Brock and Judy Ch. 02

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Judith, who everyone called Judy and who was my wife, didn’t know that the mentioning of another man’s name while we had sex would crack the mental cover I had worked so hard during my pre-puberty and early teens to construct around a dark side of my personality only a handful of people knew existed. The first time it emerged was when I was twelve and I almost killed another boy. I was in the sixth grade at a new school and the school bully decided I would be his next victim for terror. He was an eighth grader, fourteen, played lineman on the middle school football team, a foot taller than me, and ninety pounds heavier. He picked on me for a solid two weeks before I couldn’t take it anymore and fought back. It looked like from the beginning he was going to whip my ass good, but when he hit me in the face and bloodied my nose, I zoned out and didn’t and don’t remember what happened next. My next conscious thought was being held down on the ground by three grown men, the principal, the school security officer, and the head football coach.

When I had calmed I could hear sirens and was led to the principal’s office and told my parents were on their way. My parents arrived and asked me what had happened. I told them all I remembered and they questioned me to see if that was all I remembered or if I was lying. When they were satisfied that I wasn’t lying, they let the police talk to me. It was one of the officers who asked me if I remembered knocking the bully to the ground and beating him unconscious with my book bag that had all but one of my books in it. When I said no, he asked if I remembered carrying him over to the monkey bars, putting his right arm over the bottom bar, and jumping on it; breaking it in two places. I told him no. He asked if I remember laying the bully’s head across that same bar and getting ready to jump on it before the principal tackled me. I told him no. He then asked if I remembered the principal, then the security officer, and finally the football coach all three having to hold me down to keep me off the bully. I said yes to that question. The police questioned me until my father, who had called a lawyer friend of his, said that I was done answering questions unless they were charging me and we were going home.

I stayed out of juvie only because the bully had started it and there was enough evidence to prove it. I had to enter therapy and it took the therapist a month to get me mad enough to go into that state again. I only remember trashing the padded room because he showed me the video tape. Without outside intervention, I was in an uncontrolled rage for eight minutes before I collapsed in a corner and either passed out or went to sleep. I awakened twenty minutes later not remembering a thing. The therapist used all his knowledge and every anger management technique he could find to teach me before I was able to shut my dark side completely away. Judy’s cheating on me had punctured that covering and invited my personal demon into our marriage. She had already felt a bit of my anger on the night she blurted out another man’s name during sex between us and another on the day she had sex with him again even though I pushed her into it.

I still loved her, but the dark side of my personality wanted to cause her the same emotional pain she had given me and I couldn’t control it like I had in the past. I don’t know where the idea originated and I fought it for three months, but in the end gave in and moved from having an idea to putting it into action.

“Take your clothes off, slut!” I ordered Judy the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend as soon as I walked in the door. Judy hurried to comply with my command.

“We’re going to re-arrange some furniture and you’ll not argue about it, understand!”

“Yes Brock, whatever you want is fine!” My beautiful wife answered me standing there in all her naked glory. I could see a sparkle in her eyes, the flush of her cheeks, and the slight hint of moisture between her legs which told me she was getting aroused.

“One of your dressers has to leave our bedroom so we can move the armchair from our den into it! We may have to move the bed around also!”

Judy and I moved the big dresser with most of her under garments and nighties from our bedroom across the hall to the mostly empty spare room. Together we wrestled the armchair up the stairs and into our bedroom. It fit nicely in the corner the dresser had occupied without us having to move the bed.

“Finish getting me hard so I can fuck my pussy, bitch!” I told Judy when we were finished and after dropping my pants.

The biggest smile came over Judy’s face before she hurried over to me, dropped down on her knees, and eagerly grabbed my semi-hard cock before placing her mouth around it. She only had to suck on my dick for a couple of minutes before I was completely hard.

“On the bed spread-eagled, now!”

Judy rushed to our bed and jumped into the middle of it, assuming the position I had ordered her antalya escort to get into. I climbed onto the bed got between her legs, bended them back toward her chest and sank my erection to the hilt inside her with one powerful stroke. I began stroking in and out of her with long but hard strokes.

