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She gazed at the reflection in the bathroom mirror. Even in the harsh florescent light, she found herself to be desirable. Her jet black hair, cascading down her shoulders. Her almond shaped eyes, looking back at her. Her breasts, oh, her breasts, how she loved to touch them, and have them touched. Even now her fingers caressed one, gently twisting the nipple, sending a jolt of sensation through her lithe body. The mirror image stopped just above her bikini line, her flat tummy revealed to her. her other hand, not occupied with her breast. caressed her belly, the taut firm skin she worked so hard to keep. Her hand wandered lower, out of sight of the mirror. Seeking a more intimate place.

There, she thought, yes right there. mmm…

She was already very aroused, her husband used that coarse term “wet”. She raised her fingers to her lips, and sampled herself.

Yes she thought a change in diet has done me good, very good.

“Lisa, are you ready?” her husband’s voice called from the other room.

She smiled into the mirror and moved into the suite.

“Do I look ready?”, she asked.

“oh yes… oh you do.”

She wrapped herself around him, ” I still don’t believe you’re doing this for me”, she purred.

“we talked about it for a long time, and it’s been a fantasy of yours since before you knew me.”

His eyes found hers. “It’s what you want …. right?”

“God yes”

He looked around the room and moved to adjust the camera at the foot of the bed. There were 3 more just like them positioned around the bed. Each one had it’s own remote control dolly mechanism. Someone sitting at the control panel could perform any camera operation on any of the cameras. Tilt, pan, zoom, all of the tools were available. He had tested it out earlier.

She had laid on the bed and masturbated for him. She had never been so aroused, and had never came so forcefully.

And he got it all on tape.

He was surprised by the strength of her orgasm, he’d never seem her cum quite that way before.

All the cameras seemed to be ready. He had her get up on the bed and tripped the remote. All four cameras rotated to where the body heat and motion was.

They were both impressed.

A knock at the door gave them both pause. Their guests were arriving.

He opened the door and admitted the three chosen guests.

Guest number one was a tall muscular man of color. He was as black as coal and his skin was flawless.

Guest number two was a caucasian man, whipcord thin, the prototypical Marlboro man.

Guest number three was a voluptuous red headed woman.

The three entered the room without a word and began to undress.

The black man had his back to her as he disrobed. She could see the muscle tone in his back, buttocks and legs. His skin fairly rippled. And when he turned to face her she gasped.

He was without body hair. His pate had been shorn smooth, His chest was as if solid ebony. And his cock, shaved smooth of all hair…

“my god, it’s not even hard.”, she thought to herself. She had never seen one quite like it. So dark and heavy.

His cock hung between his legs, seeming to slowly grow and twitch with his arousal. The dark head peeked out from his foreskin, and his large balls hung loosely beneath.

She drank him in. He was gorgeous, she thought.

The Marlboro man had also disrobed. He revealed to her a body worn well, yet strong and supple. Tan lines marked his skin where clothing covered him as he rode the range. A small amount of hair graced his chest, and his ass was slim and firm. His circumcised cock hung long and thin, growing as he looked her over. His public hair revealed and yet concealed his full nut sack.

The woman was the last to disrobe. She had watched the two men peel, and the look in her eyes was predatory. They revealed hunger, seeking casino siteleri prey. Her clothing slipped from her body revealing soft white skin, some freckles and curves. Her bosom was full without being huge, there were no straight line is her form only smooth graceful skin from ankle to calve to thigh to buttock to tummy to breast to chin. From head to toe a voluptuous woman. And she knew it. She turned to face Lisa and revealed a smooth hairless sex.

Lisa trembled a bit in anticipation of what lay in store for her.

Her gaze went from person to person in the room, she realized that she was now committed to this and it drew her up short. Her breath shuddered from her lungs. God, she thought, can I really be doing this?

Her husband had already moved to the console where he would control the recording aspect of her adventure. She could see the cameras tracking the movements of each person in the room.

She decided to make the first move. She went toward the black man, and she grasped his cock in her hands, measuring it’s girth, weighing the potential stored away in his growing sex. She could feel it pulsing in her hands, firm and hardening, alive with desire.

“what you gonna do with that?”, he asked her, his dark eyes focused upon her.

“I want to feel it,” she whispered,”In my hands, my mouth, and deep inside me.”

