Birthday encounter.

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Finally today was the day!! It was my Birthday! This and christmas was the only time i would spend time with my dad. Mel and my Mum bursted into my room wearing baby doll lingerie. They went on my bed screaming ‘Wake up wake up!.
I arose and wiped my eyes. I pulled the covers up to my chin as i was nude.
‘ok ok im up! Let me get changed and ill be down in a minute.’ they left my room and i went to my drawers. I rubbed my pussy and pulled out pink and white boyshorts and matching bra and denim mini skirt ad a white tank top.

I went down stairs
And sat on the couch. I had a weird family. Each arrived one by one. First was my mums brother David. He had 1 daughter who was 13 and a wife and they were christian. Their daughter however was a slut. Next was my aunty Judy. Her family were nudists becuase they didnt believe in wearing clothes. It was Judy, her husband Bob, their son Mark 8 and their daughter twins Sarah and Tara 17. Tara and Sarah had hot bodys and shaved while Judy was hairy which disgusted me. Then was nan and pop who were normal then my dads bro who was literally a millionare. He was John. He looked exactly like my dad and everyweek he gave me $200 for being me. Everyone was here exept my dad. It was 2 in the arvo and he still wasnt here. I lost hope. Everyone had left.

Mel and my Mom were casino siteleri on the couch snuggling up together and i was sitting in my room nude as usual. I was playing Xbox with my mates onlime and i heard the door open.
‘just a minute please.’
The door shut and i put on my clothes.
The door slowly opened and my dad stepped through. I ran up and gave him a big hug. His name was Tristian and he was 6’2 blonde hair and blue eyes and a dreamy body. We sat down and talked about everything. Mel came in the room and said
‘Me and Karren are going to the movies and out for tea we will leave you to along.’
Mel and my mom left and soon it was just me and dad.

We hopped up and moved to the lounge room to watch tv. We sat down and i layed on his lap while he stroked my hair. The movie finished and i sat up on my dads lap.
‘Well what do you want to do now?’ he said
‘Well we could do this…’ i slowly kissed my dad on the lips.
‘Woah Ell you dont want to do this we are family!’
‘Daddy im 14 and i hardly see you!’ i stood up and took of my tank top and my boobs popped out. I went back and sat on my dads lap and kissed him again. He layed me down on the coach and pulled my shorts of and took of his shirt and pants. He climbed ontop of me and passionatly kissed me. He slid his hand over my breasts and in my panties. slot oyna He let the kiss go and went to my pussy. He moved the bottom of my boy shorts to one side
And started to finger me.

I was moaning louder and louder. I squeezed my own breasts and my dad licked me. I told him to get off for a second. I stood up and took of my panties and layed on the couch. My dad took of his breifs to expose his cock. It was hard but floppy. He climbed ontop of me and i sucked him. I only got half of his 9er on my mouth. His cock was nice and warm and he took it out of my mouth and rubbed his cock inbetween my breasts. I squeezed them together and moved them up and down to massage his cock. He shot his white hot seaman over my face and i licked it up. He put my legs over his shoulder and wiped his head of his penis over my ass. I took a deep breath in while he inserted. It hurt and i screamed. He thrusted hard and fast and with each thrust i breathed heavily. He took out his penis and touched pussy. I kept moaning as my dad inserted the head into my pussy. He pushed it in even further an i started to bleed. It hurt and i held in the scream. He thrusted nice and slow and gradually got faster. I kept moaning and moaning untill he did slow but hard thrust. Then he came in my pussy.
‘Daddy want to roleplay?’
‘What did you have in canlı casino siteleri mind?’
‘Well im head cheerleader and your the coach, i sprain my ankle and u rush me to the first aid room and we click.’
Sounds good lets do it!’
I ran up stairs cleaned myself and put on my cheerleading outfit. After we acted, i pretended to sparain my ankle and he rushed me to the kitchen (like i said)
‘Does it hurt when i do this?’
‘yes coach.’
He ran his hand up and down my leg. He bent over and kissed me. He put his hand up my cheerleading skirt and rubbed my pussy in circular motion. He took of my panties leaving the skirt and he picked me up and slammed me on the table. He took of a strap of my uniform and pulled down his pants. I layed on the table and he sucked my nipple while screwing my pussy. He cummed but kept fucking me. I orgasmed aswell but we kept fucking while kissing.after a while he layed onthe ground and i sat on his penis injecting it into my arse.
‘Ohhh coach!’ i moaned while getting up and down on his penis.

I kept moaning and after 10minutes of hard arse fucking he came in me again.
I noticed the time and it was 4. I quickly got up an put on my shorts and tank top.

‘Dad Mum and Mel will be home soon!’
‘Yer i know!’ he quickly got up and when he finished putting his shirt on, Mel and mum came in the driveway.

‘Hello honey how was things here?’Mum said
‘Just fine’

My dad left that moment and i rushed to my room and went to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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