Ass Chronicles 01

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01 Sheila.

“Can you rub some lotion in?” said Sheila. “I don’t want to burn!”

She lay on her front and reached around to un-hook her bikini top. She pulled it from underneath her, and laid her head down facing away from me, arms down by her side.

“Legs too, if you don’t mind!” she said.

“Sure” I said, trying to hide my excitement.

We were out on the patio in the blazing sunshine, the white plastic sun loungers, chairs and table blindingly bright in the sun light.

As I picked up the tube of lotion, I took in the sight of the smooth skin of her back and her legs. I let my gaze settle on her ass, tightly enclosed in light blue bikini bottoms, which were riding up enough to show that her smooth round cheeks were slightly parted. This woman was gorgeous and she was my girlfriend Sally’s mother. I had popped round to see Sally, but she would be at least an hour late home from work it turned out. I didn’t mind. Sheila was outside sunbathing when I got there, and after a chat and a cold drink I was about to rub some sun lotion on her. Fantastic!

I had had a crush on Sheila for a long time. It was just the two of them living in the house, Sheila and Sally. Sheila was a friendly lady and always pleased to see me when I called on my girlfriend. She was short and she had in my opinion a perfect figure; slim shoulders atop a small chest, leading to a slim waist, hips widening over slim legs. As I got to know Sheila I fantasised about her more and more, and my fantasies more often than not involved her shapely bottom. There was one occasion; I was just leaving after having spent some time with Sally. I needed the toilet before I left, so I climbed the stairs and shut the bathroom door behind me. As I turned around I noticed a laundry basket in one corner which must have been Sheila’s as Sally had her own in her room. I remember my heart beating fast and my cock growing hard as I lifted the lid and looked inside; tights, socks, skirts, t-shirts and lots of knickers. I picked up a pair. They were soft and white with light blue shapes dotted around the fabric. My cock was now rock hard and I was already pumping it with my hand. I brought the knickers up to my face and put my nose against the crotch, breathing in the heavenly smell. My hand moved faster. I was nearly cumming as I pressed my nose against the seat of Sheila’s panties, which had obviously spent the best part of a day rubbing against her asshole. The smell was fantastic and took me over the edge.

Ever since that moment, I made sure that every time I was at their house I would make my excuses and go upstairs into the bathroom, find some of Sheila’s dirty knickers, and savour them.

So, as I started to rub the lotion on Sheila’s back, I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass and tried to imagine what glories her cleft may contain. As I started to put lotion on her legs she moved her legs slightly further apart which just made things worse for me! I was tempted to lower my head as close to her ass as possible and take a surreptitious sniff, but she may have seen what I was up to in the reflection offered by the patio doors. I needed to do something about my growing tumescence. I put the lotion down and made my excuse.

“I just need to pop to the loo, and I need to find my sun glasses.” I said. That would give me a little more time, I reasoned.

“Ok” said Sheila.

She shifted herself on the sun lounger lifting her ass in the air a little to adjust her bikini bottoms, exposing more of her smooth and full buttocks to the relentless sun. Wow, I thought. I went in through the patio doors. I was about to walk to the bottom of the stairs when I spotted her laundry basket next to the washing machine, which was already washing a load. My heart sank. I lifted the lid, expecting to see an empty basket, but luckily, there on top of a pile of clothes, was a pair of white knickers obviously in need of a wash, and next to these a black lacy pair. I quickly looked back out through the patio doors. From this angle I could see Sheila’s legs and backside, the rest hidden from site. She couldn’t see me. I made a split second decision and pulled my erect member out from my shorts. I grabbed both pairs of knickers bringing the white pair up to my face and putting the black pair over my cock, pulling it hard over my glans. I turned around to look at Sheila’s ass through the patio doors and quietly started to masturbate hoping she wouldn’t move from her present position. As always, her dirty knickers had a wonderful aroma, this pair smelling especially good. As I watched her lying on her sun lounger, I imagined myself kneeling behind her, pulling her bikini bottoms down, parting her cheeks and sniffing and licking her sweet ass.

