Brit , Lori Go Clubbing Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This continues the events prior to Chapter 2 and 3 of the Brit & Lori Meet The Landlady series. Please make sure you vote and send feedback as well!! Also, I have started an erotic stories newsletter. If you are interested in getting on the mailing list to find out what I’m doing and what I’m writing, send your e-mail address through the feedback screen and I’ll send out a copy of the newsletter to you within a few days.


The young girl had been staring at the two friends, Brittany and Lori, for some time now. She felt a strange stirring in her pussy when she watched them kiss, and now, she wanted to follow the two vixens to see where the night would lead.

She followed them out into the crowded dance hall, yet didn’t lose them in the sea of people. With the ultimix version of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” blasting through the speakers, she followed them onto the dance floor and started to move her body to the beat of the music. Brit and Lori were grinding into each other, their abdomens bumping against the others, their legs criss-crossed each other, rubbing their pussies together.

It was as if the young blonde was the only one paying attention to the older blonde and brunette’s ministrations on the dance floor. She had only minutes before witnessed two girls kissing for the first time, now she was seeing them humping each other! Her head was swimming with sexual thought, and her panties underneath her skirt were dampening at those thoughts.

When it came to girl-girl love, this young one was obviously a virgin. She had wanted to try girl-girl sex for some time, but never had the opportunity. She had pretty much sequestered herself in her dorm room at Boston’s Northeastern University, only straying from the friendly confines to attend classes or to get her meals. She had been fairly sexually active with boys at her small town high school, yet when she arrived in Boston, she found that she was playing in the big leagues. Even though she was very attractive, she became shy. Freshman jitters.

She shook out of her reverie and continued to watch the girls with a keen eye. She looked up and down their supple forms, taking in every curve. She saw them lean into each other for a lengthy kiss, a kiss that caught her breath in her throat, stunning her. Then she saw the blonde leaning into the brunette, but with the loud music amplified throughout the room, she couldn’t make out a word that she was saying.

But Brittany caught every word.

“We have an audience baby,” Lori said to her girlfriend, whose hands were now running near her waist and sinking fast, toward the blonde’s miniskirt.

“Oh yeah, who?” Brittany replied, looking into the eyes of her friend.

“The blonde girl we intruded on earlier this evening,” Lori answered, giving her buddy a little wink.

Brittany’s mind was obviously starting to think the situation over.

“Why don’t we call the little minx over and see why she’s staring at us.”

“Good idea, just what I was thinking. Stay out of my head Powers,” Lori said, causing both girls to laugh at her joke.

The young girl saw the pair turn toward her and walk in her direction. The girl’s feet were rooted to the spot, she couldn’t move. Her eyes were fixed on the two women who were walking her way. They had seductive smiles on the faces. She could only smile back at them.

“Hi there,” Lori said to the girl. “We couldn’t help but notice that you were watching us kissing. Anything we can do for you?”

Fear flooded the young girl. She didn’t consider herself a voyeur, but with the sight of the two beautiful young women kissing on the dance floor, she couldn’t help but watch.

And she told them that.

“I’m sorry for watching. I was just… curious, ya know?” the girl replied.

“Curious about what sugar?” Brittany said.

The blonde girl suddenly became interested with her shoes, as she muttered an unintelligible word that the two women couldn’t make out over the sound of The Thong Song. The girls could tell whatever word she said, it was making her embarrassed: her cheeks were getting flush.

“Sorry sweetie, we couldn’t hear you. Why don’t you get closer so we can both hear you,” Lori said with a smirk.

The young girl hesitated, her heart rate increased, her breathing ragged. She was going to be closer than she ever was to a woman before, and the two she would be in the middle of — even though it was just to whisper her thoughts to them — were extremely sexy and had a way of making her melt without even trying.

She took a tentative step forward and the two roommates leaned in toward each other slightly so their ears would be close to the girls’ mouth. Another step closer the girl was to them, and soon the two women could feel her breath on their necks. It made Brittany’s skin quiver and the little hair on Lori’s neck to stand on end. They could feel the sexual tension and the excitement of the moment. But the excitement would continue.

Her güvenilir bahis lips now close to another woman, she almost had trouble forming the words. But she let them spill from her lips very easily after Brittany told her to relax.

“I.. I’m curious… about girls,” the blonde said nervously, and both women’s eyes lit up at the sound. They both knew what the other was thinking when she said it: they had hit the jackpot tonight.

