Anal Summer Ch. 03

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I arrived at the bistro to find Gemma all worked up and in a fit of sheer panic. “You’re here, thank goodness!” she exclaimed, and I was taken aback by her obviously tense mood.

“Yeah, and early,” I replied. “Where’s Paolo?” Paolo was our head chef, and he ran the kitchen.

“Well, that fucker, Big D, has been successful,” she said.

“He sure has,” I retorted sarcastically. “As much as you hate him, you’re stating the obvious.” The look on Gemma’s face was not one of amusement, and I sought to put the pieces of the puzzle together in my mind. It eventually came to me. Davy had told Gemma and me a few nights ago that one of his “ears on the street” heard that Big D was trying with all his might to wrest Paolo from Gemma’s control. More than just wanting Paolo’s talents, Big D wanted to crush Gemma’s business. “That fucker!” I shouted in my eureka moment.

“He’s lured him away,” she said, thinking openly. “Davy said his source told him that Big D even paid Paolo an additional $500 to quit without a notice.”

“What are we going to do?” I wondered out loud.

“It’s not what ‘we’re’ going to do, it’s what ‘you’re’ going to do!” she answered with her eyebrows raised and her forehead creased.


“Yep. You.” I knew what she meant, but I was still in shock by it. “You’re ready. You’ve been ready for a long time.” Being both flattered and terrified at the same time, I grabbed for words but couldn’t find them.

Finally: “But to run the kitchen by myself! Even if I could, we’d be shorthanded!”

“Don’t worry. Davy is sending a friend of his over to get us through today.”

“Well, then, it’s a good thing I came in early!” I said, verbally patting myself on the back and grinning.

“Thanks, Larry. I know you can do this.” Gemma’s warm smile reassured me.

“The first thing I want to do is promote Rocco under me to my old spot…”

“If that’s what you want.”

“…and we need to discuss new specials for the week.”

“That’s what I pay you for,” Gemma said with confidence.

“Oh, yeah, about that…”

“Yes. You’ll get a bump starting today.”

As the day unfolded, I found myself up for the task. I was energized by my new found position while basking in the afterglow of losing my anal virginity. I was in the zone and pushed out dinners with ease! The guy Davy sent over was a seasoned veteran of several kitchens and ran his own place in one of the nearby suburbs. His name was Matty, and he effortlessly picked up everything I showed him about our menu items and specials. We hit if off and worked well together, making the day a breeze.

At about 8:45 that evening, I heard a familiar voice from the dining area. Madison had dropped in for dinner with two friends: Kate, and another woman I didn’t recognize. My smile of happiness was directed straight at Madison. She returned my smile with a coy little smile of her own. One that said, “I know what you look like naked, and I know your fetishes.”

The new woman was straight from central casting, that is, if you needed somebody to play a stuck-up museum curator in a movie. She looked small and conservative and painfully thin. Perhaps in her late 40s or early 50s, she was dressed in a stuffy, conservative dress suit and looked uncomfortable being in her own skin. Her short, bobbed hair was neatly trimmed, mostly black but flecked with a few grays here and there.

Kate, for her part, was looking sexy and playful by comparison. She would laugh and talk loudly (but not loud enough for me to make out what she was saying), while “Stuffy” barely spoke a word. When she did, it seemed to be impersonal and businesslike.

I tried to keep focused on my job and ignore the table of women, especially Madison with her sexy stare. She teased me with her eyes and sexy half smile. I didn’t want Gemma to see too much of this as I was wanting to spare myself a lecture on why fucking customers is bad.

Madison said something to the women, who immediately looked my way and giggled, even Stuffy. Curiosity plagued my being; the thoughts ran wild through my head. What did Madison say to them? Was she telling them that I was a dumb native? Was she saying that I was a lousy lay? Was she complaining about the size of my cock? Was it not big enough for her? I never measured it. I know a lot of guys did theirs, but I never did mine. Paranoia was taking control!

“Hey!” Matty shouted to me. “Pass me a sauté pan, would ya?” I snapped out of my self-conscious, worried daydream and handed Matty a medium sauté pan.

Gemma was making her rounds to the different tables, working her way slowly but surely to Madison and her friends. If they were talking about me and my cock size and my affinity for ass and how much I could fuck and cum and recover, Gemma would hear every detail and… “Oh my God, get a grip, your mind is running away on you,” I thought to myself. I was able to calm down and focus on the work in front of me. I didn’t even notice that Gemma had once again joined Madison’s group for more closing-time wine consumption.

