Barn Banging

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I was cleaning the tackle in the barn. It was a hot day and I could feel a drop of sweat trickle from my neck and slide down between my breasts. Randy was in the office. The door was open and he kept glancing up at me and I didn’t blame him. I had my flannel unbuttoned and tied into a crop top, showing off my toned abs. I didn’t wear an undershirt underneath, only a light blue bra. It pushed up my cleavage beautifully.

Randy continued to stare. If he was going to keep staring, might as well give him a show, right? I dropped the rag I was using on the ground and turned my back to him. I bent over at the waste, putting my bubble butt on full display. My shorts barely covered my ass when I did this. I could feel the tight denim fabric rubbing my sweet spot between my legs deliciously. I moaned so Randy could hear me.

He heard me alright. I heard him get up from the office chair and walk towards me. I kept my back turned toward him and pretended like I didn’t hear him approaching me.

He was right behind me and grabbed a handful of my ass and squeezed, making me gasp. His back casino oyna was pressed against me and I could feel the hardness of his arousal on my lower back. He walked us both forward and pressed me against the wall with his powerful chest.

“Oh, god Jane.” He moaned as he dry humped my ass. I groaned as he snaked a hand around to my front and yanked my flannel and bra down, exposing my breasts. They were slippery from my sweat, but Randy didn’t care. He moaned as he groped me.

My breath was speeding up and my pussy was throbbing in anticipation.

“Please…” I whispered.

“I got you baby. I know what you want you cute little slut.” He shoved a hand down my shorts and immediately began playing with my clit.

“OH!” I gasped. “Oh, Randy, don’t call me that.”

“Call you what baby?” he whispered into my hair as he rocked into me.

“A…oh god… a slut.”

“But you are, Jane. I know exactly what you were doing. Trying to, ugn, seduce me with your slutty little body. And now, oh, rocking back greedily into my dick.”

Randy sped up his slot oyna fingers on my clit. My knees began to shake as a powerful climax worked through my body. “RANNNNDY” I screamed.

He let my orgasmic high subside before he stepped away from me. I fell to the ground on my knees and leaned my head against the wall in front of me. I continued to moan in my post orgasmic bliss.

“I’m not done with you yet, babe.” I heard him unzip his jeans and turned in time to see him removing his beautiful 9 inch cock. “Would you say I’m as big as a horse?” He asked with a gleam in his eye as he watched me admiring his member.”

I licked my lips immediately craving it. I wanted him to shove it in my mouth. I wanted to taste him.

But he had other plans. Randy picked me up off the ground and laid me over the saddle I had been cleaning. He yanked down my shorts unceremoniously and I screamed as he shoved two fingers into my waiting pussy.

“God you’re so wet for me Jane. You really are a little slut. Here, have a taste.”

He reached his hand around and stuck his fingers canlı casino siteleri into my mouth. I groaned and greedily sucked my own juices off of his fingers. Then he entered me without warning. I squealed around his fingers as he pumped them into my mouth while he pumped his cock into my pussy.

“mmmf…mmmmf….mmmmf….” his fingers muffled my whimpers and moans as he thrust into me. His balls swung violently and slapped my ass as he pummeled my insides, not holding anything back. Randy leaned forward and laid his chest against my back. He held me tight against him as he fought to get deeper and deeper inside of me.

He humped me mercilessly. I was in heaven. “God, ung…ung….ung… you’re. So. Tight.” He thrust into me deeply with every word. Randy removed his fingers from my mouth and pulled my neck back until his lips reached mine.

Then he came. Rope after rope of his glorious cum hit deep inside me. I tried to scream as I too hit a mind shattering climax but he kissed my violently, muffling my cries. He growled like an animal and then we limply fell forward, together. We were both panting. Randy was heavy on top of me, but I didn’t mind. He was still buried deep inside of me.

I bit my bottom lip, and squeezed my vagina around him. Randy groaned.

“Oh, your insatiable, little slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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