Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures Ch. 08

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Thanks once again for all the positive feedback. Apologies for the delay in posting this. This is the final chapter of the story but, never fear, Britnee and the gang will return soon with new adventures! Until then, Enjoy!


“Ooohhhh, Fuuucccckkkk!!”

Britnee groaned as she felt Larry’s huge prick pushing against her tight sphincter. They were on Brandee’s new couch filming a scene for, Britnee’s hardcore porn site. The couch was a large, plush, L-shaped sofa with two large, movable footrests upholstered with a white leopard print. Britnee had picked it out to use for orgies and other group scenes she wanted to shoot for her site. She was giving it a test drive and so far it was working out fine.

It was two weeks since Merle’s funeral and Britnee, her mom, and their friends had been quite busy. Britnee had invested in some pro-grade video equipment and lighting as well as redecorating her mother’s trailer and having an addition attached to the structure adding two new rooms to the double-wide home. One room was an extra bedroom and the other was being used as a multimedia suite.

Jed was sitting, almost lying, on the couch, his ass mostly off the edge and his feet planted firmly on the floor. Britnee was on top of him, feet resting on his knees, hands behind her, gripping the young dullard’s shoulders. She was in the process of lowering herself onto his thick, club-like prick and fucking it for the cameras. The two had been fucking and sucking for over an hour and both were almost delirious with lust! Larry held one camera, shooting mainly close-ups and full body shots while Jayden had the other camera filming wide shots. Lara was floating around with an HD 35-millimeterr camera taking stills.

“Freeze,” she would call out, snapping several photos of the action, which Britnee and Jed at first found to be quite annoying but soon it had little effect on thier lust or performance.

Britnee groaned again as felt Jed’s tool force her tight asshole open. She slowly shifted up and down on the head, sucking it in and pressing it out, Pulling up to give Larry a perfect shot of her gaping hole. She did this several times before sliding down, taking more and more cock up her tight ass with every bounce.When her ass settled in Jed’s crotch, she shifted her hips, gyrating on his lap. Jed held her by the waist and moaned as he felt her colon milking and massaging his ten-inch cock.

“Jesus, that’s fuckin’ good,” he grunted, flexing his fat pipe in her hot hole.

Britnee moaned and began sliding up and down his cock, slapping her buttcheeks on his pelvis. She arched her back as she rode him, her big, round grapefruit sized tits sliding out to the sides and bouncing. Larry made sure to get a good shot of her heaving titts and the wide cleavage between them.

“Oh, this cock is good,”Britnee cried! “I love taking cock up my ass! I fucking Love It!”

She began fucking Jed harder, moaning and crying with every thrust as she felt another orgasm building deep in her guts. She had already had numerous orgasms that day from taking Jed’s huge dick in her cunt and ass and, she wanted more!

“Shit! I’m going to cum again! Ima cum all over yer hard cock,” she screamed, shaking her ass on top of him! She exploded on top of him, crying out as she tried to look into the camera before the waves of pleasure washing over her forced her eyes shut and threw her head back!

As her jerking body slowed down, Jed pulled her up to the tip of his throbbing, raging hardon and he began pumping his hips, pistoning her asshole like a racing engine on high octane fuel!

“FuckfuckFuckFUCK SHITT,” Britnee screamed! “I’m Cumming Again!!”

Jed didn’t let up as the tiny fuckdoll came again and again. Her hand slipped off his shoulders and she collapsed against him, moaning as he buried his cock deep! The stupid stud slipped his hands under her ass and pulled her legs back. He thrust into her asshole a few more times then pulled his cock out, giving the camera a perfect shot of her wide open, gaping hole. Then he stuffed his monster cock back in and pounded her hard before once more showing off her insane gape! He repeated this again and again as Britnee moaned and professed her love for butt fucking.

As she lay against him, Jed felt her hot flesh on his cheek. His field of vision was obscured by a mass of tit and he turned his head and fed on Britnee’s rock hard nipple. This sent new electric shocks of pleasure coursing through her body and she clamped down on his fat prick as he drilled her ass!

“Fuck my ass, you dirty redneck moron,” Britnee cried! “Fuck me good n hard like an anal whore deserves! Goddamn, I love it! I’m a fucking whore for ass fucking! Fuck! Fuck it! FUCK MY ASSHOLE AND FILL IT WITH YER CUMMM!!”

Jed wrapped his arms around her waist and began long, hard deep thrusts up her flexing hole! Britnee pounded against him, matching his powerful thrusts! Her soft, round titflesh mashed against his face as he sucked antalya escort and slobbered and chewed on her nipple! He couldn’t get enough of her tit and it and the suction she was applying to his cock with her sphincter.

