Air Force One

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Barbara was at her station when Air Force 29000 crossed her airspace. At flight level 31 the Boeing was on a S.S.W heading at 550 knots.

She knew the president was not aboard or it would be showing the call sign Air Force One and be trailed by a pair of 1st Fighter Wing F15 Eagles protecting its 6 o’clock.

She knew Major Tom McLean would be sitting in the left seat guiding the big bird on its mission.

“Air Force 2900, I have you on my screen and you are cleared on your present heading until you enter Florida air traffic control’s area. Have a nice day Sir,” Barbara notified the Presidential transport.

“Roger that! You have a great day too Mam!” Tom acknowledged.

F.A.A. regs forbid personal communication on u.h.f. radio traffic but Barb pictured the young Major at the controls with a big smile on his face.

Barb and Major McLean had first met three months ago at a Washington D.C. Air Traffic Controllers’ Seminar. The seminars were held at intervals to familiarize controllers and pilots with each other’s perspective of operations.

Barb had attended unaccompanied by her husband and Tom McLean, Air Force One’s lead captain also attended without his pretty wife Danielle.

The meetings were being held at the Washington Fairmount Hotel where Barb was sharing a room with a coworker, June Caldwell also from Herndon A.T.C.

The F.A.A. had a hospitality suite set up on the third floor for the attendees to unwind after the day’s meetings. Barbara decided to mingle for a while in the hospitality suite before turning in for the night.

She saw Tom McLean when she entered. She recognized him as the Air Force One’s captain even though he was in civilian clothes. McLean was exchanging tales with a handful of fellow pilots.

Barb went to the bar and requested gin and Wink, her favorite drink. With her drink in her hand she made her way through the dozen or so drinkers present.

Eventually McLean approached Barbara and introduced himself. After exchanging niceties they began giving their personal information ataşehir escort to each other.

McLean was a career U.S.A.F. officer attached to the 89th airlift wing at Andrews Air Force Base and assigned to flying Air Force One out of Ronald Regan Memorial Field. McLean had jockeyed the Presidential Boeing around the world delivering the President and his entourage to several state visits and international functions. He boasted to Barbara that during his last two years he had logged over 1000 flying hours at the controls of the large Boeing jetliner.

Barbara’s career was quite mundane compared to McLean’s. Graduating college in her hometown Chicago she had been accepted for training at the Air Traffic Training facility in Herndon Virginia and been assigned the Herndon A.T.C. center upon graduating. She had met her husband there, who was her crew chief, and they had been married soon after a whirlwind courtship. They had one two-year-old daughter who was being cared for by her husband’s mother during Barbara’s absence.

Barbara was not a particularly attractive woman; she had lovely blonde hair and an ample bust that attracted men’s eyes. It was mostly he friendly outgoing personality that drew people to become her friends. She was honest and considerate and tried not to hurt anyone’s feelings if she could help it, always had a cheerful “hello” and a listening ear.

Barbara was not a “clothes-horse”, she wore a simple white pullover with a pair of tight fitting black slacks. The sweater emphasizes her generous breasts and the slacks displayed her nicely rounded ass somewhat provocatively. Tom McLean’s eyes had assessed her and were speculating on her sharing his bed that night.

It was getting late and Barbara was thinking about making her move and getting back to her room.

“Aww don’t go yet. Come to my room for a nightcap?” Tom pleaded.

How improper, alone in a hotel room with a married man! Barbara was a big girl and Herndon was far out of her mind, the drinks had erased her inhibitions and good judgment.

McLean’s bagdat caddesi escort room was a quick elevator ride two floors up. Turning the key in the lock he opened the door to his suite.

It was luxurious, much better than hers. The bed was canopied and huge, dominating the room. An expensive teakwood credenza contained a big-screen TV and a well-stocked mini-fridge awaited their pleasure.

McLean tuned in the stereo to some romantic background music and then prepared their drinks. Barbara kicked off her shoes and sank into the overstuffed couch. She was feeling mellow and in no hurry to move from this sanctuary.

As she sipped her drink to the strains of Engelbert Humperdink McLean suggested they relax in the Jacuzzi.

“I have no swim suit!” Barb protested.

“You can wear your underwear, there is only the two of us.” McLean offered.

The water was warm and relaxing. McLean had discreetly allowed her to remove her sweater and slacks and get into the tub before he entered the room. The bubbly water came to above her breasts concealing her now translucent bra.

Barbara was soon feeling mellow with the warm water jets massaging her body. When she felt McLean’s hand on her bare thigh she did not react, why spoil the mood?

McLean’s hands removed her bra with the dexterity of a surgeon and quickly her large breasts had escaped their prison and were buoyantly floating in the soothing bath only to be quickly recaptured by McLean’s hand. He tenderly fondled her mounds, gently kneading them as if they her freshly ridden bread dough. His lips went to her nipples and swallowed them.

Barbara was past the point of no return as McLean’s tongue dueled with hers in an effort to occupy her mouth. She surrendered as she felt his hand slip inside her submerged panties, fingers exploring her most intimate space.

“Fuck me!” she begged the Air Force Major.

She left her discarded panties in the Jacuzzi along with her bra as tey went nude to the big bed. McLean’s bostancı escort erection was pointing the way.

Gallantly McLean turned back the ochre duvet allowing her to slip between the crisp white sheets; he slipped in beside me. Barb lay on her back with her knees in the air, legs shamelessly wide open offering him that which she had already promised her husband. He mounted her in preparation to consummate their meeting.

Major Thomas McLean was entering friendly air space as his magnificent bird slid into her waiting hanger. With her doors wide open he easily fit completely inside of her. Barb wrapped her legs around his hips securing him safely inside of her. They begin to fuck.

It started as a slow and deliberate fuck, his cock slowly sliding in and out, familiarizing himself with the facilities. Barb’s cervix gripped him demonstrating he was appreciated.

“Oh yes Baby, fuck me so tenderly.” she moaned drawing herself upwards onto his shaft.

She could feel the massive head of his cock deep inside of her, occupying forbidden space.

“Cum in me!” Barb kissed him.

Tom tortured her, playing here like a Stradivarius, working her up to a crescendo. The girth of his shaft lightly dragged against her clitoris triggering sensations to grow deep within her wetness.

“Oh please, make me come!” she begged.

It was a powerful thrust; with all his strength Tom drove his meat as far into her as he could reach.

“Oh yes, that’s it!” she gasped.

A quick withdraw and another smash.

“Oh God!” she could not stand much more of this torment, “Do it, make me come, please, please!”

Major McLean was pushing the envelope when he took her through the sound barrier. Her orgasm was uncontrollable. Spasms took possession of her body, her back arched pushing her container up to receive his sperm.

Barb stayed in McLean’s room the rest of the weekend. They made love over and over in every position they could imagine.

The others must have wondered why they were not at the meetings but they didn’t care, they were enjoying their own exchanges sequestered in McLean’s suite.

Sunday came all too soon and Barbara was back on the plane heading home.

Sitting at her station on a Monday morning Barbara watches Air Force 29000 transverse her screen as he mind flashes back to her lost weekend.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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