A selfish illegal bahis thought ran through my male mind: It will be tough getting my cock in Madison’s ass tonight with Gemma hanging around.

In what seemed like just a few minutes later – we were jamming busy – it was time to shut down and clean the kitchen for the night. Once that was finished I went downstairs to shower and change. I returned to the dining room to find the place almost completely empty except for Juan and his helper, Alex and was semi surprised that Gemma and Madison had both left without a goodbye. I queried Juan and Alex as to the whereabouts of the women.

“Dey yuss leff ten minute ago,” Juan said in his amusing accent. I thanked him and said goodbye.

I walked home and collapsed on the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell into a deep dreamless sleep. When I awoke, I got dressed, hit the gym, went back home to shower and packed up for a day off at the beach.

Then the phone rang.


“Hi! Do you know who this is?” said the sexy voice on the other end, a voice that I could feel like hot breath on my neck. The kind that raised the hair and gave you goose flesh.

“Of course I know!”

“I thought you had forgotten about me already,” Madison teased.

“So what’s up?” I asked, afraid to say anything more.

“Oh, nothing. I’m in my office. I have several closings today, so I’ll be here all day.”

That’s when I realized I didn’t know where “here” was. I didn’t know where this woman worked or what she did. To think we knew and satisfied each others’ deepest secret desires yet knew almost nothing else about each other.

“I was thinking since it’s your night off you should have someone making dinner for you for a change,” Madison said.

“That sounds terrific,” I responded.

“So, my place? Say, around seven?”

“Yes, absolutely… I can’t wait.”

“Very good. I’ll see you then.”

“I’ll be there.”


“Okay, see you at seven.”



Just like that, in her rapid-fire professional approach she had made plans for our evening in fifteen seconds flat.

I continued with my plans for the beach. It was a gorgeous day, and I was filled with euphoria and accomplishment. Anticipation for my date with Madison was high. I felt good, really good, better than I had felt in some time. I was now the head chef at one of the hottest restaurants in town, and I was also living out a sexual fantasy. It was June 5th and the beach was not overly crowded. School was in session for about another week and a half, so early June days were less stressful by the shore.

I did my usual tanning, swimming and, of course, bikini watching. Swimsuits bursting with tits and asses. Hot little numbers strolling by or lying stretched out, soaking in the warm rays of sun. I was more turned on today looking at these scantily clad asses, now knowing first hand the glorious sensation of having my cock inside of one of them. Somehow, my lust for backsides was now even more impassioned, not quelled in the least.


Fucking Madison’s ass was gasoline on the fire, not water. If it was at all possible, I craved ass even more now.

After the beach, I headed home, showered, and headed over to Madison’s condo. Not wanting to show up empty handed, I stopped by the liquor store and bought a bottle of the wine that Madison had been ordering at Gemma’s. When I rang the door bell of Madison’s building, I heard her electronically muffled voice say “Come on up.” over the building’s intercom system. There was a buzzing sound and the click of the door remotely unlocking, and then I was almost running up the stairs, palms sweating and butterflies fluttering. This was a wonderful, exciting feeling.

There was a small handwritten note taped to the door that read: “Lawrence, please show yourself in. Many Thanks – M.”

I opened the door and stepped inside. The smell of dried flower potpourri filled my nostrils.

Madison’s disembodied voice called to me from some unseen place. “Lawrence, is that you?”


“Make yourself at home in the dining room, please.”


The dining room was just off the reception area. Entering, I saw that Madison had set the long dining table with fine silver and crystal. A large silver tray with a silver dome and handle was at the center of the table. Oddly the table, set for two, had only one chair at the opposite end from where the two place settings were.

I put the bottle of wine I brought on the table.

“Well, what a gentleman, remembering what a woman’s choice of wine is. Impressive!”

Madison had entered behind me and almost startled me when she spoke. When I turned to face her, I was surprised by her attire. Madison’s beautiful, curvy body was almost completely exposed except for a shiny black pair of stiletto boots that went up to her sculpted thighs. On her hand she wore long black gloves of latex that went past her elbows. Her hair was pulled back tight to her scalp. She entranced illegal bahis siteleri me with those hypnotic eyes. Her large breasts hung free, and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed down to a small patch just above her vulva.

