…And Dance Like No One’s Watching Pt. 01

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I want to thank MJ and JJ from The Fenlands for inspiring this story.

Part 1

Jenny was bored and just a little nervous.

It was weeks since her last modeling job and she was starting to run low on ready cash. With the nationwide shut down, she wasn’t likely to get another assignment anytime soon. So she was stuck, trapped more like it, in the small apartment she now shared with her friend Clare.

Oh yes, sweet Clare…

They met on a modeling shoot, one that involved enough nudity and choreographed simulated sex to cause something to stir deeply within her even though she considered herself to be completely straight. Over a drink at the end of the day, Jenny reluctantly confessed she was at her wit’s end, hard pressed to keep her own place and have enough money left to eat until the next shoot, if and when there even was a next.

Clare listened sympathetically. In addition to the modeling on her off days, she worked all the hours she could at a cafe style restaurant just to get by herself. Yet she generously offered Jenny the use of the extra bedroom in her own modest apartment at no cost and would brook no argument about it. She even paid for the drinks.

Somewhat reluctantly, Jenny moved in and was immediately glad she did. She took over the cooking and cleaning and such while she looked for a more permanent job and Clare worked hard at the one she had. While Jenny was almost old enough to be Clare’s mother, they instantly bonded more like teenage girlfriends. It helped they looked like sisters, had the same wry sense of humor and openly shared their mutual interests in erotic literature, especially very kinky, perverse and outright taboo stories.

When they had a chance, they drank wine and shared stories about themselves, their upbringing and their experiences. Clare was openly bisexual although she made no attempt to make any overt move on the totally straight Jenny. Unlike Jenny, Clare didn’t have many stories to share about her past sexual encounters with others, males or females. Over time, they shared even more until Clare let it slip one evening while they were both rather tipsy that she didn’t much require others.

Her sexual needs and desires were almost exclusively, and more than sufficiently, taken care of by her parents. Nor was it a one time or accidental occurrence either. On those nights she didn’t return to the apartment until early morning, if at all, she spent in her parents’ bed with one or both of them. Jenny found it hard to believe the perfectly ordinary middle class couple she met a couple of times would have such a proscribed incestuous relationship with their grown daughter. It was hardly molestation either, with Clare an eager and willing participant.

Jenny surprised herself, finding that situation strangely arousing and a persistent new element in her own almost daily masturbation fantasies…

Jenny knew something was wrong the moment Clare came bursting through the door, slamming her purse down on the kitchen counter.

“What is it?” Jenny asked in concern.

“Fucking shutdown,” Clare muttered angrily, “the restaurant is closing down for the duration by government order, take out only.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I’m out of a fucking job unless I want to go to the shore,” Clare replied, digging out a beer from the refrigerator.

“What’s at the shore?”

“Harry owns another cafe there in a small old fishing village,” Clare answered after taking a deep swig of the beer. “The manager just up and left, so he wants me to go over there and try to keep it open doing take out and maybe some delivery. He said I could stay in his summer cottage while there. Fucks up my racing and I just got the damn car ready to go too. Not that it matters, of course, since racing is canceled anyway.”

“So when are you going and how long will you be gone?” Jenny asked warily.

“I’m leaving first thing in the morning,” Clare responded finishing the beer and fishing out another for each of them, “and I have no fucking idea for how long.”

“Oh,” was all Jenny managed to murmur.

Early the next morning, Clare hugged Jenny one last time, both of them trying very hard to hold back their tears. She quickly turned, picked up her only bag and headed out the door for the four hour drive. For a moment, Jenny just stood there staring at the back of the closed door then sat at the table and burst into tears.

Clare sat sobbing in her twenty seven year old Suzuki Samurai for a few moments before starting the engine and pulling out into traffic. She wiped the tears from her eyes a few times with the back of her hand as she drove, glad to see traffic was especially light with most businesses closed and people staying at home.

Fifteen minutes later, Jenny was still seated at the table, tears running down her cheeks with her face buried in her hands, a cold mug of coffee next to her elbow. The door flew open and Clare came practically running into the room. Jenny rose in surprise as Clare wrapped her arms illegal bahis around her, both of them crying happily.