I came hard and quickly, my reactions too slow to take the black lace knickers off the end of my rod. I turned away from the patio doors and looked down at my juice oozing through the lace. I panicked a little, and then decided I would rub as much of my juice off the knickers and put them bursa escort back in the laundry basket, hoping that nobody would notice anything. Anyway, they were slightly wet before I had pulled them over my cock. I still had the white knickers to my face and the black lace ones over then end of my dick, my shorts down around my thighs, when I turned around to look out of the patio doors to get one last look at Sheila’s ass. To my horror, Sheila was standing in the room looking straight at me. She then moved her gaze down to the cum soaked knickers pulled across my softening member. I lowered the white pair from my face. The pit of my stomach was falling quickly, my face suddenly hot and probably a deep red. I had been caught.

“Sorry….” It was all I could manage.

She stood still, looking at the mess I had made of her lace knickers and then looking me in the eyes. She had made no attempt to cover her small breasts.

“You do realise that those are my pants?” she said. Far from being angry and disgusted, she seemed mildly amused.

For a moment I thought about claiming I’d thought they were Sally’s knickers. We stood for what seemed a long time, me staring at her breasts and she staring at her sticky knickers.

“Yes. Um….I’m sorry.” Again, it was all I could manage. My cock was hardening again. She still made no attempt to cover her breasts and the sight was getting me aroused, despite the feeling in the pit of my stomach. I swallowed hard.

With my shorts still around my thighs I placed her underwear back in the laundry basket. This is the last time I’ll be able to enjoy Sheila’s dirty knickers! I thought. She would tell Sally and it would all come to an end. All the ‘visits to the toilet’ to see if there were any dirty knickers in Sheila’s basket, always hoping for a pair that were really dirty or better still, still warm and fresh, slipped off just minutes ago. I probably won’t be allowed back in the house.

“Hmmmmm.” She said and moved over to the settee and sat down. Still her breasts were on show. My cock was hard again. I pulled my shorts back up in a vain attempt to cover my horn. “So, did you like sniffing my panties?”

“Ummmm….” I didn’t know what to say. My mouth was desert dry.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Sally.”

That was a slight relief. She carried on.

“Which part were you sniffing? Front or back?” She had a smile on her face. “You obviously enjoyed yourself!” She glanced over to the lace knickers in the basket and then at my shorts which were doing a particularly bad job of covering my erection. She still looked amused. Was she starting to feel horny too? I couldn’t tell. “Come on. You can be honest. Have you sniffed my dirty pants before?”

“Front and back” I stammered. I sat down on the nearest chair to try and hide my erect cock. “But, the back bit mainly. And yes I’ve sniffed your knickers before. I….I…….I’m really, really sorry”. It all came out of my mouth so quickly, before I really thought about what I was admitting to. It was like a confessional.

“Ok. Well, what do we do now?” she said. She stopped smiling and stared out of the patio doors.

Oh crap. I thought her amused look was too good to be true.

She remained seated and silent. It felt like I was at school again.

Then she promptly stood up and proceeded to take off her bikini bottoms. I caught a quick glimpse of pubic hair which made heart pump a little faster. She sat back down and held the garment up in one hand.

“Here.” She said. Her amused look had returned. “Smell these if you like!”

I couldn’t believe it. Was she making fun of me? I hesitated and then I stood up and started to walk the few paces across to where she was sitting. I must have looked ridiculous with my erection poking the front of my shorts. Sheila noticed and smiled at me.

“Look, I’m really sorry…..” I said.

“It’s fine. Here, you can sniff these. Do you want me to leave you on your own, or….?” She stood up and faced me. I couldn’t stop myself from gazing wide eyed at her triangle of pubic hair. It wasn’t too thick, and I could just make out the cleft of her pussy.

“They’re getting cold.” she said looking at the bikini bottoms. She placed them in my hand. They were still warm. “Go on sweetheart, sniff them if you like. I don’t mind and I’m not embarrassed. I’m actually quite flattered. Do you want me to leave the room or do you want me stay?” She seemed a little nervous.

“No.” I said in a whisper. I swallowed hard and hesitated for a long while, shifting around on the spot like a naughty kid. Then I put the bikini bottoms to my face and sniffed the crotch.

“Wow!” I said through the material. The smell was just perfect and they were still warm. I took several more deep sniffs before I noticed Sheila had moved her right hand down to her crotch and was slowly moving her fingers back and forth. She stopped when she noticed that I was watching her hand.

“Sorry,” she said a little huskily. She swallowed hard. “Do you want bursa escort bayan me stop and go to another room?”

