An Office Surprise

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You’re working for an investment banking company in New York. Your job is to manage business relations with companies abroad – making deals, contracts, etc. You’re still pretty new, but experienced and confident that you’ll impress your boss. You come to work in a short pencil skirt and a tight blouse. The short skirt is a disciplinary policy, but you’re not sure why and at the time it didn’t really matter. Your boss is a tall, well built man with brown hair and olive skin. He comes in a suit to work everyday except on casual Friday, when he comes in shorts and a t-shirt. That’s when you can tell how chiseled he is. He has big arms and very broad shoulders. All the girls in the company have the hots for him and all the guys are intimidated by his good looks. You haven’t been working too closely with him, but you do see him quite often because you need his approval and signature for any deals you make. Your coworker/friend has told you many times that she caught the boss looking at your butt as you were bent forward signing some documents or getting something out of a drawer. You kind of brush that idea away, but it does turn you on to think that your hot boss might be attracted to you.

One day, you lose an extremely important deal with a new company, and that company ends up making a deal with your competitors. Your boss was depending on this deal to give the company a big financial casino siteleri boost, and you’re terrified of confronting him. You take a deep breath and knock on his office door. He tells you to come in and have a seat. He’s wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt. He tells you that this was a major loss, but he’s not going to fire you. Instead, he says that he needs to discipline you to make sure this kind of mistake doesn’t happen again. He asks you to bend over his desk. You can see where this is going.. But you don’t really mind it. You’re kind of curious to see what happens. So you go ahead and bend over his desk. He comes around behind you and you’re pretty sure he can see your black thong. His hand comes down on your ass lightly at first and lingers as he feels your butt cheek. You push your hips towards him, causing your skirt to ride up and over your butt, barely covering it now. He spanks you again, this time his hand makes contact with your bare butt. He pulls down your wet thong and puts it in his suit pocket. Another spank, this time closer to your vagina. You open your legs for him. Spank! You feel his fingers land on your clit and they stay there, rubbing up and down.

Suddenly, he notices that your boob is resting on his ink pad and your white blouse is covered in black ink. He asks you to take it off and you do as he says. Once it’s off, you notice that slot oyna the ink seeped through the shirt and ruined your bra too, so you take that off as well, right in front of him. You sit on his desk as he picks up his phone and calls his assistant. His assistant barges in. He’s a young man, cute and a little thin compared to your boss. The assistant looks at you as you sit there topless and underwear-less in your short skirt. He turns bright red and you can tell he’s hard by the bulge in his pants. He quickly gathers your blouse and bra and tells you that he’ll be back with some fresh clothes for you. Then he runs out. Your boss faces you and tells you that you’re beautiful and kisses you.

You kiss back and use your tongue to play with his. His crotch is grinding up against yours, so you start unbuckling him. You pull his penis out and go on your knees to help him take his pants off. His penis is thick and massive! Since you’re already down there, you give his penis a few licks, but then he pulls you up and pushes you back on the desk. He finally pulls your skirt off and you’re lying on his desk completely naked. He takes off his blazer and unbuttons his shirt, giving you a view of his ripped abs and massive pecs. Then he goes down on you, slowly licking every area around your vagina. After a while of teasing, he repeatedly flicks your clit with his tongue, with a mixture of passionate canlı casino siteleri licks and soft sucking. Once you cum, he turns you around and fucks you on his desk doggiestyle.

As he’s fucking you, there’s a knock on the door. Your boss tells them to come in and it’s the assistant again with a bag of clothes. He runs in, drops the bag by the desk and turns back ready to leave, but your boss tells him to stay and watch. He obeys. Your boss pulls out slowly, turns you around and takes you missionary style. After a while you look at the assistant and see that he has his penis out, masturbating to you. You watch him for a while as he’s watching you. You make long eye contact and then motion him to come to you. You take his penis in your hand and start jacking him off. The assistant lowers his head and starts licking your clit, all while your boss continues to fuck you.

After a good long sex session, all three of you cum together. The assistant cums on your boobs, and your boss pulls out and cums all over your stomach. You close your eyes and lay there completely satisfied. You feel two tongues on your body and open your eyes. Your boss and the assistant are licking each other’s cum off your body. When they’re done, they lick each other’s lips to clean up any remaining cum and then start making out. Their penises get hard again and are pressed together. You grab them both by the penis and pull them towards you so you can make out with them too. For the next little while, you take turns making out with your boss and his assistant and when you’re tired, they make out with each other while you watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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