Bronx Park East Ch. 07

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Chapter 6 is here. Lenore lives in an apartment with her Aunt Julia, and the former has been taking her boyfriend there when her aunt is at work. Lehman refers to Lehman College in the city university system. This is taking place in 1974.


One day in September, I got a phone call from Lenore’s Aunt Julia. That seemed odd because I hadn’t said much to her in the weeks I had known Lenore. I had been invited to dinner with them at the apartment only once. Sometimes I ran into Julia on the elevator.

I was the one to answer the phone that day. We greeted each other and had a bit of chit-chat about the weather or something. Then she said, “Lenore’s at Lehman a lot. I’d like you to come down someday and share a drink with me.”

My antennae immediately went up. Why does she want to do that? I didn’t answer but she pushed it along. “What day would be good for you?”

I couldn’t just blow her off. If I had been more clever, I could have talked my way around a commitment to it. Instead, I said, “Ah, Wednesday?” I tried to sound a bit evasive.

“That would be fine.”

“Don’t you have to go to work?”

“Oh, I’ll just call in sick.” One of my own tactics.


At 11:00 AM on the appointed day I rang the bell. What am I doing here? I hadn’t brought a little gift of any kind.

Julia smiled at me when I walked in. With her prominent nose and glasses, she had hot a librarian thing going. At that time she was thirty-nine and I knew she had been divorced for a couple of years. I found her to be warm but intense, a sexy combination. She was about five-seven; her dark, almost black hair was in some kind of bob cut that gave her a Louise Brooks look. Her body was still trim, but I had noticed some nice curves on her.

Today she was wearing a short-sleeved, off-white dress with some green and red squiggles across it. It was a bit on the short side. To finish it off, she had dark stockings and moderately high-heeled black shoes. I wondered if she ever looked that way at work.

As we stood there, she asked, “Would you like a wine spritzer? Red or white, or rosé?”

I went with the red. She came out of the kitchen with our drinks in water glasses. Now, where would we have those? She told me, “Let’s have this in my room.”

That was the moment I realized what I was doing, which was walking into whatever set-up she had planned for me. I knew I was doing the wrong thing, but I didn’t stop myself.

Her room was larger than Lenore’s, but it also was at the back of the building. She sat down on the edge of the bed and I found a chair to use. I was only about three feet away from her.

She drank deeply from her glass and she put it on a nightstand. I tried to just sip my drink. She didn’t waste time before she made her first move. I wondered if all the women in that family were so fast. She said, “I’ve been divorced for over two years now, and that’s a long time. Do you know what I mean?” She seemed to be implying that she hadn’t been with a man in that period. Probably that’s why I’m here now.

Since I didn’t answer, she continued, “I wonder, do you ever think of me when you’re alone?” Jesus, that had been Lenore’s line too. I noted that Julia had yet to make a reference to her. Anyway, I had never thought of Julia that way, but I didn’t know whether to tell her that or lie about it either.

I struggled to find an answer, and she laughed at me. “Relax, I’m not going to bite unless you want me to.” I seemed to remember that from somewhere else; maybe it was dialogue from a movie. “I know you haven’t thought of me because you don’t really know me yet.” With that, she winked at me.

She said, “It’s hard to be lonely.” Yeah, but I had a girlfriend already; loneliness was her problem, not mine at that moment.

Come on Paul, get your shit together; it’s not too late to cut this short. But I was paralyzed. I suspect I was also curious as to what Julia was going to do next. I didn’t have to wait long. She unzipped the back of her dress up and pulled it up and off. “Do you like this?”

Her stockings were held up with a black garter and black straps. She had a pair of bright red panties on top of them. She crooked a finger at me to come over to the bed, and damn if I didn’t do just that. As I sat there she put one of her hands on one of mine and pulled me over. She kissed me, not antalya escort for very long, but it was a real kiss, not a peck on the cheek. I held her and I kissed back for a few moments

“So I assume you do like this, I mean what I am wearing?” Of course I did, but I didn’t want to say it. This Aunt Julia is one hot number. She was potentially a lot of trouble too. No, I was already in trouble.

She then pulled down the front of her rather skimpy bra to reveal her breasts. Her red panties got lowered next, but she managed to leave them dangling on one of her ankles.

I couldn’t control myself; I felt up every part of her I could reach, which was all of her. Then she moved back and said, “What we’ll do today – we’ll pleasure each other orally. You can get it first.” She’s just like Lenore, issuing instructions.

In a few seconds, I was standing in front of her as she sat on the edge of her bed. She opened and pulled down my pants. Of course, I was fully erect and I let it stick out. “My, your cock is so stiff.” Of course, lady, what did you expect?

I was going over the brink, and it was happening so fast. When was the last time this dame got laid? Then she took my cock into her mouth and I was beyond pondering such things.

She knew all the right techniques. I gripped her tight hairdo and gave myself into the moment. I did notice that her red lipstick seemed color-coordinated with her underpants. During this, I said, or moaned, the usual dumb, obvious things like, “My cock is filling with cum and I’m going to shoot in your mouth!”