After pulling back from the two gorgeous women, the blonde started to blush at her own daring. She had just told two strangers about her curiousity about the same sex. But relief suddenly washed over her as Brittany placed a hand on her shoulder to reassure the girl.

“Hey, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We’ve all been there, we’ve all been curious. But let me tell you, once you’ve had your first taste, you never want to let it go.”

The brunette winked at the girl, who smiled. The pair took her by the hand and led her on to the dance floor, where they began to dance for an hour. They moved their bodies in time to the music, with the two women subtlely touching the younger blonde’s body in strategic places — her ass, her stomach, her sides. But the young girl also started to get more daring then she had. She started to touch the other women as well, gently rubbing Lori’s ass at one point. When Brittany put her hand on the girls’ ass and kept it there, the younger woman looked up at her and smiled. Brittany also smiled, but then looked to Lori and nodded.

The girl was ready.

Lori beckoned the two girls toward the ladies room, and like two starving cats, they followed.

She led them off to the ladies bathroom, which was not full at all. The room was deserted. Lori started to grin like a chesire cat.

“By the way, we never caught your name sweetie,” Lori said to the young woman.

“Leah,” the young girl said. “My name is Leah.”

“Hello Leah, I’m Lori, and this is my girlfriend Brittany,” the blonde replied. She sensed Leah’s unease at that statement.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Your girlfriend? I didn’t know girls could have girlfriends… in that way,” Leah said, nervously.

“Yeah, girls can have girlfriends, just like guys can have boyfriends,” Brittany said to her. “We’re pretty open minded when it comes to sex. Our landlady is also bisexual. We were nervous about revealing our sexual preference to her, but when she told us she was bi, it has been smooth sailing in that apartment.”

Leah’s demeanor suddenly relaxed at Brit’s revelation. She liked these two women who were both very open with her, and hoped that she would be able to experience some sort of girl-girl love tonight.

Little did she know that her wish would soon be granted.

“So Leah, have you ever had sex with a woman?” Brittany asked.

“No, I haven’t. I’ve had sex with guys, but not for a few months, since a few days before I came to Boston.”

“Have you ever fantasized about having sex with another woman?” Lori piped in.

Leah blushed furiously at the question, yet remained truthful to her new friends.

“Yeah, I have. I touched myself in the shower while thinking about my best friend from high school, Megan. She’s a little cutie, too. I sometimes watched her while changing in gym class and I always got turned on by seeing her in just a bra and panties,” Leah said.

“Well Leah, would you like for us to show you how a woman can please another woman?” Lori asked.

The young blonde was taken aback. Here, right now?? In a women’s bathroom?? she thought. But seeing since she didn’t have another option at that minute, her curiousity got the better of her.

“Sure, why not?” Leah said.

The two women hugged their new playmate and kissed her on the cheek. They could feel the heat burning their lips from her blushing. Brittany then led Leah into the handicapped stall: it was much bigger than a single stall and therefore the women would have more room to get entangled — if it got to that point. Lori followed Leah in and closed the door behind them, locking it.

“Why don’t we start by kissing you, so you know what it’s like to kiss a girl first,” Lori said, turning the younger woman toward her.

“Okay,” Leah said, not wanting to turn down these beauties.

“Okay, here is what we’ll do. It’s just like kissing a boy, only I’m not going to force my tongue into your mouth like a guy would. We’ll take it nice and slow,” Lori assured the younger woman. Leah only nodded.

Lori brushed a strand of Leah’s hair out of the way so she could look into the crystal blue pupils of the blonde. She placed her hand under the shorter woman’s chin, raised it up slightly before gently pressing her lips against Leah’s.

Leah was in heaven as the older blonde’s lips touched hers. A spark of electricity jolted her, sending shivers throughout her body. She could feel the light kiss in her toes. Even though it was a small peck on the lips, it felt as though the pair were türkçe bahis kissing forever. Her lips felt so soft, so caring. She liked kissing her so much that she didn’t want her lips to part ways anytime soon.

Lori pulled back, much to Leah’s chagrin.

“So how was that?” she asked.

“Unbelievable! Can we do it again?” Leah blurted out, shocked at her own nerve at asking that question.

