Bi adventures of Jim , Nick 4

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“Oh my god, I’m going to be late!” Autumn yelled as she jumped up off the couch in the family room, her bare ass peeling from the leather couch as she started searching frantically for her clothing,

“What the fuck?” Wes responded as he was jarred awake by his sister’s sudden outburst.

“I’m going to be late for school!”

“It’s Saturday.” Wes stated calmly as he yawned and stretched out his nude 18-year-old body, before taking his time looking for his clothes.

Autumn started laughing aloud as she realized that Wes was right and that she did not have to go to school today. “Fuck, mom is right I am horrible with time.”

Wes stared intently at his sister’s firm naked body, “I don’t think we should have done that last night.”

“Yeah well, your little member there disagrees.” Autumn said with a smile as she pointed to her brother’s hard cock.

“Yeah, he has a mind of his own.” Wes said as he reached down and stroked his hardening cock.

Just as Autumn was weighing the options of going down on her brother, the siblings were startled by the sounds of movement upstairs. “Think I could make your little friend feel better before mom and dad come down here?” Autumn asked with a smile as her eyes were transfixed on Wes’s hard cock.

“I just said I think it was wrong.” Wes said as his hand still gripped his rigid shaft.

“Yeah, but you said that because you think that is what you’re supposed to say.” Autumn replied sarcastically as she lowered herself to her knees, her plump lips enveloping her brother’s cock.

Wes’s questioning of whether they should or shouldn’t was quickly ended as he gripped his sister’s hair pulling her down further to make her take all of his dirty cock into her mouth. Autumn gagged and drooled on the large piece of meat that was invading her mouth and throat. She loved the taste of her brother’s dirty cock. Wes thrust his hips back and forth trying to fuck his sister’s lips. The two of them maintaining eye contact throughout this taboo act only made them both hotter. Wes’s heavy breathing and moaning were quickly replaced by deep groans as his balls started to tighten. Autumn knew what was about to happen, as she wrapped her lips tighter around the shaft and pumped the base with her hand. It was only a mere few seconds later that Wes erupted into his sister’s mouth filling it with a large load of his cum.

“Oh my god.” Wes moaned breathlessly as he laid his head back on the couch.

“See bro, you wanted it.” Autumn laughed as she used her index finger to wipe off some of the cum from her breasts that she was not able to catch in her mouth.

The siblings conversed in the basement for some time before the sounds of their parents being awake and moving around made, them decide it was time to get dressed and pretend nothing happened.

Hayley milled about the kitchen as she often did on a Saturday morning. She and Jim had already eaten breakfast, and now she was sitting out the leftovers for her late as usual kids who missed the meal. As she sat the last plate down, she smiled as she could see both her kids coming into the room. “Well about damn time sleepy heads.”

“You know us just being lazy.” Said Wes with a nervous laugh.

“I guess so; I mean you’re both still wearing your clothes from last night.

Wes and Autumn both looked at each other wide-eyed as they realized their mom was correct. “Well it was the first thing I saw when I got up, so why not, and I guess great minds think alike.” Autumn responded

“Well, I got no room to talk.” Hayley said as she reached into the refrigerator to retrieve the orange juice for her kids. The cool air of the fridge immediately making both her nipples hard as it easily flowed through her thin loose robe. “I haven’t even gotten dressed yet.”

Wes’s eyes locked in on his mom’s breasts almost as if bulls-eyes were painted on them. He could feel his cock twitch as he looked.

“Damn mom, looking hot in that robe.” Autumn said as she eyed her mother up and down. The teen had not yet been with a woman, but often checked out her own mother much like her brother did.

“Both of you sit down and eat. Daddy and I are going out today. So you will have the house to yourselves.”

“Sweet I am in charge right!” Autumn said jokingly as she started to eat the breakfast that her mother had left for her.

“Sure whatever, you are older so why not if it makes you feel better.” Hayley laughed as she watched her two kids start to devour the breakfast leftovers. “You 2 seem very hungry, how did ya both work up such an appetite being lazy?”

Wes and Autumn stopped eating as their mom’s words made them realize how quickly they were both shoveling down their food. “You’re such a good cook mom.”

“Yeah, I am going to call bullshit on that son.” Hayley said as without asking for any further explanation she left the room to get ready for her day out.

