Campus Slumber Party

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Editor’s note: this is my second story on and one that I hope will have clear improvements in terms of story, structure and actual sex. Feel free to comment and hit 5 stars 😉


My name is Brandon, I am six foot even with blue eyes and dark brown hair. I am toned without a six pack, and fit without being able to run 20km. I am better than average physically and mentally and about to strut over to the most exclusive campus party around. I have only just recently moved to the inner city university campus known as Saint Brezhine’s. Previously I had suffered through a community college in order to acquire enough credits to attend a ‘real’ university. In comparison with the community college I had lovingly dubbed ‘Scatsdale’, the new university ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ seemed like a massive upgrade. The building were several hundred years old at least, covered in green mildew along the sides and, in places, reminiscent of some of the gothic architecture I had seen in British and French churches. The buildings were astounding and seemed to expand their eerie, sombre, yet graceful features late at night (particularly once I had taken a few puffs from my weed pipe).

It did not take me long to get into the swing of things. Almost immediately I worked out which lectures did not require attendance, the minimum amount of tutorials that I could miss without failing the relevant unit and, most importantly, the time and date of some of the campuses most exclusive parties. The Big Kahuna night, Fright night (weirdly six months before Halloween), Kilts or shorts night and Drink a Fuck Ton of Beer night (admittedly after a few months the names of the events became increasingly crude and simplistic). Every Friday, Saturday and even on some Wednesdays I attended one or other iteration of the mentioned parties. Some of the more interesting parties of course tended to be off campus either on a boat, or in an underground club, in which some of my friends were able to organise some E tablets. After 2-3 months of constant drinking and occasional drug abuse however, it became clear to me that neither my liver nor my grades were appreciative of my selfish actions. I consequently decided to narrow my parties down to one carefully selected party per week.

One Friday afternoon after classed had ended I decided to check out the bulletin board for some secret parties. My friends wanted to go to the local pub’s happy hour, but after feigning illness I was able to dodge what I considered a sexual proving ground for ‘newbies, drunks and psychopaths.’ On the way out of one of the more majestic Gothic buildings that retained a broad archway from the 18th century, I casually strolled across one the campus’s smaller lawns to check out a small and unimpressive brick building that had been created for the student council/gym equipment. The bulletin board was stuck using simple thumb tacks to the overpainted door frame of the building. I started to scan for anything of interest… lost property… upcoming finals for fine art… basketball tryouts… phantom of the opera tickets… After looking over the double sided sheet a few times (having to flip it around and read it upside down like a dunce) I noticed that there were no official or unofficial parties listed. Not even one with subliminal text such as ‘study room b maths practice’ or ‘food meat swap’. With a sigh of exasperation I moved away from the bulletin board and instead headed in the direction of the girls dormitories, hoping to run into some girls that I knew.

I had been here previously a number of times during drunken one night stands, and yet surprisingly I had never run into these girls again, but of course the large size of the campus made this understandable. After walking for about 10-20 minutes I realised that I was near the edge of the güvenilir bahis campus, and had not seen a single girl outside. Strange I thought, before I remembered that most of them were probably at the local pub. I was about to turn around and head back when, in the corner of my vision, I saw a pink slip of paper stream across the grass. Somehow the wind managed to whip the paper right into my face. After experiencing a momentary flash of anger, I realised that the paper had become stuck to my face. I pulled the paper off and was about to throw it away, but paused after noting what was written: ‘Slumber party at Alexa’s: invite only’; in bold, curly letters. There was also a picture of the girl in question, smiling with brown hair down to her shoulder blades, size C breasts and a strong frame to carry them around. I noticed that she had a naughty and even enticing expression on her face and was immediately turned on. I looked at the address and realised that it was merely 5 minutes’ walk away from my current position, back towards the university, but on the outskirts of the girl’s dormitories. With a heady mix of lust and adrenaline, I began to strut towards the location. I recalled the Bee Gee’s music video Staying Alive, where the singers moved with comparable confidence and vigour, and began quietly singing and humming the song as I got closer to Alexa’s party.

