Alison , Max Ch. 5

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Alison closed the door behind her as she came in the front door. “Max? Where are you?” she asked, not seeing him, but hearing the soothing jazz tunes coming from somewhere distant.

“Upstairs, at the computer!” he shouted down to her.

She walked up the stairs, her black, high-heeled sandals tapping on the wood floor as she took each step almost a little too slowly.

She saw him, sitting at the desk, pounding away at the keyboard. Well, in a few minutes he’d be pounding away at her, if she had her way…and she usually did. When she called earlier, he told her he had a lot of work to do, but she said she really needed a good fucking tonight and that she was stopping by for a little bit, just a quickie. He was all too eager to comply.

She came up behind him, circling her arms around his bare chest, scraping her nails against him and gently licking a tender spot on his earlobe.

“Hey, baby,” she said. Looking at the screen, she saw he was at one of his favorite pictorial sites. “Oh, she’s got nice tits!” Alison whispered in his ear, continuing to stroke his chest with her finely manicured nails.

“Yeah, they are but…yours are real, and I’ve been thinking all day about what it would be like to suck on them tonight.” he said, turning around in the swivel chair. He unbuttoned her long, black wool coat, and was pleasantly surprised to find she had on nothing but her black garter and stockings. That was it. Damn, she was fine, and he could already feel his hard-on pressing against the buttons of his jeans.

“You are amazing, Alison.” he said, as his hands explored her near-naked body, her coat still on. He took her breasts in his hands, and slowly leaned in toward them. He twisted one nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he took the other in his mouth and sucked on it, rolling it around with his tongue, tugging on it, and nipping at it gently with his teeth. Looking over him, Alison watched the scene on the computer screen as she rested her hands on Max’s shoulders, which was about the only way she was still standing; incredible how just this touch could make her weak with desire. She could feel the wetness starting to seep down the inside nişantaşı escort of her thigh. It never took long with Max.

He pulled her closer, one arm snaking under her coat and around her back. He sucked on the other nipple, laving her with his tongue. She could feel his hot breath on her wet tit. A moan escaped her lips as Max’s hand found her hot, wet pussy. His fingers teased her lips gently, as he bathed them in her juices. “You are so hot, Alison!” he said as he kissed his way down. He got off the chair, got down on his knees and started licking her. He licked her bellybutton, then made his way down to her thighs. He licked her on either side, then slowly invaded her swollen, silken lips. Up and down, he licked her, tasting her sweetness. His hands ran up and down the length of her legs, feeling the silkiness of the stockings she wore.

As the smooth sounds of Joshua Redman resonated around her, she watched the computer screen intently. Ah, the wonders of modern-day technology; in this “live-action” shot she was watching this guy as he fucked the girl with the nice tits. They were both naked, and he was inside her as she sat on a table.

Alison was breathing heavier and her legs were trembling. Max sought out her clit, and finding it hard and swollen, sucked it between his lips while he pushed two fingers inside her. She was definitely close to coming as she watched Mr. Computer Guy pumping away at this big-tittied brunette. He must have had the sound down while listening to the jazz; she wondered what they would sound like, fucking like that. She moaned as she thought about what the woman brunette was saying to the guy. She could just imagine her telling him, “Fuck me harder! Oh, baby, yeah, just like that. Make me come!”

“Oh, God, Max, fuck me harder with your fingers. Oh, baby, yeah, just like that. Make me come!” she heard herself saying out loud. “Oh, yes, now! I’m coming. Ohhhhhh!” she screamed out as her pussy tightened around his fingers and she came all over his face, which was now buried deep between her lips.

“Oh, Max, that was incredible. I was watching them fuck on the computer and I was ortaköy escort thinking about you fucking me like that.” she said.

“Do you want me to fuck you like that?” he asked as he stood up.

“Oh, yeah, I want you to fuck me hard and don’t stop until I come again.” Alison said. “But… you did say you were busy, so maybe I should just go right now.” she said with a wicked smile, pulling back from him.

“I think I’ve earned a break after working at this for two hours now.”

“Yeah, working, right. Jazz music and people fucking on the computer, that’s really working. Is this what you’re doing whenever I call and you say you’re working?” she said, feigning hurt and sporting a seductive pout.

“No, I knew you were coming by and I guess I was already getting a little excited thinking about what that meant.” he said.

“And what does that mean?” she asked.

Max slid her coat all the way off and it fell to the ground. He was trailing his fingers along the edge of the garter when he said, “It means I want to fuck you silly, so silly that neither of us will be able to do any work for the rest of the night.”

Alison unbuttoned his jeans, tugging them open just enough to see he was wearing no underwear. She thought she might come on the spot. He definitely realized how much this turned her on. It never ceased to amaze her how sexy he was, whether he was in a jacket and tie or in jeans. Alison started tangling her fingers in the coarse hair that peeked out from the jeans. She could tell how his cock was straining to be free of the snug pants. She pushed the jeans down, and had him step out of them. Then she pushed him back against the computer desk, and took his swollen cock in her hands. She rubbed the shaft up and down a bit, then focused some attention on the head. He had an amazing cock, and she loved feeling it in every way imaginable; in her hands, her mouth, inside her pussy or ass. She watched Max’s face as his eyes closed in ecstasy. Oh, yeah, she knew how to please him.

His mouth opened as he moaned. He was leaning back against the desk, hands stretched out behind him. Resting on her heels, she took pendik escort him in her mouth in one slow, exaggerated motion. She didn’t let her lips touch him at all until she had him completely inside her mouth, deep-throating him. Then she slowly pulled back, all the way up his shaft using pressure from her lips and tonguing him at the same time. She felt the drops of pre-cum on her tongue. She wasn’t sure how she got to be so good at sucking him, but she knew she was (practice makes perfect?). He’d certainly convinced her with both his verbal and non-verbal responses.

She felt Max’s hands in her hair, twirling her curls around his fingers as he pulled her head into him. No problem there, she had her face as close as she could, slowly sucking and licking him until she knew he would say “stop” so he could release himself inside her.

And he did. “Oh, God, Alison, stop. I gotta come inside you.” And he pulled her up to him, face to face, and kissed her. They tasted themselves on each other, a now familiar – and most welcome – taste. Alison brought one leg up and placed her heeled foot on the edge of the desk on one side of him. She wrapped her arms around Max’s neck, while he guided himself inside her. He was so hard, and she was so wet that he slid right in, but there was still enough tightness to hold him as he plunged deep inside her. Then he pulled out slowly and plunged inside her again, so hard and deep that Alison felt like he might come out the other side of her.

Max held her by the hair on the back of her head, pulling her back while he kissed her throat and fucked her furiously. His other hand was gliding up and down her leg, feeling the silky stocking, which only turned him on even more. With one hand, Alison clawed at his chest, raking her nails up and down and moaning loudly as he continued to thrust in and out of her. With her other hand she was fingering her clit. “Oh God, Max, I’m gonna come again!” she said as she breathed into the start of her orgasm. This took Max over the edge and he came inside her, then relaxed.

Alison’s head rested against his hot, sweaty chest. Max kissed the top of her head as he entwined his fingers in her hair. Her breathing was slowing down, so he knew she was coming down from her orgasmic high. “You back?” he asked.

“Yeah, I am. That was really incredible!” she responded.

“Yeah, it was. And I don’t want to go back to work.” he said. ” Come sit on my lap and let’s see what’s on the computer.”

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