Beyond Meditation Ch. 01

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She showed up for meditation class dressed to kill. I had seen her at the studio a few times before, and had admired her incredibly long legs and slender figure. This girl had “legs up to her ears,” and the short denim skirt she had on that day made me want to see her open more than just her third eye.

Bobbi had small but perfect breasts, long muscular arms, and the most perfect, classically beautiful face I could ever imagine. Every part of this woman’s body fit my all-time fantasy. Even her fingers and toes were long, slender and elegantly proportioned. Her penetrating, steely blue eyes showed an intensity that immediately intimidated most men – and drew me to her like a magnet. There was no question just looking at her that Bobbi was the kind of woman that got whatever she wanted, when she wanted it. What I didn’t know then was that we were destined to re-define the limits of our sexuality together… that she would prove to be the most incredible, uninhibited sex partner I could ever imagine.

After meditation I made sure to sit closer to her for the group discussion. After a spectacular silent meditation, the lecture was pretty boring. I was hoping we both had the same thing on our minds. As the teacher droned on, I opened my meditation workbook to the last page and wrote on the inside back cover: “Would you like to go get some Indian food?” I drew two check boxes under the question, one marked “Yes” and the other “No”

I carefully slid the workbook over in her direction, as if I was sharing some special insight on the subject of the lecture rather than trying to arrange a date with this incredible woman. She glanced over to my message, smiled a silent giggle, then picked up my pencil and checked the box with the “Yes” next to it. This would prove to be a pivotal moment in my life… but I intuitively knew right then that I needed to take my time and not rush things. As much as my cock was aching to get into this goddess, I wanted to play out the tease and string her along until she was begging for it. As it turned out, this is exactly what she was hoping for…

Class ended and we walked out of the building together. It felt like 50,000 volts of electricity danced between us. I wanted to instantly attack her! She was about 5′ 7″ or so, and wearing heels she was the perfect height to kiss. Somehow I restrained myself, and we drove together over to the area of town where all the Indian grocery stores and restaurants were located. Walking into the restaurant, the manager met us and greeted me by name with a big smile. We sat down, and I ordered for both of us without bothering to look at the menu. I knew all of the favorite vegetarian dishes both on and off the menu from years of being a regular customer. Bobbi had a radiant glow as we sat and talked – and the look in her eyes projected an inner knowledge that we were both right exactly where we were always meant to be.

The conversation was light and humorous, and when the food arrived it was perfect. Spicy and succulent, just like this woman. We sat and talked for a long time, laughing and enjoying the glow we created together. After dinner I drove her home, and she asked me up to her flat. We both knew it was only a matter of time before we would be tearing each others clothes off… but as much as I wanted her, I knew it would be even better to let the passion simmer for a bit. I asked her for a rain check, and said goodnight. As she was walking up to her building, she turned around and gave me a profound smile, with a look with her eyes that spoke volumes on the things we could explore together. I flashed a knowing smile back at her, and drove home.

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Early the next week Bobbi called and asked if I would like to have dinner at her place after class. This was going just as I had hoped. That weeks class was the longest Yoga class I could ever imagine! When we finally got to her flat I could smell the vegan food she had prepared warming in the oven. She had a large, square coffee table with short legs in the living room all set, and we sat on the floor and laughed and talked and ate. All this time the conversation was fluid, and her eyes sparkled. We both knew exactly where this encounter was headed.

After dinner I followed her into the kitchen, and as she set the dishes down on the counter I walked right up behind her. Sensing how close I was she turned around quickly and this radiant goddess was finally in my arms. We kissed with wild passion, alternately attacking each other with our mouths and pulling at each others clothes until we were both mostly naked. My cock felt like a steel bar as she took me by the hand and dragged me into her bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and was instantly sucking on her hard, long nipples to her deep groans. I worked my way down on her until I reached my goal – teasing her clit to her loud moans. First one finger, then two slowly working up into her soaked pussy, and I hooked them around to massage her G spot as I finally took her clit between my lips. She started coming instantly, and kept coming and coming in my first experience with female multiple orgasms. When she finally had enough she pulled me up to her and we shared the most passionate kiss I could imagine. She sucked and licked her juices from my lips, tongue and mouth like she couldn’t get enough.

