An Empty Gym Pt. 01

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It’s been a very long day for Elle. Nonstop meetings at the architecture firm where she works. Thankfully, she got out at 4, which gives her time to hit the gym on her way to daycare to pick up her 4-month-old boy, Charlie. She pulls into the parking lot in the pouring rain, grabs her bag, and makes a run for it, managing not to get too wet.

The gym clerk gives her a little smirk, and Elle thinks maybe she’s wearing her stressful day on her face. Relax, she thinks, this is your time for yourself. When she walks into the locker room and is greeted by the full-length mirror she realizes with horror that the clerk was reacting to Elle’s shirt. Though the rain had splattered her outfit with wet droplets here and there, there were two large wet spots over her breasts running down her blouse. Her milk-filled breasts were leaking like faucets.

Elle was generally proud that she was able to breastfeed her son exclusively. It had been a hard path, especially trying to pump every day at work, and several times she considered switching to formula. But the benefits of breast milk were widely known, and she really enjoyed the bond she had with her boy from all his feeding sessions. Plus, her breasts had grown from a D cup to an E cup and she enjoyed flaunting her new asset. That is unless her asset betrayed her…

Shit! When did I last pump? Elle thought, realizing it had been before lunch – nearly six hours. She ran to a secluded alcove of lockers and stripped her soaked top off, her breasts barely moving. They were rock hard and engorged. Maybe if I can just hand express a little to get through my workout, then when I go pick up Charlie he will eat and it’ll be fine, she justified. She slipped into a shower and took off her black work bra, then firmly massaged until streams of milk started to spray the shower wall. When she felt a little less full, she wiped the wall with her bra and dashed back to her locker, topless. She quickly pulled on her leggings, sports bra, and tank top.

Elle headed out into the gym to the elliptical, then thought better of all that bouncing and decided to start with free weights. She picked up two 5 lb weights and started some squats, checking her form (and her breasts) in the kozyatağı escort mirror. That’s when she noticed him…

As Mike headed into the gym, he knew his day had to get better. Non-stop meetings, pressure from his boss, employees not wanting to work. The gym was his sanctuary. As soon as he tied on the wraps and strapped on the gloves, the world melted away around him. As he walked to the locker room, he thought he noticed someone out of the corner of his eye but he chalked it up to being tired.

In the locker room, the haze started to lift as he changed into gym clothes from his well-tailored suit. His body was kept hard by a regular diet and, at least, an hour of MMA and boxing every day. However, this regular regimen had it’s downsides. Between a 9-10 hour workday, 2 hours of MMA, and a regular diet and sleep schedule, he didn’t have the time or energy to meet someone. Work was his home and the gym his second home. The last woman he had been on a date with had been a blind date set up by his coworker and he ended up having to leave their date early to go to work, something she did not appreciate.

As Mike walked with purpose to the heavy bags, he happened to glance to his right at the free weight rows. Alone in the area, was a woman about his age. She was beautiful, but what attracted him most was the heaving, fleshy tits. He just wanted to grab them. In a moment of self-control, he went to the bags, his attention still on the mystery woman. He tried to hit the bag and get her out of his head but it wasn’t working. She was still there, each heavy breath lifting those enormous breasts. Each squat accentuating her breasts and shapely ass. He knew it wasn’t going to work. Stripping off his gloves and wraps, he moved closer to her and picked up some weights of his own.

Elle saw the man glance her way a few times from the boxing bags. Am I leaking already? She wondered self-consciously, checking herself in the mirror. Her breasts were getting full again, she could tell by the way they seemed to be spilling out the top of her tank, but no leaking just yet. She could continue her set. As she continued her toning routine with lunges she saw him approach.

Elle küçükyalı escort was trying not to stare but she just couldn’t help herself. She snuck a few glances in the mirror when she thought he wasn’t looking, but every time he seemed to be looking at her. This guy was hot. Clearly he spent a lot of time here, every muscle on him was well defined. His broad shoulders drew her eye downward to his flat abs, and further, where she could only get the slightest hint of his package through his loose shorts.

There hadn’t been much time for the gym lately, as her hectic life as a single mom rarely left her with a moment alone. And forget dating – she had no time to meet people, and even if she did she had few people to leave Charlie with while she went out. Only her sister, who lived in the suburbs with her own little family, seemed to be interested in Elle’s love life and was constantly setting her up on dates that Elle ended up having to cut short since the daycare closed at 7 pm. They gym today was Elle’s way of taking back some small part of her life… And yet as she lunged in front of the mirror next to this Adonis she realized what she really wanted was to take back her sex life.

Elle felt a warmth building between her legs, and she tried to ignore it and finish her set. But his bulging shoulders made her knees tremble at the thought of being swept up in them, and she faltered a little mid-lunge.

Mike had been vacillating between talking to her long enough when suddenly he saw her plant one foot wrong and start to fall. Rushing over, he grabbed her by her back, looking deep into her brilliant, blue eyes.

“You’re lucky I was there, you could have been seriously hurt. Here’s some water, are you feeling dizzy?”

Her well-being was the first thing on his mind but being this close to her, he couldn’t help but feel aroused. His cock slowly hardened and suddenly he became aware of the gym staff walking over to check on her.

“She’s fine, just missed a step when she was finishing off her lunges. Could you grab me some ice and a compression wrap?” His voice was used to giving orders and that tone was clearly visible.

The gym employee brought over anadolu yakası escort the supplies as Mike sat her down on the bench and elevated her leg. He eased the ice around her ankle and wrapped it deftly in the compression bandage.

“Can I help you to the locker room to collect your things?”

Elle was flustered. She couldn’t believe she had slipped up like that! Her ankle felt tender but this man’s attention was helping her ignore the pain. She just hoped her arousal wasn’t too obvious, especially with him so close and her leg in his strong hands. The way he took charge of the situation, that tone in his voice that she couldn’t quite place… She wanted him even more.

Looking at him but speaking loud enough for the gym employee to hear, she said slowly, “I would appreciate your help if they will let you come in the women’s locker with me. The gym seems pretty empty right now.” She tried to keep her voice even, but the idea of his body against hers in the seclusion of the lockers had anchored itself in her mind and wouldn’t go away.

The gym employee looked around and saw the dearth of people at that hour and figured it would be okay, plus he really didn’t want to have to explain to his boss why he was in the women’s locker room. He followed Mike and Elle towards the bathroom and then put an out of order sign on the outside to prevent anyone barging in.

Elle glanced behind her as she saw the door close behind them. “I’m Elle,” she said, reaching out her hand to the muscular man walking just a step behind her.

Mike grabbed her hand, harder than she expected. She looked up into his eyes and saw a raw hunger there. He pulled her into him, feeling her heaving breasts push against his chest. He knew he needed this woman. He needed her now. And he could see in her eyes that she wanted him, desperately. She wanted to be taken.

He slid his hand under her top, groping her breasts under the strained fabric. A slight squeeze of the nipple brought forth a rush of fluid. Mike pulled her top up to check and saw a slight dribble of milk still.

“Are you lactating?”

“Umm… uhh… yes, I am,” Elle stammered, looking down at her damp shirt, seeing the outlines of his hand over her flesh.

Without another word, Mike lowered his head and began sucking on Elle’s breasts. Alternating between both, each nibble, each pull, bringing more milk into his hungry mouth. His moans of desire just seemed to grow with each switch.


Written in collaboration with milkmaid31

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