Case of the Lost Drone Ch. 03

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This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 12 – The Guardians of Justice (continued)

(Author’s note: this story overlaps the timeframe of the last chapter of ‘Teresa’s Christmas Finale’.)

Monday, January 22d.

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!’ said the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, from in front of the Federal Building off Courthouse Square. “The Guardians of Justice have struck again! They have released a huge trove of information that is damning for the FBI!”

Bettina was dressed up just a bit hotter than normal, and her makeup was just so. This was not just a big story, it was a huge story. She continued: “Yesterday, the shadowy group known as “The Guardians of Justice’ made their largest and most significant release of Government documents to date. The documents detail that the secret programs to control the foodstuffs of the nation as well as to confiscate the guns of citizens were not shut down, but were moved to a secret facility in Clinton County in the State west of us.”

“Decades ago,” Bettina went on, “nuclear ICBMs were housed in silos on the empty land just west of the State Line River and the nuclear power plant in our State. Those silos were allegedly dismantled and most of the land sold off, but the land in Clinton County was retained, and a top-secret facility was established underground. The Guardians of Justice’s documents expose the nature of these facilities, and many of the programs that were going there, which include spying on U.S. citizens… and attribute the recent murders of the Eldon family, whose bodies were found in our County recently, to overzealous FBI Agents.”

Bettina said “The documents have been released to 20 web sites as well as widely disseminated to the Press. They were also sent to multiple law enforcement agencies in several States, including our Town & County Police Department, where they have been entered into evidence due to the Eldon murders. In addition, Commander Donald Troy has gone to both State and Federal Court, asking for subpoenas for the actual documents, and he has filed FOIA requests for all documents pertaining to this newly discovered secret facility. KXTC and KSTD have joined the TCPD in filing FOIA requests for the information.”

Bettina smiled a little more brightly as she said “And we also have an exclusive interview with Commander Donald Troy of the TCPD. Roll tape.”

Oh, it was good. “Commander,” Bettina said, “what happened with the Eldons?”

“Bettina,” I said, “I have pretty solid evidence, which these leaked documents support, that Roger Eldon and his son Jimmy were flying a drone that flew too close to that secret Clinton County facility. Instead of confiscating the drone and questioning the Eldons, Federal Agents murdered the father and son in cold blood, shooting them both in the back. Then they sent a team to the Eldon home, where Mrs. Eldon was shot dead in cold blood and the house scrubbed in an attempt to prevent the TCPD from finding out that the murders were linked to a drone flight. We also have excellent documentation of the Federal Agents’ attempts to access our Police computers and servers in a further attempt to cover up these murders.”

Bettina: “Commander, the Federal Government will just say that it’s a national security issue. What about that?”

Your Iron Crowbar: “I do not understand just what so-called ‘national security’ permits going to that home and murdering Carla Eldon. All of it is inexcusable, and I am pursuing three counts of murder, but the attack on the home and Mrs. Eldon was totally unnecessary and particularly frightening.”

I continued: “This is ‘Ruby Ridge’ all over again, Bettina, and citizens should be scared, no, outright frightened that they and their families might be murdered in cold blood by the Federal Government just for the mistake of flying a drone too close to a place they didn’t know was off limits. Truly frightening.”

The interview ended there. It was more than enough. That sound you just heard was the shit hitting the proverbial fan, splattering all over Washington, D.C., and the offices of prominent politicians in particular…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“The Vision is abandoned.” Cindy reported to me as we drank coffee in my office, with Teresa being the only other person in the room. “My father took his acolytes to Canada. Sightseeing trip casino oyna to Banff National Park. Also, there are seminars going on across the country for the next couple of months, so if the FBI wants to fuck with them, they’ll have to scatter like a covey of partridge in the dead of winter to go after them all.”

“Good.”I said. “Both of you, put out the word for the entire TCPD to be on very high alert… and for all Officers to tell their families to be watchful. I told Myron and Mary yesterday to be really careful, and I called Professor Milton, as well. Laura’s contacted many people in the area that have a ‘need to know’, as well.”

