Baseballed Ch. 05

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Jamie sat down naked beside Robbie. He patted his hard rippling belly.

“Come sit your pussy on this lap, fucker.”

I looked at Robbie and he motioned to Jamie with his head, not saying a word.

I rose off Robbie, stretching a leg to the floor and stumbling backward a bit. Jamie reached out and grabbed my arm, pulling me to him. I fell forward onto him, my forearm resting on his meaty round chest which was covered in light auburn hair and freckles. I felt his precum-covered horsecock pressing against my belly. I repositioned myself so I was straddling his hips. I grabbed his cock and started jacking him as a stream of precum dribbled down from his angry red cockhead.

“You like that big cock? It fuckin’ likes you,” Jamie told me, giving me a lecherous grin. “It wants to fuck the shit out you, to fuck your ass so hard and fast like some hot eager pussy. You going to let it fuck you like a pussy, boy?”

My thumb rubbed hard over his piss-slit, smearing precum roughly across the head of his big prick. I spit a gob of spit onto his cock. Without saying a word, I rose up and lined his cockhead with my pucker. I sat down, feeling his big red ginger cock slip easily into my ass.

“Fuck me, pussy daddy,” I groaned as he stretched me wider than Robbie had.

Jamie gritted his teeth, letting out a long slow breath until I had fully settled on his cock. I tightened my ass around his pole causing him to moan and buck his hips in response.

“Got-damn, fuckboy, you’re gripping it like it’s still in your tight fist. Fuck.” He grabbed firmly at my waist. His strong grip squeezed my hips, lifting me up and down, continuously skewering my guts, using my hole just like it was his own personal masturbating tool. He didn’t care how hard he was pounding my ass, pushing his fat creamy-white cock in as hard and deep as he could.

“Fuck, I love a bottom boy cockslut bouncing on my jock pole. You got a real live fucking baseball bat up your asshole, slutboy. The MVP is up in that pussy and hitting a muthafuckin’ homerun into that tight juicy cunt. Damn! A grand slam in that pussy, baby!

My eyes rolled back into my head from the gruff sensation of getting pounded by this forceful jock. I grunted every time he slammed my ass onto his thick cock. Robbie licked his lips and stroked his cock watching my illegal bahis ass getting abused by the stormy nasty-talking redhead.

Suddenly, Jamie grabbed me around the torso with a thick muscular arm and stood up. He took a few steps away from where we had been sitting and gently fell to the carpeted floor. He pulled out of my ass only long enough to roll me roughly onto my stomach.

“Oh, yeah, bitch, take that big fucking bat! Fuck, yeah, you pathetic nerd pussy taking a jock’s big muscle meat. I’m the fucking man here, pussy boy. You’re just some slut pussy for a jock to use. What fucking joke!” he growled into my ear as his big bulky body pressed into me, his hips slamming into my guts.

“Yes, Sir,” I cried into the carpet. “You dick is so big…stretching my hole…stretching me so fuckin’ wide…fuck it’s too fuckin’ big.” I tried to grab at the carpet with my fingers as the big prick stabbed into me so deeply I thought I might vomit. I sucked in a deep breath as I felt the muscles in his chest and belly draw up like tight cords, knowing he was getting close to dropping his load into my full ass.

“You’re just a little slut boy who needs a thick jock pounding his tight cunt. That’s some fucking good pussy, you nerdy little bitch. A jock stud always wins, boy. Fuckin’ take my muthafuckin’ baseball batter, bitch!”

Jamie howled as his hot scalding load erupted into me, making me cry a bit as it stung my red tender ass. His body jerked as load after load filled me. I twisted under him and he hugged me tight against his red-flushed body. Sweat dropped from his wet strawberry-blond hair onto me with every hard jerk of his body.

After the last volley, he gave me a few more strokes. He cried out in a breathy growl through clenched teeth with every creaming stroke into me. He cautiously pulled his cock out of me, grabbing for the towel Robbie had been wearing earlier. He wiped the whipped cum from his cock and threw the towel onto my ass. I carefully wiped away cum pooling in my crack, and then rolled over onto my back.

I lay on the carpet exhausted. I could feel Jamie’s load still leaking out of my ass, mingling with what also remained of Robbie’s. I turned my head and saw Anthony, wearing just his baseball cap, jerking his big cock in one hand while the fingers of his other pinched at illegal bahis siteleri his dark nips nestled in a forest of jet-black hair. I took in the dark muscled Mediterranean form and felt my cock twitch against my balls, my hand moving to pull on my nips to add to the sparking fire.