The building housing Alexa’s party had a gothic façade in keeping within the aesthetic of the campus, but had been built much more recently. I had been in one of the rooms before, and it seemed typical of dormitories that I had seen in ‘Scatsdale’, which is to say cramped but doable for 3-4 people to sit down. I had to go up to the third floor, but once there I found the right dorm. Number 303 which similarly styled in the way of Alexa’s invitation form. With a barely moment’s pause I rapped my knuckles against the door. The door opened and Alexa stood before me. She was even more enchanting in person. Initially her eyes showed great kindness with a clear desire for some naughty behaviour, which I of course was willing to provide. But upon seeing me she began to frown.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“I’m here for the party.”

“I’m sorry, but invite only”.

“But I have this bottle of vodka” I said, pulling an expensive limited edition absolut from my bag while putting forward my most charming smile.

A smile began to warm her face as she considered this turn of events.

“I can’t make exceptions when it comes to men I’m afraid”.

I began to frown as I realised my gambit had failed.

She raised an eyebrow and said while smiling, “I didn’t say that you couldn’t come in though.”

I began to chuckle and walked over the threshold.

The first thing I noticed was that the dorm was much bigger than the dorms of ‘Scatsdale’ and Pomp and Circumstance’ that I had seen previously. The main space was huge, it had a full kitchen, entertainment space (including three four seater couches) and a running twister game with girls who were playing in various stages of undress. The second thing I noticed was Alexa snatching the vodka from my hands and staring at me with curiosity. It did not take long for to understand why. I was shrinking, seemingly everywhere at once. My head, chest, feet in particular began to feel tight as I noticed the ceiling increasing in height. Aside from simply shrinking, I could see my fingers and nails begin to lengthen, with each passing second they became more and more slender. While this happened my feet and arms also became more and more slender. Hair that had proliferated along my body began to disappear, while the texture of my skin became softer and softer. Simultaneously I experienced a shrinking sensation in my genital areas, and an expansion of weight above my türkçe bahis rib cage. Small lumps appeared on my chest and expanded into size B breasts. Concurrently my penis and balls began to contract, creating an uncomfortable vacuum effect. I could not see beneath my pants, but after a while began to notice the vacuum sensation fade, only to be replaced by what I can only describe as ‘missing limb’ syndrome. Finally, my hair and face began to change. My nose began to shorten, my ears came closer to my head and my lips began to push out and naturally pout. My hair began to grow quickly and, change colour. My hair stopped at my shoulder blades and looked to now be platinum blonde.

The feelings of constriction and expansion stopped. I noticed that I had dropped a few inches and was likely around 5″7 or 5″8.

“What the fuck!” I yelled, and immediately experienced regret as a shrieking soprano voice ripped from my pouty lips.

Alexa grimaced.

“As I said, boys aren’t allowed in.”

“I…I… I need to sit down.”

“Please come this way” Alexa said, looking somehow concerned and amused at the same time.

She led me over to one of the couches and asked if I would like something to drink.

“Ummm… vodka?” I replied churlishly.

She nodded, ignoring my irritated reply.

As she moved off, I noticed that the girls on the twister board had stopped playing. They began to move toward me, and each of them gave me an impromptu hug. They were all drunk and struggled to ben over without falling on top of me, it was however, impossible for them to avoid shoving their breasts in my face.

“What’s your name?”

“I… Br-Mel. My name is Mel.”

The girls started to giggle.

“Brammel?” Two of them asked while shaking from laughter.

“Mel, just Mel I replied with a slightly dour voice.”

“Okay Mel. Well welcome to the party!” One said with beautiful green eyes, long blonde hair and an iridescent complexion.

“Would you like to play with us?” A short brunette asked while trying to prevent her C cup boobs from falling out of her singlet.

“Sure. Why not.” I smiled in response.

“Very good.” I turned to see Alexa out of the corner of my eye returning with what looked like a Sex on the Beach… some strapons and some lube.

Confused, I looked over to see that the girls were removing the twister mat and replacing it with a few yoga mats connected with Velcro straps. Aside from the Brunnette, the blonde and Alexa, I noticed a girl with short cropped blue-tinged hair and tattoos along her arms. Her boobs were comparatively small, compared to the others, but on par with the size B boobs that I had recently gained. She began to move towards me hungrily, and in a moment of panic I began to say

“stop… stop…stop…”

Suddenly everyone in the room stopped moving and began to frown. Seeing my distress Alexa asked the girls to stand in the corridor for a moment. The three other girls, then shuffled out of sight.

