Black Incest Stories Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: “Yes, Papi!”

I didn’t know exactly how much of a freak I was until I moved in with my Pops. I’m 18, and I had come to terms with being bisexual when I was 16. I had always been a freak. I would fuck a dude or a girl at the drop of a hat. I loved sucking dick and eating pussy. I didn’t think I could get any more freakier until recently…

I moved in with my Pops after my mom got a better paying job in Houston, TX. My parents had me at the ages of 15 and 16, so they still looked nice. My Pops especially. He’s 5’10, peanut butter skinned, short cropped hair, a well toned body, and full lips. We always had a close-knit relationship, but not as close as it was about to get. A few days ago, I came home from school early to catch a nap before track practice. I went upstairs and heard the shower in the bathroom running. It was Pops catching a shower before going to work second shift. The bathroom door was open I guess because Pops assumed that no one was home. He had the shower curtain slightly open also. I caught a glimpse of his muscular body beating off. His dick was thick as hell. It had to be at least 10 inches with a thick, fat mushroom head. His ass was muscular and round also. For some reason, my dick got hard and my ass started to get tremendously wet. It started doing that when I was getting fucked on a regular by my ex and loving it. Pops finally bussed his nut after about 5 more minutes of stroking. I had to get my nut in also, so I went into my room and jacked my dick thinking about my Pops’ casino oyna big monster. It was weird for me to be turned on by my dad…

I got out of the shower after bussing my nut and started to go to my room to get ready for work. I walked past my son, Jamal’s room and his door was cracked a little. I went back to the door once a shocking sight caught my eye. It was Jamal butt ass naked in his bed stroking his dick and had 2 fingers in his ass. The wet sloshing noises that his ass made while his fingers were in it made my dick hard as fuck. His masculine, yet a little feminine moans got my jimmy even harder. Pre-cum was starting to from on my dick watching my son with his legs open playing in his ass like it was a pussy. Man, did he have a fat ass. It was definitely bigger than his mama’s, or any other ass I have seen. I wanted nothing more than to go in there and plunge my big dick in his fat ass. Jamal then put 1 more finger in his ass and he shot his nut all over his chest. That shit was so hot. I couldn’t believe that I was turned on by another dude, let alone my own son. I stopped watching, went in my room, and jagged my 10 inch again…

My Pops and I spent a lot of time together, which had me around him in his underwear most of the time. I didn’t care anymore. I wanted that big ass dick in my mouth and ass and I wanted it now. I knew it was wrong because he was my dad and he was straight, but I couldn’t help it. When I got home from track practice the other day, I got ready for a shower. I ran downstairs slot oyna because I left my gym bag by the front door. Pops was off that day and he was watching television. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and out the corner of my eye, I saw him adjust his Nike jogging pants.

“Either you itching, or those girls shaking their ass on those videos got you horny.”

“Yeah, son. My dick is hard, but it ain’t for those video hoes.”

“Oh, for real?”

“Yeah. Damn I’m horny. We both dudes. You don’t mind if your Pops take his shit out and beat, do you?”

“W-Well, it’s your house, Pops. Beat a-aw-way.”

My Pops pulled his fat dick out of his jogging pants and began to stroke it. Damn, it was big even soft. He started to moan just a little and it was getting me hot.

“I-I’m getting ready to go take my shower now, Pops.”

“No, son, wait. Your door was cracked the other day and I saw you fingering your ass. That shit was hot, Little Man. I didn’t know that you liked to get fucked, son.”

“Pops I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disrespect your house. I’m bisexual, though.”

“Don’t worry about it, son. I said that shit was hot. So you want some of your Pop’s dick, huh? Bring your fat booty over here and come get some.”

I walked over to Pops, took off my towel, and got on my knees. Within seconds, I deep throated his big dick. The fat mushroom head hit the back of my throat, which turned me on even more. Spit started to run down his shaft as I continued to suck him canlı casino siteleri up. He told me to get on the couch as he cocked his left leg up on the head of the it. Pops kneeled over and began to finger my wet, juicy asshole.

“Damn, you wet as fuck, son. Your ass is wet as some good pussy.”

I moaned deeply as my Pops worked my ass with his finger. I sucked both of his balls into my mouth as if I were trying to eat them whole. They tasted so good. It seemed like the sloshing noises from fingering my ass made his dick harder, thicker.

“Ooh, I want this thick dick deep in my ass, Pops.”

“No, son, call me Papi. That’s how I want it.”

“Yes, Papi.”

I propped myself up on the couch and he began to guide his peanut butter monster in me deep. My ass sucked and grabbed at his dick, making him moan loudly. With that, Pops slammed into me as hard as he could, and I was loving it all. He got about 8 good slams, hitting my prostate, and I came all over the couch. I never had a dude make me cum without jacking myself off. That wasn’t the end of it. He kept fucking me harder and harder.

“You loving my dick? Huh?”

“Oh, yes, Papi! Fuck me real good! Ah! Don’t stop. Oh, my God!”

The sound of our moans and his thighs slapping against my ass filled the air. Pops fucked me good and long for about 3 hours that night…

Jamal’s ass was so good. The way his wet, juicy, tight ass hugged my dick had me tripping. After having hours of passionate sex, I realized that I have fallen in love with my son. It was always there, but after we fucked, it instantly changed. We been together now for 4 years and we keep having the best sex. A wet ass and a hard dick equals love, even for father and son.

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