“No!” I said. I moved my hand down inside my shorts and started to rub my member. “What about Sally? Won’t she be back soon?”

“No. We’ve got quite a while yet.” Her breathing was heavier.

We were both still slowly masturbating, watching each other intently as warm air wafted through the patio doors. I had brought her bikini bottoms away from my face. They were almost inside out now, and Sheila noticed that I was now looking at the seat of her bikini. There was a slight stain.

“Do you mind about the stain?” she said.

“No.” I said. I swallowed hard and moved the bikini bottoms to my face, pressing my nose against the stains. The smell was incredible. My hand moved faster around my dick. Sheila worked her pussy faster with her hand, her middle finger circling around the top of her mound.

I wanted to sniff for ever; this was so horny. But I stopped sniffing and stopped rubbing my cock to look at her hand and fingers working her pussy. My heart was beating so fast I had difficulty breathing. I had fantasised about Sheila for so long and this all seemed like a dream. She stopped rubbing her pussy and let her arms relax down her side. I could see her pussy lips had blossomed through her pubic hair. Tentatively, I slipped my shorts off letting them fall around my feet. Sheila stared at my throbbing dick, skin retracted and glans glistening.

“Wow, I am flattered!” she said. “And so soon after cumming over my panties.” She hesitated a little, clearing her throat self-consciously. “Do you want to sniff me? You’ll get the real smell then.”

I swallowed hard again, and quickly replayed what she had just said, just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.

“Do you mean, um….do you mean….?” I said, hesitantly. . As she stood there, I took in the sight of her naked body, the subject of so many of my fantasies now revealed in front of me. My dick was aching now.

“I mean, you know, do you want to sniff me… in here, down below…” She pointed to her pussy. I didn’t think my heart could beat any faster, and I actually thought I would faint. Would she let me sniff her ass too? Oh wow! I thought.

“Ummm…..yes…if….if that’s ok?” Please don’t change your mind Sheila!!

“Ok.” She said. She stood still for a moment as if unsure what to do. Then she moved back a few paces and leant against the back of the settee, moving her feet apart a little to expose her crotch a little more. I shuffled my shorts away from my feet and realised my hands were shaking.

It was as if there was a magnet pulling me towards her and down on to my knees, lowering myself down a little further so my face was slightly below her pussy. I could see that she was wet, her pubic hair glistening with a little juice, her pussy lips blossoming like a pink flower. We were both breathing harder as I slowly moved my face closer to her pussy until her pubic hair touched and tickled my nose. I looked up briefly to see that she was looking down at me. She closed her eyes as I moved in further and pressed up against her pussy and sniffed long and deep. Sheila let out a small gasp and opened her legs a little farther. Her smell was strong and filled my nostrils, taking me by surprise. But it was so good. Sniffing deeply I moved my nose up and down her pussy crack taking in the wonderful variety of odours and feeling my lips slip across her labia , soft and wet. My excitement was growing and so was hers. She lifted one foot off the floor to open up more for me. I started to use my tongue, licking up and down her quivering pink folds. Every time I came into contact with her clit she let out a gasp and bucked her hips. She tasted so good. I didn’t want this to end. My fantasy was coming true.

I stopped using my tongue and continued to sniff, the smell an amplified version of her knickers I had sniffed so many times before. This was so much better. Gradually my mouth and nose became slick with juices and covered in her wonderful aroma.

“Is this ok?” I asked her.

“Fantastic! Is it ok for you? It’s not too smelly for you?”

“No, it’s fantastic!” I said. I had never meant anything so much!

Sheila lowered her leg. “Do you want me to turn around?” This was leading up to what to what I had been fantasising about for so long. Or was it? She saw my hesitation. “To sniff my bum? You can if you want.”

“Yes I’d love to….I mean, if it’s ok with you?” My heart was trying to jump out of my chest.

“Yeah, sure.” She said. “Shall I kneel on the edge of the settee?”

I nodded. My mouth was dry and I could still smell her pussy on my lips. It was all in slow motion as she walked around to the other side of the settee. I followed her on my knees, my eyes locked on her curvy bottom, wiggling as she walked. She knelt on the edge of the settee and remained upright, waiting for me to get into position behind her. She stayed upright as I settled down behind escort bursa her, and I put my shaking hands on her soft buttocks. I gently kneaded them, my heart racing. As I kneaded her cheeks they parted slightly and I could just make out a light covering of hair in her cleft.