Lori only laughed and agreed to Leah’s request. She moved in, lowered her head and kissed her. After removing her lips they soon connected again, this time going longer than a second. They repeated kissing and soon, their bodies were close. Leah had wrapped her arms around the other blonde’s waist as their liplock became more and more intense.

“Hey, I want some too!” Brittany exclaimed, feeling slightly left out. The other two women broke their kiss, and Brittany moved in toward the younger woman.

“Now that you’ve experienced the softness of Lori’s kiss, maybe we can get a little rougher,” Brit said, a smirk crossing her face as she looked at Leah.

She started to kiss Leah, softly at first. But then she surprised Leah but sliding her tongue slowly into the blonde’s mouth when their kiss had opened Leah’s mouth slightly. Leah moaned softly in surprise as the velvety tongue of the brunette entered her mouth. She accepted it and after a moment’s hesitation, her own tongue reached out and played with Brittany’s. Their tongues were dancing with each other and soon, the hands started to wander slightly: Leah’s hands roamed Brittany’s backside over the sundress while Brit’s hands slipped up and down Leah’s sides. When the outsides of her fingertips brushed the side of Leah’s right breast, she jumped, breaking the kiss.

Instead of anger, she looked at Brittany with a slightly lustful look. She had felt the touch of another woman’s hand on her breast and she wanted more of that touch.

“Touch me again Brittany. Touch me please,” Leah begged, a pleading look in her eyes.

Brit moved in and grazed her hands over the girls’ breasts. Leah’s eyes were closed as the brunette’s hands were sliding up and down her breasts, sliding underneath them, rubbing against the material of the blonde’s shirt. She was licking her lips.

Seeing that Leah was not paying attention, she moved in and kissed her again. Leah gave a whimper of delight at the touch of Brittany’s lips. Soon, Brittany’s fingers were grazing above Leah’s breasts to the buttons of her shirt. She unbuttoned the shirt until the material was seperated and she could see Leah’s white bra holding her boobs. Still running her hands up and down her breasts, Lori moved in behind Leah, wrapping her hands lovingly around her waist, rubbing her taut tummy. She started to kiss her neck lightly.

Brittany’s hands reached her shoulders and lightly brushed the shirt off into Lori’s arms. Lori threw the shirt aside and continued to rub Leah’s body.

It was sensory overload for the young blonde. Her body was being stimulated in numerous ways, ways no boy from her little high school had ever stimulated her. Brittany and Lori were certainly experienced in touching women, and she only hoped she could please the two beautiful women the way they were pleasing her.

Brit then started to kiss down Leah’s neck, finding the clasp of the bra in front. Lori’s hands also started to move upwards toward her breasts. When Brit reached Leah’s cleavage, she swiftly unclasped it, letting the material swing unhindered. Lori cupped the mounds in her hands, feeling the undersides of Leah’s generous offering to the girls in the form of 36c tits. The brunette then looked up at the blonde’s face, saw the look of passion in her eyes and began to kiss her breasts softly. She kissed the erect and hardened nipple of the left breast and then licked it. Leah moaned deeply at the touch of Brit’s wet tongue.

Brit circled the nipple before flicking it, teasing it. Lori’s thumb brushed the right nipple while Brit was kissing the other. Leah closed her eyes, licked her lips, and let the two goddesses with her do their thing. Soon Brit switched nipples, letting Lori stimulate the other while she concentrated on the right nipple.

Leah’s panties were getting soaked at the attention she was receiving, which also included Lori rubbing her abdomen and crotch against Leah’s ass. She bent her head back and kissed the other blonde.

With bra and shirt disposed of, she was standing half naked in just a skirt and her soaked panties. But Brittany soon did away with the panties, reaching up underneath the skirt and sliding them down her legs. She could tell the young blonde’s pussy would be glistening with juices as her cherry red thong was drenched.

“Mmmmmmm Brittany, lick me please. I need it sooooo bad,” Leah moaned to her teacher. “Lick my hot pussy.”

Brittany smirked and looked to her girlfriend for support. Lori could only nod her head, knowing her own jealousy wasn’t coming into play tonight. She wanted to teach the young blonde güvenilir bahis siteleri and with her roommate’s help, they would do it.

