Bandmates Fell in Deep Love

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Hi there! This is my first story and I finally got some courage to actually share it. I hope you like it! 🙂


“She’s really pretty,” I thought over and over to myself.

Her fingers swept all around the keys in an effortless fashion. I sat there dazed, listening for inconsistencies. She squinted every time her arms moved octaves, almost like she was nervous but with confidence. Scared to ruin the balance of technicality and emotion. She was sharp and I loved it!

I sat across from her on the couch. Her head nodding to the beat, the accents of her fingers were perfect. I loved her facial expressions. Her deep blue eyes were hugging me with emotions, closing every so often to deter an awkward moment.

“Sorry, girl, what’s your name again?” I asked, embarrassed I had forgotten her name.

“Lanai,” she spoke softly and smiled.

“Sorry, Lanai, I’ve had a long day,” I started, “I think you’re extremely talented.”

Her face lit up with excitement and a smile of relief came out. I explained to her that I loved her style and approach to the instrument. She knew music theory really well and had a really great attitude. Overall, I was impressed with her abilities. There were so many tryouts today but she seemed to have that extra little bit to her. I wanted her in the band!

“Ariel, I…I just want to thank you for the opportunity to rehearse and play for you,” she said softly, coming out from her shyness.

I smiled at her and got to know her a bit more. She was twenty six years old, making her the oldest member in the band. Lanai had nice wavy brown hair, about shoulder length. She had to have been just under six feet tall and was very thin.

“Wow, Lanai, I’ll cut right to it,” I started out, “I want you to join the group. You have the personality for it!” I said smiling and playfully nudging her with my knee.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” She jumped up and held her mouth in shock.

I knew I had just blown her mind. I liked her! She didn’t have some bullshit ego to go along with her excellent playing. Our last keyboard player, Rachel, was extremely hard to get along with-at least with me.

The final straw was after her behaviour on the last tour. The crowds started to increase in size so naturally, my anxiety level started to go up. I was responsible for a lot of fuck ups during our set times and she made it very clear that I was not perfecting my parts. I wouldn’t have a problem if it was all kept behind closes doors. Rachel, however, loved to humiliate me in the middle of a show and it became a habit for her.

I guess I kept it together on stage visually but inside, I burned with fierce hatred. It all spiraled out of control outside the venue of the last show we did. I was so infuriated, I slapped Rachel as hard as I could. It turned into a drunken cat fight, or so it was called on YouTube. I was embarrassed and issued many statements concerning Rachael’s behaviour and departure. Ultimately, I apologized for my own unprofessional behaviour and I guess now, I was trying to get back on my feet.

“You deserve it, Lanai! You practiced our songs very well and honestly, I just really want to get to know you!” I said with a smile while her face turned red.

“You can call me Lana if you like,” she informed me.

The next few months were great! I spent nearly every day with Lanai, preparing her for what was to come next. We smoked a lot of pot and drank a ton of liquor together. We would jam and slip into fantasy land. Our minds worked efficiently together. She added soul to my voice and even pushed my guitaring skills to a whole new level.

Everyone else in the band loved Lanai as much as I did. I thought everything was a total bust after the crap that occurred the last time we were doing shows. I really adored Lanai though, like in a really special way. We wrote some really amazing songs together and I couldn’t wait for the world to hear it!

Lanai was easily more attractive than me. She was tall and lean. It was hard for me not to compare myself to her. She had bigger breasts and a bum that seriously, was out of this world. I do not even feel bad saying that because I can definitely appreciate a great looking girl. Her charm really drew me close to her though and that was special between us.

I never had thoughts of being with another girl but the chemistry between the two of us lit up like fireworks. I found myself laughing around her more frequently and even developed quite a bit of a crush. It was awesome to have Lanai around and I think it was more than evident that my happiness spark was alive again.

During performances, I’d stare Lanai deep in her eyes in meaningful parts we had worked out. I learned how to connect with people through eye contact on that day she tried out for the band. Oh, she had to know I loved that! I didn’t feel bad for crushing on Lanai because within a short period, she unexpectedly became my very best friend. Even some comments on uploads described illegal bahis the explosive energy between the two of us and I loved it!

