Behind His Back Ch. 02

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In the bedroom, Ashley is perfectly still, basking in her own afterglow and sighing. The sheets, covering her up and only leaving part of her breasts exposed so she may breathe freely, contain her body heat. She can feel herself still sweating, but makes no effort to move. Her thoughts bounce rapidly in her head, from her husband leaving straight back to her old school girl friend fucking her brains out. Her eyelids grow heavy as the faint morning light leaks through the shades on the window. She stretches her arms out then places her hands on either side of her head as she drifts off slowly into slumber.

Sunlight bathes a parking lot as Ashley gains awareness. She looks around, somewhat confused, though perfectly comfortable. She looks to her left and there parked is a shiny green Camaro. On the hood is Rochelle, wearing thigh high leather boots with large heels. Above the boots she wears incredibly tight leather hot pants, small enough to come far below her navel and show off some flesh of her ass. Her torso is wrapped in a constricting, matching bustier. Her usual hoop earrings dangle from her ears, glinting from behind her long, curly black hair that flows behind her shoulders.

“Hey, you!” Rochelle says with a smile, “I got your books.”

“But… I already studied,” Ashley says.

“Well, that’s not what you said last night.”

“What do you mean?”

“That doesn’t matter right now. You’re going to be late!”

“Late? Late for what?” Ashley asks as she turns around.

When she stops, the parking lot has become a grassy field. She walks forward and looks around, a gentle breeze caressing her face. Looking to her right, she sees that there is a wedding ceremony in progress.

Ashley walks forward and down the aisle, remembering her proper stepping pace and footstep order. When she arrives at where the priest is she looks around. She doesn’t recognize any of those in attendance. A voice speaks next to her saying, “I do.”

With a confused shake of her head, Ashley says, “But we already did this.”

She looks next to her and sees a girl in a wedding gown hidden by a veil.

“Wait, what is going on?” Ashley asks.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the priest says.

The girl turns to Ashley and lifts her veil, revealing a beautifully made-up Rochelle. Her eyes are wide open as Ashley fumbles over her words.

“Wait, what? But… I already did this. What is this? I, uh… I already… uh… I…”

Ashley stops her quiet babbling and stares at Rochelle. Her lips and jaw move as though she wants to keep talking, then the motion stops. She stares into the bride’s eyes for a long moment.

With a sudden lean forward, Ashley engulfs Rochelle’s lips, who reacts in much the same way. Rochelle’s hands come up to Ashley’s shoulders and their tongues begin to enter each other’s mouths as the attendees start clapping.

With her eyes closed, Ashley suddenly feels her legs lifting and wrapping around a body. A feeling of penetration strikes her and she opens her eyes. She’s in her bed, in her apartment. Her legs are wrapped around Rochelle’s waist. Rochelle is thrusting repeatedly into Ashley, creating a sensation she has only had glimpses of before with her husband. She feels a sudden emotional surge as though whatever Rochelle was doing to her, deep inside her pussy was triggering something deep seated.

“Oh, God! Oh my God! Rochelle! Oh, baby!” Ashley screams as Rochelle continues to somehow nail her, “Oh shit! Oh! Oh! Oh, God, fuck me! Fuck me, Rochelle!, Fuck me! God, I love you! Rochelle!”

Ashley’s eyes fly open. She is in her apartment. She has been dreaming and she is soaking wet all over again. Daylight pours through the window as she glances at the clock. Less than an hour has passed. She gets up and strips off her wet panties and slips out of her bra. She walks over to her closet and gazes in. Inside are all manner of expensive garments, made to look even more luxurious when places next to her husband’s old shirts and pants in the same closet. She picks out a tight little white tee and grabs out a pair of pink boy-cut panties and her old school short shorts, indigo in shade, and featuring the school mascot, an eagle. She places them on the bed neatly and heads to exit the room.

Ashley opens her door to find a naked Rochelle off to one canlı bahis şirketleri side, glaring at her.