“Think Dana Fox will still come after you?” asked Teresa.

“We’ll see.” I said. “If they do, the optics will be very, very bad for them. Also, I imagine they are going to hunker down and fight our subpoenas and FOIA requests with everything they’ve got, and that’ll be their priority for the time being.”

“With respect,” said Cindy, “I don’t agree. I think the FBI’s lawyers will work hard on that, but Dana Fox is going to catch hell from Senators like Samuel Russell and Roy Lester, not to mention the NSA and Homeland Security, and he’s going to be doing his damnedest to determine who the Guardians of Justice are… and to ‘take care’ of those persons.”

I nodded. “He’d better be careful.” I said. “I am all ready, and eager, to administer another beatdown to that son of a bitch if he bothers any of you or any of my family or friends.”

“Don…” said Cindy, her voice almost pleading, “I don’t think they’re going to play around. I think they just might try to kill you on the street. Teresa, we need to be careful to make sure any calls about crimes in progress are for real, and not ambushes.”

Teresa nodded. “Yeah, I’ve put that word out already. My worry is Don, also.”

“I appreciate it.” I said. “But y’all stop worrying about me. I remember when Westboro was alive, and I felt far more in fear of my life in those days than I do now. Okay, we have a Police Department to attend to. What’s going on with it?…”

Part 13 – Swirling Whirlpool

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!” yelled the lovely redheaded reporterette from in front of the Federal Building on Courthouse Square at 7:00am, Monday, January 29th. “Fox Two News has learned that a Federal Judge has ordered the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to release all documents related to the secret facility in Clinton County to our southwest, including documents related to the murders of the Eldon family, whose bodies were found in our County!”

Bettina: “The FBI is fighting the release of these documents, claiming releasing them would irreparably harm American national security interests, and they are appealing the Federal Judge’s order. The Federal Appeals Court has issued a stay of the Judge’s order until the appeal can be heard, but they are expediting that appeal hearing, setting it for February 22d.”

“The Appeals Court did let stand the Federal Judge’s order that the FBI cease and desist investigating members of the Town & County Police Force.” Bettina went on. “The Federal Judge denied warrants sought by the FBI to arrest and question several TCPD Officers, most notably Police Commander Donald Troy, for Federal charges that included treason. In upholding the Federal Judge’s ruling, the Appeals Court said the FBI’s actions were, and I quote, ‘frighteningly abusive in their intent as well as their scope’, close quote.”

Bettina then said “And excitement is building for the ceremonies to take place on Thursday, February 1st. As you can see, the platform covering the City Hall steps is being built now…” The camera panned to the work being done at City Hall.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Well, Don-sama.” said Teresa as we sat alone in my office, “whatever happened, it worked. The FBI has been ordered to leave you alone, and the cat is out of the bag on that facility and the Eldon murders, thanks to the Guardians of Justice. Please just tell me one thing: tell me you are not the Guardians of Justice.”

“I-am-not-the-Guardians-of-Justice, Teresa-san.” I said, looking her dead in the eye. She peered hard at me.

“Okay.” she said, and I was not sure if she was accepting my words as the truth. “Look, I consider it part of my job to protect you. Most of the Officers on this Force think their first priority at any crime scene you are at is to protect you. These bastards nearly murdered Professor Milton, and they just might come after you now…”

“They came after me and nearly murdered me a year and a half ago, too.” I said. “But no, I’m not the Guardians of Justice. The Guardians have to be more than one person, anyway. But if anyone does try to fuck with me, you can blood your new sword and take their heads.”

Teresa gave what was for her a smile. “In some ways, I hope I never have to blood ‘Ward Harvester’. But if I need to… I will.”

* slot oyna * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!” shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Tuesday, January 30th, from in front of the State Office Building on Courthouse Square. “Fox Two News has learned that battle lines are being drawn over the State Law Enforcement bill in the Legislature!”

Bettina started: “The State House and State Senate have drafted two very different bills for the legislation that will authorize and pay for the State Patrol, SBI, and send money to local law enforcement authorities. The Republicans are in firm control of the State House and the Democrats hold a slim majority in the State Senate, and that is reflected in the two different versions of the bill.”

