Affinity Ch. 01

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Authors Note: This is my Thirty-Eighth story. It is purely fictional. Thank you to NaughtySaint for her help with the editing! I hope you enjoy the story! Please remember to vote and that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Over the years I’ve had crushes on a few of my cousins. However, I convinced myself it wasn’t really incest as they weren’t blood relatives. Each cousin I’d had a crush on had been from my step dad’s side of the family. I also never acted on any of these crushes so I could sweep them under my mental rug and ignore the fact that it was considered incestuous.

That is, until I found myself attracted to my cousin’s son, Seth. I was 27 when I started noticing him and being attracted to the strength in his young, firm, toned body. He worked out six days a week doing tae-kwon-do and he was on his school’s swim team and it showed!

I behaved myself though. Maybe I took a couple extra pictures of him shirtless and dripping wet from the lake on the family camping trips. Maybe my eyes wandered to him across the campfire more than they did to anyone else, but I made sure I never did or said anything to let anyone know just how attracted to him I was.

Now Seth was a very handsome, muscular 18 year-old. His sandy blond hair was kept shaggy, the color almost matching his perfectly tanned skin. His cool blue eyes were as captivating as ever.

I was now 29 and newly single after breaking up with my latest boyfriend just a couple nights before. I’d ended things because after almost a year of dating he’d refused to come to the annual family reunion camping trip with me. Even though he knew how much my family meant to me, he said he’d rather stay home and play video games.

It was the first night of the reunion and after a few drinks with my cousins around the campfire — while admiring my 18 year old walking wet dream — I headed to my tent.

Because I’m not a morning person I’d put my sleep mask on to allow me to hopefully sleep in a little bit. I was in the midst of a very vivid dream about kissing my way down Seth’s perfect six pack abs when I was woken up by the sensation of cold night air on my tits.

Before I could pull the sleeping bag back up or my sleep mask off, I felt strong hands pin my arms down above casino siteleri my head as a warm mouth descended on my now hard nipples.

It had to be Jeff, my very recent ex, showing up to get me back.

I was pissed off with him for refusing to come to the reunion and fighting with me about it until I ended the relationship and now playing head games by showing up here – but I was too horny to turn him away after my day of watching Seth topless and wet at the beach and my interrupted of touching his amazing body.

I moaned softly, aware of my family in the nearby tents and trailers and the few, no doubt, still around the campfire. He began sucking my nipples harder, just the way I like it. I moaned a little louder and felt his soft lips descend on mine and kiss me so softly and tenderly it made my heart ache. He had never kissed me like this before, almost reverently. I relished the sensation for a moment before I opened my mouth and began kissing him with all the passion, desire and need I felt.

He pulled the rest of the sleeping bag off my naked body and suddenly my skin felt so hot from his touch and kisses that the air didn’t feel cold at all.

He kept kissing me deeply, passionately, as his hand moved down to cup my shaved pussy, which was already warm and wet from my fireside fantasies and the half finished dream. I moaned into his mouth at the touch of his hand and he slipped the pad of his thumb against my throbbing clit and I arched up into his hand for more.

He slipped a long, slender finger into my pussy and began to slowly finger fuck me with it while he rubbed my clit with his thumb and kept his mouth pressed hard against mine to muffle my moans.

His fingers had never been long enough to reach my g-spot, but suddenly he was pressing against it as if he’d always known exactly where it was. I accidentally bit his lip at that moment and he pulled away from the kiss. As I pushed my pussy hard against his hand I whispered “Right there baby, you finally found my g-spot and it feels so fucking good! Keep pressing it just like that and rub my clit baby! Please don’t stop! Make me cum all over your fingers like this, then fuck me good and hard and I’ll forgive you,” and at that moment his mouth clamped down against mine hard and his finger pressing against my g-spot slot oyna began pushing harder and within seconds I was trying not to scream into his mouth as my pussy started squirting with the intensity of a g-spot orgasm.

Without my having to tell him when I started to get too sensitive he moved his thumb off my aching clit and slowly pulled his long finger from inside my still throbbing and now soaking wet pussy. “God that was good baby…why didn’t you do that before!?” I asked as I felt him move to kneel between my legs. I thought he was about to fuck me but then I felt his finger against my lip and happily opened my mouth to taste my cum on his finger. He knew how much I loved to taste my pussy on him — be it his fingers, mouth or cock — but he almost never let me indulge in it.

The second I took his finger into my mouth to suck my pussy juice off it he lowered his mouth to my cunt and I felt him run his tongue slowly over my open slit and then circle my clit.

I had not expected this! Jeff was usually a rather selfish lover, getting me off once because I’m so easy to get off, then fucking me, then being done. He’d never spent more than a couple minutes getting me off before! He must finally have realized just how badly he had fucked up by rejecting my family.

I sucked on his finger like I would his cock and felt him moan as he began to tongue fuck my cunt just the way I like. I bucked my hips against his mouth and he pulled his tongue from my wet cunt and slipped two fingers deep inside my pussy and began to slowly finger fuck me, making sure to press against my g-spot with each thrust of his fingers. Then he started to circle my clit with his tongue and within seconds I was cumming again, this time all over his fingers and his tongue. When my pussy squirted I heard him moan and make slurping sounds trying to drink in as much of it as he could.

Then his mouth was pressed hard against mine again and I could taste my pussy juice on his lips and tongue. I moaned into his mouth at the taste of my pussy and felt him do a half sit up on top of me, pressing his body against mine without laying all his weight on me. I could feel the press of his big, hard cock against my pussy mound and I writhed underneath him. I pulled my lips from his and whispered, “If you came all the way here canlı casino siteleri without a condom I’m going to castrate you because if you don’t fuck me soon I might just die!” He gave a deep, throaty laugh which didn’t sound quite right, but before I could think too much about it I heard a condom wrapper being torn open and I moaned softly and opened my legs wider in anticipation of his cock.

Now, Jeff’s cock is nothing to write home about…an average 5″ long and at 2″ thick a little wide for my tight pussy, but after a couple days apart his cock – which usually felt a little sore going in due to its thickness and never quite seemed to make me feel full — suddenly slipped into my pussy perfectly without any discomfort. He pushed all the way inside me and I felt the tingle of pain and pleasure as his cock pressed against my cervix. He held still inside me for a minute the way I like him to, though usually he’s too eager to start fucking me to give me this moment to enjoy.

I struggled to stay as quiet as possible while he began to fuck me slowly, bending his head to suck hard on my nipples. When I was about to cum I’d whisper “cumming!” and he’d kiss me hard to muffle my screams while he shoved his cock as deep inside my pussy as he could and held there. His cock never seemed to fill me so deeply and he usually didn’t allow me to relish my orgasms like this while he fucked me even though he knew that doing so just made me cum harder the next time. He’d usually just keep pounding away till he came. But tonight he let me enjoy each and every orgasm, riding it out till every last shudder had gone through my body and then he’d start fucking me slowly and deeply again and work his way back up to a nice hard fucking. Unlike usual where I had to beg him to stop fucking me before he’d cum because he’d fucked me raw, I managed not to get sore and felt like I could keep fucking him forever when he started pounding my pussy harder and I knew he was about to cum.

I moaned softly and whispered “cum for me Jeff!” and then he seemed to freeze above me. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me but the rest of his body had stopped moving. I arched my hips up against him, encouraging him to keep fucking me, but then his lips were on mine, soft and tender again. He pulled his lips just millimetres away from mine and whispered, “Please forgive me” and then he slipped the sleep mask off my face.

I looked up into Seth’s cool blue eyes at the moment he slammed his cock deep inside my pussy and let out a low growl as he came inside me.

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