Lanai still continued to be somewhat shy as time went on. I thought it was cute. I was more of the get drunk and party kind of rocker, where as she would like to just smoke a joint and go snooze. Not to say she doesn’t get fucked up with us ever, but she definitely carries the passive part more and I thought that was amazing. I couldn’t control my party habits because it was hard. Really though, who could blame me?

“Ariel, would you like to come over later? Eat some pizza? Girl talk?” Lanai asked me privately during a rehearsal.

I agreed and offered to bring a few movies. She graciously accepted and playfully shoved me with such a sweet smile. It warmed my heart and I smiled back. I’m sure my cheeks filled with colour. My crush developed harder and harder. I didn’t know if she liked me as much as I liked her and I was sure the others could tell I adored her.

I brought over some Vodka and mix. She had a lovely night shirt on and looked like she just got out of the shower. I guessed it was laundry day for her. It was nice to hang on the downtime with Lanai. She was a weird, quirky individual and I couldn’t find anything to dislike about her. Arguments came out here and there but we never held grudges. Apologies always came forward after any heated argument and strengthened our already healthy relationship.

We greeted each other and sat down on the couch. Pounding back our first drink while sharing a bowl from her bong kicked off the night. She apologized for the mess and for being a bit behind on her schedule. I was totally cool with it, I mean, I’ve practically lived with her during the tours. We ordered pineapple pizza and chilled on the couch.

As Lanai shifted her legs to grab her drink. I happened to be looking at the right spot at the right time. My brain went through a wave of thoughts. Her bare crotch caught my eye in the second she shifted. She wasn’t wearing any panties! I found myself thinking more about what I had witnessed rather than what Lana was talking about. Big deal! It’s just your piano player’s snatch, you shouldn’t be looking there anyway!

I had seen bits any pieces of Lana’s bare body before. Her bum hanging out of her jeans while she gathers cords on the floor. Those sexy silk panties…Or what about that time she didn’t wear a bra and I could see her cute pointy nipples every time she leaned over…or that cute little bit of hair that surrounded her pretty twat. I made myself uncomfortable with my perverted thoughts. Shit…

I got up and excused myself to the washroom. Pulling down my pants and undies to go pee, my panties were stuck in between my pink lips. They peeled off with a squishy sound. I was so wet it was gross. Goddamn was I ever horny and over what? My sexy bandmate chilling with me on her laundry day? I was so confused.

I came out of the washroom and sat back on the couch. I was a little tipsy but not totally wrecked. Did Lanai have feelings for me? I mean we always connected so well but I’m not into girls. I hadn’t fucked in so long and she was the closest thing to a real relationship. Maybe if I tried sending her some signs to see if she was interested in me…Only one way to find out.

I unzipped my sweater and took it off, exposing my old ragged tank top. I walked to go put it on the table and pulled my jeans up as far as I could into my bum. I purposely dropped my sweater on the floor and bent over slowly to pick it up. I glanced back at Lanai who was staring at me.

“Sorry, it’s comfier without this on right now,” I said as I sat back down.

“Hey, Ariel, can I ask you something?”

I nodded.

“I’m just wondering, am I weird?” She looked sad.

“Yes,” I started, “you are so unique, Lana, and I adore your company so much. Weird isn’t a bad thing. It’s like fuckin’…it’s what makes us all special. There isn’t just one way to be. It all comes down to what makes you yourself. Why, Lana, is everything okay?”

“Of course, Ariel, I just worry sometimes. I fucking love you so much and I don’t know what I would be doing right now if it wasn’t for you. You’re…like my best friend, Ariel,” a tear ran down her cheek.

“Oh my God!” I whispered and covered my mouth.

She gazed in my eyes as they watered. It was the first time I had saw tears in Lanai’s eyes. It was the prettiest thing! An uncontrollable sniffle came upon me and my eyes started to water. I was in love! I never felt this way with anyone else before.

“I fucking love you too, Lanai. I…I…” Before I could finish I started sobbing and leaned in to hug her. I held her tight and my voice broke up all over.

“You are my best friend, Lanai. I don’t mean to cry and have such a mushy moment with you but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about you. You are the fucking world to me, Lana.”

My eyes continued pouring tears and I started to shake a illegal bahis siteleri bit. I broke down and sobbed onto her shoulder. I felt especially emotional today. She looked down at her drink and then back up at me.

