Butterflies in the Park

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This is the other side to “a trip to the park”. Hope you enjoy both versions.


As I sat in my car waiting , I couldn’t help but marvel at the intense serenity around me. Shielded from external noise I sat in my own little bubble. The trees outside were bursting into colour with pink buds, green leaves and white flowers all around, gently moving in a light spring breeze. The temperature was uncharacteristically warm for the time of year, not quite a mini heat wave but enough to fool you into thinking that winter was a long distant memory.

I checked my phone again. The last message received eight minutes ago just as I pulled into this little play park told me you were on your way. Since then I had reached for the ignition keys twice thinking if I started the car and just drove then I could still continue my life having done nothing worse than been tempted by another man, one that wasn’t my husband, the one I loved, the one I have children with, the one who should be my all. But here I was about to meet you for the second time.

The first time we talked, kissed and talked some more. I had expected you to be more forward but other than your hands brushing my hips and holding my hand as we walked around the paths of a local park the only touch was from your lips. Maybe that’s what has stopped me fleeing back to my safe little life, you didn’t push for more than I was ready for, which is doubly difficult as I don’t know what I am ready for myself.

We had worked together for several years in the same company, there had always been some connection between us but neither of us acted to do anything about it. I had taken a redundancy package the previous year and had spent my time since looking after the children and doing some home sales which kept me busy but not challenged. It was during that time that it started, an email began it and from there we quickly began emailing and texting on a daily basis, getting to the point that my “working day” included dozens of texts and even an occasional photos with you. They were a life line during a period that the most challenging daily decision was what I was going to do for tea. The texts were funny and engaging, flirty and exciting. Flirty moved to suggestive, which then developed to sexual and sensual. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t being groomed or coerced I was just as involved in the progress of the direction of these conversations as you were but now sitting in my car the conflicting feelings in my body were truly at war. In my head my thoughts were flicking from images of my husband and my children and our house, then there was a pile of washing and another text from my husband asking what was for tea, but the thought of a text made me think of you and the texts you sent me. Suddenly I was aware of fluttering in my stomach and a raised heart rate, holy shit I can even feel the heat between my legs. Maybe if I just go home and masturbate I can get this out of my system without anyone getting hurt. Thinking of masturbating didn’t help and only heightened the dull throb that I could feel at my core.

I checked my phone again, nothing. It was then I noticed some movement and saw you standing watching me. I had no idea how long you had been there but your smile made my heart jump, which was closely followed by my butterflies heading south and camping in my knickers. Please don’t smile again I thought otherwise I could cum on the spot.

Seconds later you had slipped into the passenger seat of the car, I was doing my best to control my breathing, slow deep breaths. Of course deep breaths had the effect of enhancing my already large breasts which I had to give you credit for when you managed to not make it too obvious by letting your gaze linger too long as you checked me out, my tits were just one of those things that men tended to notice first about me, most tried to be discreet with just a quick glance but the occasional moron would try holding a conversation while not taking his eyes off them. The door closed casino oyna and we exchanged hellos. You took the lead a split second before me by leaning towards me for a kiss, your fingers brushing against my cheek and neck as they softly caress the back of my neck. The kiss becomes more passionate, our mouths open and your tongue pushes into my mouth. You taste so good, like hot mint. I can feel your hand moving from my neck onto my shoulder, are you going straight for a feel. I can hardly complain while your tongue is dancing in my mouth, but your hand doesn’t go to my breast almost to my surprise and disappointment instead it slides down my arm coming to rest on my legs. I only realise now that I have my hand on your chest. I can feel your firm chest and the soft sponginess of hair under your shirt and my desire to explore you further kicks up a notch.

Slowly we separated from the kiss, the look of want and desire in your eyes palpable. I feel as if I am a small deer being sized up by a lion but it’s not fear that I feel running through my veins.

I’m keen to get us somewhere quieter, somewhere that I might get to touch you, somewhere where you might touch me in the ways I have imagined you doing for weeks. If you asked I would probably spread my legs for you in the back of the car right now despite telling myself I was going to limit our intimacy to kissing this time and take it slowly. My plan of setting boundaries would work much better I decided if I actually shared them rather than keeping them to myself and breaking them at the first opportunity. I mentally chastise myself, I must be stronger I decided as I started the car and began the drive to another quiet park I had found a couple of days earlier.

