Car Ride

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Gina Valentina

It always starts in the car. I want to place my hand on your thigh slowly rubbing your bare skin. Ever so gently caressing your smooth leg, thinking of how I want to move up your skirt next. The image of my hand just taking what is yours and making it mine, is irresistible. As I rev up the engine, my hand also rides up as you take a breath.

Quickly before you can pull my hand away, I start wrestling your clit with my fingers. You grab my hand in a motioning to take it away, but instead you push my fingers harder down on your clit. Letting out a nice sigh and a slight moan as your head rears back in pleasure.

I think to myself, “is this enough? Have I turned her on enough to stop and take her at home?”

The answer, “Hell NO!”

I slide my thumb up along your panty line letting you know where I want to go next. You gaze at me with lustful eyes saying, “Do it. Do it NOW!” With no hesitation, I slide my whole hand into your black silk thong, screaming downward right toward my prize.

Your clit now swollen with pleasure is my palace of solitude for my fingers to rejoice once again. I am dreaming of what is to come as I am wiggling your swelling member between my fingers.

You take one of your hands away to caress your moistening neck in a way that seduces my mind and erects my cock even harder.

“I knew this was it. I am going to pound that dripping wet pussy with my hard cock deeper and deeper while you rear back in a roller coaster of highs and lows as I slide deeply in and shallowly out,” I pray.

We arrive at our destination and the pleasure comes to a halt. I start to take my hand away.

You say to me, “No, feel this first.”

As you take my hand and slide it further down your pussy balçova escort bayan soaked thong, to feel exactly where this is going to go next, and just as fast as, you put my hand down between your thighs. You rip it out and get out of the car and leading the way to the house. Your ass is gleaming, with the wetness coming out of your pussy, in the afternoon sun as you walk away.

I smirk as I see this and follow you to the door. Unlocked and just as we head inside, you rip off your shirt and pull off your skirt, leaving it behind as you strut away towards the bedroom.

I think to myself, “Damn, it’s go time!”

I follow you to the bedroom and you are leaning over the bed, hands resting and gleaming ass sticking out. I come up behind you ready to toy with you, but you pull my hands away from grabbing your hips and thrusting my hard member against you, and turn around. Grabbing my shirt and pulling me in closer and closer.

“Kiss me!” you say with a tone of seduction.

We start making out as you take off my shirt. Kissing my neck and working your way down to my pants. You stop at my happy trail, and look up at me with those dark seductive brown eyes and smile as you crawl on the bed. I slide off my pants and my hard cock, can be seen, trying to sneak out of my tight boxers, hugging every line from head to the end of the shaft.

I crawl into bed with you and caress your left shoulder. Kissing gently, I follow the trail of my hand as it leads down your arm. I work my way to your bra and unhook it with the slightest of ease. Kissing your bare back where the clip was resting. Before sliding off your bra, your hand matches mine on the left side and gently helps it down taking escort balçova your arm out. You bring my hand back to your full breast and exposed erect nipple. You rear back in pleasure, as your gesture my hand to cup and squeeze the nourishment that bears inside. Topless your lead my hand down your bare abs to your silky thong once again. You force my fingers to do your dirty work, rubbing your clit repeatedly, from the outside of your silky thong.

You turn around, glistening with pleasure dew all over your body. I can not help but stare at the perky, pink, beautifully hard nipples on your chest. You push me back down on the bed, mouth open ready to do some dirty work. Eyes locked on mine, you tell me what you are going to do next, with your gaze. Your hand runs down my chest and through the crevasses of my abs as I tighten them up making them more defined.

“You look down, at what?” I question to myself.

I can only guess. Now you are resting your hand on the outside of my very hard and erect cock waiting for you to do more.

Then anticipating your next move, you slide your hand right into my personal space and grab that which you now claim. Thick, solid and seeping some seamen, you take your tongue and lick up the juice that you see. Your gaze locked on mine again and then drops.

Suddenly your mouth is taking me whole. Right to the base you go first down. As you come back up to the head, you grab the base with your hand and start slowly jerking me off. Seeping more and more you suck up all the precum you can taste.

Then you stop. “Why? Why would stop when I am so close?” I think to myself.

Playful giggling takes place as you slowly rise with a grin like no other grin. balçova escort You slide your moisten pussy over the top of my cock thong string blocking my entrance. My mind blowing at the anticipation of what could you do to me next.

Motioning back in forth, exercising your hips to a tune only you can hear. My hands grab your hips, flowing with the motions, back and forth. I am so close I can feel it. My head is dipping backwards into the pillow. Arching my back and I let out a very masculine groan.

You stop. What you do next is what I have been waiting for all day. Moving the string off to the side, you grab my cock and gently slide me inside of you. As I penetrate your wet pussy, you breath out, loud and heavily.

“OH GOD!” you say at the top of your voice.

It’s coming, I know it’s coming. My mind racing with thoughts of how long will I be able to hold on. It’s right here, so close.

I am holding back every urge to burst at the seams with cum right now.

Placing your hands on my chest, you press into me deeply as you rise and fall on my thick cock. Slamming down on me so I get as deep as I can into your pussy.

“OH, GOD! I’M CUMMING!” You scream. “COME WITH ME BABY!” you continue.

You are at the peak of my cock. One wrong move and it is all over. Right as you begin your decent, I arch my back, and let out a moan as you are screaming at the top of your lungs in pleasure.

“I knew it!” I think to myself.

My cock is pulsating deep in your pussy and your muscles contracting around making the orgasm that much better.

You sink your head and let out a chuckle of amusement, hands still on my bare chest, as we pant. We look at each other in disbelief.

“Did that really just happen?” I think. “Of course it was good before, but today it was like she was a lioness on the hunt.”

Still sitting on top of my cock slowly swaying back and forth as I get softer inside you.

“Mhmm,” you hum taking a deep breath.

I close my eyes and let the day drift away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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