“I got to thinking about you sitting here all alone for days on end,” Clare managed to say haltingly after a few moments, “I could hardly see to drive I was crying so hard so I had to turn around and come get you. We’ll go do this together.”

It only took a few moments for Jenny to throw a few things in a bag before they walked to the car arm in arm.

The summer cottage was truly isolated. They got lost twice before finally finding it nestled on the side of hill surrounded by a thick stand of trees above a stony beach.

Their first surprise was the size of Harry’s well hidden getaway, basically a rather small single open room with a sink and ancient looking kitchen appliances against one wall. The second was the double bed pushed up against the other wall…the only one in the place. The rest of the furniture consisted of a single dresser, a table with four chairs and two rocking chairs on the small porch overlooking the sea in the distance through the surrounding treetops.

“Well, now that’s special,” Jenny grinned, pointing out what passed as the bathroom…a sink, commode and shower stall with a wrap around curtain barely big enough for one person in a far corner…and no privacy wall or door.

“Harry did say he likes to get away from it all here,” Clare said flatly, “I guess he wasn’t kidding.”

“We’ll just have to make the best of it,” Jenny exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips and looking around intently. “Where’s your sense of adventure? Think of it like going to camp when you were a little kid.”

“We had a door on the bathroom when I went to summer camp,” Clare grumbled, tossing her bag down near the dresser, “and each of us had our own bed too.”

Jenny just laughed, disguising her own trepidation with the sleeping arrangement as she set about tidying up the place. Harry hadn’t left a mess as such from his last visit but there was accumulated dust on everything.

Luckily the electricity was on but the refrigerator empty. There was no internet connection and a tenuous cell phone one at best, one of those stand on one foot with a hand in the air above your head at the end of the porch to get an intermittent signal type. It took Clare thirty minutes to even figure that out.

“Why don’t you go into town, check on the cafe then stop and get us something to eat and drink while I continue cleaning,” Jenny finally instructed her.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clare responded with a sloppy facsimile of a military salute.

Jenny noted an odd look on Clare’s face and in her eyes when she answered. Moreover, Clare’s nipples were quite visibly erect as she turned and walked to the car.

It didn’t take Jenny very long to tidy up the cottage, wipe down all the hard surfaces and wash the dishes and cookware. When she was done with that, she put her and Clare’s clothing away, hanging what she could on a small rack next to the dresser and placing the rest in the dresser drawers.

She stripped off her soiled clothes and took a long hot shower. Standing under the stinging water, her own nipples stiffened as she pictured Clare’s just before she left. She thought that was an odd response to a simple suggestion about using their time effectively.

She had seen Clare topless and even naked any number of times…on modeling shoots and around their apartment. For some reason that day, her thoughts wandered from those erect nipples to all that Clare told her about the sexual relations with her parents to that cryptic sloppy salute.

Through two failed marriages, as well as any number of affairs and one night stands going back to when she lost…readily and enthusiastically gave away actually…her virginity at thirteen, Jenny had participated in her fair share of out of the ordinary sex…fairly frequent threesomes with both husbands and assorted boyfriends, the occasional orgy and some even more wild and depraved sexual play, but never anything as taboo as incest. Sometime in the next few hours, she was willingly going to climb into a small bed with an openly bisexual woman whose routine sexual activities included happily fucking and sucking her own mother and father as they did the same to her.

The orgasms that exploded in Jenny’s pussy and surged through her body went on and on until the shower water ran cold.

Jenny was laying on the bed mindlessly paging through a dogeared copy of a five year old fishing magazine when Clare finally got back well after sunset, her car’s headlights flashing against the front window as she pulled to a stop. Jenny got up, straightened the t-shirt she wore over a pair of pale blue hiphugger panties and stepped outside the cottage into the chill air to give Clare a hand with the groceries and other bags filling the back of her car.

“Were you already in bed?” Clare asked, handing her a couple of over filled grocery bags with her eyes locking on Jenny’s nipples prominently protruding through the thin fabric of her t-shirt in illegal bahis siteleri the cool air.

“No, I just took a shower after finishing cleaning up and was waiting for you,” Jenny replied over her shoulder as she walked back into the house. “Besides, I’m starving. What took you so long?”