As I drive you move your hand onto my leg, your fingers playing lightly over my thigh down to my knee. Your light touch sending shivers of delight straight to my core. I quietly thank god that I bought an automatic car and with both hands gripping the steering wheel prayed that I could concentrate enough to carry on driving. A feat you were intent on making much harder as you pulled at the hem of my skirt gathering the material up until your hand had direct access to my bare thigh. Your palm connecting with my thigh before slowly sliding upwards, your fingers caressing my inner thighs as the edge of your hand brushes against my knicker covered pussy. I knew it was coming but my breath catches as your hand touches me between my legs. Your fingers now scrapping up my inner thigh across my pussy and back down my other thigh. You repeat this several times never lingering long enough at my apex, teasing me mercilessly knowing from my wetness that I want more.

I part my legs slightly on the next pass of your fingers hoping to tempt them to play a little more and sigh with satisfaction as your hand stops and your fingers touch me over my knickers, rubbing me, pressing my knickers against my lips. My mind suddenly remembers the underwear I am wearing today, I selected a nice bra, a half cup with a lace top that I thought would show my nipples as they hardened if we got that intimate but I hadn’t considered my knickers having opted for comfort rather than sexiness. They were not granny pants but they were definitely not fuck me now pants, I hadn’t actually expected for them to be important today, how wrong was I.

Despite my large comfortable knickers your fingers work their way beneath the material onto my skin. I feel your finger stoke my lips, pressing softly as you tease up and down. Your finger slips between my folds and feel for the first time just how wet I am. Slowly dragging your fingertip through my wetness, teasing me at the entrance to my love hole, circling the tip of your finger over my wet flesh then moving up and circling my throbbing clit. Returning your finger down to my hole after a few seconds and pressing deeper inside me before withdrawing and circling my clit once again. My instinct is to close my eyes and moan as your finger pushes inside canlı casino me but the need to navigate the winding road to the park needs every part of my concentration.

Two minutes my brain tells me, that’s how far the park is. I can make that before I either cum or crash, or possibly both. The feeling building between my legs as my pussy accepts your finger pushing deep inside me. My clit now on fire and under constant pressure some part of your hand.

The park is looming in front of us and with no consideration of selecting a secluded or remote place I park in the first spot possible, pulling the handbrake and pushing my legs wider to give you better access to my sex, the engine is killed and your mouth is on mine as I feel a second finger push inside me, oh fuck I am so close, I am going to cum on your fingers any second and I am going to moan into your delicious mouth as your tongue pushes between my lips to match your fingers parting my lips below. I can feel my body convulse and know you are going to make me cum. I moan loudly and almost instantly your fingers are gone.

You break our kiss and lift your hand you to your mouth. Your fingers glisten with my wetness but not my cum as I hover on the edge of orgasm desperate for your touch just to push me over the edge. But your finger goes into your mouth not into my pussy, tasting me, licking my pussy by proxy. You push your hand towards my mouth now offering me a taste of myself. Fuck that makes me hot, hotter than I was even just seconds ago. I suck your finger like it was a small cock, my tongue savouring my own sweet earthy scent before your move your hand and our mouths lock together again.

Our tongues dance in each other’s mouths, we share a common flavour now as we kiss with unrivalled passion. I feel your hand press against my breast as we embrace and press against each other. Your fingers finding my hard nipple though my blouse and bra sending another shiver of pleasure through my body. We continue to kiss and you slip your hand inside my blouse, cupping my breast firmly before your fingers and thumb circle and rubs against my sensitive bud.

A noise outside the car drags my attention from your assault on my mouth and breast and I watch a car drive around the car park, it pauses briefly but then drives off leaving the car park empty apart from us.

Your hand slips between my legs again rubbing my pussy through the front of my knickers, a large wet spot covering the material.

I am desperate for your touch, my orgasm was so close when I parked the car I know I will not need much more encouragement to push me over the edge and I consider jumping on top of you and fucking you on the front seat when you tell me to remove my knickers. Lifting myself in the seat I easily slip them off and push them into the door pocket, glad to have removed the slightly unsightly items and get them out of view.

