Bubble Bath

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I walk into the elevator anxiously as I know that he is waiting for me. My flight got delayed and the movement at the airport was very slow to my dismay. The butterflies in my gut keep rumbling from the combination of hunger and anxiety.

I silently cursed at myself for not taking a heavy meal before leaving home. It happens every time I travel, where my anxiety overpowers hunger. In the end, I would be devouring food like a madman. Right now, I’m going crazy at the smell of chicken coming out from the box I’m carrying.

I glance at the phone in my hand and see six messages from different people. I’ll read them later.

Ding! The elevator slowly opens and the person who was with me goes out. The elevator door closes again and resumes going up. It stops on the sixteenth floor with another ding.

I come out as soon as the door opens while my eyes are on my shoes.

“Hi!” I look up to see a pair of smiling eyes looking at me. My legs turn to jelly from nervousness. I replied with a timid hello.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m dizzy.” I honestly say.

“Come here.” I smiled as he holds me as we walk to our door while his other hand carries the box of chicken.

“You should eat a heavy meal next time, babe. You look pale.” I laugh.

After eating my meal, I decided to take a shower. I feel sweaty and dirty from five hours of traveling. I look at him and feel embarrassed that he looks just fresh and yummy, and I’m a mess.

“I’ll take a shower.” He replied okay with a playful smirk. I almost roll my eyes before him but just give a pout and walk to the bathroom.

It’s huge and cozy inside. There’s a medium-size jacuzzi on the left side and a shower with a transparent glass wall at the right corner. It’s clean and tidy which makes me smile happily.

I turn on the warm water in the tub and pour some bubble baths. I remove my clothing and folded them on the sink countertop before entering the tub. The water gives me a relaxed feeling as I sigh and close my eyes.

He is waiting outside the bathroom and I’m anxious to face him again. Finally seeing the man I love and fantasize about for years makes me happy but extremely nervous at the same time. The butterflies in my stomach are calming down but my chest still beats rapidly.

Am I scared? Maybe.

The man is liberated. I was always reserved. Though he is always vocal about what he wants. But a woman still needs to be cautious, don’t she?

A knock snaps my head to the door. His voice echoes through my ears as he calls my name.

“You can come in…” I cover my mouth immediately regretting eryaman genç escort what I just invited him to. My eyes widen as I saw him walk in through the door and I try my best not to show my panic state.

“Are you okay?” He asked with a subtle expression.

“I’m okay, yes.” Giving him a nervous laugh. He smells nice and looks fresh in his T-shirt and shorts.

“What’s taking you so long? Hmm?” His hand reaches to my hair which I tied up in a bun to prevent it from soaking, while he sits on the tub.

“Aren’t you going to wash your hair?” I shake my head no and smile sheepishly. He smirks.

I study his face as he looks into my eyes, taking me in. I’m grateful for the thick bubbles, he couldn’t see my naked body hiding in the water. I can feel the funny feeling in my gut and the wetness between my legs. I want to touch myself but I’m embarrassed that he would see it.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too.” Goes my shy response. My throat feels dry and I swallow my saliva before licking my lips.

The next thing I know, his lips are on mine. It was a short kiss but it took my breath away. He looks into my face before dipping again for another kiss. His tongue tries to enter my mouth and I panic trying to remember any videos that I watched about this kind of scene. He bites my lower lip which makes me gasp and open up for him. He tastes sweet and his lips are soft like a delicate petal. His tongue explores my mouth and I feel dizzy from the sensation. He sucks my tongue and lips gently before releasing them. I’m lost.

“Breathe, love.” He chuckles and I open my eyes to see him chuckling. His eyes shining, his nose touching mine. I didn’t even realize that I was holding my breath.

He tells me some compliments before claiming my mouth again. More aggressive and deeper this time. I’m just letting myself get carried by the strong and giddy sensation that his kisses and touches bring to my body.

My head is clogged by narcotics that his kisses give me. He lifts me up and carries me to the shower. My legs are jelly as he put me down and I’m thankful that he didn’t let me go because I’m sure that I would fall down. The shower washes the soap away from my body as he caresses me with his large hands. It travels to every part of my body and the other squeezes my rounded mound which makes me gasp.

My love canal is dripping crazily wet since he kisses me on the tub and I rub my legs together trying to create some friction. I shudder as he gently bit my neck and lick it. I put my arm around his neck as I touch his face. I kiss him hungrily pouring my years ankara escort bayan of longing into it. I can feel his hardness poking on my stomach which drives me crazy.