“I checked out the cafe and called all the staff for whom I had phone numbers while I had service,” Clare responded, following closely behind as they climbed the steps to the front door of the cottage, getting an unobstructed look at the pale blue panties partially covering Jenny’s ass under her t-shirt and pulling up between her round ass cheeks. “Most are coming in tomorrow morning and we’ll sort out how to do the curbside pick up and delivery, what the menu might be, who works when and the like.”

“Sounds good,” Jenny said while unpacking the bags. “Go take a shower and I’ll make us something to eat.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clare answered with another sloppy salute, her nipples poking out through her shirt before even turning to the shower.

There really wasn’t anywhere to privately undress, not that it seemed to matter to Clare in any case. Half turning toward Jenny, Clare pulled her shirt over her head, freeing her bra less tits with their stiff dark nipples. She then pushed her jeans down over her hips and stepped out of them before hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her lacy bikini panties. She wiggled her hips when the gusset caught momentarily in her obviously damp pussy slit before she sat on the bed, crossed her ankles over her knees in turn to remove her socks, giving Jenny an unimpeded view of her smoothly shaved pussy with prominent dangling lips and large hooded clit.

For a moment, Clare just sat there, fondling her tits with her thighs wide open. Jenny couldn’t take her eyes from the brazen display until Clare looked directly at her and smiled. Then she sat down on the commode and peed, noisily splashing her piss into the toilet before stepping into the shower.

Jenny was sipping a glass of wine when Clare got out of the shower, casually walking across the room still drying her hair with a towel, not bothering to put on any clothes. Her nicely shaped grapefruit sized tits with still stiff nipples bounced seductively with every step until she sat down. She wolfed down the pasta Jenny prepared and practically inhaled two glasses of wine.

“God, I needed that,” she finally said, leaning back in her chair while eyeing Jenny appreciatively, “and I’m really beat. It’s been a long day and tomorrow will probably be worse.”

Jenny took the right side of the bed, hesitating for a moment before stripping off her t-shirt to sleep topless as she typically did. Clare got in the other side after telling Jenny she always slept in the nude. They both lay quietly for a few moments awaiting sleep, the only light coming from a dim night lite near the commode.

The mattress was rather lumpy and both of them squirmed around to get comfortable. Jenny ended up on her side facing Clare, while Clare lay on her back, their hips touching lightly.

Jenny was drifting off, practically asleep, when she heard Clare begin to breath raggedly and her leg tremble slightly. It took her a few seconds to realize Clare was fingering herself beneath the sheet.

“What are you doing?” Jenny asked, sitting up to look down at Clare.

“I’m really horny and I usually get myself off before I go to sleep,” Clare muttered without stopping.

“Well…just…stop it,” Jenny said firmly, her face flushing.

“Why?” Clare answered, squirming a little so her leg pressed a little tighter against Jenny’s. “It feels good and I know you do it all the time. I often can hear you moan through the wall.”

“That’s different.”

“Why? Getting off is getting off.”

“I do it in private,” an embarrassed Jenny murmured, “not while laying next to another.”

“Would you prefer I fingered you and you fingered me,” Clare chuckled encouragingly with a wicked grin, “that’s something you do laying next to another.”

“NO! Just stop it…right now,” Jenny huffed and lay back down with her back to Clare, surprised how stiff her own nipples had become.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Clare answered with that odd lilt to her voice and undoubtedly a sloppy salute. “I won’t do it again until you let me.”

Jenny drifted off to sleep wondering about the strange way Clare phrased her last response.

Eleven employees were waiting for them at the cafe the next morning, including two cooks, a dishwasher and eight servers. It turned out the manager left town three days before for unknown reasons, although one of the servers offered it was because she was pregnant by a man other than her husband and ran off with him.

Jenny went off with the cooks to plan some simple prepackaged meals based on the regular menu they could prepare in advance. Clare and the others first thoroughly cleaned the entire place then figured out a work schedule and potential delivery system.

By mid afternoon, Clare had the regular canlı bahis siteleri seating area rearranged so customers could come just inside one door to pick up their orders then exit through another. She worked out a schedule for the staff willing to work, including those with cars or bicycles who would make home deliveries.

