Bigger Than Huge

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My name is John. I’ve been happily married to Irene for the past 2.5 years, after living with her for quite some time; we’ve been together for a total of 6 years. From the very beginning of our relationship we had a normal sex life, which by the years lost in quantity but gained a lot in quality. I had the sense that day by day, week by week, Irene became more and more open minded in sex. Mostly in talking about sex and her previous experiences, which was something she avoided to do during our first year as a couple. We also started to experiment on sex and we found out that we enjoyed more kinky stuff, such as anal sex (she wouldn’t even discuss it at the beginning), using sex toys and even having her lick my ass and finger-fuck me while blowing my cock.

I guess one thing that helped with all that was the fact that Irene made a few gay friends during these years. She told me that they were discussing sex a lot and they advised her on things she should try in order to keep me satisfied (I still thank them for that…).

One thing I am particularly happy and proud of, is the size of my cock. It’s a good 8,5” long and fairly thick. It was always a nice surprise for the girls I’ve been with, as it was for Irene too. Actually she used to make comments on that, telling how lucky she was…. The last couple of years though, she insisted more and more on how important it is for a guy to have a big cock, how good it looks and feels, making clear that she had a thing for big cocks. Of course I was feeling safe, knowing that I was hung enough and that she liked what I was offering to her.

But things got worse (or not?). Every time we watched a porn film she made comments about the actors’ cocks, their size, she even compared them to mine, saying things like “yours is bigger baby” or “wow! This is so much bigger than yours”, which –thank God- I didn’t get to hear very often…

Funny thing is that this obsession of hers about big cocks started to turn me on and I had a huge hard-on every time she made comments about other guys’ cocks, especially when they were bigger than mine! I had never been with a guy, but I started paying more and more attention on cocks, especially big ones, and after that I started fantasizing about other guys’ cocks…

One of Irene’s best friends was Nick, a gay guy, not very masculine but not very feminine either. He was a cool, easygoing guy, we had fun with and I got along great with him, no matter his sexuality. Actually he was the only one of Irene’s gay friends I was feeling comfortable with and after some time we started to even discuss about sex, though he never gave me details about his sex life and I’d never think to ask for such details.

Bottom line is that Nick and I became friends and even got out together without Irene or stayed at home illegal bahis talking, watching TV or drinking, just the two of us.

As I mentioned before, after Irene got me into this “cock size thing”, I started fantasizing about other guys’ cocks and one of those other guys was Nick. It was also the fact that he was gay and he would have probably seen quite a few cocks, so I was sure he would have some stories to share…

Of course it was not easy for me to say this to him, so I was looking for a good opportunity to make this come naturally. And it was not long before I came up with this opportunity. Since we became so close friends, I thought it would be natural at some point to watch some porn together. I didn’t know if he would like the idea, but I had to try…

So, one day we were alone at my house, Irene would be working late and there was nothing interesting on TV. Nick suggested that we rent a DVD and I made my move… I said that I had a special porn film and asked him if he’d like to watch it with me. He said “no problem. I haven’t watched any good porn for quite some time, anyway…”

I have a big collection of porn and for the occasion I picked a bi film with MMF 3somes. I put it on and we started watching…

It felt strange at first, sitting there with a gay guy, watching porn, bi porn, with hung latin guys touching each other, blowing each other, even fucking each other. But as the film went on, I realized I had to relax if I wanted to meet my target…

It was then I decided to make my move: there was a scene with two guys and a girl; actually a married couple (according to the scenario) and a guy. And he was BIG! He had to be at least 9-10” long and very thick. I felt my cock getting harder. I turned to Nick. He was obviously enjoying the sight. This was the time. I took a deep breath and said: “Well, now that’s a really big cock.”

To my surprise, Nick was not surprised at all by my comment! He turned to me smiling and said: “Well, it’s big, but not THAT big.”

Now, that was a surprise to me! I looked at him and asked: “If this is not THAT big for you, then what is?”

Then came the real surprise: “That!” he said and grabbed his bulge.

I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears… I also couldn’t believe my luck… I mean I hoped this night would lead to something exciting, but this was too much!

I gained control again and said: “Yeah, right!”

“What? You don’t believe me?” Nick asked.

“Well, I have to see in order to believe” I answered, thinking if I got too far…

“If you have to see, then I have to see yours too” he said with a smile.

Once again, I couldn’t believe my luck! Two guys comparing cocks! Was my dream coming true or was I just dreaming?

As I said before, I felt very confident illegal bahis siteleri about my cock, so I said: “No problem! I’ll show you, if you show me.”

“OK! You go first” he challenged me.

This whole thing made me really horny. I took of my t-shirt and lowered my jeans. Nick was rubbing his bulge, which looked bigger now.