Unable to control myself, I jumped at her, planting a sloppy open mouth kiss on her while pulling her close by her hip. My other hand heading for her twat. Madison pulled back from me, placing an outstretched hand gently on my chest establishing a distance.

“Uh uh,” she teased, wagging a judgmental finger at me. “You don’t get to fuck me ’til after dinner.” Her smile was like the sun shining on me. The red lipstick she wore, along with the black thigh-high boots and gloves, were a stark contrast to her light skin.

Madison then snatched up my hand and led me to the head of the table where the lone chair was. Letting go of my wrist, she picked up the chair with two hand by its back and pulled it out for me. With a dancer’s grace, she motioned for me to be seated.

Once I sat down I asked, “Well, then, what’s for dinner?” Before I could get all the words out, Madison bent herself over the table and with both of her gloved hands grabbed her buttocks and spread herself wide.

“Me!” she answered.

She removed one hand from her round bottom and reached for the handle of the silver domed tray. She lifted the dome, revealing various jellies, jams and syrups, a can of whipped cream, and some thawed frozen strawberries. I was a quick study, and trying to draw out the moment, I asked, “Well, what are these?”

“Why , they’re condiments, dear.”

“I don’t want that!” I said almost sternly. “I want to taste you!” This was the absolute truth. I wanted only her and her natural juices.

She went back to spreading herself with both hands. With Madison’s beautiful behind just twelve inches away from me, all I had to do was dive in. Her gorgeously rounded globes and the wonderful cleft between them framed by her glossy black thigh boots and gloves were arousing my animal lust, my desire for this woman and our shared sexual obsession.

I gently swept her hands aside. Her cheeks slapped back together. I arose from my chair and once in a standing position, I flattened out my hand, reached back and smacked her right butt cheek semi hard.

“You like doing that, don’t you?” Madison asked, already knowing the answer.


“So, spanking my bottom turns you on?” Again, she knew the answer but wanted me to come clean and openly confess my sexual turn-ons. Madison had figured out that the shameful feeling that I was beginning to love was like a toy for her to play with, as was I.

I announced, “I love to smack your bottom.”

“Ummm, yes, you do!”

“I’ve seen some porno, and it’s a standard practice, one that has always made me hard.”

What the fuck was I saying? I couldn’t believe myself, talking like this!

“So, do you think that I need discipline?” she probed. “I’m such a bad girl!” she was hissing in a low, sexy whisper.

All at once, I wasn’t sure I could go down that road and said, “I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.”

“That’s okay, you will be someday. You want it, you’re just afraid of what you want.” She was right again. I could see the dampness building on her pussy lips. Now I couldn’t wait any more. I had to dive into her pool of ecstasy, but slowly, taking time to enjoy all the aromas and tastes. I pulled up my chair as if ready to sit down to a Thanksgiving feast. The sumptuous offering of two delicious fuck holes lay before me.

An ever so slight touch of my cheekbone to her buttocks, just a brush, really, was enough to send shivers down her spine. I planted a kiss on the same ass cheek that I had smacked and slowly brushed my face back and forth over her bottom ’til I was playfully nibbling and biting her ever so gently. The brushes and kisses got heaver and more frequent, methodically heightening her senses ’til I was motor boating the cleft of her ass. Finally, I buried my whole face in her derriere. My mouth found her cunt, and my nose tickled her anal pucker. I inhaled her, savoring and breathing her in, wanting to fully ingest her womanly aroma. Then I lapped at her sweet snatch; her wetness tasting so good on my tongue, which I used to give her long, show strokes up and down from her swollen clitoris down towards her taint. I alternated these with jabs deep into her honey hole and poked her anus with my nose, rubbing and teasing it while I feasted on her cunt.

I changed tactics and concentrated on manipulating her clit with the tip of my tongue, bringing her close to orgasm and then stopping, laying kisses on her pussy lips, then lightening my technique so I could keep teasing her to the very brink of climaxing without pushing her over the edge.

I tongued every part of her perinea with the exception of the main course: her asshole. I wanted her to beg me for that. I wanted to keep what she and I both agreed was the best part for last, holding it to the end and incorporating it with her coming. I spontaneous kisses to her canlı bahis siteleri lower spine and buttocks with some light spanking, teasing her and then giving her a brief rest, controlling her. She was mine.

