An Arresting Experience

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There was a new man in your life! You met him when he came to your office to demonstrate office equipment.

You liked him immediately, and later when he asked if you would go for a drink with him, you accepted. You had sex with him on your second date, and you began to like him more and more.

This was your fourth date with Robbie, It was a warm evening and the plan was to go for a drive and maybe stop for a quiet drink somewhere. You had not been together for the last week and your heart was all a flutter when you climbed into Robbie’s car and kissed each other hungrily, you were so glad to see each other.

You chatted happily as you drove along, “Where shall we go?” you asked.

“Not too far,” Robbie replied, “I want to find somewhere private.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” you murmured in response, anticipating what he had in mind.

Feeling your passions begin to rise within your body as he drove along, you stroked Robbie’s leg, gradually moving towards the top, It was clearly having an effect on him because he kept pushing his leg towards you, so you went the whole way and closed your hand over his cock, It was already half hard, so you opened his zip and slipped your hand inside and down the front of his briefs.

” Ooooooooo,” he moaned, “don’t do that darling.”

“I like it,” you pouted and gripped his cock even tighter.

“I’m going down here,” said Robbie, and he drove down a narrow lane. halfway down there was an open field and Robbie drove his car into it.

Before the car even stopped you had Robbie’s cock out, running your hand up and down his thick hard shaft, you held it tight and lowered your mouth to kiss the end, you began to lick it like it was an ice cream cone, and Robbie groaned and wriggled still trapped in his seat belt He raised his bum off the car seat and directed his cock further in to your mouth, you sucked and slurped on it and it reached as far back as your tonsills. Robbie was highly aroused and you wanted him to cum in your mouth, but before that happened he released his belt,pushed your head away and kissed your lips.

He pushed you back into the car seat and his body bent halfway over yours, he grabbed your right breast a little roughly and squeezed it quite hard.

“Ow Ow not so rough,” you complained and he said sorry, and became much gentler. He moved his hand to the bottom of your skirt and up the inside of your leg to the top where he played with your pussy through your panties, you were already quite wet and you parted your legs for him.

Robbie knelt on the car floor between the seat and the dashboard, It was cramped but he pushed your legs as wide open as possible, reached up your skirt and pulled your knickers down, you lifted your bum off the seat and he took them right off. He kissed up the inside of your thigh until he reached the top, you pushed forward on the seat to give him total suadiye escort access to your cunt, his mouth closed round it and he sucked your outer and inner lips into his mouth,

You felt that the whole of your fleshy pussy was inside Robbie’s mouth, your lips were aflame with tingles, he nibbled on your clit and pushed his tongue up your hole.

Neither of you were aware of anything other than your thrills within the car, until you heard the loud knocking on the car window. You both looked up, startled, and there peering through the glass was a POLICEMAN!

He beckoned to you both to come outside, Robbie struggled up from his knees between your legs, He zipped up his trousers and and you straightened your skirt, and exited the car to stand nervously in front of the policeman.

“I’m sergeant Andy Rankin,” he announced, “and this is Wpc Kerri Watson,” he indicated a female officer standing by their car.

“What were you doing?” the Sergeant asked Robbie.

“I dropped a £2 coin and I was searching for it,” Robbie stuttered.

“Did you expect to find it between your girlfriends legs?” sneered the sergeant. “We watched you for some minutes and you performed an indecent act in public.”

” I wouldn’t call this public,” protested Robbie, waving his arms to indicate the surrounding fields.

” The public have access and may have seen you,” said the cop, “we saw you, so you will have to come back to the station with us.”

“Is that really necessary?” asked Robbie anxiously.

“If I say it is, then it is,” said sergeant Andy, “You will follow us to the station.”

With that they got into their car and you got into yours.

“What will happen?” you asked Robbie nervously,as you followed the police car, A sense of fear welling up inside you.

“I don’t know,” he said, “it depends if they charge us with anything, I think they will give us a telling off and let us go.”

“Oh I hope so” you said, “I couldn’t bear a scandal.”

You reached the station and followed them inside, both officers were in their thirties, you guessed, you thought that was in your favour. Once inside the sergeant said to the young PC on the reception desk, “We are going to the interview room to ask these two some questions, we are not to be disturbed on any account, is that clear?”

“Yes serge,” the youth answered.

Once inside the interview room, Wpc Kerri locked the door behind you. Robbie and yourself on one side of the table and them on the other.

Right said the Sergeant, you know why you are here and you could be in serious trouble, If we charge you all the papers will print the story and your names will be mud. If he intended to frighten you, he succeeded, you gripped Robbie’s hand tight and he put his arm around you.

“Does this have to get out sergeant, what taksim escort can we do to avoid it?” he asked.

Andy ignored Robbie and asked you your name.

” Emma,” you muttered.