One of her hands was on my backside, rubbing it. I knew she wanted me to come soon. I obliged her. She tried to swallow all of it, and she almost succeeded. Then she gestured, pointing to her mouth and to one of the pockets of my pants. Somehow I figured out that she wanted my handkerchief, and somehow I go it to her. She put it to her mouth and spit out the excess.

I was feeling dizzy as I looked back at my chair and saw that my wine glass was still on the floor. I looked at her and she was grinning at me like she just won the lottery.

I figured that if this nice lady was kind enough to blow me, I owed her some affection back. Thus I sat on the bed and held her. She seemed to like that a lot and she cuddled against me. After some very nice kissing and smooching, she said, “You know what time it is now, right?”

For a second I thought she meant the time of day. “I do?”

“Yes, it’s eating out Julia’s pussy time.”

“I guess that’s only fair.”

“Indeed it is!”

For this, she sat on the edge of the bed again while I kneeled between her legs. From my practice with Lenore, I knew how to do this. In fact, soon after I started, she was moaning and she said, “You know what you are doing. Have you had lessons?

I was startled, and then I understood that this wasn’t a reference to Lenore. She continued, “You’d be surprised how many men are completely clueless about pussy-licking. They couldn’t find a clitoris if there was a chart of the wall.” She seemed to have strong opinions about other men’s cunt-licking abilities, and I was making the grade on that point.

I thought she tasted exactly like Lenore had. Maybe all women are the same? When her orgasm arrived it reminded me of Lenore too. She was very noisy and she moved her legs and body around a lot; her hips came off the bed.

After that, she fell back on the bed and relaxed. My pants were still down; I looked at myself and saw that I had an erection again. I could have gotten my clothes back together, but I thought Julia might help me out if she noticed my condition. She did sit up and look at me.

“I can take care of that boner for you.” Her side table had a jar of Vaseline which she retrieved. Before she opened it, she put her hands in the air and waved them around.

She said, ” ‘Let your fingers do the walking.’ ” That was a reference to the TV commercials for the now extinct yellow-pages phone books. Julia indeed let her fingers, with some help from her palms, walk all over my cock.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, but now she was kneeling in front. She said, “It’s going to be so nice when you come. This time, I get to see it all!”

I was saying things like, “Oh, please, that feels so good.” Well, of course; she was holding me by the base as her other hand stroked kemer escort me. At times she brought her second hand up to assist the first one.

“Believe me, Julie here knows how to stroke a cock, especially the one on a hot young guy like yourself. I’m sure your second shot is going to outdo your first one, and that was pretty impressive in itself. I couldn’t even swallow it all.”

A thought came to me. I had met a number of mature women in my life – including a lot of my teachers – but I had never gotten the slightest hint of sexual interest from them. I couldn’t imagine them considering me as a “hot young guy.” I wondered that maybe they had thought about it but had kept it hidden from me.

Well, I was nineteen now and Julia seems to be uninhibited in her lust for me. In fact, her next words were, “You don’t mind me talking about all this, do you?”

“Of course not, say whatever you wish.”

“Well, I know young men can put out splooge all day long; they have the stamina for it.” Did she know that from first-hand experience, or had she heard about it somewhere? What had she done when she was younger, before she was married perhaps?

She had more to say, “I can feel the cum building up inside you. I just know I’m going to be impressed when it spurts out.”

When it happened, I was impressed myself. The stream went up and out. Julia moved left to evade it, but a lot of it landed on her right shoulder. She wasn’t annoyed, however. In fact, she giggled and said, “God, that is just beautiful. A man’s ejaculation is one of the most amazing things in the world.”

She rewarded me by putting her mouth on the tip of my cock and sucking out the last drops. If there was still Vaseline on there, she didn’t notice or care about it. Then, she got up and hugged and kissed me. I rewarded her by feeling her all over her crotch, her ass, and her tits.

“Paul, you naughty boy, now you’re making me horny again. I’d really like it if you finger-fucked me. You do know how to do that, I assume? I’ll put my own fingers down there to help you out.”

“Yes, Julia, I know how to do it.” Then I set out to prove it.


For a while, we lay lengthwise on the bed and held each other. I knew the rest of the world was coming back into focus when I heard an elevated train passing a half-block away. Like in my sessions we Lenore, I hadn’t noticed the noise in a while.

After a few minutes, Julia got up. She put her red panties back on but not the rest of her clothes. I thought she might dismiss me from the apartment, but instead she said, “Let’s sit on the sofa for a while.” When we entered the living room, she asked me, “Would you like more wine? Actually, I’m going to have a rum and Coke for myself. You want one of those?”

I figured I needed to keep my wits together now. “Thank you, but no. Just a glass of seltzer would be fine.” Now that the afterglow of sex was fading, I was starting to realize what I had done and I was feeling a bit agitated.

