Aroma Lust New Frontiers

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I had told Evelyn that when I was ready to come home and I was to be departing from Istanbul that I had disposed of her fecal encrusted garments that I had been masturbating over. She said that was a shame as she said that she would certainly like to smell them herself. I especially would have lingered over my bra that had two turds spread inside. My nipples get rock hard from the contact. I have my soiled garments shipped through an international laundry service. They deal with soiled items and pack them so as not to arouse questions. Pricey though it is. Benefits of the rich and salacious.

Now we were upstairs in Evelyn’s movie suite. The room had comfortable leather chairs and big screens. The floor was tiled and had two chiropractic tables that had been specifically modified to accommodate our sexual proclivities. The tables not only had the normal opening to put one’s face but an additional opening to expose the groin. The legs were extended so that a combination dolly and seat could fit under the table. Evelyn asked me what I would like to see as she had a large collection of porn videos. I replied shit smelling dykes. Should we do one ourselves. We would need disguises, she güvenilir bahis laughed and then came back to the videos. I have many, be more specific. I replied, English speaking with shit smearing and without the theatrical groans. Evelyn responded, we are so alike I think you’ll like this one. Nancy chimed in, I’m ready to be stimulated. Evelyn said to her, you’re always ready.

Two elderly dykes dressed only in transparent, tight undies. We get a backside view as they fill their panties with excrement. They rub themselves and handle shit and spread it on their legs. Now they turn around and share their feces by smearing it on each other’s face and tits. The conversation turns to how much they enjoy the smell of each others shit. This is the part that gets me most excited in the porn genre. It is also very rare. All of us were intently listening. One of the grannies was telling our story. That smelling shit was the most erotic thing she ever did. That hiding her fetish both aroused her and made sexual fulfillment difficult. These matrons were either very good actors or they were genuinely enjoying the aroma of each others shit. They lingered over smelling each other. They discuss which smells türkçe bahis turn them on the most. Vinegar was mentioned and I have long been sexually aroused by it’s stink. They even talked about shit smelling as an erotic fetish that may be more common but that has such a taboo to it that almost no one will admit to it. The video ends with a common theme. They partake of each other’s feces, they lick shit off of their breasts as they kiss and fade away. Back from the video world. Nancy is smelling her fingers and gently masturbating. Evelyn is probing her anus to get some of her sweaty fecal load on her fingers. She shares some with Nancy and me, it smells wonderful.

Evelyn asked me if I would mind if she left for awhile because Nancy wanted to have me alone. I also think that it was about time for Evelyn to shed her rubberized pants that were as comfortable as a spacesuit.

Nancy was a no limits shitaholic. Nancy rarely took a shower, she was musky all over and she did not mind keeping shit clinging to her body. She actually complained that the smell of shit dissipated too quickly. She wanted to bathe in shit. Or wanted an oil based perfume that smelled like shit. I was excited. Nancy güvenilir bahis siteleri asked me if I wanted a shit back rub. Sounds delicious, I want to contribute. We both defecated in a large stainless steel bowl. Both of us were packed. Our bowels were dense. We bent over to let the other insert fingers in our asshole seeing who would emerge with the most coated finger I was back on the table. Nancy spread the still warm shit on my back, down my legs then rubbing my toes.

I wanted to handle and smell some feces. Nancy brought the bowl over and I helped myself. Nancy was back on my toes. In short order she began to suck each toe, licking the shit clean. Nancy climaxed and I was worried that she would bite my toe, she didn’t. I asked her if she could perform cunnilingus on me. Better than that she said she wanted to rub my pussy with shit while she did it. I eagerly said yes. I turned over and she smeared a handful on my clitoris. Nose and mouth were buried in me, I was having and orgasmic earthquake. Nancy was enjoying herself, coming up for air from time to time. Excrement was smeared across my chest and I would renew the aroma in my nostrils. The smell and cunnilingus overwhelmed me. My eyes were closed, living a dream and in ecstasy The thought of eating shit was pulling me. Certainly Evelyn and Nancy would be happy. They were already aficionados of fecal delights I said kiss me, I want to taste shit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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