All For Baby Ch. 01

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I want to thank my editor michchick98 for helping me edit this special story. She has been a great inspiration and a great help. Please enjoy!

Chapter One

“Once you get inside me, don’t pull away.” Sheila commanded to her friend. She wasn’t a virgin, and knew it very well. She wasn’t too young either, twenty nine going on thirty, too damn soon. But she had wanted to have a child of her own since she was old enough to have one. Then a tragic death stole her boyfriend’s life away and she had gotten stuck on what could have been.

The last thing she remembered him saying was his reinforced believe on how he didn’t want to have kids. I’m too young to have kids, Chris had said. Let’s enjoy the sex for what it is, that’s the most fulfilling freedom we can always have, Chris always used the same excuse.

Had she waited too long to please him, thinking she might’ve convinced him otherwise?

One thing was certain, now she was free to think for herself, sexual liberties weren’t in her to do list. Now that she’d decided to act on her desire, her friend would have to do. After a year of mourning and of abstinence, she’d managed to get closer to Mike. They’d been sleeping together for a few months now.

Lying naked on her bed now, sweet Mickey was more confused than the nights he tried to cheer her up while she was still mourning for her lost love. Those nights when she would burst out crying after they’d had sex.

“Not everything is lost, Sheila,” he’d said.

Not if I lose you too, she’d thought.

They’d just made love and somehow it didn’t seem enough.

“Sheila, I’m not sure if I can keep doing this,” he said, keeping her at arm’s length. “You’ve always brought me in as the third wheel in all your previous relationships, and I’m sorry Chris died, but nothing will bring him back.”

Third wheel? She’d never thought of him like that. Despite her games of giving him high hopes for a future together, she’d wanted him there. And he’d been there through her pains and joys.

“I know he’s not coming back, but you’re still here.”

She knew Chris couldn’t come back. She missed him terribly everyday. Honoring her love for him regardless if another guy would fill his place, was all she could do, but only if the new person in her life wasn’t a stranger. Even kadıköy escort though her mind was made up, she didn’t want to sleep with a stranger, she wanted to be with someone who knew her.

“Correction, you had always felt like a third wheel.” She jumped on the bed. “But you don’t have to fight for my attention anymore. Besides, I already helped you undress and you didn’t protest.”

Sheila kissed his chest and he smiled at her.

“So, you want to have sex with me again to prove me something?”

“There’s nothing to prove.” Sheila slapped him softly.

“But you have a reason for it.”

“You used a condom. No more condoms!” she commanded.

She traced her wet, slick tongue down his chest and wondered how much he wanted her. They were already friends, so what was the big deal?

Then, after all was said and done, she still wanted a baby. “If I masturbate in front of you, will it change your mind?”

His eyes sparkled as a sexy smirk appeared on his face. She didn’t want to be questioned about her decisions, daring or not. She rolled over onto her back and traced a path down her body to her womanhood. There she struck the fleshy, sensitive nub, driving her senseless as her thoughts started melting into accepting the wave of pleasure coming to her body in a splash of wetness.

Mike moved her hand and replaced it with his. It seemed he had no more questions for her.

She let him, putting her hand on his hair and brushing it from his face. They held each other’s glance for a few moments before she admitted, a bit teary, “I always wanted a baby, but maybe it’s too late for that now-”

“Shhh…” He hushed her with a kiss. “I always wanted to be a father. Is it too late for me?”

“No,” she said, wondering if he wanted it as much as her. Mike’s relationships had never lasted long enough to be “baby” serious. He seemed to be the guy who ran away from commitment rather than embrace it. Yet he was always there for her, and it’d always been a serious friendship between them. Their relationship hadn’t come down to sex until they’d both agreed they wanted the same thing from each other.

Mike held her close as he moved on top of her, kissing her cheek with tender care.

“It’s not too late for you then.” He spoke kartal escort softly. “You just don’t want the father to be a stranger.”

She nodded, finally relieved to see there was one man alive who knew her, sometimes more than herself; Mike. His support meant more to her that anything in this world. What she didn’t voice, he could sense.