With my knickers removed I pull my skirt up exposing myself completely to you, moving my knees apart and pushing forwards slightly in the seat. Leaning back and closing my eyes I drop a hand into my lap and run my own fingers over my pussy, dipping deep inside and re-energising the feeling I desperately needed. Out of half-closed eyes I see you move to your knees and lean forward to place your mouth over my sex. Your hands push my legs wider and I feel your tongue against my skin, my thighs, my fingers and my pussy. Your hot breath and tongue on my clit as my finger buries deep inside myself. My body convulses and a ripple spreads from my core out. Your tongue is flicking at me firmly now and I know I am moaning like a wanton whore. Another flick and I convulse again, my orgasm is coming, each little convulsion is like a pre-quake before the earth shatters. I feel you push a finger inside me as you suck on my clit and I explode, a glorious feeling of relief and exhilaration washing outwards from deep within clenching every muscle as it roles though my body, forcing my breath out in a very unladylike kaçak casino moan of joy, including some choice swearing and a muttered appreciation of how well you lick cunt, not normally a word I use but in my euphoric state it seemed to be well placed.

For the second time today I taste my own juices as you move up from between my thighs and we lock lips in a post orgasmic kiss, once again your hand returns to my breasts, squeezing and pulling on me as we kiss.

Your hand moves under my top pushing my bra out of the way to allow you to feel my breasts directly with nothing between your skin and mine. Rolling my nipple between your finger and thumb making me harder if that was at all possible.

I slip my hand onto your leg and slide it up onto the bulge in your trousers, cupping you and gently squeezing as you squeeze and fondle my breast. I can feel you staining inside your trousers, like a coiled stone snake. I use both hands to work your zip but you quickly undo your belt and adjust your trousers and boxers so your cock springs out pointing to the roof of the car.

Your one eyed snake sways, twitching as though it could spit venom at any second. Leaning forward I kiss the tip of your cock, it twitches again and I sink my mouth over it consuming you whole as my lips close forming a seal around your tool. You have a musky taste, like a spice but without any heat. Nothing else in life tastes anything like your cock. I flash my tongue around your penis as I devour the taste and feel you grow subtly inside my mouth. Lips sealed I pull up and suck before working my tongue over your shaft as I bob back down on your cock. Your taste is concentrated under the bulbous head of your cock and my tongue circle it as you groan in appreciation.

Again my head is bobbing on your shaft, sucking and licking, my hand caressing your balls as I plunge your full length deep into my mouth. I can feel your trimmed man garden brush my nose when I am fully down, your tip nuzzling at the back of my throat. My saliva is running down your cock as I suck and bob and my hand joins in pumping the bottom part of your cock as my mouth sucks on your head.

I can feel you tugging on my nipples, pulling and twisting them as I suck and play with your cock, you mumble something but I honestly miss it between your moans and my desire to taste your cum. Your hand moves to the back of my head taking a handful of hair and controlling the bobbing motion of my mouth. I have a deep desire for you to cum inside my pussy, to ride your cock right here in the car. To cum on your cock and feel you fill me with your dirty sticky mess.

You groan and jerk, your hand holding my head still, another jerk and suddenly my mouth fills with hot salt, a hint of that strong musk then another pulse of cum hits the back of my throat. I suck and lick as more cum shoots into my mouth and I swallow everything you have to offer, gently I move your cock with my hand, squeezing a little more cum out of the end and onto my tongue as you release the grip in my hair and you groan with satisfaction.

Another little suck on your cock as it begins to soften just to make sure you are clean and I didn’t miss any treasure and with your cum safely swallowed I kiss you hard on the lips, your tongue pushing into my mouth to battle with mine.

As we kiss I notice more cars have arrived, shortly followed by the realisation you had my breasts completely out of my bra and blouse not that I minded, the feel of your strong hands cupping me and thumbing my nipple still sending shivers of pleasure through me.

Out of modesty and not wanting to give the other cars a show I pulled my blouse over your hands as we finished our kiss.

A few minutes later we drove back to where we started, once again your fingers finding my wetness as you talked about the thought you had of taking me over the bonnet of the car. I could feel my arousal building again but not just for that. I was already planning how I was going to get you to myself where I would get the chance of feeling that cock inside me properly and not just in a quick over the bonnet fuck, although that might have added slightly to the moisture between my legs.

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