Bettina: “The House version basically reauthorizes the State Patrol and SBI at current levels, with the same general structure in place. The SBI Reserve is being cut back, as many local jurisdictions are refusing to participate in the program any longer, and many Republicans want the SBI Special Investigations Services department, also called the SIS, to be shut down.”

“The Senate version would fully eliminate the SBI Reserve program,” continued Bettina, “and would restructure the SIS to have more control and authority over local jurisdictions. It also strengthens the Narcotics Task Force, and would give the NTF complete jurisdictional control over all local jurisdictions, with severe financial penalties for any local jurisdiction that does not fully comply with the NTF’s authority over them.”

Bettina went on: “Governor Val Jared has already stated that he will veto any bill that gives the NTF what he calls ‘excessive authority and abusive power’ over local jurisdictions. He also is demanding doubling the budget allocation for law enforcement at all levels to crack down on Illegal Immigration. Lieutenant Governor Graham Collins said in a statement that Jared’s demands are not only dead on arrival, but show the Governor’s lack of mental competence…”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As we sipped coffee in the nearly empty MCD room, Cindy asked me “How do you think that’s going to go?”

“The SBI Reserve is dead.” I said. “There may be a compromise to leave the SIS in place ‘as is’, and the NTF in place ‘as is’, but we’ll have to see how it goes. I do know the State Senate is far more fractured than Bettina’s reporting is suggesting.”

“Sir,” asked Joanne Warner, “why are they killing off the SBI Reserve? It’s such a good concept.”

I said “One of my favorite chess books is named ‘Chess Openings: Theory and Practice’. There’s the theory of what is supposed to happen, and the reality of what does happen. The idea of the SBI Reserve was good, and a good try was made of it. But now, a lot of local jurisdictions, especially those run by Democrats, are refusing to support it.”

“As an example,” I continued, “you might recall Pottsville Police Detective Seamus O’Brady, a.k.a. ‘Shane’, from the ‘Pink Panther’ cases. He would be a good candidate for the SBI Reserve program. But that’s the District of House Ways and Means Chairman Wilson Hammonds, who is an Establishment Republican that opposes the SBI Reserve just because Grassroots Conservatives like State Rep. Johnny Perdue like it. So Pottsville has refused to let O’Brady work on any cases in an SBI capacity. Katherine Woodburn and Kelly Carnes have been trying like hell to stop me from being able to do SBI work, as well.”

“What’s the opposition to the SIS?” asked Theo Washington, who had come in as I was talking.

“I’m tempted to say we were too good for our own good.” I replied. “First of all, local LEOs simply have not taken advantage of our existence and asked for help. Second, our only big case since the creation of the SIS was the Larry Wheeler murder.” (Author’s note: ‘Whistleblower’.) “We began finding evidence of BigAgraFoods being complicit in that murder, and BigAgraFoods gives these politicians huge amounts of money… and BigAgraFoods really wants the SIS, and especially my involvement in it, destroyed.”

“And third,” I said, “many Grassroots Conservatives fear that the SIS could become corrupt, like the NTF was under Jack Lewis and Ferrell, and they’d rather kill it off now than try to have to do it once it goes bad. The fact that Katherine Woodburn and the Democrats want to keep it around but restructure it, shows that they’re hoping to exploit it in the future.”

“What will you and your SIS guys do if it’s done away with?” Cindy asked.

“Chow has been offered a job with the Office of Ethics & Review.” I replied. “Crenshaw has an open job offer from the FBI to work against Organized Crime. He’s an expert, a real expert, against Organized Crime, and I told him he should take the FBI job no matter what happens with the SIS. And Orosco has options within the SBI, as well, or he could go to work for a local jurisdiction canlı casino siteleri or another State.”

“As for me…” I said, introspectively, “I’m not sure it’s going to matter…”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dawn, Saturday, February 3d. I laid the bouquet of flowers on the grave of Police Corporal Peter M. Feeley, then settled into a moment of silent reflection. Not so much for his death at the hands of the Black Widow, but of just what it was that he died for, that he sacrificed his life for. What had Tanya Perlman given up the use of her legs for? And Cindy and Teresa nearly losing their lives? Was their pain and suffering, and for me and my child, worth it?