“You’re so much of a slut that the punishment I’ve tried to bestow upon you has only turned you on and made you a bigger slut! I’ve been fighting the urge to hurt you like you hurt me, but it’s too strong! Tomorrow night you going to come home, get cleaned up, then watch me get ready to go out. You’ll sit naked in that chair until I’m home and watch whatever happens without a word. The only reason for you to leave that chair is to go to the rest room to urinate or defecate. YOU WILL NOT PLEASURE YOURSELF IF WHAT HAPPENS IN OUR BED TOMMORROW NIGHT TURNS YOU ON! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!”

“Yes Brock, I understand! Please make your slut come! Please, you’re right; the last few months have been the most exciting and sexually fulfilling for me since my teens! I am a slut and have always been one, I just wasn’t admitting it! I’ll do anything you want, watch you do anything you want, and never complain; I swear! I love you! Now pound me and make me come!”

I began to really slam her pussy after her confession. We came together at the same instance after ten minutes of my pounding her. After I had shrunk and fell out of her, I left the bed to shower.

“Go finish dinner while I shower, Judy. I love you too. I’ll be about twenty minutes, okay?”

“Yes, my darling. Dinner will be ready when you get to the table.”

I showered and put on a robe before going to the table. Even though I had told her our bedroom was the only room she had to be naked in at all times, Judy had begun going naked throughout the whole house. She was naked except for an apron when I got to the table. We ate dinner in silence and when we were finished I took her hand in mine and looked into her eyes.

“Judy, you know I still love you right?”

“Yes Brock, I do. I love you more and more every day! I meant every word I said in our bed room!”

I stood and held out my hand to her. I led her back to our bed where I made gentle, caring love to her. She came twice on my dick before I spurted my second load of semen deep into her pussy. We cuddled together whispering terms of endearment to each other as we caressed each other tenderly. I went to the kitchen to put our dirty dishes in the dish washer while Judy showered and started them when I heard Judy exited the shower. Judy joined me in the living room where we watched TV together until bed time. Nothing more was said about the next day.

I came home from work and ate a light meal with Judy. She had gotten home before me and was so beautiful from her shower and with only a tad of make up on. I had second thoughts about my plan, but that dark portion of my personality that had been let loose took over and I began to clean up in preparation for the evening. I shaved and showered before dressing in Judy’s favorite set of clothes she had picked out for me when we were shopping at the mall earlier in the year; a salmon colored shirt with dark blue pants, black socks, belt, shoes, and light blue blazer, but I didn’t wear a tie. I saw a small hint of hurt in Judy’s eyes, but she didn’t say a word.

“I love you, but don’t know how long I’ll be. Do you need anything from the kitchen or anything to read before I go?”

“No Brock, I have everything I need! Have a good time tonight!”

I kissed Judy goodbye and left her in our bedroom. I drove my car to that same club that I’d taken Judy to on our second date. It had went through many changes over the last eight years and was back to being a country/western club. I walked up to the bar and ordered a club soda. I didn’t want to get drunk and besides drinking and driving was a much bigger deal now than it was eight years ago. I hadn’t had time to turn around and check out the room before I felt a hand on my arm.

“Aren’t you Brock Henderson?” A cute, petite brunette that I didn’t know asked of me.

“Yes, I’m Brock. Who may I ask are you?”

“I’m Debra Forrester, but everybody calls me Debbie. Are you waiting on Judy?”

“No, actually she’s at home waiting on me. How do you know Judy?”

“I’m the receptionist at the realty company. I recognized you from that big picture of you Judy hung behind her desk. Why is she waiting at home on you?”

“This may come as a shock, but I came here to try and pick up a woman to have sex with while Judy has to watch. It’s part of her punishment for cheating on me.”

“So she’s the one Mark Coleman got caught fucking in her own home! Everyone has been gossiping about it at work! Why aren’t you divorcing her like Mark’s wife’s divorcing him?”

“Because I still love her! I just need her to feel the hurt that I felt the night she called out his name while we were having sex. They didn’t get fethiye escort caught, I set Mark up. I made her tell me who and why she was calling out his name and she admitted to the affair. I had the recorders installed and told Judy when to bring him to the house. My lawyer sent copies to his wife. I hope she’s taking him to the cleaners!”

