Aisha My Monday Girl

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Aisha, my Monday girl.

It has been a very busy and lucrative life since three of my pals decided to compete with the Chippendales, the group who gave a lot of happy women attending hen parties and the like, a great deal of naughty thrills.

It struck me just how women can look at it (literally) and laugh whilst their male counterparts attending a strip club, watch in dead seriousness with tongues hanging out.

We called ourselves the Stripadales so others could be no mistaking what we did and, believe you, me – we did id with such relish and passion, going the full hog that we were an immediate success – and the spin-off was that each of us were being booked for private sessions.

Of course being human and the nature of the job we were combined to numbers but I felt I could manage six a week – of course choosing the gals that I fancied most of all and Aisha was no exception, right from the start when she made a meal of me at the strip club, with absolutely no inhibitions in front of about twenty others – she certainly set the ball rolling, breaking the ice and most of the others followed likewise, enjoying their secret joy and it was all a scintillating experience for us guys, entertaining and, what was to become a service to those who wanted more than just a quick taste at the hen party.

Certainly Aisha was, for me, the best of the bunch, my Monday girl who always rid me of the Monday blues, I say girl but she was twenty years my senior but still looked great at 45 and I loved mature women who have all the experience.

On my third call I was starting to think it was not just for sex but more, I was feeling love for her – but she was married and I was just her toy-boy on the side so I had to stifle all such feelings and just enjoy the sex – and that was no problem at all. Aisha enjoyed hers to the full and I had hardly arrived, seated and taking refreshment when she was at me, ravishing me like she was starved and I guessed her hubby was not giving it to her.

“You just carry on baby, you need your nourishment” she said during a quick pause and then she had me unzipped, jeans and boxer shorts downed to my knees and the working tool in her mouth, that very busy tongue lavishly enjoying me – and to see her down there in my lap, sucking şerifali escort me up to the full as I took a chunk out of my jam doughnut was a real experience to behold.

But this way I was able to hold back, enjoy my eats and enable her to enjoy hers to the full, I felt the beautiful pull of her suck as she really gave it passion and made it even more pleasurable in balling me constantly as she bobbed her head back and forth applying all the sensuality she could muster along with the very gratifying moans and murmurs in between, complimenting me on my masculinity.

Aisha was a lovely person, she had abounding style and passion and made no secret about what she wanted and what she enjoyed, it wasn’t just to be the sex, it was going our, wining and dining too, and I soon started to realise that my short day visit on a Monday would extend the full day.

“Life is full of exciting new things to do”, she told me – and affording her lifestyle meant no boundaries expense wise – she wanted to spoil me and I soon got the notion this relationship was going to glue and last.

But what about her married life? I soon found out that she was suing for divorce and was separated from her husband who was having it away with a coloured girl from Texas – so what had begun as an erotic couple of hours with sex hungry gal was developing into something else.

If I wanted that I could not make up my mind, the lifestyle was tempting but would it really be me, and would she tire of me when she’d had her fill and the excitement started to wear off?

But for the time being my concentration was smothered in her sexual deviations and I was glad to be of service, in the morning before we went out and about, and in the evening when we returned, and sometimes into the night what she felt she wanted the feel of a man beside her again, not just for sex but to feel and snuggle up to. She was a real woman sure enough and I had no problem with that, slumbering and often immersed in the delicious warmth between her ripe boobs.

“Can we go further, John?” she asked me after our fourth session, having just guided me into her for a wondrous bonding fuck, her body neatly planted astride me, her gorgeous boobs there for my pampering. I guessed she suadiye escort wanted it in another position but it was not just that, she was a lovely fuck on top and we had delved into the gorgeous ways of mutual oral sex, head to toe and taking it to the full, all that slow time gorgeous sucking and licking, the taste of her in my mouth and afterwards that so wonderfully merged deep French kiss combining our nectar of passion and pure unadulterated sex.

But what she wanted was something I had never shared with any woman, or anyone else for that matter. She went to her wardrobe and brought back a box,

She put it the bed, looked into my eyes with a certain mischievousness , her face glowing and slowly opened the box and lifted out the content. A fill sized strap-on and I must have shown my surprise because she whispered that it would be a nice thing to do.

I was a little shocked because this was really breaking the boundaries of anything I had done before but it was obviously her passion to try.

“Each of us, man or woman, have our deviances baby, each of us have some of the opposite sexual hormones in us, let me give it a try, I love the way you wiggle, you have no idea what that does for me, I will be gentle baby” she smiled holding the rubbery length of the substitute penis with a great touch, like she was doing it to me. The way she teased around my p-hole with finger and tongue. She was so very passionate in every way and her suggestions even made me blush. She gently squeezing the appendage into the aperture made between forefinger and thumb!

“I shall prepare you baby, lots and lots of spoiling you will love and lots and lots of lubricant.”

I felt I just couldn’t refuse her even though the idea seemed maybe a little repugnant, after all I had always taken the male part but to switch roles suggested I was gay and I was never that.

But Aisha, she was all woman sure enough and I wanted to share her passion, especially when she challenged me saying if I thought it would be too much, just to say!

She said how she wanted me and I was about to learn the true deep deviances of Aisha as she indulged in enjoying me, spread ass up over the bottom bed rail with a well placed cushion, I felt her fingers expertly ümraniye escort touching and teasing me there, occasionally massaging my balls and then running up her fingers between my cheeks and slowly rimming me, around and around and watered just nothing for me at first began to feel good, especially when she gently planted her lips there and gently indulged in a exploratory oral extravaganza which was truly beautiful.

“Better now baby?” she whispered gently slapping me. It did feel good. She was achieving something I would have thought impossible and I began to feel that I wanted her to go the full hog, it sort of made me feel what it may be like to be a woman and when she started to stretch me with her fingers inserting and spreading I hear her sighs and relished the thought that she was enjoying me.

Such was the extent I found myself asking for her fuck but all the time she was teasing, saying for me to wait and that would come when she was well and ready. And I realised she wanted more of what she was doing that she was the mistress and I her servant and she made best of all the oral stimulants she could perceive , the stroking, the slapping, the nudging, the licking and sucking everything which geared me up to the full until I plead with her just to fuck the ass off me.

But still, she said when she was well and ready and I started to feel animalistic, never before had I felt that way with a woman, but of she didn’t yield I was about to fuck the pussy off her in the most rough passionate way and no holds barred.

But then she’d done with the foreplay and the final was about to come – I glanced around and saw that she had the strap on in place and began to feel a stretching where she had been busily working me .My God! She was there inside, I felt a slight pain as she pushed it into me, I felt a throbbing intensity as she started to thrust in and out with such verbosity that she was enjoying me like a guy would, with a very full end deep erection implanting me with all her secret passion and enjoying it to the full as she groaned and grunted and swore, but always complimenting me on my ‘most fuckable ass.’

Well fucked for the first time that way we both lay in the bed completely exhausted but her smile and the look on her face said it all.

This was a sign of things to cum!

The whole sequence had worked out beautifully and afforded us both a time to be dominant and subservient which somehow complimented the bond between us and so Aisha was about to become so much more than just another client.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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