I felt more than saw or heard someone come up to me. It was Teresa. “Sir,” she said quietly, “you should not be out here alone, and exposed like this.” I held my tongue from issuing a sharp rebuke; she was right, and only trying to keep me safe.

“You’re right.” I whispered, but did not move.

“It’s hard… moving on.” said Teresa.

“True.” I replied. “But for the most part, I have moved on, at least from blaming myself for Feeley’s death. I’m here to remind myself of why we’re doing all this.” Teresa nodded in understanding.

“If not us, who?” she said, almost as a quotation. “If not now, when?”

That just made too much sense, I thought to myself. I nodded, and allowed Teresa to lead me back to the relative safety of my Police SUV.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On Tuesday, February 6th, I drove to Midtown in my Police SUV. Chief Griswold was riding shotgun, and my lawyer Mike G. Todd was in the backseat. On the way down, he explained the situation.

“Okay,” Mike said, “the most important thing is the agreement to not ask questions outside the scope of the Governor and the SBI probe into his female accusers. If any of them go off the rails, I will object, and we will immediately end the proceedings and walk out of there.”

“And if they try to stop me?” I asked.

“If they’re stupid enough to do that,” said Griswold, “fuck them up. Physically.” I was a bit shocked at the venom in the old Chief’s voice, but I nodded.

“Your biggest problem is likely going to be State Senator Maxine Watts.” said Mike. “If she steps even one inch out of bounds, I’m using it as an excuse to shut this whole Inquisition down. Her written questions were the only ones I refused to let you submit written answers to as part of our prepared testimony.”

We had been over all of this before. The big remaining question was what to wear. No, not fashion statements, but should I wear civilian clothes, my TCPD Uniform, or an SBI Uniform? Yes, the SBI had a dark blue uniform jacket, identical to what State Troopers (rarely) wore in their most formal of attire, and I’d wear navy pants with the jacket, my SBI badge and Citation of Merit ribbon pinned upon the jacket. In the end, we decided the SBI attire was the most appropriate.

After arriving and parking, we went into the State Capitol building. It was very busy, as the Legislature was in session, and people were milling about. Mike led us to what was a check-in point for witnesses for hearings.

The best news was that the Select Committee on Ethics was co-chaired by Senators Jimmy ‘Coffin’ Cerone (D) and Moe Molinari (R). Not that they were my friends, but they did not like to have their time wasted, and they were sticklers for ‘the rules’ when it suited them to be. Today it would suit them to be.

And yes, I did note that the co-chairs for the Committee on Ethics were former leaders of powerful organizations that engaged in organized criminal activity. Only in a political body could such irony occur…

At the proper time, Mike and I were brought into the Committee Room, which was well lighted for television cameras. I was sworn in, and given the opportunity to make my opening statement, which was excerpts from my pre-delivered written testimonial statement:

“I wish to emphasize these points.” I said. “One: The Governor did not hear from me that I’d opened an investigation of Donna Rodman and Hillary Braselton until I told him after that investigation was opened. Two: My investigation did uncover criminal activity by those two women, and they pled guilty to criminal charges in that case. Three: I recently had a case in my County where a woman falsely accused a man of rape; he was acquitted after his Defense showed a pattern of false claims by that woman. Four: coupled with that, and our findings of criminal wrongdoing by Rodman and Braselton, it is obvious that the accusers should themselves be looked into, and it is not wrongdoing to make such an investigation. What are your questions regarding this incident and my investigation of it?”

“Inspector Troy,” said State Senator Richard Langdon (D), who I hadn’t seen in a long time, “first of all, I believe I speak for everyone in saying how happy we were that your daughter avoided being killed, and we are in admiration of your Police Captain’s actions in saving her. But our problem today is of a political nature… are you sure that Governor Jared did not know of your investigation into his accusers prior to you opening the case?”

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