“Would I do for your punishment? I’ve always wanted to stick it to a beautiful woman like Judy since high school. The pretty girls made my life a living hell back then!”

I took a closer look at Debbie then. 5’2″ tall, small breasts in the 32 to 34 A cup range, tiny mid-section, broad hips, slender legs with a cute bordering on beautiful face, Debbie was an attractive woman in her own rights.

“I don’t know. I don’t want everybody at the realty company to know our personal lives. I take it Mark has caved in the divorce so that Judy’s name hasn’t come out.”

“I promise I can keep my mouth shut. Please take me home with you and let me be part of her punishment! Yes, Mark’s letting his wife have everything she’s asked for in the divorce. I think Larry Johnson the president and owner of the realty company has something to do with it.”

“I won’t take you home, but you can follow me if you truly want to do this.” I told Debbie before I leaned down to whisper in her ear. “You’ve heard how I’m punishing the woman I love so imagine what I’d do to someone who lied to me that I don’t love!” I saw a glint of fear in Debbie’s eyes before she smiled and nodded her head yes.

I left the bar and went to my car, looking back once to see if Debbie was following me. She was about twenty feet behind me and pointed in the direction of her car. I waited in mine till I saw her pull out and pulled in front of her. When we got to my house, I motioned her around me and let her pull her car into our garage; parking mine behind the door that Judy’s car was behind. I entered the garage and helped Debbie out of her car. I led her into our house, slapping the garage door closer with my hand as I past it. I took Debbie to mine and Judy’s bedroom and heard a sharp intake of breath from Judy when she recognized the woman with me.

I turned Debbie so I could see Judy from the corner of my eye when I wanted to and began kissing Debbie passionately. I saw one tear slide down Judy’s cheek when Debbie began to moan from my kissing and caressing her. I undressed Debbie and lifted her onto our bed where I began to lick and suck on her breasts as I fingered her wet sex. I heard Judy softly sobbing in the chair behind me, but didn’t stop in my arousal of Debbie. I scooted down on the bed and got between Debbie’s legs so I could lick her slit. I licked at her outer and inner labia until she began to squirm before moving to her clit. I lashed her clit with my tongue from side to side and Debbie came after only five minutes of my licking her clit. I stood removed my pants and began to put a condom on my erect penis.

“NO! Please don’t use that! I swear I’m clean and I want to feel your cock in me bare! I’m on the pill so you don’t have to worry about that!”

I hated condoms anyway so I did as Debbie asked and got between her legs. I began to ease my cock into her and realized that she was very tight, almost as tight as Judy’s ass.

“Do I need to use some lube, Debbie?”

“No, just go slow and easy at first. Yours is thicker than any cock I’ve had before, but I want to feel you and only you!”

I began to stroke in and out of the portion of her snatch my dick was already in and after five minutes was able to bury my whole length into her. I pumped in and out of her gently until I felt her open up completely. I rose up on my arms and began to fuck her harder and faster. Debbie came after ten minutes of my fucking her like that and I picked up the pace again. I wasn’t slamming her like I did Judy, but I was going as fast as I could without giving her my cock with as much force as I fucked Judy with. Debbie came again when my cock began to pulse inside her from my own climax. I looked over my shoulder at Judy and saw that familiar look she had begun to get when she was extremely turned on. I leaned down to whisper into Debbie’s ear.

“Are you okay with Judy eating my come out of your pussy? If not, tell me and I won’t tell her to!”

“Oh God, yes, I’m okay with it! You really do want to punish her!”

“I think the punishing stage has passed! I think she’s so turned on right now, she’d do anything I say!”

I got off the bed and turned to Judy. “Okay slut, suck my come from her pussy and make her come with your mouth! Do a good job and I’ll reward you with my dick!”

