An Autumn Encounter Ch. 03

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Stacy drifted blissfully on the edge of awareness, replaying the prior night in her mind. She was cuddled up beside Mike, warm and cozy, her arm draped across his chest and her still naked body pressed against his. A smile crept across her lips as her eyes opened fully. “Yes” she thought, “it definitely feels good to have a man in my bed again.”

Although Stacy had been with several men in last the 2 years, Mike was the first man that she had spent an entire night with since her divorce. Unlike most of her past lovers, Mike had seemed more concerned with her pleasure than his own. He had been by far the most sensitive, passionate, and caring lover she had ever had, and the intensity of her resulting orgasm had been astonishing.

Stacy still wasn’t quite sure how it had happened so fast. She had been anxious to get to know Mike, so she suggested dinner at her place for their first date. Somehow during the evening, she had become attracted to him. Mike had a charming, almost boyish quality that she found irresistible, and she had sensed a powerful need in him. Maybe it was because they were both divorced and lonely, or maybe it was because he was such an old fashioned gentleman; it had just seemed completely natural to take him into her bed.

Resisting an urge to wake him, Stacy rolled gently away from Mike, slipped quietly out of bed and stretched lazily. With a curious smile still plastered on her face she softly padded into the bathroom to perform her morning ritual. When she returned a few minutes later, she saw that he was still sleeping soundly. She sat down at her dressing table and thought to herself, “When he wakes up I am going to show him how much I appreciated last night!”

Mike opened his eyes and his heart stopped for an instant when saw Stacy sitting naked in her dressing chair. Even fresh out of bed she looked incredibly beautiful and intensely erotic. Her raised arms, slender and toned, gracefully pulled the comb through her dark auburn hair while her full, rounded breasts rose and fell sensually with every breath. He watched her quietly for a few moments, quickly becoming aroused by her sultry movements.

“Good morning” he whispered, almost afraid it was a dream.

Stacy turned slowly and smiled. “Good morning to you, sleepy head.”

Her eyes sparkled in the muted light as they fixed on his. Her pouty lips were slightly parted, and her tongue peeked suggestively between them for a fleeting instant. Her gaze slowly left his and drifted lower, stopping when she saw the bulge between his legs. She moved back to the bed and gently pulled the sheet from him, exposing his manhood, angry and drooling in anticipation.

“I think someone wants to play some more.” Stacy said, her voice dripping with sexual innuendo.

Mike smiled and joked, “I am surprised he can stand at all after last night. You were fantastic.”

Stacy laughed and said, “Well, you weren’t so bad yourself.”

She kneeled beside the bed and slipped her soft hand around his stiff shaft. It twitched when she grasped it, as if it too was just now coming awake. For a moment she just held it, feeling it throb as the blood coursed through it. Then she moved closer again, leaning down and slowly examining it as if she wanted to learn every detail.

Mike watched, fascinated as Stacy just stared at his cock. Somehow it seemed even harder than it had the night before. Her soft hand felt wonderful against his hot, stretched flesh, and her breath playing across the slightly damp skin sent tremors through his groin. There was no urgency in her movements, yet it was incredibly erotic, perhaps even hypnotic.

Stacy broke the spell, giggling, and placed a single gentle kiss on the head. Then she looked at Mike and said, “Maybe we should do something about this.”

He groaned in mock agony, and then asked, “What do you have in mind?”

She just smiled. “Watch” was all she said.

Mike was trembling in anticipation as Stacy slowly climbed onto the bed and slid between his legs. She wrapped her hand around his throbbing shaft and started to stroke it slowly, watching intensely as precum oozed from the tip. When she was ready, she leaned forward and slid her tongue wetly all around the head, sending chills up and down his spine.

She moaned once, “mmmmm” and then took the whole head in her mouth. Her tongue continued to slide and slither around inside her mouth, torturing his swollen helmet. ümraniye escort Soon she slid more of him into her mouth, adding gentle suction to the actions of her lively tongue.

Mike groaned, “Oh God Stacy, the way you touch me sets my blood on fire…”

Stacy paused, and looked up at Mike smiling. She stared intently into his eyes as she slid her tongue smoothly around the bulbous head, gently teasing him. Then she slipped her lips around him once again and began to slide her mouth up and down the length of his shaft.

She quickly established a rhythm, stroking him with her fingers in time with her bobbing head, moaning and making wet slurping noises as she continued to swallow his stiff pole. Up and down his shaft she moved, sometimes taking him a deep into her throat, other times stopping and slobbering all over his cock, using her tongue like a soft, slippery probe, tingling all of his most sensitive nerve endings.

“Damn” Mike thought to himself, “She is too good. I am not going to last long at this rate.” He said aloud, “Slow down, honey, please…”

Stacy paused, teased him with her tongue again, then said, “Don’t worry, we have all day. And besides, I am really enjoying this.”

Mike groaned loudly as she slipped him back into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on him again. Eventually he started thrusting up every time she was coming down, jamming his cock as deep into her mouth as it would go. He couldn’t tell anymore whether he was fucking her mouth or her mouth was fucking his cock.