“OK, no this doesn’t have to get out, but to avoid it you have to let me fuck you.”

He made the statement in such a matter of fact way, that neither of you could believe you had heard right.

“WHAT!” you spluttered, “you are not serious!”

“I am very serious, and that is the only way you will avoid me arresting you both.” Andy sat back in his chair and stared at you with unblinking eyes.

You and Robbie looked at each other, you could see it in Robbie’s eyes that he saw this as a way of getting off the hook you both dangled on. But you were incensed that a police officer could put such a proposition to you, even if it meant walking free out of your predicament.

“NO, I will not agree to such a thing, I will report you to your chief constable,” you shouted.

“Please yourself,” said sergeant Andy calmly, “no one will believe you and it will make an even bigger story for the newspapers,” He smiled. “Get the arresting papers out Kerri,” he told the Wpc

The seriousness of the mess you were in now hit home. Robbie gripped your arm, and said, “Think hard Emma, its the only way we will get out free.”

You knew you were lost, you could not let this get into the local papers, you looked at Andy and saw that he was not at all repulsive, you decided to do it. casting your eyes to the floor, you said, “Alright, get on with it.”

The police sergeant, leaned back in his chair and grinned, “OK ,stand up Emma and take all your clothes off.”

You knew you had no other choice, slowly you stood up and began to undress. Andy, Kerri and Robbie watched in silence, first your blouse came off, then your skirt, You thought how you had managed to slip your knickers back on in the car, now you were standing in the interview room of a police station in front of strangers, in only your panties and bra, and they were about to come off. Then it came into your mind that you had nothing to be ashamed of, you had a good body and you would be pleased to show it off, so once you began to feel that way, you found yourself being turned on by the situation. Off came your Bra, followed by your panties and you stood with arms by your side, totally naked in front of them.

“WOW!” said Andy, staring at your tits and pussy, “now I can see why this Guy was on his knees between your legs, he indicated Robbie. “Lie on the table Emma”

Robbie helped you up on the table and you lay flat on your back with your legs dangling over the end.

Kerri had said hardly anything through all of this, now she moved to the side of the table nearest your head and placed her hand on your left breast, you did not know what to think tuzla escort about her but as she squeezed your nipple, it became erect and you could feel a wetness in your pussy.

Sergeant Andy, in his Police uniform, stood at the end of the table and unzipped his trousers, He let them fall to the floor and his enormous thick and very long cock swung free. He pushed your legs apart and stood between them, he stroked the end of his huge cock up and down your pussy slit, and eased it just inside, Kerri massaged your breasts and then she closed her mouth over your nipple.

While you were distracted by her, Andy pushed hard and his cock entered your cunt, you were very wet now and he slid all the way in, it felt so good to you and you cried out with the thrill of his big cock stretching your pussy hole. He stood on the floor and held your hips and pulled further into you, his cock pounded you, and you gripped it with all your might with your inner muscles, you could feel your orgasm building, by standing up while you lay on your back his cock stimulated your clit every time he drove it into your body, your eyes were closed your head whirled, you yelled and screamed, your body shook and your orgasm erupted from you. Kerri still sucked on one nipple, while her hand played with the whole of your other tit.

Robbie held your hand, and Andy’s now frantic fucking of your slurping cunt ended with him ejaculating a long stream of his hot thick cum deep into your pussy. He still slammed into you for some seconds, then he slowed down and his cock began to soften.

Kerri left your breast but as she did she trailed her hand down your naked body and slipped two fingers deep into your pussy amongst your juices and Andy’s cum, then she pulled her fingers out and sucked them, “Mmmmmmmmmm,” she murmured.

Robbie still held your hand, “Are you OK?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” you gasped, still breathing hard, “It wasn’t the worst fuck I have ever had.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” said Andy cheerfully, “I know I did.”

He had put his Dick away and zipped his trousers up again, and Kerri had regained her composure.

“You can go now,” Andy told you and Robbie, but I think we should meet up again sometime under more comfortable conditions and Robbie can join in.

He gave you his card and said “phone me, Get dressed, then you are free to go,” and they left the room.

Robbie helped you get dressed, and apologised for not being able to stop what happened to you.

“That’s OK” you said philosophically, “You could do nothing, and It turned out better than I thought it would, and we don’t have to worry about the local newspaper.” you ended with a smile.

“That’s true, Robbie agreed, “Do you think you would want to see them again?” he asked

You were silent for awhile, then you answered “Yes, I think I would, I did enjoy feeling him in me there, he does have a lovely cock,” you said with a smile, more as a dig at Robbie, “I just think how good it could be.”

When you walked out of the interview room there was no sign of Sergeant Rankin or Wpc Watson, but the young Police Constable at the desk said goodnight as you left and drove thankfully home.

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