as on orgasm racked her body. She collapsed, panting, onto her bed. A pool of juices was collecting underneath her. She started to pull the dildo out.

“Wait Rachelle, leave that in there. Were not quite done yet.”

“Ohhhh, Josh, I don’t know how much more I can handle. What going to happen next?”

“Have you ever heard of the doggy style position?” I asked. Rachelle nodded.

“I have, but I’ve never used it.”

“OK, keep the dildo in you and bend over, stick you ass towards me.” She complied, waving her round ass right at me. I heard her moan again, feeling the dildo push into her in ways she had never felt before. “You said you’ve never been fucked up the ass right?”

“That’s right, I’ve been afraid it will hurt.”

“Well, you didn’t think that you could get the dildo all the way into your pussy but you managed to. What do you think about going anal?”

“I guess I could try. Will you help me again?”

“Of course, same rules as before. Put your hands on your hand and don’t let the dildo come all the way out. If your hands come off you head or the dildo slips out, I shove. Do you have any oil around here?” I asked, looking around.

“I guess I can agree to that” she said, “Yeah, there’s some oil over on my desk. I got up, grabbed the oil and sat down, admiring her perfect ass. Her asshole looked very tight. I was planning to get the small dildo in, but I figured I should start small, with my finger. I put some oil into her ass; it dripped around her tight hole and down to her pussy. Finally, I put some oil on my finger. Giving her ass a squeeze, I was ready to go.

“Rachelle, I’m going to start with my finger, OK?” She nodded. I moved my finger around her asshole. I pushed it in about half and inch; I could feel Rachelle tense up. She was doing a pretty good job of keeping the dildo in her pussy. I moved my finger all the way into her tight ass. It felt so good! I pulled it out and pushed back in. “Feel OK, Rachelle?” I asked her.

“Yeah, not bad actually. Are you going to try the other, small dildo next?”

“Of course” I replied. “If it starts to hurt, just move up and down on the dildo in your pussy and focus on that pleasure. But don’t move your hands or let the dildo in your pussy slip out.”

“I won’t,” she said, closing her eyes once again. I removed my finger and wiped it on her hair, giving myself a better grip and the dildo. I oiled it up and started pushing it into her ass. She gasped saying “Josh, Owww, It hurts!” I kept pushing.

“Just bear with it Rachelle, it will feel really good by the end, just focus on the dildo in your pussy and how good it feels. OK?”

“I’ll try Josh” was her reply. I kept pushing it, very slowly. I put a bit more oil into her ass and watched it slide down to her pussy. I was almost half way in when Rachelle moved her hand from the top of her head in an attempt to stop me.

“Rachelle, you knew the rules,” I said as I thrust the dildo all the way into her ass.

“FUCK, IT HURTS!” She yelled. “Stop!! It hurts, Owwwww,” she said through tears. “Why wont you stop? It hurts, FUCK!”

“Rachelle” I said calmly, “You knew the rules, and you broke them. Don’t worry, it will stop hurting soon. Just enjoy it. Remember, it will just make you more slutty, and that’s what you want.” She did not respond, just continued to cry into a pillow yelling about how much it hurt. I ignored her cries. I pulled the dildo out and slowly began to ass-fuck her with the dildo. Slowly, her cries began to turn into moans. “See” I said, “It’s not that bad anymore, is it?”

“No” she replied, sniffling. “But my ass will be sore tomorrow.”

“OK Rachelle, get your head up and ride the dildo. I’ll keep fucking your ass.” I grabbed her two pigtails and pulled back, making sure that her head stayed up. “See Rachelle, when you fuck, make sure you keep your head up at least this high. It makes you look much more like a slut.” I could see her wince from the pain of her hair being pulled.

“OK Josh, I’ll do that.” She said. She started to ride the huge dildo in her pussy, sliding all the way out on slamming it back in. I tried to keep pace with the dildo in her pussy. “OH JOSH” she screamed, “Ohhhhh, Fuck, Fuck my ass with the dildo, HARDER!” I complied, shoving the dildo in and out of her ass with more force and with a faster pace. “Shit Josh, I love being a slut. Fuck my ass, that’s it, Ohhhhhh yeah!” she screamed again. She was really going fast, bucking up and down as fast as she could. I kept pace the best I could. “Slap me Josh, SLAP ME!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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