After she had set our drinks on the coffee table, she sat down and cuddled up to me. I noted her lingerie. Man, shouldn’t this lady get some clothes on? I had the paranoid notion that Lenore might walk in at any moment. Then we really would have some explaining to do. When is she due back, anyway?

I almost asked Julia, but I didn’t. I figured – or hoped – that she knew Lenore’s schedule. Right on cue, she said, “I want you to know that I think you’ve been very good for Lenore.”

Really? Then why did you insert yourself into this situation? I assumed she knew I was balling her niece – but perhaps she didn’t. I made a neutral but irrelevant comment, “I met her in the elevator, you know.”

“Yes, she told me that.” I wondered what else she had said about me.

I was feeling fidgety and I needed something to fill up the time. Years later, when I saw some porn videos online, I noticed that they never depicted the awkwardness that often occurs after abrupt sex. Except, Julia looked like she didn’t have a care in the world.

I needed something to distract me. I said, “How about we listen to some records?”

“That’s fine, honey; go pick one.” The women in this family seemed to like drinking and listening to records after sex. Fortunately, they had a fairly extensive album collection. Now, what do thirty-nine-year-old konyaaltı escort ladies like to listen to? I did a quick calculation in my head. She had been born in 1935. Nowadays, that would be called the Silent Generation, but of course, the term hadn’t been invented yet.

“How about Dion and The Belmonts?”

She laughed, “You’re really dating me with that one.” She meant it in the sense that I was referring to her age.

“All right, then The Beatles?” Even my mother listened to them, and she was older than Julia.

“That would fine, dear.” I wished she’d wouldn’t use those little endearments when speaking to me. I put Sergeant Pepper on and we let it run through. I almost asked for that drink, but I restrained myself.

Through the nearly forty minutes of the album, Julia was quite sociable and we talked about our lives. Then she said, “I want to hear The Mama’s and The Pappa’s now. But first, I want to get dressed.” Thank you, Lord. Now I might have some plausible deniability if Lenore came home.

Julia put on the same dress as before. I swear, she put her hands on her hips and sashayed back into the room. “Oh, let me refresh my drink.” Yeah, like you need another one of those.

I put If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears on the turntable. Before I started it, Julia looked at the album cover and asked me, “I bet you’d go for Michelle Philips.”

“No, I think I’d want Cass.”

“Really? Why is that?”

“First of all, I don’t know these people personally. But Phillips looks like she’d be high maintenance. My impression of Elliot is that she’d be a lot of fun to be with.”

“So, you like big girls?”

“Yes, some of them.” I didn’t add that Lenore, although she was nowhere near Elliot’s weight, was not a willowy chick either.

Julia seemed interested in this topic. “Tell me a bit about a big girl you liked.”

Do I have to answer this? “All right, on the college paper last year there was this red-head named Carole. She would wear tight jeans and she just had the biggest, most spectacular ass I’ve ever seen.”

“You should have asked her out.”

“She was a lot taller than I was.” And a lot heavier too. “Also, I didn’t know how to approach her.”

“You should have anyway, You would have had some good times with her, I think.” Speaking of good-time girls, when is Lenore supposed to come strolling in here?

“Julia, I think I would like that drink now.”

“Sure, baby, I’ll get you one.”

When listening to the album, I thought “Straight Shooter” was an underrated song. A line reminded me of how I thought of Julia. Baby, baby, treat me right, or I won’t come around your door – no more!

I fumbled around for an excuse to leave. She caught my intention and said, “That’s okay, I know you’ve got a life to live.”

When we kissed good-bye, I said, “Julia, Jesus loves you more than you will know.”

That seemed like a very risky joke, but she found it funny. “Come on, I’m a lot sweeter than that bitch. Paul, would you like me to seduce you?”

“You already have.”

“Not all the way yet, I’m just getting started! So, I’ll call you and you’ll let me know when you’re available?”

On the way down in the elevator, I thought, all right, so this is not going to be a one-afternoon stand. As soon as I went through the lobby door I met Lenore coming in. Man, that was a close call. She gave me a kiss and said, “Have you been drinking?”

“Just one, actually.” I assumed it covered the taste of Aunt Julia’s pussy juice on my lips. More sloppiness on my part.

“You look a bit rattled. Where are you going?”

“Just for a walk.” Then I had an inspiration. “I’d like you to go with me.” That way she wouldn’t go up and see Julia when the latter herself was still getting her emotional bearings.

I tried for the most bucolic route I could think of, which was the upper part of Bronx Park East. We crossed Pelham Parkway and soon entered the park itself. At Allerton Avenue, we found a bench to sit on.

“You still seem a bit off to me.”

I couldn’t think of a pretext, so I just said, “Really? I’m fine.”

Actually, I wasn’t fine. The implications of what I had done were hitting me. I had cheated on Lenore, and with one of her own family members no less. I knew that oral sex and handjobs did count. Baby, are you holding anything but me? I was definitely not a straight shooter. Now I had a significant secret to hide.

I vowed to myself that I would stay away from Julia from that point on. But I would break that vow, more than once. I was too young, horny, and careless to do anything differently.


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