“Oh!” Ashley says, startled,” Rochelle, I…” Her eyes wander down Rochelle’s voluptuous body.

“Like what you see?” Rochelle asks, shaking her now loose hair around her shoulders.

“I… um, this is a surprise!”

“You didn’t mind the surprise I gave you this morning.”

“Well, I… you know…”

“So how was it?” Rochelle asks as she walks up to Ashley and let her body graze hers.

“It was… okay it was incredible. But he could have found us!”

“Oh please, like he’d say anything. You know boys like that love watching two hot girls get it on.”

“But I’m his wife, it… it would be different!”

“The way you were screaming? I doubt it. Nobody could resist a sound like that. Not even me,” Rochelle says as she smirks and traces Ashley’s shoulder with her fingernails.

Ashley jerks away slightly and laughs nervously. She says, “Wait! Um.. you know.. I could really use a shower right now.”

“Oh really? Me too! What a coincidence!” Rochelle says in a flippant tone.

“No, I mean.. uh..” Ashley squeezes out of the door, unable to avoid sliding her naked body against Rochelle’s. She walks backwards to the bathroom door, staring at Rochelle still. Her hand fumbles behind her and finally finds the door handle.

Rochelle walks over and places one arm over Ashley’s shoulder, leaning her hand against the wall behind her.

“Look, this whole…” Ashley begins, circling her hand in the air, “..thing. You know, I just… I don’t know, you know? I…”

“You wanna take it slow? We can do that,” Rochelle says calmly, pulling her arm back but letting it drift down Ashley’s breast, “I’ll tell you what. You have your little shower and then I’ll have my turn. Then we can talk about this girl…” she continues with emphasis “…on girl.”

Ashley whimpers and is only able to nod and slip into the bathroom, accidentally slamming the door. She leans her back to the door and pants.

Rochelle walks away and saunters into Ashley’s bedroom, her eyes wandering. She comes to Ashley’s husband’s night table and picks the picture he has up. In the picture, he is smiling wide, while Ashley’s eyebrows are raised and her mouth barely forms a grin. Rochelle smiles as she places the picture face down.

Heading to the closet and chest-of-drawers, she looks through Ashley’s clothes. She takes note of the brand names and designers and gives a look of impression. She gazes toward Ashley’s husband’s clothes and snorts out a laugh. Pulling, one of Ashley’s silk shirts out of the closet she looks it over, then smells it gently. She places it back and opens their drawers. Inside she finds, men’s boxers shorts and with a scoff, slams it shut. She finds another drawer and inside are delicate panties, both boy-cut and thong. She picks up one pair but only a faint scent of Ashley is there as they had been recently cleaned, but the joy of going through the married girl’s personal belongings is enough of a thrill. Rochelle turns around and notices Ashley’s clean clothes on the bed. She walks over and smiles at the short shorts that she also owns a pair of. Her eyes scan over the bed and center on the bright pink panties. She smirks as she gets an idea.

In the bathroom, Ashley is bathing in her steaming hot shower. She leathers her dark body with her hands. When she grazes over her nipples she lets out a squeak. Ashley bites her lip then purposely stimulates her nipples. Her jaws falls open and she begins to breathe hard. Her head rolls back, into the stream of the shower causing her incredibly long, wet hair to cling to her back, down past her waist and ending just above the bottom of her ass. The water pours of her as she blinks rapidly and rubs and squeezes her breasts harder and faster.

Her left hand begins to travel down her tight stomach and between her legs. Rochelle’s naked body flashes into her mind. Every curve and dimple is burned into Ashley’s memory. The thought of Rochelle cocking her head with a seductive look, her hand on her hip, proudly displaying her body drives Ashley to slide her fingers between her legs and rub. She begins to moan and close her eyes tight. Her right hand squeezes and lifts her breast as the other rubs her clit. The water canlı kaçak iddaa continues to cascade over her creating a slick surface over her nipple for her hand to glide.

“Oh, Rochelle…” she whispers.