“Just say if it’s too smelly, I can always wipe it a bit, or something.” She looked back at me over her shoulder.

“No it’s fine, don’t worry.” I said.

Slowly, she started to lean forward. I let my hands move down to the side of her thighs. As she leaned forward more her buttocks started to part until she was as far forward as she could be, pushing her ass up into the air. And there it was, the subject of my fantasies for so long, four or five inches away from my face, glistening slightly. Her puckered anus was a darker colour than the surrounding skin of her cleft, its small folds perfectly symmetric. I moved my hands back up to her buttocks and parted them slightly more, watching the way her ring stretched.

“Is it ok?” Sheila said. She looked back over her ass at me. “Is it dirty? Sorry……..” She was about to get up.

“No, no it’s fine. It’s beautiful. Perfect.”

“Oh, ok. I was just a bit worried.” She gave a hesitant laugh.

I managed to break myself away from staring at her beautiful asshole and started to move my nose closer. As I drew closer the aroma got stronger and my cock twitched. I thought I would come there and then, but somehow I managed to stop myself. Finally my nose was pressed against her perfect asshole, and I took the deepest sniff I could. It was warm and slippery and her smell was thick and musky.

“Oh yes, wow, wow ,wow…..” I murmured, my voice muffled within her warm cleft.

I sniffed for a long time, my nose slipping up and down her bum crack; there couldn’t have been a more perfect smell. I had sniffed her knickers plenty of times, enjoyed the light stains and thought that it was perfect. But this was unbelievable; ten times better than her knickers. No, a million times better, so strong and musky. I pulled her cheeks apart a bit further to try and get my nose deeper into her warm, glossy cleft.

I started to stick my tongue out as I moved my nose up and down her ass crack. Lightly at first, I felt my tongue slip across her silky ring. She must have realised what I was doing as she let out a long sigh. I had a slight hint of a tangy taste on my tongue. I pressed my tongue out slightly harder and licked and sniffed. The taste was stronger now. I parted her cheeks a little more and felt her asshole stretching under my tongue. Sheila’s strong taste and smell now filled my senses and I felt delirious. I made my tongue as hard as possible and started to press it against her asshole. She gasped again and pushed her self towards me, pushing the small of her back down to get her ass as high and her cheeks as wide apart as possible, helped by my hands stretching her cheeks further still. I felt my tongue push past her anal entrance, and as she relaxed her ring a little, my tongue went deeper inside.

“Yessssssss.” She said.

I moved my hard tongue in and out of her hole, feeling it push past her ring and up inside and then letting it pop back out. She kept pushing herself backwards in time to the thrust of my tongue making it easier to penetrate her anus and also making my tongue penetrate deeper. I started to rub her clit gently with my thumb whilst keeping my tongue in her ass. I felt the muscles of her anus clench and relax, pushing my tongue out and then allowing back in. The taste and smell was driving me on, my tongue moving in and out faster.

After not long enough, I had to stop to give my tongue a rest. I carried on sniffing, not wanting to ever forget her pungent scent. I placed a finger against her anus and started to rub it gently. It was wet and warm. Like an intrepid explorer, gently I started to press the end of my finger against her anus.

“Oh yes, go on….” Sheila moaned.

I pressed further until the end of my finger parted her muscle and slowly I pushed it further in until I was up to the knuckle. Sheila let out a loan groan as I slowly moved the tip of my finger around inside her.

“I hope there’s nothing up there!” Sheila giggled, nervously.

“No, it’s ok.” I reassured her.

I carried on for a while, watching her ass as she moved it in time to my probing. I pulled my finger out eventually and sniffed some more. I couldn’t get enough of her smell.

She moved herself round to face me and reached down to grasp my cock and rub.

“I want you to use this.” She said squeezing my member and rubbing it slowly.

“Ok. What do you want me to do?” Whatever happened next, I knew I couldn’t last long before I came again.

Sheila lay back on the settee and pulled her legs up with her hands behind her knees.

“Put it up here first.” She said gesturing towards her soaking pussy, pink lips parted.

I nodded, moved myself off my haunches and guided my throbbing rod towards her pussy. Sheila started to breathe deeply again and when my glans started to push against the entrance she let out a long sigh of pleasure. Slowly I pushed in to, deeper and deeper until I was completely enveloped within her warm slippery tunnel.

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