“I’ll be the father of your firstborn, soon” he said. “I promise.”

She let out a gasp when he brushed a kiss on her bare womanhood. She held him in place and watched as he sucked her with delight.

She quivered beneath him knowing that despite her wanting the baby now, it was something they both needed to be ready for financially.

“So…sweetheart. How soon do you want this baby in your lovely arms?”

“Soon,” she whispered. “I’ll let you know.”

* * * *

When Mike left for work, with promises of coming back for her and her things, while blurting out between kisses how much he loved her, she couldn’t help smile. Kissing him back had been the sweetest thing she’d ever experienced. Why had it taken her this long to be with him?

Sheila didn’t want to let him go.

“Is it all right if I join you at your apartment instead?”

“Sure babe, anytime.” He wriggled his nose against hers and handed his spare key to her.

“Mike.” She laughed.

“I’ve never seen you this happy, Sheila.” He hugged her for a long time and she couldn’t help embracing him further in her arms.

Her hands immediately went to his black short hair and played with it. She loved the softness of his cheek against hers and his cologne drove her senses wild.

Kissing him on the cheek, she released him from her grasp. “You’re going to be late for work Mr. Chance.”

“You’re right! I should get to work; for our upcoming baby, for us.”

Sweet Mickey left her surrounded in laughter as he let himself out the door. His promise for their future baby excited her the most. He gave her hope.

Getting up from the bed, Sheila walked to the bathroom, feeling as if she were floating on air. She leaned in and started the shower and after checking the temperature, stepped under the steamy spray. As the water cascaded down her body, she closed her eyes and imagined herself dancing in the rain with maltepe escort Mike. A happy tune escaped her lips which were curved into a broad smile. As she continued humming, she marveled at the joy a baby would bring both her and Mike.

“Just a minute!” she called out when she heard the doorbell ring.

“Sheila!” a female voice called her from the door. Good, Mrs. Downy. Just in time to let her know I’m moving out of the apartment.

Once dressed in her khaki shorts and green blouse, she combed her black hair into a ponytail and Sheila made her way to the door.

“Mrs. Downy come on in.”

The elder woman smiled warmly at Sheila. Mrs. Downy was a widow and the best landlord she’d ever come across. Despite disagreeing with Sheila’s lifestyle choices, she always had been a dear. Mrs. Downy was the best candidate for a friend. Sheila appreciated the fact the elder gave her advice only when asked for. Age didn’t matter; they both knew it, and their landlord/tenant relationship never suffered.

“I see you’re doing well, Sheila.” She looked at her again. “I knew you’d be smiling again sooner than later.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Downy. I really owe it to Sweet Mickey. Please sit down.”

Mrs. Downy took a seat on the sofa after Sheila had asked if she wanted some tea or coffee. When Mrs. Downy politely declined, Shelia joined her on the sofa.

“I saw Mike when he was leaving and he’s such a nice guy.” Mrs. Downy played with her skirt. “He really does take care of you.”

“Yes, he’ll be a great father someday.” She beamed while imagining a baby coming up to her and climbing onto her lap.

“You too my dear, now we just have to find you a nice young man to settle down with.”

She couldn’t believe her landlord hadn’t noticed. Maybe she still thought about Mickey as only friend material. She shook her head, wasn’t it obvious they were together?

“Mrs. Downy, I’m afraid I have to tell you I’ll be leaving this apartment to go live with Mike.”

“Sweetheart, he is a great friend. I wish I had a friend like that, well more of a female friend, when my Harvey died.”

What was it with moving to his apartment that didn’t make it any clearer to her landlord? Weren’t they compatible? Maybe she hadn’t made it clear enough.

“Lisa.” Sheila addressed her landlord by her first name. “Mike and I are more than friends now. I’m going to live at his apartment for good.”

“Oh!” The old lady said. “You’ll make a great couple.”

Sheila thought she heard her landlord say the right words, but somehow her words didn’t sound believable.

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