“Yes, you dirty bitch,” Jed groaned! Ima fill yor ass! Ima Cummin’ in yor ASSHOLE!!”

“Do it, Stud!! CUM IN MY ASS!!CUM IN MY WHITE TRASH ASSHOLE,” Britnee shrieked, squeezing Jed’s throbbing 10 inches as hard as she could!

Jed groaned as his balls swelled up and shot hot cum up his shaft to erupt deep in Britnee’s colon! He shot load after load of heavy, thick jizz up her chute, groaning with every spastic jerk of his cock! He then grabbed Britnee’s ass and pulled her back, allowing his still cumming cock to spray her pussy and belly! Britnee groaned as well, belching the hot cumload out of her throbbing, gaping hole and back onto Jed’s slimy prick and balls!

She slid off Jed onto cushion next to him and bent to his jerking cock. Looking at the camera, she moaned, “I’m such a filthy whore for cock! I’m addicted to it! And now, I gotta feed myself!”

She dove on the lurching, pulsing dick and sucked it deep into her mouth! She sucked on the cum covered flesh and slurped it down, moaning and snorting and gurgling as she fed on the huge cock!

She glared at the camera as she sucked hard on Jed’s cockhead before popping him out and moaning, “I love sucking on a big, fat, horse cock after it’s fucked my asshole! I need to suck cock! Suck it! Fuck it! Guzzle the cum down my throat! Gimme more! GIMME MORE! I’m Britnee Busted, your dirty lil, nasty fuckin’, white trash trailer park Slut!”

She returned her attention to Jed’s cock and throated him to his balls. Larry held the shot for several seconds before yelling “Cut!”

Britnee pulled herself off Jed’s now clean cock and sitting up, slugged the hapless stud on his chest!

“OWWW!! What the fuck ya do that fer,” he exclaimed, raising his arms up defensively,

“Cuz you made me cum like that,” Britnee scowled! “How the hell am I supposed ta dislike you iffin you make me cum like a bitch in the heat?”

“Damn, you is one crazy bitch! Where’s my shorts,” Jed stood and started dressing. Britnee reached for her beer and a cigarette as Larry and Jayden kept filming. Lara snapped a few more shots and reached for Jed’s cock, leading him to a bedroom with Jayden following.

‘Does it look good?’ she asked Larry.

“Yeah,” he replied, turning the camera to her so she could watch on the LCD display. “These new cameras are the shit!”

Britnee nodded, watching herself getting fucked. “This is good. I wanna see the edits with Jay’s stuff soon. Shit, I’m bushed! I’m gonna take a na-!”

She watched as Larry’s fat cock sprang forth from his unzipped trousers. “Okay, Larry,” she sighed, dropping to her knees, “But, just a blowjob. Seriously! Just head! That’s it!”


“Da! Da! I don’t know! I transfer money three days ago! No uncle, I swear! I go to bank and they show me records… Da! Yes! Goodbye!”

Leo put his phone down and shook his head.His uncle must be mad, he thought. This was the third time in two weeks his uncle had called enraged that the transfer of funds from America had not arrived. Leo had checked personally and everything checked out. How could this not be working?

Leo pulled up his laptop’s spreadsheet app and studied it for half an hour, searching for some clue as to why things seemed to be not well. The only problem he knew about was that little bitch with the tits and her friends. They had stopped delivering recently without so much as a word of explanation. His spies had informed him that the little slut was trying to make deals with the other bosses in area but, Leo was unconcerned. She was small potatoes and Leo was about to foreclose on the property she and her mother lived on. The contractor who hired Leo was going to turn the trailer park into an industrial park and Leo stood to make millions from the deal.

“Maybe I go see this slut,” Leo said aloud. “Maybe I go show her what happens to little girls who betray Russian bears!”

Leo picked up his phone and dialed…

Britnee and Lara sat in their coffee shop, fueling up for their next work shift. Coffee and sugar and pastries were the fuel. Lara was explaining her meeting with the feds.

“So,” Lara said between bites of an eclair, “Basically, all we gotta do is set up a meet with Leo and Let them know where and when and they’ll do the rest!”

“That’s it?”

That’s it! The files we gave them off Leo’s hard drive plus the documents we copied should put him away for a very long time, the FBI guy said. The child slave thing alone is enough to get him life.”

“And,” Britnee slurped her triple shot caramel mocha peppermint macchiato iced latte, “What about us? How long before them G-men come after us?”

