Blackmailed: Promises Made

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It had been three days since my neighbor had his way with me for the third time, this time against the wall. I had kept my head down and tried to avoid even looking at his house. But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a twinge of emptiness, with nothing in my asshole. I had considered my options, but quickly dismissed them. I didn’t want to try to find a relationship with someone my own age or older, and why go through the hassle of finding someone for a one night stand. I was conflicted, but resigned to waiting for my neighbor to taking me again.

I had just gotten home from the pool, and still had on my bathing suit with a towel around my shoulders when I saw him. He was out on his porch wearing a robe, enjoying a cigar in the morning air. He saw me looking at him, and this time I didn’t turn away. He nodded his head at me and I nodded back. He seemed to smirk at me, but who can say from across the street. He waved me over to him. I walked, knowing what would probably come next.

I arrived at his porch. He just sat there looking at me, still smoking his cigar. I was nervous, so I decided to break the ice and said, “Hi.” He nodded back and returned the hello. He asked if I had enjoyed my swim. I said that I did. He nodded again. He said, “Why don’t you come inside, I want to talk to you about my lawn.” I nodded as he stood up and followed him inside. It wasn’t overly cold inside from his air conditioner, but just cool enough to be comfortable considering I was wearing a wet bathing suit and no shirt.

He said he was planning to have some trees planted around his property line and around his house, to better accommodate is enjoyment of privacy. I nodded, and kept my eyes to the floor. He asked me if more trees in his yard would make it more difficult to mow. I was confused. I looked up with a puzzled look and said that it wouldn’t be a problem. I knew how to mow around trees and that I had a weed eater for tight spots. That seemed to settle his mind. He said that was good, and that was all he wanted to talk about.

I admit I was a little put out. I was secretly hoping for another of his deep anal poundings. Apparently this showed on my face, because he suddenly laughed and asked, “What, you thought I just needed an excuse to get you in here away from prying eyes?” I looked at my feet again and shrugged my shoulders.

He laughed again and took at step closer to me and said, “Boy, if I want your mouth around my cock or to shove my cock up your ass, I will tell you.” I nodded at this. He then opened his robe, revealing his naked body. “I bet you are just going through withdrawals. What’s the matter boy, do you miss my cock in your asshole?”

I had my eyes back on the floor. He took another step towards me, and now his hard cock was poking me in the stomach. He grabbed my chin and said, “I casino siteleri asked you a question, boy. Answer me when I speak to you.”

My own cock had become erect and was now tenting my wet suit, so I knew there was no use in lying. I forced out a quiet, “Yes.”

He again forced my chin up and asked, “Yes what, boy?”

“Yes. I miss your cock in my asshole sir.”

He laughed and said, “You want my cock up your asshole, don’t you boy. You want me to bend you over and fuck you, isn’t that right?”

I nodded my head as he still held my chin and said, “Yes Sir. I want you to fuck my asshole.”

He smirked and said, “Well you always do a good job on my lawn. I guess I can give you a tip. Now strip boy.” I peeled off my wet swim suit and stood before him naked, with my own hard cock nudged against his thigh. I heard him moan, “Mmm. Yes you certainly do want me to fuck you. I bet you lay awake at night remembering how good my hard cock feels up your ass. Well, drop down and have a taste.”

I dropped to my knees and immediately took his hard cock in my mouth. I sucked him nice and deep. I was beginning to get really good at sucking cock. Sir told me so too. He held my head as I sucked up and down his entire hard shaft. I heard him moan again and say, “That’s it boy. Suck my cock. Take it all. Maybe I’ll just use your mouth today. Why should I fuck your tight asshole, when your mouth is so willing?” I didn’t say anything. I just kept sucking his cock.

He then rammed his entire shaft into my mouth up to his balls. His cock head is in my throat. He works it in and out a few times, and says “Now I’m going to teach you how to work a cock with your throat. Swallow now.” I do as he says and swallow over and over again. He still has my head in his hands. He moans and says, “Yeah just like that. Swallow my cock, boy.”

I continue to swallow his cock head and he continues to degrade me. He then starts to fuck my mouth. He has my head in his hands, keeping me in place, as he drives his rock hard cock in and out of my throat. Every time his cock head is in my throat, I swallow and work him with my throat muscles.

Evidently I am good at this, because he keeps driving his cock in and out and moaning loudly. He starts picking up speed. Then he drives it all the way back into my throat, and holds it there as I swallow. I feel his cock head swell. I then feel his hot cum begin to spray right down my open throat. I swallow quickly and work his cock as fast as I can. He spends himself inside my throat, and then pulls out of my throat allowing me to breathe. He keeps his cock in my mouth, as I am catching my breath.

He looks down and says, “Well boy, I thought you wanted my hard cock in your ass. If you want me to fuck you, you will have to get me hard again.” I comply and go back to sucking slot oyna his cock. I suck greedily at his cock head, sucking out all the excess cum.

