Brenda’s Crop Top

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Author’s note: The 1st few stories will be based on the fantasies I had while working as a drapery installer. This is my first attempt to write anything since high school, so your feedback will help me to improve my submissions.

Let ‘s start at the beginning. I have been self employed for approximately 20 years providing a full range of services to over 100 interior designers in the East Texas area. 70-80% of them are female with an average age of 32 years.

Last summer was a fairly slow time in the interior business here, so we were not racing from job to job. This made it possible for the following events to happen. One of the best looking members of my client list booked a whole day to do the window treatments in a new construction house located in a retirement/golf/lake community. The designer’s name was Brenda and I usually thought of her as “Brenda the Braless”.

Brenda met me at my office just before 8am. The weather forecast was hot and muggy and Brenda had dressed in even less clothing that usual to keep cool since the client would not be in the home while we were there. She was wearing hot pants that displayed a beautiful camel toe, a crop top without a bra, and sandals. She was in her early 40’s and had the smoking hot body to pull it off – her 34C breasts didn’t sag, her hair was shoulder length strawberry blonde, her legs were very well shaped, and her skin was moderately tanned.

After I recovered from the initial distraction her state of undress caused, I finished up loading the tools and hardware antalya escort required to complete her job. She chose to ride to the job with me because it was over 50 miles away. I noticed that she didn’t seem quite herself and tried to draw her into a conversation to see if I could be of any help. She finally opened up and began to explain the reason for her distraction. Her live in boyfriend of 3 years had left her for a much younger woman. I personally thought him to be a lunatic and told her so.

About this time, we arrived at the job sight and began to unload the window treatments while continuing the conversation. I engaged in some moderate flirtation while we got things ready to install, and I started to spice up the conversation with some sexual innuendo as the work progressed.

At first, it didn’t seem to get through to her , but by the time the job was 75% complete she was beginning to register that was catching on to what was happening and respond. I really was not expecting to ever have a chance with her and was just enjoying the moment with a beautiful woman who was completely out of my league. I have never been the ladies man and am not always sure of the nonverbal cues that indicate a woman is really interested in taking things further.

It all came to a head when we were working on the final curtain. I was kneeling on the floor installing a tieback and Brenda walked into the room. She noticed that the top ruffle on the valance was crooked and reached up to straighten it. As she extended her arms, her alanya escort crop top rode above her breasts exposing them, and here I am in a front row seat with a fantastic view of a gorgeous set of tits. I am speechless and then she looks down to see me gawking like a 12 year old looking at his 1st Playboy. I just can’t help it! She transfixes me with a look of agitation on her face which causes me to start apologizing, avert my gaze, and turn beet red with embarrassment. I get up and attempt to leave the room, but her features soften and she says, “Please don’t go.”

I keep my eyes off of her and mumble something about having to get something from the van. She then tells me that it is her who should be apologizing. She reaches out to me and raises my chin up to look into her eyes. She asks me if I thought what I saw was pleasing. I stuttered through a reply of yes while nodding my head. She told me that it had been a long time since a man had looked at her like that and asked if I would like to see them again.

I was dumbfounded and could not even form a reply. All I could do was nod. She took my hand and lead me into the bedroom and turned to face me while removing that skimpy little top. She had this sexy smile that just drove me wild, and she said for me to come closer, It was so surreal – like a dream. She had me sit on the bed and then she slipped out of her shorts and thong. She told me that it was so nice to be looked at with such appreciation, and she wanted to give me something in alanya rus escort return. She had me stand again, and she started to remove my clothing. When she lowered my boxers, my cock popped out and stood at attention.

I have always felt self conscious about not having a monster cock, but she made me feel more that adequate. She talked about how nice it looked and how neat it was that I was not circumcised. She then began to kiss and lick all over it. The feeling was out of this world! Then she began to suck with wild abandon. I knew that I wouldn’t last long at all this way, and then I felt that familiar surge rising. I tried to warn her, but she just kept on trying to swallow me whole. I flooded her mouth with my cream, and much to my surprise, she swallowed it all.

When I started to recover, she laid down on the bed and pulled my face toward her breasts. I spent a good bit of time worshiping those beautiful tits. I licked, nibbled, and sucked on them until I felt her hand pushing me lower. I moved down to between her legs to pleasure her. It was the 1st hairless pussy that I had ever eaten. It was so great! Her female scent was slightly musky and she tasted so good. I spent at least 20 minutes giving her a number of mini-orgasms. Finally she could stand it no longer and had me get up on the bed where she wasted no time mounting me cowboy style. We fell into a natural rhythm that soon had us both on the way to climax. I felt it start in her and it pushed me over the edge. We both were making those noises that cannot be mistaken for anything else but sexual satisfaction

We stayed locked together in that intimate embrace long enough to recover, and we left the job site to return to my office. When we parted ways that evening; we promised to meet up again soon…………but that is another story.

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