Lara sipped her free trade Madagascar dark roast espresso blend coffee with two pumps of pumpkin spice and smiled, fethiye escort “… pumpkin spice… Shouldn’t be a problem. Agent Dann said as long as we can provide adequate documentation for all the properties we own and we keep on the down low, we’re too small for the FBI to worry about.And… Us helping them out gets me off the hook! I mean they’re gonna wipe the slate clean and I’m free as a bird!”

“Aww, Boo! I’m so happy for you! …Agent Dan? You’re on a first name basis with these guys?”

Lara grinned, shaking her head, “No, Boo, Dann is his last name! It’s on his badge.”

“What’s his first name,” Britnee asked.


“Agent Daniel Dan.”


Britnee stared at her friend for a few seconds before biting into her croissant.

“By the way,” Lara started, sipping some more coffee, “You never did tell me what that meeting with Julie was about. How’d it go?”

Britnee perked up. A huge grin spread across her face. “All I can say is… OMG!! She wants me to get implants! Me!” Britnee hefted her big tits at her friend. “I already got a pair this big, an’ Julie says I could go real big!”

Lara looked stunned and happy at the same time. “I love your tits, Boo! I love big tits anyways!”

Britnee cackled, “You love any tits, Boo! Big or small… You got a problem, hipster?”

Britnee frowned at a nearby table full of college-age people staring at her and Lara. The young man in question began to speak but thought better of it and the group lowered their heads and looked away.

Britnee smiled at her friend, “But, Yeah… that’s what it was all about. By the way… have you ever noticed that every guy we meet seems to have a ten-inch penis? I mean, recently? Jayden, Jed… Frank! Larry! Have ya?”

Lara shook her head, “I think it’s something in the water… Like a government conspiracy… But who cares! Details, I want details!”

Britnee nodded, “yeah, somethin’ in the water… But it seems like it’s just guys we fuck! I mean, the rejects and trash! Except for Frank and he’s a freak of nature! Like the other night. That party I hosted… the men were fun and I made a shitload of money but, they were all average! I had to fake it a few times but they all were business types with money and houses and like… Ok! Anyways…here’s how it went down…”

Julie Juggs sat at the desk of the club’s office wearing a short, white terry cloth robe and nothing else when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Julie called, adjusting her robe.

Britnee walked in, “You wanted to see me, boss?”

She was wearing a white tank-top shirt with the club logo on it. The shirt was cut very short so that the lower half of her big, round tits were exposed. She also had a pair of ultra-tight, hot pink short-shorts on that left half her perfect asscheeks exposed.

Julie smiled, “Yes, dear, and may I say, you look very sexy in that outfit!”

Britnee blushed, “Gee, thanks, Ma’am! I’m just gettin’ ready for the “Suds & Sluts” carwash we’re havin’ out in the parking lot today!”

“Wonderful!” Julie rose from the desk, “I’ll be joining you girls later. For now, though…” She motioned towards the couch, “Have a seat. It’s time we got to know each other a little bit. And, I want to talk to you about, well… call it a financial opportunity.”

Britnee sat down, feeling awkward as she watched Julie move across the room. The young teen had never felt intimidated by anyone before but, Julie, and her incredibly huge, fake tits, made her feel shy and childlike. She was also having a tough time not staring at the older woman’s gigantic rack. Julie noticed her discomfort and smiled as she sat down. She made sure to sit extra close to Britnee, brushing the younger girl’s face with her tits as she turned and said,

“So, how’s everything going? Are you happy working here?”

“Oh, yes, Ma’am,” Britnee replied to a pair of fabric covered tits! “It’s great! I’m making Hella money and the girls an’ everybody are just the best!”

She looked away and felt her pussy as well as her entire body heating up. She wanted desperately to reach out and fondle the huge, impossibly round, enhanced tits just inches from her face.

Julie smiled and placed a hand on Britnee’s thigh. “Brit? It’s okay if you look at my breasts. You’re supposed to. That’s one of the reasons I got them! I want people to look.”

Britnee blushed and gazed up at the older woman. “I’m sorry, Ma’a-“

“Call me Julie.”

“- Julie. Sorry. It’s just, I… I don’t know how to say it. I’m not the shy type an’ you sure do make me feel like that. I mean, I got a great rack and I been with girls before an’ all… but, Lady, You make me all tiny and shy an all! I ain’t used to that!”

Julie laughed. Her body shook as she laughed enough for her robe to fall open exposing even more of her giant flesh globes. “Oh, how sweet! Britnee? Would you like to touch them?” She swept her robe back allowing kaş escort her perfectly round, bowling ball sized juggs to swing free.

Britnee’s hands moved before she could speak. She touched Julie’s tits tentatively, gazing at the supple flesh under her fingertips. “…They’re so soft,” she half whispered. “And so fucking big…”

Julie sighed, “That’s right. Touch them. Feel them. Give ’em a good squeeze, they won’t break.” She could feel the moisture building between her thighs.