She had never said anything like that before to her husband or any man who had been with her. She knelt down in front of him and took the dark purple head of his rigid member into her mouth. He tasted faintly of salt and a hint of brine, his musk filled her nostrils. His cock head pulsed in her mouth as she ran her tongue along the underside. It filled her mouth completely and yet his cock was only one-half consumed.


All the while her husband had moved into the adjoining room to monitor the cameras and video equipment they had set up. Watching his wife on her knees aroused him, his cock was stiffening and he unzipped himself, all the while watching.

He could not see the redhead.

The marlboro man was moving in behind Lisa, his hands reaching for her ass. Three camera angles were showing the black cock in Lisa’s mouth, Lisa from behind on her knees obscured by the marlboro man, and on the bed the redhead was licking her lips. The red head, soon moved closer, wanting to be involved.

Lisa could feel someone behind her, pressing up against her bum. Hands on her skin, working man’s hands. Oh God, she thought. Her concentration on the cock in her mouth was broken by a tongue on her sex. That woman is beneath me, she thought. Followed immediately by penetration of a long thin cock. She removed the cock from her mouth so she could breathe and moan softly. The glans of the cock rested against her, sticky with spit and pre cum.

“damn woman, get back at it.” His eyes glared at her.

She regained some composure, but found it difficult to suck cock while being tongued and fucked from behind. She could not even imagine how it might look, just a tangle of skin, with her in the middle. All at once the cowboy pulled out and then pressed against her ass.

“mmm,” she moaned, shaking her head no.

“yes” he whispered, pushing himself into her slowly.

The black cock was in the back of her throat and it felt to her as if the cowboy’s cock might just touch the back of her throat as well.

“fuck yes, oh yes…” and globs of cum filled her mouth, hot thick, sticky, acrid. She managed to handle all of it, nothing on her lips. Lisa looked down and could see the redheads eyes watching it all, one her hands massaging the back man’s balls.

It was all so hard to take in. Sensation, taste, aroma and just good old fashioned sex.

The three of them changed positions, The cowboy lay back on the bed, Lisa sat on his cock and the redhead sat on his face. Lisa reached slot oyna out towards her breasts, and grasped on and then the other. So full and soft. Nipples aching to be touched. Breasts longing for a caress

Their lips met, and Lisa shared what was left of the cum in her mouth. The redhead moaned with delight at the taste of Lisa shared.


Lisa’s husband was watching it all on the monitors, the cameras were tracking the movements of his wife and her playmates. His cock harder than he’d ever known. God, he thought, If I even touch myself I’ll spew all over the equipment. He pushed his chair back slightly and stood up and disrobed. More comfortable that way, he thought.

His erection was a near equal to the black man’s, only his was a long thick Caucasian penis. And he was circumcised. Not that it mattered, he mused. He manually adjusted one of the cameras to get a wider shot, he wanted to see he wife’s body alongside the redhead’s as they rode the cowboy together.


Lisa could sense her release coming, rising within her, spreading out from her core. Through half closed eyes she could see the redhead losing her composure as the cowboy was getting her off with his tongue and mouth, she seemed to grind on his face as she came in soft moans and spasms. This pushed Lisa over the edge, bolts of hot pleasure surged through her, her sex gripping and releasing the cock buried inside her.

She could feel the cowboy giving his seed to her in hot long bursts.




Four – oh god!


Each spurt was as strong as the first.

Lisa slid off of his member and moved to lick it clean of their juices. The redhead soon joined her, between them they seemed to clean him off nicely. Their tongues touching and dancing around his groin. With all the stimulation, he never did go completely soft, rather wilting and the slowly rising again.

“Dang ladies, I never been that ready ‘afore now..”

The two women looked at each other and then the cowboy, and then did that girlie giggle.

The black man sat down in a chair opposite the bed, and had taken it all in, touching his cock and slowly running his hand up and down it’s length. Lisa could see that his member had regained it’s vigor.

Lisa felt the cool touch of the redhead on her shoulders.

“lay back down honey, I want to taste him in you”

Lisa flushed red, oh my god she thought as her head hit the pillow. The red head knelt between Lisa’s thighs and slowly worked her way up to Lisa’s sex. Nibbling, licking and tasting her. Lisa felt little electric shocks bursting inside her.