Judy didn’t hesitate and rushed to the bed where she got between Debbie’s legs and began licking and sucking our combined juices up from Debbie’s thighs where they had leaked out. She then began licking and sucking at Debbie’s hot and extremely wet sex. I went to the chair and found a bottle of kaş escort water beside it which I drank down in two gulps. I watched my beautiful wife as she ate Debbie’s pussy like a pro and knew that it wasn’t the first one she’d eaten. I began to think it was time for me to find out more about the past of the woman I had married. When I saw and heard Debbie come, I went back to the bed, lifted Judy up onto her knees and plunged my rejuvenated erection into her hot, wet cunt. I hammered her from the start and felt her come after only five minutes. I continued to slam her pussy and gave her two more before I loosed my second ejaculation of the night into her depths. Judy had went back to licking at Debbie’s pussy after her first orgasm and Debbie came again seconds after I did. The three of us lay on each other struggling for breath. When we had recovered enough to move, I motioned for Judy to lie down beside Debbie and I wiggled in between them.

“Debbie, do you want to stay the rest of the night?” I asked her.

“If Judy’s okay with it.”

“Judy doesn’t have a say in it! I’m asking, not my slut! Do you want to stay?”

“Yes, I’d love to stay. The gossip around the company is true about you!”

“What gossip is that?”

“The rumor that you must be one hell of a lover to have such a beautiful wife with your looks! No offense, but you’re not in her league!”

“You’re wrong! I’m the one not in his league! Don’t you ever insult my man like that again!” Judy bellowed out at Debbie before I could say anything.

“Ladies, ladies! No fighting! I’m finally okay with who I am! Looks aren’t everything! Now, let’s all just lay here and enjoy the rest of the evening!”

I cuddled with both the women in my bed, trying to pay each the same amount of attention. When Mother Nature called, I looked at them both and asked if they could control themselves while I went to relieve myself. They both shook their heads yes, sheepishly. I went to the rest room and stood there thinking while I urinated.

“That little idea for punishment didn’t work too well did it? After the first bit from the shock of who it was; Judy got turned on instead of being hurt. And making her eat my creampie from Debbie’s pussy was more of a reward than a punishment. I don’t think I can think of a way to really punish her short of leaving her and I can’t do that. Yes, she hurt me; but I still love her damn it! I know one thing though, I love using her like the slut she is and I’m not going to stop.”

I went back toward our bedroom but stopped inside the bathroom door when I heard moaning coming from our bed. I knew it wasn’t Judy because after eight years together, I knew every little sound she made during sex. I peeked around the door and saw Judy between Debbie’s legs licking her pussy. I stood and watched as Judy gave Debbie another orgasm using her mouth. My cock, which I had figured was done for the night, sprang up to full hardness at the sound of Debbie coming.

I walked to the bed, motioned for Judy to move, urged Debbie over onto her belly, and pulled her up onto all fours. I eased my hardened shaft into her opening from behind and began fucking her with long gentle strokes. When she began pushing back onto my dick harder and faster than I was pushing into her, I began to fuck her harder and faster. We came within seconds of each other and lay against each other while we tried to recover. After about five minutes, I had enough wind to speak.

“Go bring us all some water from the kitchen, slut! You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for your own release! I know you got turned on watching me fuck Debbie again, but I’m done for the night!”

I saw the disappointment on her face as Judy rose from the floor beside the bed where she had been kneeling while she watched me and Debbie. She hurried out of our bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen. She came back with three waters and hesitated for a second when she saw me cuddling with Debbie while I kissed her tenderly. Debbie and I separated and I took my water from Judy. I finished it in three gulps this time and motioned for Judy to come to me. I kissed her with the same tenderness as I had Debbie earlier.

“Is everyone ready to go to sleep, now?” I asked the two beautiful women beside me in our bed.

“Yes, I am.” Debbie answered me. Judy just shook her head yes with a sad look on her face. I knew she wanted another come from me or Debbie, but from what I’d seen from Debbie, she wasn’t inclined to give another woman pleasure and I was too tired to do it. I thought to myself that this might be the way to punish Judy, refuse her pleasure when she desperately wanted it. I asked Judy to turn the overhead light off and lay on my back allowing Debbie and Judy to lay on me in which ever manner they wanted to. Debbie lay against me with her head on my chest and Judy lay against me with her head on my shoulder. I turned my head to Judy and gave her another tender kiss before drifting off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with my normal morning erection. I tried to wiggle out from between Debbie and Judy without awakening them, but didn’t succeed.

“I gotta pee! Why don’t the two of you fix us some breakfast? I’ll see you all in the kitchen.”

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