Jim was just stepping out the shower and toweling off as his wife entered the room. “I think Wes and Autumn fucked.” Hayley calmly stated ankara bayan escortlar as she walked into the master bathroom to see her husband standing there.

“What the fuck? Hey, hi, how are you, that is how you opt to greet a person when you walk in the room?”

“Hey, sweetie.” Hayley said as she leaned in and gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. “Okay now back to my previous point. I think our kids fucked last night.”

“Again what the fuck?”

“I’m serious, I checked their rooms, and neither slept in them last night. They are both wearing the same clothes as last night. And honestly they both reek of sex, oh and they are devouring breakfast like they are starving.” Hayley said as she let her robe hit the floor and stepped into the shower that Jim had left running.

“Okay, well miss prosecuting attorney you have a lot of circumstantial evidence there.” Jim said as he started to dress.

“Oh come on, my cooking isn’t that good, and if anyone can detect the smell of sex, it’s me.” Hayley said as she started to soap up her body.

“Well yeah, so hypothetically if they did are you mad?”

Hayley paused for a moment as her husband’s words hit her hard. She did not know if she was or not. The idea of it was part of what her recent sexual activity had been based around, but that was a fantasy, and now it was a reality. The images of her son pumping his cock into his sister ran through her mind, and they turned her on, so she knew deep down she was not mad.

“I’m not mad, just curious I guess. I mean, like what made them do it? I don’t wanna openly accuse them of it and look like a fool if I am wrong.”

“Well since it’s all hypothetical at this point let’s just go and enjoy the day out. I don’t want to be late as usual when we meet Nick and Janette today.” Wes said as he reached over and flushed the toilet.

“Mother fucker!” Hayley yelled at the sudden change in water temperature.

The married couple chatted away as they pulled into their friend’s driveway. They had not been to Nick’s in some time, and it had been even longer since they had seen his girlfriend, Janette. Jim shut the truck off as their friend’s quickly greeted them in the driveway.

“Hey, how are you?” Janette said as she hugged Hayley and then Jim.

“Oh we are great; it has been too long since the four of us have gotten together.” Said, Hayley, as she leaned in and gave Nick a kiss on the cheek.

“Well this one here is traveling so much, I know he gets to stop by way more than I do.” Janette said as she playfully elbowed Nick.

“So yeah come on in, I got the grill started, so we can eat soon.”

The foursome walked into the house, Nick and Jim immediately headed out the back door of the home towards the patio as Hayley and Janette walked towards a bedroom. “You boys go check the food; we got to change, for the pool.”

Hayley followed Janette to a small bedroom, which she could tell they used more like a big closet. The two women chatted away about the new pool and the upgrades to the house.

“This is awesome I never would have thought to make a bedroom into a closet.”

“I know right it was Nick’s idea actually!” Janette exclaimed as she pulled a bikini out of a drawer. “He said it would work for a changing room for the pool, and we never used the room anyway.”

Hayley took her time removing her clothing as her eyes were gazing at the other woman in the room with her. She and Janette were about the same age, but that was nearly all they had in common. Janette was short, and at most weighed 100 pounds; her skin was light and her hair very dark. Her features were nearly the polar opposite of Hayley’s blonde hair and tan skin. Janette also kept a small bit of hair on her pussy, it was not anything wild or anything but much like a landing strip. Her breasts were not small but nor were they big, her tiny frame made what she had look huge.

Janette’s face turned a light shade of red as she could feel Hayley’s eyes on her body. “Aren’t you going to change also?” She questioned, as she stood there naked.

“Oh my I am so sorry sweetie; I was just admiring your body.” Hayley said as she let her shorts drop to the floor.


“Yes, you are a little hottie. You kinda got a goth look with the dark hair and light skin. I also like the hair.” Hayley said as she pointed towards the other woman’s pubic area.

“I can’t tan never have been able to, and my natural hair is ugly brown, so I go really dark. Nick seems to like it, and I like to be bald down there like you, but I also like to mix it up on occasions.”

“It works sweetie.” Hayley said as she finished putting on her bikini.

The two women hurried out to meet the guys who were just finishing up on the grill. “Well damn look at them two.” Jim said as he watched Janette and Hayley walk across the patio.

Nick could feel his cock already straining against his shorts as he admired Hayley and his girlfriend. The fact he and Jim had been discussing their recent threesome activities was not ankara seksi escortlar helping his situation either.
Jim and Nick served up the steaks from the grill as the four took their seats and started eating. The steaks seemed to disappear quickly as did all the beer from the cooler. It was not long before all four of them were enjoying the early evening sun in a mild alcohol-induced haze.