When we came up for air, she quickly bent over and took ALL of my cock in her mouth in one stroke – right down to the balls! She looked up at me and smiled as I felt the tightness of her throat around the head of my cock. I knew I couldn’t last long at this rate. She took my balls in one hand and cupped them from behind as she forced me over and over as deep into her throat as possible. Her lips were slamming into my balls and my cock was stretching her throat with every thrust. Then she closed the deal. She took the tip of her middle finger and lightly tested the ring of my asshole. She felt me grow even larger in her throat as she gently but firmly slipped her long finger up my ass. I screamed louder than I ever had before as I filled her throat with blast after blast of hot come. She swallowed every drop like a good girl, gagging and coughing but keeping me buried in her throat. When I was finally done coming she came up for air, and after hardly catching her breath she smiled and told me, “You taste like vanilla soy milk!” I knew already that this woman was more than the woman of my dreams. Little did I know we hadn’t even gotten started!


Bobbi fell back on the bed and so did I – we both must have passed out. The next thing I remember it was an hour or so later, and she woke me up with more sweet kisses. I immediately got rock hard again. It was time to take my sexual exploration with this young lady to the next level. I rolled over on my side next to her and guided her onto her stomach. She didn’t hesitate for a second – a very good sign of things to come. When she was on her belly I started lightly sucking on the back of her neck… then worked my way slowly down her spine. She involuntarily opened her legs up – another good sign. When I got down to the crack of her ass she really started to moan, and I slowed way down to tease her with my tongue, just running small circles into the illegal bahis siteleri top of the valley between her gorgeous globes. Bobbi had a few soft, blond hairs down there just above her asshole, and I felt it was my duty to get them as wet as possible. So nasty and forbidden – and she seemed to love it! She moaned a little louder as I dove deeper towards my ultimate target – teasing her by licking wide circles around the ring of her beautiful asshole. I felt her start to hold her breath as I zeroed in on my goal. As my tongue started to massage the outer crinkles of her now dialated opening she moaned continuously. Finally after holding out as long as possible, I let my tongue slide into her open and inviting ass. She exhaled completely with a satisfied groan, and pushed her ass up into me as I started rimming her for all I was worth. We kept at it for over ten minutes, as she pushed back onto me harder and harder until her ass was so open and relaxed I could hardly believe it. But I wanted her to ask me for it… beg me for it, and so far she was just moaning. As I rolled her back over, she flashed a wicked smile at me and said, “No one has ever done that to me before… don’t get any ideas!” I asked her if she liked it, and she just laughed and held her arms out for me to finally get inside her sweet, tight body.

My cock slipped right into her to the balls, and we both groaned the most satisfied groan! She was tight, but really, really wet. This combined with the fact that I had already come once with her that night made it easy to have the most luxurious, slow fuck I had ever experienced. As I ground into her she grabbed my hips, and moaned louder and louder until she started to come all over my cock. She came and came and came – more that any woman I have ever known. While she was grinding up into me and groaning, she asked, “How can you stay so hard for SO LONG?” I smiled back into her dreamy, orgasmic eyes and told her that I NEVER wanted to leave – I wanted to fuck her forever and ever. She moaned even louder and told me I was the best lover she had ever had. As I sunk in harder and fucked her deeper, I brought my lips to her ear and told her, “I want to be better than the best lover you had ever had… I wanted to be the best lover you ever DREAMED of!” She kept moaning and coming all over my cock, saying, “You are!… YOU ARE!!!”

I thought this would be the best experience of my sexual life, but as it turned out this was still just the warm up!