Hold on! When did he remove his clothes? I look down to see his proud member almost pointing up. The sight is mouthwatering. I look up to see him looking at me with his dark expression. He claims my mouth again as I hold onto him.

I’ve been fantasizing about this scene and I don’t want it to end so soon. He suddenly lifts me up and I realize that the shower is already turned off and we are just eating each other’s face.

I hug his neck as my legs straddle his lower body, never wanting to fall onto the tiled floor. This man is huge and strong but who knows if he’ll slip down?

That never happens. He sits me on the sink countertop as he resumes kissing me. His hardness is poking my center and I’m dying to feel him inside me. His hand squeezes my proud melons as he sucks them aggressively, then claims my lips again. His kisses become gentler as he goes south while his hand cups my heated mound.

“Love, no. I want you so bad…inside me…” I plead as I grasp his cock with my hands.

“I want a taste of your pussy first, baby.” And there he dives in. I gasp and moan loudly from the tickling intense sensation inside me. His tongue feels so good and heavenly. I can’t breathe.

“Oh fuck! Daddy…” My hand squeezes my breast while the other pulls his head closer, wanting for more. Suddenly, I feel an intense sensation explode and a cry echoes the room which is mine.

The aftershock is mind-blowing. My hand trembles and I think I’m going limp. He keeps on licking my sensitive flesh as he looks into my eyes. A laugh escapes my mouth, not believing what just happened.

He stands up and carries me again. He moves towards our bed this time, which is great; because I don’t know if I can still walk from all that.

He lay me down and spread my legs; as he plays with his cock, which is so damn big and sexy. My mouth waters from the sight and I rise up. He is about to stop me but I am now holding his cock. I know this is also what he wants.

“It’s your turn, love.” I get down on my knees on the floor while my hand is not leaving his hot pulsating member.

His eyes are asking if I’m sure about what I am going to do and I just give a nervous smile.

“Close your eyes, please.” His expression immediately says no, but I can’t do it if he watches me. I pleaded for him to close his eyes and he eventually follows.

His cock is so big and I can see his veins popping out. sincan escort It’s beautiful and hot. I glance up to see if he opens his eyes and he didn’t.

I kiss his red cockhead which has precum and lick it with my tongue. I hear a hiss and I look up. His eyes are still closed. I lick it again and again before opening my mouth and take him in like how the women do in porn. He is so big and can barely fit my mouth, so I focus on his head. My saliva coats his cock and the strange feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth makes me wet again.

I massage his balls as I lick his flesh making him moan. I hear his compliments and encouragement to continue as I suck his cock again. I’m trying to go deeper though I know it’s impossible especially for my first time. I feel his hand supports my head and I become bolder to go deeper. I look up and see his eyes half-open but I’m not minding. He groans as he fuck my mouth slowly while his eyes are buried in mine, his mouth slightly forming an O.

“You want daddy’s cock, baby?” I moan. His eyes open wide and I’m seeing a different person as he stares at me.

“Look at me. Say yes, baby.” He pushes his cock deeper before pulling it out. It’s so damn hot.

“Yes, daddy.” His eyes flicker and his hand holds the back of my head tighter as he drives his cock deeper in and out of my mouth. I hold my breath and gag. It’s too much.

“You want more of my cock? You want me to cum in your mouth, baby? Do you want daddy cum in your mouth, baby?”

“Inside me, daddy.” I’m not ready for it yet, and I want to feel him inside me so bad.

“Don’t worry. I have so much cum for you, baby. I’ll fill you.”

He fuck my mouth more before making me stand and lay in bed with him following after.

“Let me fuck you, baby.”

I spread my legs ready to welcome him inside my core. Inviting him. He soon enters me slowly, trying a few times before becoming successful. I suppress my cry of pain and he looks at me with pride then kisses me.

He stayed still to let me adjust to his size and ask my signal if he can move again. I smiled.

“Fuck me, daddy.” His eyes flicker again as he moves faster and deeper. Our moans and cries echo the room as we reach the top together.


It’s funny how our bodies hardly separate from each other. We barely get out of bed. It’s amazing how my body reacts to his touch immediately and how his words awaken something primal, something raw inside me.

Right now he is slowly fucking me from behind as I am bent on the sofa. His cock is perfectly sliding in and out inside my hot and wet canal. Then he goes fast and deep, making me scream. Oh yes! He feels so good and I don’t want him to stop.

He turns me around and asks me to suck his cock.

“Kneel and suck daddy’s cock, baby.”

I did what he ask as he feeds me with his big cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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