Anal At Last Ch. 03

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This story is one of a sequence I’ve written. Each part is sequentially numbered, 01 upwards, but also given a chapter number for a particular storyline. So this is part 3 in the sequence, and also part 3 in the “Anal At Last” part of the story. Other parts of the story will come later.

You can read the other parts of the story for more details, but here is a summary;

I’ve recently divorced my wife, and am raising my son on my own. After a long abstinence, I’ve met a woman (Angela) and we’ve just had our first night together. She’s had her first orgasm in the missionary position, thanks to a little tip I’d picked up online. We’ve not yet had anal sex, but a little anal play has been involved….

The cast:

Me: 36 yrs male

My son: Daniel

My girlfriend: Angela, 40 yrs

The babysitter: Samantha, 18 yrs

Samantha’s dad: Bill

Samantha’s brother: David


Angela had an early start at work the next day, so she couldn’t stay any longer. As I lay on the bed, hands behind my head, prick still swollen and breath still not back to normal, she went downstairs to pick up her clothes and then came back up to the bedroom to get dressed.

She put her bra on first, and then picked her knickers off the bed where she’d left them. When she put them on, she turned round to point her ass at me, then, when she was bent right over with only one foot in her knickers, she looked back at me, seeing me admiring her firm ass and long legs. As she was slim, she had that triangle at the top of her thighs. If she’d be standing against a window in daylight, you’d have seen the light through it, like a beacon guiding the way for the lost and lonely.

She looked down at me, seeing me gazing at her beautiful ass. “Easy tiger, you’re not getting any more tonight,” she said.

“Hmm. Whatever. Of course, you and I both know that the implication in that grand statement is that I’ll be getting some more in future,” I said, with what I hoped passed for a cheeky grin on my face. She slowly stood up, pulling her knickers up her legs, letting me enjoy the wiggle in her ass as she pulled them up over her buns. She then turned around with pursed lips and an odd look on her face. illegal bahis She stepped up to the bed, lifted the covers off me, and looked at my cock, which was hardening after watching that little performance.

“Maybe,” she grinned, “but I think you’ll need to do something about THAT tonight, otherwise you aren’t getting any sleep.”

“I think you’re right,” I agreed. “Would you like to give me a hand?”

She looked at me, licked her lips, and then bent down, bringing her head next to my cock, which throbbed at the thought of being so close to that lovely mouth. She laughed, and lifted my cock with one hand, slowly wanking it. She lowered her head, taking the head of my cock into her mouth, and then running her tongue over the end. I moaned at the feeling, at which point she pulled off and stood bolt upright, grinning wolfishly. I groaned in dismay.

“Let that give you something to think about while you have a wank tonight,” she said, as she picked up her dress. I called her a bitch, laughing, reaching up to pull her down on top of me, but she wriggled out of my grip and backed away from the bed. I dropped back onto the bed, resigning myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to get any more. At least, not tonight.

She stood there, turning her dress from inside-out to the correct way round. Her firm body was gorgeous: nice tits cupped in her black bra; her flat stomach, framed by some slim but just about curvy-enough hips, lead down to her matching black panties, which covered up the nice mound she had down there. That triangular gap crowned her long lean legs. She had good muscular tone in her legs, leading to that shallow hollow running down the outside of her thighs, where the muscles on the front and the muscles on the back were well defined and separated. I love that line… it just calls out to me to run my hands over it, stroking and soothing.

She saw me looking, and started yawning, stretching up with both her toned arms, arching her back to push her mound further towards me and emphasising her tits. She turned as she stretched, showing me her taut ass and long toned legs.

Then she collapsed back to normal, turned back to me, and slid into her dress, muttering “I hope you enjoyed illegal bahis siteleri that, you sad peeper.” She pulled the zip up on the front of her dress, slowly and seductively, and then picked her shoes of the bed, cocked one leg onto her other knee to put one heel on. Then, she looked at me with a mock-pitying look on her face, and turned away from me again, bending over with legs straight to push her dress-covered rump back at me, and continued doing her shoes up.

All this flirting was getting me horny again, and I decided to play along, and reached down with one hand to grab my cock, wanking, pulling my foreskin up and down over my bell end.

She straightened, and turned back to me, catching site of my now fully-erect cock. She kind of wilted, and I could see she was tempted, but she looked at her watch and shook her head. “No, not again Andy, I need some sleep before tomorrow. You’ll just have to play by yourself.” Then she reached into her handbag, and pulled out her phone. Then she picked up my phone and dialed a number on it. Her phone rang, and she hung up, showing me my number on her mobile display. “I’ve got your number now… If I get bored, I’ll give you a ring, and maybe we can do this again.”

“Maybe?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Yeah, maybe”, she countered, an evil smile on her lips. “I mean you were OK and everything, but there’s plenty more fish in the sea.”

I looked at her, and spoke in a fake falsetto female voice. “Oh god Andy, that was fucking amazing. I’ve never come in missionary before,” I said, simpering like a badly acting Mills and Book heroine “… wasn’t that what you said?”

She glared at me. “Enjoy your wank, as that’s the last you’ll get of me if you keep that up.”

“And that’s the last time you’ll come in missionary if you keep THAT up,” I said, now using my hips to push my cock up and down through my hand, pointing it towards her. I liked her banter, and wanted to see if I could get her to rise to the bait and have sex again.

“The only thing that’s keeping up for the rest of tonight is your cock by the looks of it, you sad little man,” she said, smirking, as she looked around to make sure she’d got everything. “Now, phone a taxi canlı bahis siteleri for me.”


I was busy for the next few days, and didn’t really get the chance to phone her. Then one night my phone rang. It was her.

“Hey Andy,” she said, “How’s tricks?”.

“Couldn’t keep away, eh, Angela? I wondered how long it would take. I must admit, I thought that you’d last a few more days that this, but you’re obviously weaker willed than I thought. Poor girl, you must be really smitten with me…”

“Hah!” she barked. “I just knew that you’d have no other friends to speak to so I took pity and decided to give you a call to make sure you weren’t too lonely.”

“Lonely? Me? The guy who can make women come in missionary when no-one else has done in the past? Why would I be lonely?”

“Listen Andy,” she bantered, “just cause you got lucky one time and met a woman who would fake an orgasm to boost your obviously low self esteem, don’t get above yourself. You’re just a no-hoper, no-friends, loser who needed a good sympathy fuck”.

“Angela, Angela, Angela. You know that was a real orgasm. Just admit it and stop trying to pretend that you can’t believe how good it was.”

“Oh, you wish Andy. That was a fake one, I have better orgasms when I’m alone with my rabbit, and at least the rabbit doesn’t keep going on about it all the time for days afterwards like it’s got nothing better to think about.”

“Your rabbit?” I asked. “Is that the best you can do? A six inch lump of vibrating plastic?” A plan started formulating in my mind.

“That six inch lump of vibrating plastic gives me a damn site better orgasm that you’ll ever do, and more of them as well”.

“Prove it!” I told her.

“Get real.”

“Seriously, prove it. Put your money where your mouth is. Come round here, bring the rabbit, and we’ll compare orgasms,” I suggested, cock already starting to harden at the thought of seeing her wank herself with her vibrator.

We kept on bantering, and made a date to meet at the weekend. I phoned Samantha to see if she was free for baby sitting, and she was fortunately, so I texted Angela back to say the date was OK.

A few minutes later, my mobile beeped to say a reply had been received. Not just with a text though. Instead, she’d sent me a movie clip – a close-up of her cunt with the rabbit pushing into it, the lips separating slowly as the tip of the rabbit forced it’s way in.

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