Jenny and the cook simplified the menu to a half dozen options based on what would be available from suppliers and was easy to transport. Clare decided to keep the regular prices for all items picked up, with a small extra charge on deliveries that would go to the driver. She also kept everyone’s wages the same, with any tips at the curbside pick up to be shared equally.

The father of one of the servers, an eager plump teenage girl just out of secondary school with enormous tits, ran a printing business that was already closed. She got him to print up a thousand fliers with the menu and phone number that Clare paid the servers to distribute around town.

By the time they returned to the cottage that night, Jenny and Clare were both exhausted. Clare headed straight to the shower, shedding her clothes as she went.

“Save some hot water for me,” Jenny called out before reheating some pasta and pouring them both a glass of wine.

She was pouring herself a second when Clare walked toward the table, again drying her hair energetically enough her firm tits bounced back and forth, her nipples rock hard little fingertip sized nubs. She stopped a few feet from Jenny, picked up her own wine glass and smiled coyly as she took the first sip.

“I tried to save some hot water for you…Ma’am,” she murmured huskily before draining the wine glass and pouring herself another, “but it might be better to eat first and give the heater a chance to work.”

Jenny nodded her agreement as she started to place plates and food on the small table. Try as she might to avert her eyes, she kept stealing glances at Clare’s firm tits and especially the stubble beginning to grow above and around her mons.

“It’s perfectly alright to look at my naked body and lady bits if you want, you know,” Clare finally said after they sat in an awkward silence for several minutes while eating, “I kind of like it actually. Besides, I’m planning on getting my own eyeful when you go shower. Maybe I’ll sit on the commode for a really close up look of your awesome tits and ass and pussy.”

Jenny averted her eyes and blushed a bright crimson, eliciting a gleeful laugh from Clare. Then Clare jumped to her feet, pushing her tits up with both hands and pirouetted on her toes in a poor imitation of a ballerina a couple of times. That was more than Jenny could stand. She started giggling and kept on until she was laughing so hard she almost fell off the chair.

“You…you really…need to…shave…you know,” Jenny gasped, laughing again as she pointed to Clare’s pussy and the hair emerging across the top of her mound all the way to the side of both thighs. “Or…or do you…plan on going…completely native…out here in…the boonies?”

Clare dropped both of her tits and reached down to her crotch while bending her knees slightly. As a result, her pussy slit gaped open slightly and her rather large clit, practically the size of a newborn boy’s cock, popped out from beneath its fleshy hood.

“You’re right. I hadn’t really noticed but the hair is growing in again fast isn’t it?” she murmured, looking down at her own cunt and brushing her finger across the short dark stubble and the top side of her exposed clit. “What do you think?”

Jenny leaned back in the chair, unconsciously letting her knees spread apart as she tried to look serious, her chin on her right hand. She felt a distant twitch deep between her legs when Clare’s finger lightly touched that impressively sized clit again.

“Well, I suppose it would be easier to just let it grow if you don’t mind the itching and the hairs eventually sticking out the sides of your bikini panties,” she said solemnly, trying less than fully successfully to suppress another laugh.

“Hmm, I’m not sure if that’s such a bad idea except for one thing,” Clare replied looking at Jenny with a glint in her eye, “my Mommy and Daddy really like my pussy smooth and bare…just like I was as a little girl growing up.”

Jenny felt another, stronger twitch deep in her cunt with Clare so openly and casually acknowledging her incestuous relationship with her parents. That it was so taboo added to its strange appeal to her. She drained her wine glass and got to her feet.

“I need to take my shower,” she announced, pulling her t-shirt over her head to expose her lacy beige bra. “You still plan on watching me?”

“Of course,” Clare giggled, stepping behind Jenny to unclasp her bra, freeing her ski sloped shaped tits, “unless you tell me I can’t do that either…Ma’am.”

Jenny turned and cocked her head to look at Clare who was looking down at the floor. Then without a word, she stripped off her jeans and panties and climbed into the shower. Clare followed along silently, sitting on the commode watching the entire time Jenny cleansed herself. All the while, Clare pulled and pinched her elongated nipples quite ferociously without saying a word, her moist pussy slit glistening slightly between her spread thighs.

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