All for Mom Ch. 01

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Elizabeth Grant’s husband told her that he was going on a business trip and that he wasn’t sure when he would be back. All he would tell her was that it was open-ended and that she shouldn’t worry if he didn’t call for a while, as he would be very busy working. Elizabeth foolishly took him at his word. After all, she trusted her husband, they had been married for almost 25 years and he was a good provider who often worked late. They owned a nice home and had two wonderful children, so there was no reason for her to think anything was amiss.

Not until a month had passed and she still hadn’t heard anything from Robert. Not a phone call, nor an E-Mail, nothing. Time passed with nary a communication from her husband. She phoned her in-laws and Rob’s parents hadn’t heard anything either. Now, Elizabeth was troubled. Rob was very close to his parents, especially his dad. If they hadn’t heard anything, there was cause for concern. Elizabeth phoned his employers and that’s when the damn burst. He didn’t work there anymore; he had resigned five weeks earlier. There was no business trip. Elizabeth’s husband was in the wind and no one had a clue as to where he might be.

Elizabeth went into panic mode, but only for a day or so. She realized that she had to handle things on her own. She contacted a friend who was an attorney and her friend told her to see to everything. She had all their joint credit cards cancelled and got new ones in her name only. She went to the bank and Rob had withdrawn a tidy sum of cash, although he had left her enough to get by for about a year. The house was paid for, as was their car. So, despite deserting his family, Rob had not been a total shit. All he had done is bail on his wife and two children, leaving them with a lot less options.

She was now faced with the unpleasant task of breaking the news to her kids. Their reaction was totally unexpected.

“If Daddy is that much of a shit mom, we’re better off without him,” Brooke told her mother. The young brunette seemed to be taking it all in stride, which wasn’t the reaction Elizabeth had expected at all. Her youngest child was very much a “daddy’s girl.”

“Yeah mom, does dad think he’ll do better than you?” James said to his mom. She gave him a hug and was again amazed at how much different he was from his father. He had Rob beat by at least 4 inches in height and was blonde and bronzed. James took after Liz’s side of the family, although she herself was brunette like Brooke.

“Whatever you need mom, we’ll make sure to help you get it,” James said, trying to bolster his mom’s spirits. “I can get more hours at work and chip in with the expenses. I did a lot of the household chores and maintenance anyway, dad was useless at that kind of thing. I doubt it will be much different with him gone.”

Brooke nodded and agreed with her brother. That in itself was rare, the siblings often bicker as brothers and sisters are wont to do. “I’ll take on an extra shift or two at the Lingerie Boutique and I can pay for my own clothes, mom,” she said to Elizabeth. “I’m going to be 19 in a few months; I suppose that it’s time I took on some more responsibilities around here.”

Elizabeth gave both of her children huge hugs and she let the tears fall unashamedly. In the world of today, it was rare for kids to be so self-sacrificing. She was now so very happy that James had been in no rush to get his own place after graduating from university. She was going to have to rely on her strong and competent oldest child a bit. She herself had a good job, with the money that she still had in the bank, they’d be okay for quite some time. Her lawyer had made sure that Robert couldn’t touch another red cent and if he tried to, there would be hell to pay.

A week later, Brooke and James were having lunch with their aunt and uncle, their mom’s sister and her husband. “I still can’t believe your father did that,” Bryiana said to her favorite relatives. “I never would have believed he was that kind of man, he was so quiet and unassuming.”

“Aren’t the ones they say you have to watch out for?” Richard Noel smiled as he looked for their server to order some more coffee and dessert for them all. The kids had contacted their aunt and uncle immediately to see if they could offer any help. Of course, the family said, anything that was needed would be seen to. Elizabeth was cherished by all of her family. Even Robert’s family had come to Elizabeth’s side, furious at what Robert had done to her and the kids. Robert’s sister Katherine, usually known affectionately as “Kiki”, had practically disowned her older brother.

“If you need money …” Richard started to say, but James waved his hand.

“Mom says that we have enough, plus I’m earning good money and sis is going to start chipping in,” James said to his uncle. He would soon be done his apprenticeship and have his plumber’s license, so he would be bringing in good money to help his family.

“Okay kids, I guess between the four of us, your casino oyna mom will have everything that she needs,” Richard smiled.