“I’ve never once seen you this upset, Ariel, I’m sorry,” Lanai softly said, “I just wanted to let you know that I cherish out friendship and that…I’m here for you. I want to hold you…”

“Oh God…” I whispered as my crotch tingled and burned.

We held each other for a good while and had the mushiest conversations ever. I truly got to know Lanai this evening and in my head, she was perfect! Her life experiences that turned her into what she is today were astonishing to hear about. I really did feel bad for her though just because she had been so lonely for so long.

Lana complained about having sore feet. I told her to sit back on the couch and to rest her feet in my lap. I hoped to get another look up her nightgown. I started to press into her feet and play with her toes. She looked relaxed and her eyes closed. She moaned with pleasure while I rubbed her sexy feet. I made eye contact with her every time she opened her eyes. I couldn’t sneak another peak under her shirt because of the way she was positioned. Disappointing!

The doorbell rang and I ran up to go answer. The food was finally here, yay! I treated Lanai to the food and tipped the delivery guy a couple dollars. Lana had to go get her laundry so I set up some plates and napkins on the table. I waited for her to come back before I started munching. I was starving!

Lanai came back and she had on a regular shirt and very cute yellow gym shorts I had seen at some point on tour. I eyeballed her athletic body from top to bottom. The ache in between my legs made me feeble. The shorts formed in her ass so far up I swear I was going to faint.

“I am so glad we talked about everything,” Lanai said grabbing a slice of pizza.

I agreed and immediately started chowing down. We both didn’t speak much and before we knew it, the yummy pineapple pizza was devoured. More drinks and movies kept the evening going. Of course, the tokes kept us both laughing and chilled out. She snuggled close to me at times and kept talking about how good I made her feet feel.

“Hey, Ariel, can I ask you for like, a massage?” Lana asked with face starting to turn red.

“I’ve never given one before but if you want one I’ll give it to you!”

“I’ll return the favour to you after, don’t worry! I promise!” She smiled.

We made our way to her messy bedroom. I was going to make a move on her for sure! I decided that this was what I dearly wanted and Lanai was too sweet to let anyone else have. With drunk confidence, I knew something was going to go down tonight and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it.

“Just relax, girl, ease the tension of all your muscles,” I softly commanded as she climbed on her stomach and got comfortable. Oh that ass! I wanted to slap and play with it!

“Thanks, Ariel, you sweet mama, you! I hope you don’t mind,” she implied.

“You’re welcome, girl, I don’t mind the view from back here,” I said playfully touching her bum, “you’re so sexy! I’m happy to massage you.”

“I’m so giving you a turn after, Ariel,” she shot back, looking back at me with such dazed eyes.

Starting at Lana’s neck, I did my best to pleasure her. My heart raced as I encouraged myself to be more frisky. I moved to her lower back and lifted up her shirt. Her skin was so soft and beautiful. I focused a lot on her responses, hoping she would remove her top. I insisted and asked if she’d like to remove her shirt.

Smirking and blushing, she pulled it off with one hand. The absence of a bra ensured I had access to her full back. I climbed over all her, trying to give the best rubdown I possible could. I went to the kitchen and made us a couple more extra strong screwdrivers. I had planned a little something while she waited.

She sat up on the bed, completely topless. She had put some music on for us. Noticing me as I approached the bed she covered herself up. Those lovely pointy red nipples! I’m sure my eyes were glued to them during my return. I sat down and give her one of the drinks. Without any notice, I leaned in and pressed my lips up against Lana’s. She didn’t resist and I’m pretty sure I felt her lips push back.

“Can I see you without your top on?” Lana asked with an apple red face.

“Yes!” I thought to myself.

I snickered in excitement and pulled my tank top off. I turned as I removed my bra and slowly made my way back toward her. She moved her arms down and let me look at her chest. I wondered what Lana thought about when looking at my boobs.

“Have you ever seen these before?” I asked wiggling them from side to side, trying to tease her.

“Yes…no! Not like this,” She started, “well, yes. You one time went to bed without a shirt on and the covers rolled down. I had to go cover you up!” I smirked and blushed.

“Do canlı bahis siteleri you want to touch ’em?” I asked politely.