“Come on babe lets jump in.” Hayley said as she motioned towards the pool with her head.

Jim started to get up but much to his shock Hayley stood up, grabbed Nick by his hand, and led him to the pool. “You naughty girl.” Jim thought to himself as he watched them walk away. Jim and Hayley had discussed the idea of making their threesome activities with Nick into a foursome including Janette during their drive over, but neither had actually agreed to anything when they arrived. He could see now Hayley was heading towards sexual overdrive much like the night everything started.

“Those two.” giggled Janette as she moved seats to sit next to Jim.

“They are pretty good friend’s, now that she warmed up to him.”

“Yeah, he said at first she didn’t like him, much like you didn’t like me.”

Jim froze at the words of Janette. “I never said that.”

“Well you didn’t have to, I could tell. You at the very least didn’t like me like Nick likes her.”

“Janette, what do you mean?” Jim questioned as part of him started to wonder how much Janette knew about things.

“I see him ogle her when we all been together, Nick doesn’t have a type, he loves variety, and well she is very different from me, and I know he likes to look. I can tell I’m not your type, so you never looked at me the same way.”

Jim turned his attention entirely to Janette now. “Oh no, that isn’t it at all. I’ve looked many times I am just more discrete than my friend.”

Janette’s face lit up at Jim’s words, as she grabbed his hand and led him to the pool. The foursome were soon all swimming and splashing about. The water was warm almost like bath water as they played. The effects of the alcohol were fading but still present as they laughed and giggled about everything each other did.

Hayley and Nick flirted in excess and not to be outdone Janette did the same with Jim. It was not long before both men were sporting full-on raging hard-ons. Hayley knew the situation being created was going to need to be resolved; her mind worked feverishly trying to decide how this should progress as she swam over to her husband.

“Mmm baby I think we have had enough flirting, I want something more.” Hayley said as she playfully bit her bottom lip while she reached under the water to grasp Jim’s hard cock.

Jim sighed deeply as his cock had longed to be touched ever since he jumped in the pool with everyone. Janette had been grazing against it often much the same way Hayley had been doing to Nick. “And oh dirty one what is your suggestion, I don’t think we can just fuck in their pool.”

“We can, but pool sex is overrated.” She laughed. “I already talked to Nick some when you were over her damn near groping his woman. And he wants her to know everything.”


“Yep all of it, so take him inside, and I will get her.”

“Hey, asshole lets go grab some more beer.” Jim yelled to his friend as he climbed out the pool, making sure to keep his back to everyone to avoid advertising the tent pole in his shorts.

“You boys go ahead, I am going to sit here and enjoy a glass of this wine.” Hayley said as she climbed the steps to exit the pool and made a beeline for the bottle sitting chilled on the patio table.

“Well, I want some too.” Janette laughed as she followed Hayley’s lead.

The two men were only inches inside the door when Nick hurried to shut the French doors leading from the house to the patio. Jim was already at the fridge cracking open another beer as Nick said: “I want her to know everything.”

“I know Hayley told me already.” Jim said as he swallowed a large drink from his can. “You sure about this? I know we have talked about it some maybe doing a couples swap, but for her to know it all.”

“I know it’s risky, but I want it again. I want it tonight. I still don’t like it that I want it so much but I cannot help it, and I think things will be easier if Janette just knows the truth.” Nick said as he once again felt relief by admitting aloud he wanted and needed the bi-sex he had been experiencing with his friend.

“Yeah, but with the way you’re acting it seems to me what you are wanting is going to be the worst way for her to find out. Nick, I want to do it again too, and you know me and Hayley are up for a wild time, but I don’t wanna see Janette hurt in the process.” Jim said as he finished off his beer.

“I appreciate your concern, but I want her to see it all, and I want to do it tonight, please.” Nick pleaded with his friend as he too finished off his drink. Nick motioned with his head towards the living room, his heart pounded in his chest as he did; he knew that he needed bayan ankara escort Jim to cooperate.

Jim shrugged his shoulders and moved towards the living room following his friend. “If you’re sure I am in.”

Hayley and Janette sat in the comfortable wicker patio chairs their bodies now only slightly dripping water, as they passed the bottle of wine back and forth. “See I told you glasses weren’t needed.” Hayley giggled as she slightly slurred her speech as she talked.