I then go back to sucking along his shaft and flicking my tongue around his cock head. He has let go of my head now and is leaning up against the wall as my head bobs up and down on his cock. His dick twitches a few times, and starts to slowly grow in my mouth. He moans long and loud.

I take his cock out of my mouth and slowly jerk him off as I lick and suck his balls. His cock is now fully erect in my hand. I continue to suck his balls. He laughs at this, and says “Ok boy. What do you want?”

I look up at him as I still stroke hi hard cock and say, “I want you to fuck me Sir. I want you to pound my asshole.”

He laughs again and says, “You can do better that that. You want my cock, you have to beg for it.”

I remember all the filthy vile things he and his friend have said to me. I look up at him and plead, “Please sir. Fuck my ass. I need your cock in my boy hole. I want to feel you spray my tight asshole with your hot cum. Please Sir, I need it bad.”

He smirks and says, “Ok. Bend over the table. I stand up and turn around seeing his dining room table. I slowly bend over the edge and present my puckered asshole to his wishes. He walks up and spanks my ass cheeks, causing me to jump and moan.

He then drops to his knees and pulls my ass cheeks apart. I feel his hot breath on my quivering asshole, right before he plunges his wet tongue into me. I moan and press my asshole back into his face as he tongue fucks my ass. I am loving the attention to my tight boy hole. He is going deep with his tongue. He suddenly stops and stands up. I feel his thighs against my ass cheeks. He places his cock head against my asshole.

“Now beg for it boy. Tell me how much you want it,” he orders as he teases my asshole with his hard cock head.

“Sir, I need it. Fuck my asshole Sir. Please fuck me. You can do what you want. You can cum inside me as much as you want. I’ll come over twice a week for your cock. Just please fuck me hard, Sir,”

I plead with all my self esteem gone, just the burning desire to have his hard cock jammed up my tight asshole.

This seems to please him. He says, “That’s more like it. From now on, if I call you, you better come running to serve my cock.”

I again promise, “I will, Sir. I’ll drop whatever I’m doing and do whatever you tell me. You can cum inside me whenever you want to.”

He smacks me ass cheeks and says, “I don’t want you fucking around with anyone else either. And no jerking off. From now on, you only service me and whoever I tell you to. You can only cum when let you. Is that clear, boy?”

I plead and promise, “Yes Sir. I won’t jerk off and I won’t fuck anyone else. Just please fuck canlı casino siteleri me.”

That seemed to appease him, because he suddenly rams his whole hard length of cock right up my asshole. I grunt at the depth and force of his initial intrusion. He doesn’t start off slow. He slams every inch into me and pounds my pour asshole hard. He especially likes to pull out completely, then ram back inside ball deep. He does this numerous times, as I moan. He then grab onto my hips tightly and sets a deep hard and punishing pace as he fucks my asshole. He is fucking me so hard, the table is rocking.

I am beyond rational thinking. I don’t realize it at first, but I start begging, “Fuck me Sir. Fuck my boy ass. Ram your cock in deep. Oh, your cock feels great in my boy ass.”

He seems like this filthy talk, because he responds by saying, “Yeah boy. Take my hard man cock all the way up your boy ass. Take it all. You better love the cock I give you. You better deserve this monster. This is all the pleasure you’re going to get, until I say so.” I am taking all his cock, without complaint.

I start to clinch my asshole around his hard pounding man cock. He grunts and says, “That’s it boy, make your asshole tight. I don’t want you getting loose on me. You better stay nice and tight, otherwise I won’t want you anymore. You understand that, boy?”

I moan back, “Yes Sir. I’ll stay nice and tight for your big hard man cock.” His thrusts are picking up speed and his grunts are getting louder.

I push my asshole back to meet his cock and continue to clinch my asshole. His hands are gripping my hips tightly and his thighs are smacking my ass cheeks. He keep plunging his cock so deep, that I can’t help but moan in a deep guttural way.

We are both done talking. All that can be heard it the sound of his grunts, my moans, and the slap as his thighs smack my ass cheeks with every hard thrust. He grunts louder and says, “Get ready boy. Cause here I cum. I’m gonna fill your little boy ass with my man seed. You want that don’t you, you little boy?”

I moan out, “Yes Sir. Give it to me. Give me your man seed.”

He then plunges his cock so far inside my warm asshole that I feel his cock head swell. His legs shake as he holds his depth in my ass. His hard cock twitches as he gives me spurt after spurt of his hot man seed. I moan as I feel it spray my insides. He moans again as the last spurt of cum leaves his cock. I clinch my asshole as he withdraws his cock from my asshole. I am breathing hard and lying limp across his dining room table.

I suddenly wonder when or if he will let me cum. I disregard that thought, and simply enjoy the feeling of my freshly fucked boy ass filled with his hot man seed. He smacks his semi hard cock a few times against my ass cheeks. I feel drops of his cum as it is flung onto my skin. I am just concentrating on my breathing now. I know that my promises will have to be kept. I wonder when he will call me over next…soon I hope. I’m not sure how long I can wait for the next rampage of my boy asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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