She never had sex with a woman before and now she understood the phrase “goes down like a woman”. Her husband pleased her in this way, but she found that a woman just does it different, not necessarily better, just different. And Lisa loved it. The redhead’s pure white skin contrasted with Lisa’s darker complexion. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to her second orgasm.

All at once the redhead changed her method, Lisa opened here eyes, and could see the black man behind the redhead. The redhead pulled away for a moment and Lisa could see by the look on her face that the black man was inside of her. The “O” made by her lips and the way her eyes were screwed shut tight said volumes.

She could only imagine how that cock might feel inside her. She watched as he slowly withdrew and then once again push himself deep inside the redhead. The redhead rolled over and put her legs up on the mans shoulders, again he slowly withdrew and filled her. It made made the redhead moan with pleasure.

Lisa slid off the bed and came around to see his cock as it violated the redheads sex. The contrast in skin tone was erotic to Lisa. She reached between his legs and cupped his balls in her hand, they were hot to her touch. canlı casino siteleri His vitality throbbed in her hands. She desperately wanted him inside her.

The redheaded woman began to writhe and squirm, pulling on her nipples, meeting the black man’s thrusts with her body.

“Yes, On God yes!” she cried out.

Her body flushed a deep crimson, and a gleam of perspiration was evident on her body. Her orgasm was a long wriggling affair. The black man continued to pump into her until she subsided.

Standing next to him she reached out, grasping his cock in her hands. She lay down next to the redhead and opened herself to him. He touched her sex with his, teasing her lips. Then he pushed into her.

She wanted to scream, his cock stretched her wider and deeper than any one had ever done before. Yet he was slow and patient. Allowing her to get used him inside her. Flat on her back her legs wrapped around his waist, she felt like she could cum with him just inside her.

Beside her the redhead was being taken by the cowboy. Lisa reached to touch her. Right about then the black man began to work his cock in and out. Lisa’s third orgasm almost made her pass out, it was so intense.

Everyone shifted, the men got behind the women and the women faced each other on the bed. Lisa and the redhead began to kiss, deeply.

Lisa could feel the black man cock pulsing within her. She knew he was ready. She met his push with her own, desperately trying to squeeze him with her sex. A deep hot sensation filled her as he came, long spouts of cum filled her sex. Her orgasm thundered through her. She went limp on the bed.


Her husband who had been watching this transpire, turned off the tape machine and the camera robotics, and joined them in the main room. He could see Lisa on the bed, A look of pleasure on her face, covered in sweat. The black man was sitting in a chair his eyes half open. The cowboy too was resting on the other side of the room.

The redhead was laying on the bed, hair in disarray, watching as he entered the room.

“we done as we agreed?” the black man asked, looking around the room.

The cowboy nodded looking back at Lisa’s husband.

“Yes you have, and we’re grateful, my wife has her fantasy”

The men dressed, shook hands and departed.

“What are you going to do now?” the redhead asked, looking his nakedness up and down. She could see his cock standing out from his body, almost begging for attention. She reached for him.

“That’s not part of our agreement.”, he ventured.

“True”, she replied, “but you did tell me that I could get as much as I wanted.”

“I did”

“And I still want”

He came closer to her and she pulled in on to the bed. She lay beneath him and pulled his cock towards her sex.

“”fuck me”, she whispered,” fuck me hard.”

He pushed himself into her, as deep and as forcefully as he could.

” YESSS!!!” she cried out.

“whaa…”, Lisa said groggily.

He could see Lisa coming back to the world, and for a moment was concerned. But her slow wicked smile assured him that he was ok.

The redhead opened herself to him, taking all of the hard sex him could give her. Lisa watched them from her vantage point on the bed, masturbating and licking her fingertips.

He was close.

“Cum on her”, Lisa said

He looked a Lisa.

“Cum on her, I want to lick her clean”

That pushed him over the edge. He pulled out and began to shoot cum on her belly, on her breasts, and before he was done he managed to shoot cum on Lisa as well. Lisa moved over to him and licked and suckled and washed his cock clean. Then she began to lick the redheads sex, lapping up the cum and juices in and around that smooth bald sex. Lisa could feel similar ministrations being done to her nakedness where her husband had just shot his seed.

Lisa’s husband moved aside and allowed the ladies to play uninterrupted. He wanted to watch.

“Who’d thought it.” he mused, his cock begining to throb again.


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