Janette was feeling the effects of the alcohol more so than her friend was. She had always been a lightweight when it came to drinking. Janette down another gulp from the bottle as she passed it back to Hayley. “I normally don’t drink this much, but Nick told me tonight was a night to have fun and cut loose.”

Hayley giggled a bit as Janette spoke those words. The words that Nick had told Janette were actually Hayley’s own words. The night was pretty much planned by her unbeknownst to her husband or the dark hard beauty she was now sharing the wine with. Hayley wanted Janette involved too and had been messaging Nick regularly trying to push him into setting up this dinner date for tonight.

As the two women passed the bottle back and forth, Hayley made a point to keep running her hand up and down Janette’s arm. The contrast of Hayley’s tan skin and Janette’s creamy white skin was something Hayley enjoyed. Janette noticed that the touching was becoming more than accidental and while she had never been with a woman, Hayley’s actions were making the idea at least enter her mind.

“Has Nick, fucked you?” Janette asked point blank to her drinking companion.

“Oh shit!” Hayley exclaimed as she almost spit the wine in her mouth out, as she was not prepared for such a direct question.

“Seriously has he? I know he wants to, and I know Jim is open to some wild stuff from what I have gathered.”

“Janette, yes he has. I will not lie to you about it. It was just sex though, and Jim was there. I am so sorry.”

“Sorry? Why?”

“Ah, because I fucked your boyfriend of I don’t know how many years.”

“Look I could be mad, but I ain’t I kinda knew it when he was visiting more.” Janette said as she placed air quotes around the word “visiting.”

“Oh sweetie there is more than you know about them visits, and that was partly the reason I wanted Nick to set up this dinner date.” Hayley said as she unsteadily placed the now empty wine bottle down on the table. “Look come on in the house we all need to get this out in the open.” She said as she struggled to get out of the chair.

The wine flowing through both the woman’s systems was affecting them hard as they staggered into the house. Janette paused momentarily as she could hear what she thought was grunting. “What the fuck is that?”

Hayley paused to listen as well, but unlike Janette, she was familiar with the noise she was hearing. “That’s Jim.” she said calmly as she walked to the living room where she suspected the sound was emanating from.

Hayley and Janette staggered into the large doorway that separated the kitchen from the living room, and both were greeted by the sight of Nick on his knees, with Jim’s cock in his mouth. Jim saw the women as they stood there, Nick, however, did not as he was busy pleasuring the large piece of meat that was in his mouth.

“Oh my god my boyfriend is a fag.” Janette whispered to Hayley

Hayley giggled a bit as the ordinarily proper Janette used the gay slur. “No he is bi so is Jim. This is what got the visits started.” Hayley whispered back as she placed the same air quotes around the word “visits.”
“It is kinda hot isn’t it?” Janette nervously questioned her companion.

“Kinda hell, I love it.”

Jim grunt hard as he used Nick’s hair to pull his head down further making him gag on his massive thick cock. “Oh yeah, fucker suck it.”

Nick’s tongue swirled around the thick veiny shaft, it was not that long ago he could not do this without gagging and coughing, but now he was all too familiar with his best friend’s cock. Nick let the cock slide out of his mouth as he ran his tongue down the shaft and started to lick and suck on Jim’s big heavy balls. Jim grunted and groaned as Nick’s tongue was finding all the right places. Jim slid down further on the couch and lifted his legs a bit to give his friend more access. Nick lifted Jim’s balls with one hand and massaged them as he lowered his mouth to his friend’s ass, his tongue slid across the hole then around it. Jim was in heaven as he jerked his cock hard, his eyes now firmly locked on Hayley and Janette as his ass was rimmed.

Hayley was on fire inside as she usually was at the sight of Jim and Nick, but her body temperature was reaching a new height as she stood next to Nick’s significant other. Hayley seeing that Janette was enamored with the scene in front of her took the opportunity to step back behind her. Hayley easily reached down over the shorter woman’s shoulders and started to massage her breasts as she kissed the back of her neck.

Janette moaned softly as the feel of Hayley’s hands squeezing and kneading her breasts through the thin material of her swimsuit. “Oh my…” Janette moaned softly as she watched Jim’s cock erupt shooting a load of thick hot cum straight up and landing squarely on his own chest.

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