Suddenly Stacy stopped with his cock stuffed all the way into her throat. She swallowed hard and Mike felt the muscles in her throat contract around his throbbing dick head. It was just too much to take and he croaked, “Oh fuck. I am gonna cum!”


Stacy pulled Mike’s cock from her mouth just as he lost control, shooting a thick strand of cum at least a foot into the air, landing on his tummy. She rapidly stroked his cock and smaller spurt erupted from the tip, flying even higher and landing in her hair. Mike kept moaning and cumming as her hand squeezed and stroked his spewing hose, drawing a series of smaller spurts out of him that coated her hand and dribbled down his shaft.

Once he was drained of all its creamy white sperm, Mike opened his eyes and looked down his shrinking penis. Stacy giggled, and said “I think I need a shower… would you like to join me?”

Mike laughed loudly, “Would I? Just see if you can stop me!”

Stacy slid off the bed, padded into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. Mike followed her in, but paused in the doorway unsure what to do next. She wrapped herself in a large, fluffy towel, and then handed one to Mike. As he wrapped the towel around his waist, he looked around the room.

Stacy’s bathroom was quite different from the plain white décor of Mike’s. The walls were a pale tan color and the floor was done in tan marble as were the sinks and her large, Jacuzzi tub. Her shower stall stood in a corner, as did his, but hers was done in the same wonderful marble and had frosted glass walls and beautiful bronze fixtures. There was a comfortable looking stool placed in front of a vanity, on which was a large, lighted make up mirror. Finally, there was a large, floor to ceiling mirror that covered most of the only open wall.

“My goodness Stacy, this is luxurious,” exclaimed Mike.

“Thanks! It did turn out nice…”

Stacy removed her towel, hung it on a hook, then slid open the glass door and stepped gracefully into shower, immersing herself completely in the luxurious stream of water. She looked back at Mike smiling and crooked a finger, signaling him to join her. Mike hung his towel, then stepped inside and closed the door.

Mike closed his eyes for a moment and just let the warm water cascade over his body. This was another new experience for him. In all the years he had been married, his wife and he had never once shared the shower. When he opened his eyes again, Stacy handed him the soap and a washcloth and turned her back to him. He lathered her back, and then down over the globes of her ass, noticing for the first time a colorful butterfly tattoo. He ran the washcloth down through the crack of her ass and gently over her pussy.

Stacy sighed, “Oh my, that feels nice…mmmmm.”

Mike was definitely enjoying himself. He set üsküdar escort the soap aside and massaged Stacy’s shoulders and neck for a couple of minutes, and then grabbed the soap again. He raised each of her arms over her head and soaped them from wrist to elbow to underarm, and then down her sides, lingering at the curve of her breast. Mike lathered his hands again, then slid his arms around her and began wash her front. His soapy hands lifted her breasts from below and cupped them, feeling their weight. Then he rubbed them slowly, deliberately pinching her nipples between his slippery fingers. His body was pressed against hers, his half erect penis rubbing against her soapy ass.

“Mmmmm,” Stacy moaned, and pulled Mike’s hand lower until he was gently rubbing her pussy. He allowed the water to rinse his hand clean, and then slipped his fingers over her clit and between her pussy lips. He could feel her excitement as he stroked her.

Stacy gasped and moaned loudly, “Hmmmm, oooOOOHH, YESSSSS!”

Stacy was biting her lip and rubbing her hands over her still soapy tits as she ground her slippery ass against Mike’s slowly stiffening cock. He slowly increased the tempo of his fingers and she soon began to whimper and moan, thinking “This is great, but I want his hard cock inside me.” Stacy knew that since he had already cum once, he would likely last much longer, and she really needed to be fucked hard and long.

Suddenly she pushed his hand away and said breathily “Let me do you.”

They both turned around and Stacy began to soap Mike’s back and shoulders, massaging him as he had done her. She reached around him and lathered his chest, gently toying with his little man nips and kissing his neck; enjoying the feeling of her erect nipples and full breasts rubbing against his soapy back. Then she moved her hands lower, lathering his abs and hips, coming mischievously close to his ever hardening prick. Finally she turned him around to face her and began gently washing his penis and balls.

Within seconds, Mike’s cock was fully erect again. He pulled Stacy into an embrace and kissed her passionately, grinding his hard prick against her slippery skin. She responded, and continued to stroke his cock with her soapy hand. After about a minute, Mike pushed her back and said “I am going to fuck you right here.”

They quickly rinsed off and Stacy bent over, supporting herself with her arms on the shower bench. She groaned with delight as Mike easily entered her from behind and slid his extra hard cock deep into her hot, wet pussy. His hands grasped her shoulders for leverage as he slowly and steadily began ramming his dick in as deep as he could.

“Oh Mike, Oh Yesss! Fuck meee. Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard!”

She gasped, and moaned as his tempo increased, using her fingers to rub her clit, increasing her pleasure and excitement. Soon she was moaning constantly, reeling with pleasure as he pounded her cunt relentlessly. Thrust after thrust penetrated her, deep and forceful, causing sensations she had never experienced. Minute after minute went by until suddenly she shuddered and then tensed up.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!” she cried out as her orgasm rocked her beautiful body.