“Well, not quite everything,” Bryiana said with a giggle.

“Oh God, don’t you start that again,” Richard laughed along with his wife. Both of them broke into a fit of laughter until the younger ones asked them what it was that they were laughing about.

“We’re talking about sex,” Bryiana told her niece and nephew. “Robert might not have been the most interesting guy in the world, but he was hung like a horse and pretty good in bed. Your dad was a great fuck,” she said and dropped her voice so that they could not be overheard.

The other two looked at their relatives. “How would you know?” Brooke finally asked as she broke the silence.

“Oh, my older sister and I are very close, we used to tell each other everything,” Bryiana smiled coyly. “But in your father’s case, she didn’t have to tell me. I knew from personal experience,” she said to Brooke.

Richard looked at his wife with an almost horrified expression. “Bri — you’re actually going to tell them?”

Bryiana smiled as she contemplated dessert. “Oh, for God’s sakes Richard, why not?” She turned to James and Brooke and smiled. “When we were all younger, we were all quite hedonistic,” she said to them. “We did as we pleased and originally, I was dating your father and Liz was dating Richard. One night, we all had a bit too much wine. The guys were horny and suggested we have some fun. Your mom and I were equally naughty, so we went along with it. We did a little show for the guys and then …”

“Hold it; hold it, you and my mom …?” Brooke gasped.

“Oh sure, we’d done it before,” Bryiana chuckled. “After we got the boys all hot and bothered, we swapped. I fucked Richard and your mom fucked Robert and then, we switched back. After we all sobered up and had run out of steam, the guys took us home. Your mom and I talked and we both realized that we liked the other girls’ boyfriend better. So, we decided to see what the guys thought. As it turned out, they were in complete agreement, so I married my Richard and your mom married Robert. Robert might have been hung better, but Ritchie knew how to fuck better.”

“Oh, woowww,” Brooke found herself laughing. “I would never have believed my mom was capable of doing such a thing. She just doesn’t seem to be the type.” Her older brother nodded in agreement.

“Your mom had really hot pants when she was your age,” Richard told the two young people. “I’m sure there are still a few burning embers under the surface, she just needs someone to light the fire again.”

“Yeah, well that isn’t going to happen,” Brooke sighed wistfully. “Mom’s so devoted to making our lives comfortable that she won’t likely go out on dates until we’re both married and out of the house. I wish we could make her see that we’re young adults and leading our own lives.”

“Your mom is stubborn, she gets that from our mother,” Bryiana said as she decided her figure could stand a bit of dessert. She ordered chocolate cake and continued discussing the situation with her niece and nephew. “I think that what my sister needs is a good fuck and the more I think about it, the more I’m sure I’m on the right track,” she grinned evilly.

“You’ve lost me,” Brooke stated.

“Yeah, me too,” James shook his head.

Bryiana looked over at her husband, who seemed as clueless as the other two for a moment. Then, his expression changed and he shook his head wildly. “Oh no, never, not in a million years!”

“Oh, I don’t know Ritchie,” Bryiana said to her husband with a wicked chortle. “I think there’s still a lot about my sister that’s just hiding under the surface and needs to be brought out.”

“You’re insane,” Richard laughed. “I married a crazy lady.”

“Would you mind telling me what the devil you two are talking about,” Brooke asked, looking at the two crazy adults.

“You two are both attractive, handsome young adults,” Bryiana said to Brooke and James. “Have either of you ever done anything — kinky?”

Brooke shook her head, but when she looked at James, his face was a bit flushed. “Yeah, just slightly,” he admitted to his aunt.

Bryiana’s grin spoke of her delight at hearing that. “That’s good to know, what did you do?”

“I had a threesome.”

“That’s kinky, but only mildly so.”

“I had the threesome with twin sisters — and at first, I watched when they did it with each other,” James admitted as his sister gasped.

“Ah, so that’s why you weren’t as freaked as Brooke was with my little confession,” Bryiana smiled evilly. “The concept of sister-sister incest didn’t bother you because you had experienced it first-hand.”

“Kinda, sorta, yeah, I guess so,” James said sheepishly.

Brooke was just sitting there with a stunned expression on her pretty young face. She had experienced several shocks throughout this luncheon and had no idea what to expect next.