Britnee was hypnotized. She massaged and squeezed the massive breasts feeling their firmness and weight. Her cunt was juicing up as she pressed them together, almost slapping them against each other.

“They are so heavy,” she said, looking up to Julie. “And, so soft! But, they are so firm! How… How are they like that? Soft and pliant but they hold their shape?”

Julie moaned softly as she felt Britnee’s fingers twisting her rock hard nipples, “That’s the best part. My surgeon used a new type of implant that makes the breast any size and shape you want yet the breast still feels natural without being squishy.”

She took Britnee’s hands in hers and arched her back. Her massive fake tits moved to each side of her torso. “See? They move just like natural breasts as they should but, they don’t lose even a millimeter of size or shape! No pancake tits here! Just fat, firm and full tit flesh!”

A wave of lust washed over Britnee and she grabbed the closest fat tit on Julie’s chest and kissed it. She continued kissing and sucking on the hot tit flesh as Julie moaned softly and pushed her huge tits together.

“Yesssss…,” Julie sighed, “Suck them! Feast on my big titties!”

“Oh, Julie,” Britnee moaned, ‘You taste so good!”

Britnee sucked a nipple into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it. She sucked and licked with abandon, mashing her face against the supple flesh. Julie responded by moaning loud and shaking her massive tits much to Britnee’s pleasure. As the tiny slut moved to the next tit, Julie captured her face between the gigantic globes and squeezed hard, traping Britnee between them. Britnee breathed deep, luxuriating in the aroma and taste of Julie’s tits smothering her. Julie began twisting her torso, slapping the younger girl with her round, fake tits before placing her hands on Britnee’s face and pulling her close for a deep, tongue filled kiss!

They kissed and tasted each other for a long minute before Britnee pulled her top and shorts off and straddled her boss, mashing her own full tits against Julie’s impossibly huge rack! The two horny women kissed and moaned and gyrated against each other as they tit-wrestled. Soon they each had their hands and fingers massaging each other’s steaming, wet pussies Britnee sank two fingers inside Julie’s tight cunt and rubbed her palm against her clit. Julie’s hips spasmed as she sucked on Britnee’s tongue and goaned with lust. Britnee shook as she felt an orgasm rock her pelvis and she soaked Julie’s fingers with her cum.

“Oh, Goddamn, I gotta taste you,” Britnee cried, dropping to the floor! She buried her face between the older woman’s thighs and lapped at her wet slit. Julie leaned back and held her massive tits as she felt Britnee’s tongue.

“Yes! Eat me!” she cried, twisting and pulling on her taut nipples!

Britnee grazed her swollen clit with her teeth as she licked the folds of her hot cunt, searching for the tight hole. Pushing Julie’s thighs apart, she slipped her tongue deep into her pussy and sucked for all she was worth! Julie responded by cumming on her face, her hips bucking wildly as the teen slut drove her over the edge.

“Yesss!” Julie screamed, “I’m Cumming! Eat My Pussyyyy!! Yesss!!”

Britnee grunted and snorted as she devoured the hot pussy in her face! She slipped two fingers deep in Julie’s cunt and sucked her clit between her teeth. Pistoning her fingers in and out, she sucked and sucked and lashed her clit with her tongue, Bring the platinum blonde to another earth shaking orgasm! Julie threw her head back and screamed, her whole body thrashing as she flooded Britnee’s face with cunt juice! She jerked and bucked and her huge, enhanced tits slapped and bounced uncontrollably as she erupted!

“Yesss!” Julie cried, “Fuckin’ Eat Meeee! Cummiiinnnggg!! AAAAIIIIEEEEEE!!”

Britnee kept sucking and licking and kissing and sucking Julie through another orgasm and then another! She didn’t stop until the older tit queen pushed her away and lay on the couch twitching and jerking and gasping for breath.

“Oh, my God,” Julie eventually gasped. “That was incredible! Your tongue is amazing!”

“Mmm, thanks,” Britnee replied, wiping her mouth and licking the juices off her fingertips. “I love eating pussy. And, I get a lot of practice!”

She sat next to Julie and massaged the older woman’s incredibly inflated tits as they cuddled.

“I know, I’ve seen your videos,” Julie grinned.

“You have? You like my site?” Britnee exclaimed, “Gosh, maybe we could make a few together! My fans and I’m sure your fans, would love it! We could link up our sites an’ make millions!”

Julie wrapped her arms around the petite pussy eater. “Mmm, maybe we should… but, for now… it’s time to show you who the boss is!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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