Stacy’s legs started to buckle and Mike grabbed her hips to hold her up. He continued to pound her, drawing moan after moan from her until finally with a loud groan he exploded, spewing his hot cum deep into her waiting pussy. He savored the pleasant aftershocks coursing through his body for a few moments, then pulled her up and embraced her, kissing her deeply and passionately. Stacy returned his kiss, clinging to him until her breathing returned to something like normal.

They finished their shower, laughing and playing in the water. When they climbed out and finished drying each other, Stacy asked, “Mike, will you be a dear and go make us some coffee? You will find everything you need on the counter and there should be a newspaper outside the door.”

Mike quickly realized that Stacy really wanted some private time to put herself back together. “Sure thing, Stacy”, he said happily. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and kissed her one last time and then headed back into the bedroom. He quickly pulled on his slacks and shirt, and then went into the kitchen to make the coffee.

Stacy sat down and started to comb out her hair. She thought to yenibosna escort herself, “Oh my God! That was incredible!” Her body was still tingling from the rough pounding Mike had given her pussy and the massive orgasm she had experienced. She finished her hair and started on her makeup, but her constant smile kept getting in the way.

Mike was just finishing his first cup about 30 minutes later when Stacy came out of the bedroom looking absolutely scandalous in tight exercise shorts and a tank top with no bra. Her hair and makeup looked like she had spent the whole day in a salon.

He started to get up intending to pour Stacy a cup of coffee but she waved him back, “You just stay right there while I make us some breakfast. Are pancakes and eggs OK with you?” She leaned over and kissed him full on the mouth, lingering for a moment, then went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. Mike couldn’t help staring at her bouncy tits and ass as she walked away from him.

A while later she came out of the kitchen with a plate full of pancakes, and another one filled with scrambled eggs and sausages. They both dived in and ate heartily, famished from their early morning activities. They didn’t talk a lot, but every time their eyes met, they smiled and giggled.

Mike was starting to feel guilty again for spying on Stacy. She was a wonderful, giving person and he felt like a complete jerk for having invaded her privacy so blatantly. Suddenly he realized that if he wanted to keep seeing her, he had to tell her. He only hoped she would understand. Stacy was topping off his coffee when he said, “Stacy…I think I need to tell you something…”

She stopped sipping her coffee and smiled, “What is it Mike?”

He stalled, “I am not sure how to put this…”

Stacy set her cup down and said supportively, “Just tell me Mike. I am sure it can’t be that bad.”

Mike took a deep breath, then said, “I have been spying on you.”

Her eyes crinkled, “Huh, I don’t understand. What do you mean spying on me?”

The cat was out of the bag now, so he just blurted out, “I watched you from my apartment the other night. Your curtains were open. I saw you when you undressed and when you…uh, touched yourself.”

Stacy just stared at him with a blank stare.

“Please forgive me”, Mike pleaded. “I have never done anything like that before. But you are so beautiful and sexy. Once I started watching I just couldn’t stop.”

Stacy’s gaze held him frozen for a few seconds, and then she asked angrily, “Did you masturbate while you watched me? Did your cock get hard while you watched me play with myself? Did you cum when I did?”

“Uh, uh, no…well not exactly. I did afterwards… I am so sorry….”

“You dirty fucking pervert! I’ll bet you imagined me sucking you off while you beat your meat. Or maybe you pretended you were fucking my hot pussy while you jacked off.” Mike was shocked and worried until he saw that Stacy was grinning from ear to ear as she berated him.

Suddenly Mike understood, “Y-Y-You knew?”

She replied smiling, “Of course I knew. I wanted you to see me.”

Mike was puzzled, “But… w-why?”

Stacy explained, “I decided the day we met that I wanted to get to know you better. You seemed sweet and obviously a little lonely. Over the last couple weeks I dropped a lot of hints, but you didn’t seem to notice. So I took a more direct approach. It was easy with you living right across from me.”

“I don’t understand…”

Stacy laughed, “Well… I have always loved to flaunt myself and innocently tease men. I get a real kick out of it. I guess some might say I am a bit of an exhibitionist.”

Mike gasped, “So, you intentionally left your curtains open?”

She giggled, “Sure I did. But now I need to tell YOU something…”

Not knowing what to expect, Mike groaned and thought “Uh oh… here it comes.”

Stacy continued, “As I said before, I have always loved to tease. Usually I just wear provocative outfits, or maybe tease a guy with a quick peek down my shirt. But that night something changed for me. I didn’t intend to go as far as I did, but knowing you were watching made me so hot that I couldn’t stop. I hoped that after that show you wouldn’t be able to get me out of your mind.”

Mike was relieved, “Well… It worked! I have thought about you night and day ever since!”

Stacy looked deep into his eyes and said, “It was really hot and exciting for me, and I am sure it must have been exciting for you too…”

Mike laughed. He had to admit that she was right!

Stacy giggled and opened the newspaper. “Now, what shall we do today?”

Mike smiled, realizing the question was rhetorical. He was positive that whatever she had planned was bound to be exciting!

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