“Come on, big guy” he said with a tone that sounded ironic to me. “Take of these boxers too.”

I thought again I had nothing to be afraid of and lowered my boxers. My almost hard cock popped out. It was about 7,5” at the moment, but with a couple of strokes it reached its full glory of 8,5”.

I smiled and looked at Nick.

He smiled back, with what seemed to me like the most arrogant smile I had ever seen.

“Not bad” he said.

That came as a shock to me. How could he say that? I was both curious and turned on: “Well, lets see yours then” I said.

He stood up, still smiling, took of his shirt and lowered his jeans. I could see an impressive bulge, that made me more anxious: “These too” I said pointing at his boxers.

And he did!

What I saw made my heart beat SO fast and my cock SO hard, I thought I’d faint. In front of me there was the biggest cock I had ever seen! It was not fully hard and it was already much bigger than mine! At least 9,5” long and thick as a beer can!

I couldn’t believe it…

Nick was looking at me with this arrogant smile and said: “Wait till you see all of it.”

Then, with a few strokes it got hard. And it was a sight to die for! More than 11” long and SO thick! Looked more like a wrist than a cock. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say.

The only thing I know is that I almost came right there, without even touching my cock!

It was all I was dreaming of and it happened so easy…

I must have had the most stupid look on my face, cause Nick was almost laughing by just looking at me…

“Wanna touch it?” he asked.

I got closer to him and reached for it. The feeling was amazing! I couldn’t close my hand around it and I could use both my hands to stroke it (and I have no small hands, believe me). It was heavy and pulsating and his balls were HUGE! I couldn’t take my hands off of it…

“So, you wanna compare?” he asked. I wasn’t expecting this… I felt threatened but horny too… I had to go all the way! I didn’t even answer. He took my cock in his hand and placed it against his. Cock vs cock! Of course there was nothing to see we didn’t already know… It was like comparing a hung adult’s cock with a kid’s cock. And I’m no kid! Actually I’m well above average, but right there Nick’s cock looked almost twice as big as mine.

Then Nick did the most amazing thing: he grabbed our cocks together and started stroking them canlı bahis siteleri by rubbing one against the other in what I found out later is called “cock frottage”. It was awesome. Feeling his huge cock against mine, his huge balls rubbing against my balls. I closed my eyes and tried to last as long as possible before I cum. I didn’t know if I’d have the chance to feel this again, so I wanted it to last…

But it wasn’t easy. I was so horny, my balls were so full of cum and that bastard felt it… He started pushing his horse-cock against mine harder. He was dripping so much precum, I thought he was peeing… He used it as a lube to stroke our cocks faster! I was in heaven! But I couldn’t last anymore. I felt I was going to explode…

And I did! Normally, I’m a heavy shooter but that was almost unreal… I thought I’d never stop cumming! At least 10 huge ropes of cum flied between us and landed mostly on our cocks and balls, mixing with Nick’s precum!

“Nice load!” he said. I felt great for impressing him…

“Wait till you see mine” he added before I could even be glad for his comment.

No way, I thought. The bastard may be hung like a horse, but he can’t cum more than that! He is just exaggerating…

“Come on! Make me cum” he ordered me in this arrogant tone.

My hand reached for his monster, but he said: “Not with your hands baby!”

“Then how?” I asked.

“With your feet!” he said to my big surprise…

Now, I’ve always had a foot fetish, but I had never tried anything like that… Just the thought of it made me hard again. Once again, I thought I was dreaming…

I sat on my back, raising my feet. He grabbed them… I have big feet, that’s for sure! I’m a size 11,5. But his huge cock made even my feet look small! He rubbed his cock head on my feet, covering them with his precum. The bastard knew what he was doing…

Then, using his precum as lube he slid his cock between my feet and started fucking them. It felt amazing! Slippery and hard between my feet. So massive! I could tell he was ready to cum. His cock was aiming straight on me…

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum” he screamed.

“Shoot it allover me, stud” I said.

And then it happened! It was like it started raining. I had never seen anyone cumming like this! Must have been 15 amazing ropes of cum that landed allover my body, cock, balls and feet. I was covered with cum!

Nick collapsed next to me. My breath was still heavy. It was the most intense sexual experience I ever had (so far…). I turned my head and looked at Nick. I was about to try and explain how all this happened, but when I saw his smile and his glorious piece of meat, I felt so relaxed that I decided there was nothing to explain to anyone…

“Well, what do you think?” Nick asked after a couple of minutes in silence. “Was it as big as you expected?”

I was ready to say something, but he added: “Would you like to know what your loving wife thinks of it?’

But I guess that’s another story…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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