Amazing: My Night with Noel

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I just stood there gazing at her for a moment or two, her perfect body beautifully silhouetted by the light directly behind her in the corner of the room. Noel stood in front of me, offering herself to me, the top of her bathing suit pulled down to her waist to expose her exquisite 36DD breasts to me; her pretty pink nipples solid and erect in eager anticipation of my touch. She looked so damn sexy like that, but I wanted more. I had, up to that point, yet to see her completely naked so I quickly dropped to my knees in front of her and began to tug her suit down to her ankles, helping her to step out of it. Breathlessly I took in the sight of her amazing, beautiful body standing above me. I stood up and pulled off my own soaking wet suit, leaving me naked as well, my very stiff erection seemingly reaching out for her.

We quickly embraced and our lips met, our tongues locked together in long, deep kiss. After a couple of very passionate minutes she pulled away from me and led me by the hand to the highly romantic four-post bed in the middle of the room and lay down upon it. Being the first time I’d ever seen her completely naked I had to take a moment to drink it all in. She was absolutely breathtaking. Her soft, freckled skin looked so delicious and inviting, while her dark red hair shimmered in the soft light as she stared up at me seductively with beautiful, sexy green eyes. I crawled onto the bed and lay next to her and began kissing her deeply once again.

As passionate as we had been together prior to this night, it was nothing compared to what we felt together that evening. The air was electrified and the passion was palpable. I kissed her deeply. I’ve never known a kiss quite as incredible as hers. Her mouth is simply magical, her tongue absolutely divine. I began to work my way down her body, running my tongue down her neck to her chest, nibbling and suckling her nipples and laying soft kisses all over her smooth, flat, sexy belly until I had repositioned myself between her divinely soft thighs. Her legs were spread wide for me in eager anticipation and I wasted no time in diving in, burying my tongue inside her sumptuously sweet honey. Her waxed bare pussy was absolutely gorgeous and tasted so heavenly. She was so hot and wet zümrütevler escort bayan I just could not get enough of her.

I licked, sucked and nibbled her clit and pussy for a while until she told me she wanted to suck my cock. My desire to eat her pussy not yet satiated, I suggested we move into a 69 position and she quickly and eagerly agreed. With Noel on top, her head facing the foot of the bed, I once again sank my tongue into her delicious pussy while her magical mouth, at the same time, engulfed my throbbing cock. No one has ever sucked my cock the way she does and the feeling is unlike any I’ve ever dreamed of. The feel of her lips and tongue wrapped around my aching, pulsing cock was amazing, while at the same time I enthusiastically lapped up every last drop of her delicious juices. Before long, however, she began to have trouble concentrating on my cock as I brought her closer and closer to the edge. Perhaps my finger playing with her ass at the same time had something to do with it as well, but finally, she lost it altogether and collapsed on top of me in a heap as I made her cum hard in my face.

When she had finally recovered from that strong orgasm, she turned and mounted me, guiding my cock inside her with her right hand. It felt amazing inside her. We moved slowly and deliberately together, for neither of us was in any rush for this moment to end. She rode me passionately, leaning forward to offer me her nipples, her hips gyrating expertly to meet each thrust of my hard, thick cock. It was the moment each of us had been waiting to happen for so long. Now that it was happening, it seemed like a dream; an amazing, wonderful dream.

After several minutes with her on top of me, we rolled over. At first she thought I’d wanted her from behind, as we had talked about so many times in the past, but at that moment, I just had to be on top of her. I wanted to look in her eyes as I slid my aching cock inside her amazing pussy. I wanted to be able to kiss her lips as I really made love to her for the very first time. I wanted this moment to be special.

Slowly, patiently I began to enter her. I took my time, wanting this to last, wanting to feel aydınlı escort bayan myself inside of her for as long as possible. I began to slide my cock in and out of her slowly, but deeply; hard, yet gentle. I kissed her again. It felt amazing, kissing her as I made long, slow love to her. I kissed her lips and her chin. I kissed her cheeks, her neck and her ears. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and we embraced as we made love to each other. It was heaven.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, I decided that now I did indeed want to have her from behind, as we had fantasized about so many times. But as she began to roll over, she was seized by a sudden brain wave. Calling for me to follow her, she sprang from the bed and the room. I followed her into the bathroom antechamber where she had dropped to her hands and knees in front of a floor length mirror. It was, in my opinion, the greatest idea of all-time.

I dropped to my knees behind her and watched her face in the mirror as I began to enter her sweet pussy from behind. She looked so amazingly sexy as I began to fuck her slowly from behind, her seductive eyes filled with lust enchanting me, her hot, wet pussy enrapturing me. It felt so incredible to fuck her like this; to see her like this, on her hands and knees in front of me, naked, taking my hard cock slowly in and out of her tight pussy. It was like a dream, and still is as I sit here reminiscing about it now.

I fucked Noel slowly and deeply from behind, my left thumb covering the tattoo of a heart just above her ass while my right thumb worked its way inside her cute little puckered asshole. She responded, as I knew she would, with great pleasure as I filled both of her holes at the same time. She and I were in perfect rhythm together and it felt like we’d been together a million, passionate times before rather than just a handful of stolen moments. The chemistry that brought us together in the first place was now bringing us to amazing new heights. It was love making like neither of us had ever imagined it could be, heightened greatly by the visual effect of the mirrors. Did I mention that the mirror was the greatest idea of all-time? But it was nowhere near over gebze escort just yet.

After maybe fifteen more minutes of making love to her from behind, she rolled over onto her back with her legs up in the air and spread wide and once again allowed me to slide my thick, hard cock inside her. I took a moment to watch closely as my cock slid in and out of her, I could not believe how amazing it looked inside of her pussy at that moment; simply fucking amazing.

By this time we had been making love for at least 45 minutes, if not an hour or more and she was going crazy. Her pussy was now wetter than any I’d ever felt before. It was pure heaven gliding my seven hard, thick inches into such silky, velvety, warm wetness. How I continued to keep from cumming by this point, I’ll never know, but slowly I continued nevertheless, fucking her far longer, she told me later, than any man had ever fucked her before. It was heaven and I really had no desire for it to end. It was the best sex I had ever had, and she was the best lover ever. It was a magical moment, one that was never supposed to happen, yet here we were. But our stolen time together was running short. We both knew it would have to end soon.

We moved back to the main room, where she laid down on her belly on the edge of the bed, taking my cock into her mouth as I stood. I held her head by the hair on both sides of her head and began fucking her mouth. Oh if you could only see it as I did you’d know just how incredibly sexy that looked, how amazing she looked. Naked on the bed, her legs spread slightly with my cock pistoning in and out of her mouth, it looked so hot. But it wasn’t how I wanted it to end.

Moving to the bathroom, we got into the luxurious tub and turned on the shower. We stood under the falling water kissing passionately, not wanting it to end, but knowing it must. Finally, she turned around and bent over and I entered her from behind once again and began to fuck her. Hard. It felt, yes, you guessed it, amazing. Her cries and moans were arousing me so much and I started to pound her harder and harder, hammering her pussy deeper and deeper. She was calling out my name and I was calling out hers. She was begging me to get off, to fill her pussy with my hot cum. She was reaching up underneath herself and furiously rubbing her clit as my cock thrust hard and deep into her and I could tell we were both going to cum soon, and when she did, it took me over the edge with her. I came as hard as I’d ever cum before, and filled her pussy with as much cum as I’d ever cum before. It was, simply put, absolutely amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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