In the bedroom, Rochelle is holding the panties in both hands, one slender leg enters them. The other follows suit and she slowly pulls them up, the pink creating a beautiful juxtaposition to her tan skin.

“Mm, these fit great,” she says as she twists her body and plays with the waist band. She rubs her ass with her hands and turns around. She sits on the bed and leans back, kicking her feet and listening to the shower once again. With a deep breath through her nose, she brings her right leg up and places the foot on the edge of the bed, resting her left foot on the floor beneath. Rochelle begins to suck on her fingers on her right hand and panting.

She gently begins rubbing her nipples with the wet fingers. Her hips sway with the tingling sensation she gets. Her hand travels down to her pussy. She leans her head back as she starts to rub through her girlfriend’s panties on her own clit. Her hips sway and thrust gently. She smiles and rubs harder, feeling her pussy growing wetter in the panties.

As she rubs herself harder, her other hand grips the bed. Her breaths come deeper and her hips buck harder.

“Oh yeah.. mmh,” she says to herself, “you like that, don’t’cha, bitch?”

Rochelle’s hand slips into her panties and her fingers into her pussy, slamming in.

“Uh huh! Yeah! I do! Oh yeah!” she screams and breaks into a fit of giggles at acting out the scene. The laughter is cut short by genuine moaning as she fingers herself. Her toes curl against the bed and carpet and her hips lift slightly off the bed as she gets into a rhythm of fingering herself.

In the bathroom, Ashley has also begun to finger herself, though she has skipped any gentle formalities and roughly fingerfucks herself. Her sighs and groans echo in the steam filled bathroom.

“Oh, God baby! Ungh! Do me! Do me, please!” she screams as she rams her fingers into her soaking pussy. Her other hand grips the shower wall to help her keep balance. In her mind, Rochelle has stepped into the shower with her and begun to finger her from behind. She can almost feel the beautiful girl’s brown breasts pressing into her own dark brown back.

Ashley’s torso is doubled over as she struggles to keep balance. In the bedroom, Rochelle’s hips buck wildly as she keeps perfect balance on the edge of the bed. Her left foot is raised above the floor and she holds herself up with her left hand and right foot. Her body flows in waves as she humps her own fingers. She imagines Ashley standing before her, fingering her and watching her incredible body work its magic.

Almost dancing to a beat, Rochelle’s entire body bounces and flows smoothly. In the shower, Ashley slams her back into the wall as to not fall over. Her hips thrust forward in jerks as she screams Rochelle’s name. Her legs tremble and her body shakes. Her orgasm racks her body and she shrieks. The shriek is completely uninhibited and Ashley makes no effort to hide it. Her voice cracks as she fingers and screams.

“Ohhh.. yeah! Yeah!” she screams, but eventually fades into unintelligible wails.

At the same time, Rochelle falls back on the bed. Her right leg props her waist far above the bed and her left leg hangs in mid air. She balances on her toes and shoulders only creating an arc. Her hips thrust wildly as she screams.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Yeah fuck me!” Her voice echoes, mingling with Ashley’s pouring from the bathroom. “Fuck, Ashley! Oh fuck yeah you make me cum! Make me cum! Fuck me, Ashley!” Her voice pleads as her own orgasm erupts from deep within her. She screeches and her legs and hips shoot into the air repeatedly. She grunts like an animal with each thrust, her hand still frantically fingering her pussy. Her voice falls into a low growl as her thrusting slows. Deep in her throat her voice vibrates and slows. Her ass crashes into the mattress and she begins to pant.

In the shower, Ashley wobbles to her feet and rinses off. She grabs the shampoo bottle and drops it from her shaking hand.

Rochelle rises gracefully from the bed and hooks her thumbs into the panties she’s wearing. She strips them off slowly then holds canlı kaçak bahis them out and grins. She places them back where they were on the bed then walks over to a small chair in the corner of the room out of sight of the door.