“Guys,” Anthony told Jamie and Robbie as he looked down at me, “Go get us some beer…maybe a pizza or something.”

Robbie gave him a wink and gave Jamie a hard pat on the back. “Let’s get some liquor to put into you, ginger tits! Throw yer clothes on! Let’s go!”

Anthony approached me and fell to his knees between my legs. He grabbed my legs and put my feet on his shoulders. He moved forward a bit, leaning over me. His big lolling cock lay on top of my cock and balls, his balls rested against my ass. He turned his cap backward and I could see his face, his eyes drilling into me. Every nerve in my body seemed to react as I looked up at him, I turned my head away.

“Look at me,” he said in loud whisper, bending closer to me as the other guys dressed. I felt his cock getting harder, slithering across my own hardening cock. “Look into my eyes.” His face was expressionless, just his wide soulful eyes staring into me.

Blam! The door shut as the other guys left. Anthony leaned in closer to me, doubling me over. I could smell his deep musky scent and feel his hot sweet breath. He licked at my lips before putting his mouth to mine and giving me a deep wet kiss, his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth and sucking on my tongue. His hands grabbed the sides of my head, pulling my mouth tighter against him as if he wanted to take my soul into him. He rocked gently and I could feel his cock lodging into the entrance of my worn ass, his fat cockhead wedging into my puffy twice-fucked hole.

Anthony lifted up a bit and looked down at me. My eyes darted up and down the huge dark gorilla of a man, my body tingled as he gently rocked against me allowing his fat prick to softly sink inside my tenderized guts.

“You okay?” he asked as his hands rubbed over my face and back through my hair.

I nodded as he softly pressed his beautiful hairy body against me, only his hips gently moving up and down. I tried to tighten my used ass around his pole, tried to push up to meet his gentle thrusts. He was being so soft canlı bahis siteleri and tender, all I wanted was to please and pleasure him.

“Roll over, daddy, and let me ride you. Please, I need you, to feel you deep inside me. I want to feel all that fat daddy dick inside me. I want to make you feel so good, give you pleasure…”

“No, baby, just let daddy fuck you,” he whispered into my ear. “Daddy needs to give you his load and push out all that other boyseed. You wanna be daddy’s ball boy? Let me be in charge, boy. Yeah, baby boy, let daddy’s load soothe that used pussy.” His breathing got faster and more ragged as his thrusts got more shallow and faster. “Twist daddy’s nips, boy.”

I grabbed at his mounded pecs, pulling at his hairy nips.

“Harder,” he growled. “Harder! Twist those fuckers, boy! You want to pleasure daddy, then twist those fuckers off!”

He bent his head down and started kissing me until I felt a guttural growl growing inside his chest, a deep groan rising. He pulled away from my mouth and bit my neck softly. He whimpered and groaned as his body tightened against me, jerking slightly. His hot cum flooded into my guts.

“Fuck, baby,” he cried against my neck. “Damn, boy…aaaahmmm, fuck.” He let out a huge breath against my neck. It felt like fire against me and I winced from the intensity, my fingers running over his thick hairy torso.

He sat up and eased his cock tenderly out of my red gaping hole. My hard cock was jutting into the air. Anthony grabbed it in his big meaty fist and started jacking me. He looked toward the door and then bent down, taking my cock into his mouth.

I didn’t last long watching and feeling this big muscle stud bobbing up and down on my cock. I started to cry out as I lost my load. Anthony covered my mouth with one of his hands as I yelled against it. My used ass clenched and spasmed painfully, pushing out all the cum inside me. Ant didn’t pull away as I filled his mouth. My orgasm finally eased and Anthony replaced his hand with his mouth. Cum slid from his mouth to mine, his tongue pushing at it and coating my cheeks with it. He pulled away and sat back, just as the door opened.

Jamie came in and walked straight to the kitchen. Robbie came in, pushing his sunglasses back on his head. Anthony jumped up and rushed over to Robbie, giving him a deep cum-laced kiss. He grabbed at Robbie’s cock hanging in his loose gym shorts.

“Next time,” Anthony said as he pulled away from Robbie’s lips with a smack.

Robbie grinned, licking his lips and looking over at me.

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