“Okay, slot oyna then I think my proposal won’t seem too out there,” Bryiana said to Brooke and to James. “I think the pair of you should volunteer to take care of your mother’s sexual needs. I think you should both become her lovers and bring Elizabeth out of her shell,” she suggested and winked at Richard.

“You actually want us to sleep with our mother?” Brooke gasped, although she sensibly kept her voice down. “Has everyone at this table lost their minds?”

“Far from it,” Bryiana told her in a cool and collected manner. “I think a bit of kinky is just what my big sister needs in her life. It will prove to her that life hasn’t ended just because your dad walked out. It will help her regain her confidence and once she has it, she’ll become the MILF she was meant to be. After that, well, with our friends, the sky’s the limit,” Bryiana told both kids.

“This is insane!”

“It isn’t, actually,” James said to his sister, compounding her shock. “Aunt Bri is right, our mom is a MILF and if our father wasn’t so fucking clueless, he would have seen that. I’ve been with a few older women and they’re hot in bed. If mom wasn’t — well, you know, mom — I’d probably consider it. I suppose I can consider it now, if it will make mom happier,” James said.

“I can’t even believe we’re discussing this, how in the name of God would we ever get mom to sleep with us in the first place?” Brooke asked.

“Simple,” Bryiana responded as she finished her cake. “Let her catch the two of you fucking each other.”


“Yes. The two of you have sex together and let your mom catch you doing it. When she does, ply her with words, tell her that you’re just expressing your feelings for each other, long-hidden desires. Let her see how beautiful you look together and if she doesn’t run from the room — and I believe that she won’t — ask her if she’d like to join you and let nature take its course,” Bryiana told them both.

“Okay, now I know everyone but me has completely lost their minds,” Brooke complained loudly. “What makes you think I’d even want to have sex with James — or makes you think that he’d want to have sex with me?”

“He’s a male with a pulse, that’s what,” Bryiana giggled. “You’re a hot and sexy brunette with a great rack, great legs and a great ass. I know your uncle noticed that when you walked in here today, hell, even I noticed you in that hot little red dress you’re wearing,” Bryiana commented. “Face it baby, you are a hot little piece of ass.”

“She’s right, sis,” James admitted. “All of my buddies tell me my sister is hot and when you run around the house in your bra and panties or in a bikini, I get a hard-on. If you weren’t my sister, I’d be all over you. If you want to give it a go, I’ll fuck you — and I’ll make it a good one!”

Brooke was now the one flushing a tiny little bit. A couple of her girlfriends had been with James and then had talked, as girlfriends often do. She knew from the girls that her brother had a big one. None of the guys she had been with were hung and she was curious about that. Still, this was not something to be entered into lightly. Once you crossed that bridge, there was simply no going back.

“Kids, you’re both young and you get to make mistakes when you’re this age,” Bryiana prodded them. “Not that I think it’ll be a mistake, you both are very sexy young people and, I think, you’ll discover just how passionate you are if you do this.”

“This is, without a doubt, the craziest thing I have ever done in my life,” Brooke said as she shook her head. She was very aware that three sets of eyes were focused on her and it made her a bit uncomfortable. Still, if she was being truly honest with herself, it also made her feel a bit sexy. It was very flattering to have people think you were desirable, even if they were related to you, even if one did happen to be another woman — another sexy woman, like her aunt.

The two young people agreed to their aunt’s decadent and perverted plan. Bryiana and Richard would take Elizabeth to dinner the next evening, on the pretext of her needing a night out. They would bring her back early enough to catch the two kids fucking like rabbits. “Doll yourself up a little, for James and for your mom, she used to love me in lingerie,” Bryiana advised her niece. To her husband, she whispered “God, I wish I could be there to see it happen. I’ve wanted to get into Brooke’s panties for ages, she is one gorgeous little bitch.”

Brooke and her brother drove home in silence. When they got there, their mom was still at work. “Do you really think this crazy idea of Aunt Bri’s will work?” She asked James.

“I do,” James said as he looked into his sister’s beautiful brown eyes. They seemed to trust him while looking for reassurance. “I think that our mom is a beautiful, sensual and vibrant woman and that what Bryiana told us is the truth. If the two of us can kick-start her back on the path canlı casino siteleri to happiness, why not do it?”