Ashley finishes washing her hair finally and steps out. She grabs a towel and rubs herself down, still panting, but no longer shaking. She finishes drying then wraps the towel around her body. Leaving the bathroom, she looks around the hallway, watching for any surprises. Ashley walks across the hall and enters her bedroom timidly. Seeing no sign of Rochelle, she walks in and slams the door behind her.

Rochelle silently rises from the chair in Ashley’s blind spot as Ashley drops the towel from her body.

Ashley looks curiously at her panties as they look more worn out than how she left them. She has no chance to investigate as too smooth hands caress her waist from behind. The hands slip forward and cup her breasts from the bottom.

“What took so long?” Rochelle whispers as she begins to lick her neck.

Instinctively, Ashley’s ass backs up, her left arm goes behind her head and wraps around Rochelle’s neck. The two Filipina beauties begin to curl around each other. Ashley catches herself in what she is doing and immediately pulls away. Rochelle scratches her with her fingernails as she walks forward.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Did I scare you?” Rochelle asks.

“Startled me a little, yeah,” Ashley’s voice quivers.

“I’m sowwy,” Rochelle says in a baby voice as she traces Ashley’s spine with one fingernail.

Ashley shudders, “I… I have to get dressed. My husband will be home soon.”

“Sure, sure,” Rochelle says,”Here let me help you.”

“I don’t think that’ll be necessa-“

Rochelle cuts off Ashley’s thought by forcing her to spin around.

“Relax, Ashley. I’ll take good care of you.”

She reaches behind Ashley and grabs the pink panties, darker now as they’re soaked with her own fluid.

“Here,” she says as she gets on her knees and looks up at Ashley. She smiles and squeezes her arms together, showing of her bare chest. “Just put your foot out for me?”

“Oh, alright,” Ashley says. She lifts her right foot and points it toward Rochelle’s pierced stomach.

Rochelle smirks as she stretches the hole wide for her to slip the foot in and raises it up her calf.

“The other one please?”

Ashley balances back on her foot and raises the other. Rochelle gets the girl’s foot in and shimmies them up a bit. Ashley stands firm as Rochelle gathers a bit of the panties’ sides in her fingers.

Without warning, Rochelle yanks the panties up as she shoots to her feet at the same time. The wet panties envelop Ashley’s pussy suddenly and she lets out a squeal. Rochelle pulls up so hard as to make Ashley’s body bounce, giving a slight jiggle to their breasts in the motion. Ashley barely maintains her balance, having to grab Rochelle’s shoulder. A moan escapes her lips.

“Rochelle!” Ashley yells,” What did you do?!”

Rochelle answers, “You’re gonna keep these on for me. Keep these on, okay? For me?” She gives Ashley a sad-eyed look, complete with pouting lip.

“I… alright, I guess..” Ashley’s cheeks and nose turn bright pink.

“Good!” Rochelle says happily, “Now you’re going to see how they fit when we go out to lunch!”

“Go out? Like this? Oh no, Rochelle, no!” Ashley implores.

“Shhh! It’ll be okay! It’ll be just like when we were in school, remember? You can let me have some of your clothes when I shower. We traded clothes all the time! I read about this great little place around the corner on the internet.”

“Okay.. okay…” Ashley says, giving in.

Rochelle leaves the room telling Ashley she’s going to get dressed herself. Ashley slips on the t-shirt that comes to the top of her belly button, as her hest pushes the fabric out. She slips on the pair of shorts over the wet panties, causing them to squeeze again on her. She sighs and shuts her eyes tight. Grabbing a pair of socks and her tennis shoes, she walks out to the living room.

There, Rochelle, still nude, is drinking a glass of juice and looks out the window. “I’m gonna get my shower now, too. I promise I’ll be quick!”

“That’s fine,” Ashley says.

Rochelle walks past Ashley where they exchange glances in their passing. Rochelle disappears into the bathroom while Ashley walks over to the couch. Letting out a hard sigh of relief, she plops down on the couch. The squish of the wetness between her thigh causes her to jump up and yelp with wide open eyes.

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