Brit slid her hand up Leah’s skirt and began to rub a very bald pussy. She felt the wetness seeping from the gash between the blonde’s legs and she stuck a finger inside of her. She was somewhat tight, despite the number of cocks that penetrated it in high school. She started to fuck the pussy with her fingers, and Leah was beside herself, moaning in ecstacy. Lori was holding her up while holding onto her tits.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my pussy, lick it!!” Leah was screaming. Brittany complied, raising the skirt so she could get her head under it. She instinctively stuck her tongue out and felt Leah’s wet pussy. She licked it, using her fingers to guide her in the darkness under the skirt. She could tell she was doing a good job because Leah wanted to wrap her legs around Brittany’s head, albeit with Lori holding onto her. Soon she was nibbling and sucking on Leah’s inner pelvis and the blonde had her right hand on the back of Brit’s head through the skirt, as if she were trying to force Brit’s head deeper into her pussy.

The brunette’s tongue was doing a number on her, dancing along the crevice’s inner walls until she was as far as she could go. She wiggled her tongue seductively around, with her nose brushing the girls’ clit. She hadn’t even licked it yet.

Leah’s breathing was ragged, her heart rate accelerating. She wanted Brit to suck on her button so she could flood the woman’s mouth with cum. She moved her body down slightly so Brit could easily see the clit and begin to suck on it.

Brittany knew what Leah was up to, but she held her own. Taking her mouth off her pussy, she replaced it with her fingers. Sliding two fingers inside, she began to fuck her, pumping the fingers in and out. After a few minutes, she slowed the fucking down to insert a third finger, and then a fourth. The fingers were bunched together in the shape of a cylinder and were ramming the girls’ pussy hard. The blonde was howling, moaning and mewing all at the same time.

Soon the girl couldn’t take much more. She pleaded forecefully with the brunette, yelling for her to lick her clit so she could cum. Her orgasm was building, the excitement was just too much.

Brittany complied with her request, attaching her mouth to the girls’ clit and sucking like never before. She continued to finger her pussy, giving the girl many mini orgasms. She was holding off on cumming, but couldn’t do so anymore. With a cry, cum flooded Brit’s mouth, and she did her best to swallow every drop.

Lori was still holding onto Leah and as the younger blonde’s orgasm subsided, she gently laid the girl on the bathroom floor. Leah was wiped out from the tongue lashing Brittany gave her. Brit, on the other hand, had emerged from under the girls’ skirt with a glazed look on her face, the glaze being the cum left from Leah’s orgasm. She licked what she could off from around her mouth before opening her eyes and letting them adjust to the light.

“Mmmmmm, that was great!” Leah exclaimed when she came to. “I’ve never had my pussy eaten like that ever!”

Lori purred at the young girl, now looking straight up Lori’s miniskirt. Lori had positioned Leah like that so she could see the g-string underneath the miniskirt, so she could prepare herself for Pussy Licking 101.

“Now, my dear Leah, you are going to learn how to eat pussy,” Lori said while hitching up her skirt. “Just do what feels natural to you, do what you like. Try some of the manuvers Brittany used on you.”

Lori started to squat over her new friends’ head before getting on her knees. She pulled her g-string to the side, revealing a plump pussy and an engorged clit. She started to rub herself, getting her fingers wet with her juices before rubbing them on Leah’s tits. Brittany leaned in and started to lick Leah’s cum-covered nipples.

Leah stared at the pussy in front of her, knowing she was ready to undertake this challenge. Her first pussy. Ready to be licked. And very wet.

She stuck out her tongue and before she knew it, Lori impaled herself on the sword. Leah reached around and took a hold of Lori’s legs and soon, had her hands on her ass. She started to lick her pussy with quick swipes and soon had Lori squealing. Her tongue whipped over her pussy quickly, and soon she was doing the same nibbling and sucking on the inner pelvis as Brit had done to her.

Lori as loving the pussy licking she was receiving from the virgin pusys licker. She had to think to herself when was the last time she had received as good a lick as this from a virgin, and then she thought of the one person who had licked her first pussy, with it being her.


The brunette who had licked Lori’s pussy for the first time was sucking on Leah’s nipples before preparing to eat her pussy again. She loved the taste of pussy, and Leah’s was just as sweet as Lori’s.

The girls were moaning and making a ruckus in the bathroom when Lori started to cum as Leah grabbed a hold of her clit in between her teeth. Her orgasm was extremely intense, causing her to nearly fall over off of Leah’s mouth. She caught herself, then lowered herself to the floor.

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