Angst in the Vagina

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The frustration in my vagina had been building for some time. It needed to be fulfilled, touched and manipulated to arouse my deepest senses.

When I looked into his eyes, I could feel the warmth flowing though my entire body. As he pulled me towards him kissing me passionately, I felt his muscles and hardness press against me as if we were to become one.

I pressed my ample, swollen and tender breasts against him, against his hard chest as he started fondling and massaging them. It was as if the tension in my neck dissolved and all I could feel were his strokes, fondling and strong touch of his masculine hands and thumbs twiddling softly around my erect nipples.

The arousal of my nipples sent a spark to my vagina awakening my senses wanting more and wanting the inevitable but fighting to prolong the moment of excitation.

He unbuttoned my blouse kissing my neck and moving downwards towards my breasts as he reached down rubbing my stomach and sneaking his touch into my vagina. His long finger entered me and probed me as I became wetter and hornier.

Not able to resist the temptation, casino siteleri I knelt on my knees putting his hardened cock into my mouth as I pulled down his jeans pulling his butt cheeks pressed into me as I went down deeper sucking his long, stiff and thick cock.

As he took off his pants, he led me to the bed and laid me down. Completely undressing me slowly and with lustful glares, he sent chills down my spine. I lost track of the place and the time. It was these moments that I treasured in anticipation for the ultimate unity and ecstasy of intimacy.

I was getting wetter as he pulled my legs apart, widening them for his wet tongue as he was swirling it around my clit and into my cunt. I spread my legs wider wanting and yearning for more. Wanting more and never getting enough, I anticipated the foreseeable.

He stopped all too early, leaving me frustrated and denied my orgasm as he put his cock back into my mouth self-interestedly and selfishly but I didn’t resist.

I sucked on his voracious cock vigorously, then rebelling and turning over on my knees sticking my ass in his face and slot oyna fondling my clit to finish what a job he had left undone. As I was sighing from masturbating myself, he stuck his finger in my ass softly and sensually.

I no longer paid attention to my vagina denied of the pleasure of an orgasm as the waves of pleasure went farther up into my ass. As I was anticipating his hard dick inside, I didn’t want his probing to stop and he didn’t until I was good and excited.

When my ass was completing stimulated, he stuck something in my ass slowly. I couldn’t tell if it was his cock until my second hole was probed with his hard, swollen and wanton hard cock slowly moving inside my vagina deeply.

As I weakly continued masturbating myself, I began to come, my ass getting tighter and his cock getting stronger and bigger.

My vagina was soaking wet for him to glide in and out of as I continued to arouse my clit to orgasm.

He kept probing me harder and harder, deeper and deeper as I lost track of where his cock was, where my ass was, and my frozen clit continued spasming.

My ass started canlı casino siteleri aching and throbbing with relief along with the pleasure of him penetrating me more intensely. The throbbing now was not just in my ass but in my pussy, up and down my spine and throughout my body.

We were one, completely dissipated in pleasure, in guilt, in contentment and gratification.

I lay weakened on my stomach trying to keep my ass up in the air as my entire body kept pulsating and burning as his hard cock kept penetrating me and piercing my sensitive membranes bringing delight and an inferno of heat. I heard a loud sign. I came again.

He pulled his hard cock out of my vaginal walls leaving me selfishly to pull myself up and collapse as he surrendered himself.

It was the oneness I was feeling and enjoying as my body convulsed and rest in bliss.

I didn’t understand what just happened but it was only a sensation that a man could leave me with feeling.

It was only the enjoyment and the loneliness of no longer being attached to another body that only a man could give me. It was this part of him I hated. It was this detachment I hated and commiserated for again and again in my female psyche.

Then I woke up. I woke up alone, fully satisfied but yet angry and tormented. Horney for him, I picked up the telephone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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