“The incest — it doesn’t bother you?”

James shook his head. “Nah, it doesn’t bother me. Why shouldn’t people make love with the people they love? Who loves you more than your family? You and I, we’ve had our squabbles, but we’ve always had each other’s backs. I’m really going to enjoy having sex with you and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

In the comfort and privacy of her own room, Brooke mulled it over. Her brother’s words weighed heavily on her mind and as much as she wanted to deny it, she was looking forward to making love with James. He was a strapping hunk of a man and the erotic taboo aroused her. So much, in fact, that she had to get her favorite vibrator from the closet and pleasure herself. She used it for a good, long time while crying out James’ name as the toy fucked in and out of her pussy. She realized that she was a dirty, naughty girl just like her aunt Bryiana had suggested she was. Her body was still tingling when her mom got home. Elizabeth told her daughter that she looked good and had some color in her cheeks. Her mom had no idea what had put it there and poor Brooke found it difficult to look her mom in the eye while they were all having dinner. During the meal, Elizabeth told her kids that they would have to fend for themselves the next night. “Your aunt and uncle insist on taking me to dinner,” she told them. “I said they could come here and I could cook them a meal, but they insisted,” she sighed. “I suppose it will be nice not to have to worry about the two of you for a change,” Elizabeth said.

“Mom, you worry too much,” James told her. “I’m a grown man; I could live on my own if I chose to. I stayed here because it’s important that you’re being taken care of.”

“James is right about that, mother,” Brooke added her opinion. “We’re not little kids anymore, we’re young adults. We can look after ourselves and we can help to look after you. Go out and have a bit of fun. You should find a boyfriend — or a girlfriend, if you want to take a walk on the wild side,” Brooke tittered.


“What? Come on mom, it’s the 21st Century. You don’t talk much about your past …” Hence Brooke not knowing about her mom’s fling with her younger sister until recently “… but for all we know, you could have experimented with girls in school. We’re just telling you that you should live a little,” Brooke told her mother as her brother nodded in agreement.

The attractive young brunette barely slept a wink that night. All she could think of was sex and all the permutations of it. She could envision her brother’s cock and her mom’s naked body and try as she might, she could not brush those images out of her mind. She decided that she would be better off not trying and only then did she drift into slumber. Even then, all of her dreams that night were highly erotic.

When the time came, Brooke knew what she wanted to do. She went into the closet and opened a package she had bought a few months earlier. It was a lovely white teddy that she had bought to surprise her then-boyfriend, Shane. She found out a week later that Shane wanted to break up; he was interested in Vicki Howell. Oh well, his loss. Brooke put on the teddy and added a tiny, matching white thong and bedroom slippers. Pushing the butterflies down, she entered James’ room at the agreed-upon time. He was in bed totally naked and God, her girlfriends had not lied — his cock was immense! Brooke was grateful that she wasn’t a virgin because a cock like his could tear you up if it happened to be your first time. Tentatively, Brooke approached the bed.

“Can I …?”

“… suck it? Sure Brooke, anything you want. I mean, the intent here is to help mom come out of her shell, but we really are going to have sex. Let’s just relax and have a good time together,” James said in a reassuring tone.

“Okay,” Brooke smiled and took his shaft into her mouth. It was a purplish-red color and had thick veins running all over it. But the head was as soft as velvet and as she sucked, Brooke realized something. She wanted to do this; she wanted to do it more than anything. Sucking James’ cock, her brother’s cock, gave her a thrill. It made her a bad girl and bad girls simply had the most fun of all. Most of her life, Brooke had followed the rules and breaking a major taboo was a real thrill. She swung her body around and James moved the thong to one side. He saw that his sister’s pussy was bare and he and Brooke had barely gotten started when they heard a shriek from the door.

Now, it was time to see if aunt Bryiana’s plan was going to work.

“We’re having sex mother, or rather, we’re making love,” James told his mother without losing his cool. “Brooke and I finally decided that we were going to stop ignoring our mutual attraction to each other. We’re both adults and we didn’t think that at this stage in our lives, there was any harm in giving in and doing as we liked.”

Brooke’s heart was racing because she sensed that a lot of what her older brother had just said was the truth. They had been skirting around a mutual attraction and were now giving it freedom.

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