Bobbi invited me over the next Friday evening, and I think we both had a pretty good idea how we would be spending our weekend! We started tearing each others clothes off before the apartment door was even shut. I had her ass in my hands and felt her tongue in my mouth a second later as she ground her body into mine, looking for her next orgasm.

I have this thing for going down on women – I just love it. Bobbi tasted better than anyone I had ever been with, and we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before my head was buried between her legs. They say good lovers always have busy hands, and with this in mind I slipped a middle finger gently into her sopping wet pussy as I continued sucking and licking her clit. She was so wet with her juices flowing everywhere… I started to massage another fingertip just lightly in slow circles around the ring of her asshole, using her pussy juice for lube. She instantly moaned louder and I felt an involuntary muscle spasm surround my finger as just the tip slipped into her tight, virgin ass. The sensation of my fingers in both holes as I slowly twisted them in and out and worked them against each other turned me on like never canlı bahis siteleri before. This set off Bobbi’s first orgasm of the weekend. The whole time she was coming I was thinking about her beautiful, tight ass wrapped around the first few inches of my finger, and wondering how my cock would feel buried in her enchanted back tunnel all the way to the balls!

After Bobbi calmed down some, she looked down at me, gave me a knowing smile, and then rolled over onto her stomach. She spread her legs, reached back and spread her ass cheeks. It took me all of half a second before my tongue was poised to penetrate her perfect ass. I hesitated for a moment, thinking “the tease” is always a better approach in the long run. I wanted to hear her ask for it – or hopefully beg for it. This didn’t take long!

“I need to feel your tongue in my ass… please don’t tease me!” Who am I to make the lady wait? I ran my tongue into the crack of her ass, feeling her move around trying to capture the tip of my tongue with her asshole. After slowly licking all the way up and down her beautiful crack with the flat of my tongue, I curled it into a tight “U” and buried it as deep as possible into her in one thrust. She groaned and pushed hard against me, trying to get it even deeper as I worked it in and out and all around. My goal was to try and massage every possible nerve ending in her now totally relaxed rear orifice. This just drive her nuts!

She was almost out of control, and it felt like the perfect time to take her anal deflowering to the next level. I brought the middle finger of my right hand to her lips, and she instantly sucked it all the way in. I reached up to pull her head back by her hair, and curled my finger to let it slide right down her incredibly tight throat. In and out, twisting all around I felt her coat my finger with her saliva as her head and neck went limp. She was really responding as a true submissive now – letting me totally control her body as I finger-fucked her throat at will. With this shift in her, I knew that soon I would know the answer to the most important question of all: which would feel tighter around my cock; her sweet ass or her tight throat? I wanted to find out, and in that order.

Out came my finger from her throat, which I immediately brought between her perfect ass cheeks. I lightly dragged the tip up and down the crack of her ass, avoiding my ultimate goal for the time being as she started to moan for me to sink it in. Twisting the tip against her crinkled hole, she immediately relaxed and my finger slipped in almost all the way. I could feel the first bend up inside her with just the tip of my finger, and at this point I could tell I would not need any additional lubrication. This was an incredible turn on for me… but I was concerned that this deeper, more earthy penetration would prove to be more than she bargained for. As it would turn out I had nothing to worry about.

I started to earnestly finger fuck her sweet, tight ass, and it obviously felt great to her as she grunted and moaned and ground hard against my finger. Her ass was tight, but slick with her natural lube. It was time to see how kinky this woman really was. My finger came out of her perfect ass with streaks running along most of it’s length. The tip was especially funky. I almost brought it up to her lips, but at the last moment thought the better of it. I would save that ultimate kink test for a larger appendage. I quickly wiped my finger mostly clean, then brought it back to her ass with a second finger added to the mix. Twisting them in and out and around and around, her tight little muscle stretched and opened, then shut down hard as she had her next orgasm. I don’t know which got her off more – the finger in her ass or grinding her clit into the bed – but either way this woman was SCREAMING, and coming with my fingers buried up to the last knuckle in her perfect ass…

To be continued!

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