Lana looked embarrassed but I didn’t care. She’s the one that wanted to see my tits! Her hands went over and pushed up on both breasts. Her hands fit perfectly in my b-cup. She used her thumbs to play with my nipples. She had the look of lust in her eyes.

“I love your nipples, Ariel. They’re so…big! I wish I had them!”

“No you don’t, they’re sensitive!” I confessed as I went to fondle hers.

After a few wet kisses and lots of breast play, I reminded her that the massage was still in session. She rolled over on the bed and continued to relax. With some more gentle massaging, I moved to the lower part of her body. Her breathing intensified every time my hand brushed over her juicy ass. I started putting my fingers into the waistband of her shorts to test the reaction first. I inched them down very slowly, just enough to show her crack.

I hurt and things got hot between us so fast. I wanted her so bad. I had fallen in love with my lovely Lana. It took all my effort not to let the animal out of me when we kissed. What if I made it awkward and it ruined the band…AGAIN?! I didn’t care if she was a girl. I loved her and needed her. I approached the next move very carefully.

“Im sure you will be better after this massage, girl,” I implied pulling her shorts down a bit further, “should I take these off?”

“Sorry, Ariel, I’m just really shy,” her face turned red.

I blushed and giggled as I ran my hand around her bum. It was soft and really spiked my sexual energy. Lana giggled and looked back at me with such tempt. I slid her shorts down to the bottom of her bum and started playing with her cheeks. She smiled and closed her eyes, almost as if she was relieved.

I played with her fanny a lot more than I massaged it. I spread her cheeks apart frequently and cherished the sight in between. Her asshole was pretty and innocent looking. I couldn’t help myself. It looked way too delicious and this massage thing just couldn’t happen right now. I rolled her over and pulled her shorts off entirely.

I crawled up next to her and started to release my fury. I shoved my tongue into her mouth and started to rub her pussy. She moaned and moved her tongue around mine in a confused fashion. A moment later, we were synchronized with our tongues. We played with each other to the beats and melodies of the music. I was so turned on at this point that my crotch had a big wet spot that soaked through.

I focused on Lana’s nipples and slipped my middle finger into her pussy. It literally just slipped in and was instantly soaked by her tight vagina. She was fucking horny too! I held her tight with the other arm and sucked ridiculously hard on her nipples. Her squirming started to get out of control, especially when I slipped in the second finger. Lana moaned and whimpered even more intensely. I stared deep into her eyes.

“Baby, I fucking love you,” I softly cried as I desperately tried to make her come.

Lana got quiet in an instant and started to violently shake. Her breathing was broken up and it sounded like she was about to cry. She was having an orgasm! I gripped her lips with mine and fingered her rhythmically to the song. My hand was drenched! Our tongues once again found each other and touched each other so playfully. She moaned with delight and smiled.

“Oh, Ariel, how I’ve always wanted to have sex with you,” Lana said with tears in her eyes.

“I want to taste you,” I started, staring deeply into her eyes, “roll back over on your tummy!”

Lana took a deep breath and rolled over. A big wet spot was on the bed where she came. I felt good. Her whole vagina was soaked in hot, sticky juices which now covered her entire asshole. I wondered if she’d be upset about ass play but I honestly didn’t care at this point. She was mine and nothing was going to change that.

I started at the bottom to where her clitoris was. Soaking up her wetness with my tongue, I approached her puckered hole. I started with a single lick to see what would happen. I felt human instinct took over. My tongue buried deep in between her cheeks, commencing circular movements. A few more yelps of surprise shot from Lana but soon subsided as I moaned with bliss inside of her. I held her down forcefully so I can taste as much as I could of her. I never thought I’d lick someone’s ass before. I never contemplated anal play at any point.

“Ariel! Maybe not there? Please? I’m sorry, I feel too dirty…” She rolled over onto her back.

Without saying anything, I diverted all attention to her cookie box. I was rough with her and absolutely loved how she tasted. I lost count of the orgasms I had given her. She sat up and pushed my head away slowly. Grabbing my chin, she pulled me close and more passionate French kissing ensued. Lana had continued to masturbate while I rubbed our bodies together. She was covered in sweat!

I loved the whole warm and stickiness thing. I’ve seen Lana sweat time and time again during the shows but it had never turned me on until now. Never had I been a part of something so hot. Her body was wet and hot. It drove me mad!

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