“I can see this may be quite distressing for you” Alexa said while dropping next to me.

“I don’t quite understand what’s happening.”

“You are a woman and this is a lesbian slumber party”, she responded without missing a beat.

“I know that but…”

“Listen, I want you to know that I think you are beautiful.” As she said this she slid her right hand over my knee.

My heart began to flutter as I heard this, no one had ever called me beautiful. Certainly not as a man.

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” She asked with her imploring eyes.

“You are amazing.” I cupped my mouth in surprise, I had not expected such an answer to come out.

She began to smile.

She began to stroke my knee with her right hand, while pulling up towards my hip. I güvenilir bahis siteleri felt a small tingle every time she moved her hand up and began to breathe heavily. She noticed my lack of composure and brought my face round with her left hand. Up close I noticed her cute button nose, and clear blue eyes. Compared to Alexa, I had a very slight frame, and in close proximity she made me feel safe. While thinking this she started to stroke my face and edge her hand toward my pussy. My breathing grew louder and she leaned in and began to kiss me. Our lips were similarly pouty and pushed against each other quickly and intensely. She tuck her tongue out and I retuned in kind. Lapping in and out, out tongues formed a sweet and delicate bond that was mirrored the emotions that I was begging to feel for her. After becoming lost in sensation, she pushed me over onto the couch and put her hips either side of me. She started to literally rip my clothes off me, first my Foo Fighters t-shirt and then my jeans. She managed to teat my shirt off, but had to ask me to politely assist her in taking off my denim jeans. Following this she was able to tear my boxers off me. I gasped as I saw my new pussy and commensurate landing strip.

“How convenient” I thought while in a state of heady ecstasy. Alexa started licking and sucking my tits. In response I moaned and pushed them closer together. At this point, my body felt electrified at each point of contact between Alexa and I, I felt ecstatic. This feeling was accentuated by her hand pushing against my clitoris, causing me to yelp. She momentarily stopped.

“Too much?” She asked.

“Too much” I responded.

We both then began to giggle. Following this she shifted her body down the couch so that her face was facing my pussy. With little warning she began slowly and sensuously licking.

What a thrill! I began to squeal…

“hnnggh”, “HNNNgggH”!

Each time a sound escaped my lips it was higher and higher pitched, and the sound alone was hot and helped to turn me on. Finally, I felt a gushing sensation as my pussy gave up and orgasmed. I sighed. Having noted the orgasm, Alexa came up to kiss and swap my cum with her. I licked my lips and smiled.

“Yum!” I said while giggling.

“It’s not over yet” she said, with a devious smile spreading across her face.

Alexa bent over and picked up two of the strapons that she had left on the floor. “Pink or black?” She asked.

“Pink!” I exclaimed.

As I said this Alexa noticed my fingernails and toenails change. Now they were a bright hue of pink, just like the dildo!

Laughing, Alexa said “I guess there was some magic left after all”.

Gently pushing me into position she asked me to spread my legs as she attached the strap on.

She pushed me back into the couch as she fixed the strapon to her hips, and then started to insert. To begin with it felt painful. I yelped in pain while Alexa quickly and determinedly shoved the strapon further in. I was then caught between a feeling of ecstasy and pain, which helped to get me over the sensation of discomfort. Alexa then started to move back and forth. She cupped my breasts for support and then started to hammer me with the strap on. With each successive thrust of the strap on I felt sexier and sexier. Alexa was so beautiful and strong, and her vigour only turned me on harder. I began to shriek in ecstasy as the strapon hit all the sides of my pussy. I felt so safe and amazing with her! A spark of love entered my soul as she fucked me within an inch of making me incoherent, but just before I passed out from the combination of pleasure and pain, I came. Panting with beads of sweat on her brow, Alexa winked at me. I winked back.

“That was amazing!” I said with lust in my eyes.

Alexa pushed me back over and began to make out with me. After a few more minutes of swapping saliva and tongue wrestling, she moved up on to her knees and looked seductively at me.

“This ain’t over yet. Your turn girls!”

To be continued…

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