Enough time passed and I was able to go back to eating her twat. We were in my area, as I knew how to orally work over a pussy. My new plan of attack was to lap her up from her clit with every lick with increasingly long strokes until at last I got all the way to her pink, wrinkled anus, drawing her out to hyper sensitivity. She quivered with anticipation and desire, and on the last lick that finally brought me from her magic button all the way up into her sphincter, she let out a gasp of surprise and joy.

I licked up and down the circumference of Madison’s puckered bottom. She reached back, clasped my head with her hands and pushed my face down into her now gaping ass and honey pot.

“That’s it! That’s what you and I both wanted all along, you, you naughty boy!”

Breathing heavily and in the throes of a lustful fit of madness, I was too preoccupied with her pink pleasure ring to answer. I could not think of anything but enjoying this feast of hot anilingus. I gasped for air, being smothered in ass, and I thought if I died of “ass phyxia” I’d die a happy man. I pulled up enough to just get a quick breath and then dove right back in.

With my tongue making circular motions of varying pressure, I went to town on her for a long while, but I needed to get my cock into the action. It was hard from the minute I saw her, and now my erection ached against my pants. As I devoured her butthole, I inserted my thumb in her cunt and stimulated her clit with the index finger of the same hand. Madison’s pussy juice soaked my right hand as she ground her ass into my hand and face.

I inserted my left index finger into her bunghole and pulled down gently to dilate her. The soft pink and beige wrinkled skin of her forbidden opening became smooth, yielding and wide. Madison was moaning and breathing loudly as she approached the height of her passion. Her loud moans echoed in the high wood-beamed ceiling. She clutched the hair on the back of my head. Always wanting more, she said, “You opened it up wide. Now stuff it with your tongue!”

I did as she demanded, of course, humping her delectable back hole with my head and using my tongue as a surrogate cock, basically fucking her asshole with my tongue. She used her hand grip on my hair to push and pull my head in and out of her backside. My face and mouth were being used like a dildo by a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it.

I was still fully dressed, and there was a wet spot on my pants from the pre cum that oozed from my diamond-hard beefsteak. Her cunt was so wet and open that most of my hand had slipped in to her without my awareness. This went on for a while, and though my cock ached to fuck her, I thoroughly enjoyed what was happening. Finally, Madison’s pussy juice began to flow, and her rectum gripped my tongue in rhythmic spasms.

“I’m coming with your tongue there! OHHHHHHHHHH!”

Madison came just as hard and intensely as she did two nights ago when it was my cock and not my tongue in her bum. Her hips convulsed and ground until she released my head and stood up. She was energized by her orgasm. With my face wet with the juices from her fuck holes , Madison kissed me deeply, undeterred by where my mouth and face had just been.

She interlocked her tongue with mine, knowing it was just inside her anus and on her clitoris. She could surely taste herself on me, and she didn’t seem to care.

As we kissed she unbuttoned my shirt and pants, and in one fluid motion she got into a squatting position before me, taking my pants down with her. I kicked off my shoes and Madison pulled off my pants. Then she arose, and I kissed her, and feeling the self imposed pressure of pleasing her, I asked, “Do you like it when I eat you?” It was both a legitimate question and an attempt to give her the dirty talk she liked to hear so much.

She looked at me fondly, smiled and kissed me, adding, “I LOVE it when you eat me!” Madison placed a soft, slow kiss on my lips as if to say, “You did just fine, kid.” She then positioned herself behind me, and before I knew what was happening she reached around and got a firm grasp of my hog. She led me forward, her body behind mine, and I felt her large, firm titties pressing up against my back.

Feeling her soft skin was such a nice experience that I didn’t even notice that she was pushing me forward towards the table. Once she had me pushed up to the table she tightened her grip on my erect member with her free hand placed between my shoulder blades. She began to push me over the table. “Bend over,” Madison announced in her commanding, sexy voice.

I complied.

We were in a strange position with her behind me as if she were going to mount and fuck me and not the other way around. She nibbled my ear and neck. Feeling more than a little strange by this, I started to tense up and felt like I had to shake her off me. “Calm yourself. I have tits and a pussy. I’m a woman, and this is okay. Just let it happen,” she reassured me, letting me be free of my macho imaginings that made me feel this position somehow emasculated me or drew into question my sexual orientation.

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