Aelruth’s Morning Routine

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Aelruth let out a little groan as the last vestiges of sleep fell from her mind, one eye cracking open to glance around her room. It looked like… maybe 11 in the morning? She picked up her phone from the bedside table to check. 11:12, heck yeah. She was always pretty good at guessing times and stuff. So, rubbing tge sleep from her left eye, she sat up, her red and gold hair a frizzy mess and her naked body barely covered by the blanket that was now falling off of her. Her cumstained sheets were all pulled off the corners, her blankets were all tossed about… Apparently the emerald elf was quite active in her sleep.

So, tossing the blanket aside and off to the floor, she laid back down on her bed and spread her legs, running two fingers over her delta and biting her lip as little bolts of pleasure arched up her spine as she begun the first part of her morning routine. Grabbing her phone with her free hand, she tried to figure out what she would masturbate to this morning and decided on opening her copy of Trials In Tainted Space. While she moved her character around to the right planet, she had started to slowly work her middle finger in and out, in and out just to keep her riled up as she searched for a good, fun enemy to go get ‘raped’ by. Once her target was located, she quickly forfeited the battle and set to reading how her character was then forced to tend to her enemies sexual needs, all the while she added a second finger to her dripping wet slit and started to pick up the pace. It didn’t take very long, with how often Aelruth fucked herself and others, she got pretty good at making herself cum. Two fingers pistoning in and out of her, the tips rubbing against the roof of her passage with each pass, the heel of her palm grinding against her sensitive little clit… After about a minute or so after she started to get into it, she dropped her phone onto the bed illegal bahis and arched her back as she came. She could feel herself clamp down around her fingers, her sweet nectar dripping off her knuckles to yet another stain to her sheets… Yeah, that was a good one.

Aelruth pulled her fingers out and took a few minutes to collect herself before taking some of the paper towels next to her bed and cleaning up her thighs and butt. As sexy as it would be to walk around dripping her own juices, she would have to clean it up later and with Madeline gone for work, there wasn’t anyone around for her to impress with it. So, she sat up again, stretched her arms up, pulled her slippers on, belted her leather collar around her neck and walked off to the kitchen. Now, Aelruth liked to cook every now and then, but since it was just her, she just threw in some frozen waffles with syrup for breakfast. While eating, she chuckled to herself as the sight of the syrup bottle brought back memories of the time when she poured the stuff over her tits for her wife to lick up… It was a fun idea, but a nightmare to clean after. Once the dishes were dealt with, she shuffled off to the bathroom and leaned in to the mirror to examine herself. Forest green skin, golden hair that faded to blood red, left eye red and the other colored green… Yup! All in order. Next, she would check each of her tattoos to make sure they hadn’t faded at all. Now, her tattoos weren’t real ones made with ink. Because of Ael’s shapeshifting abilities, she was able to just change the color of her skin in the pattern of whatever she would like. Well, except for the one on her ass. That one was a bit more permanent.

Next on her morning routine was her shower! Now, Aelruth’s bathroom was just like any other, cleaning stuff and cloths, shower, toilet and a sink. However, there were two key differences: In the shower was illegal bahis siteleri a large, red horsecock dildo and a lime green onahole. The dildo was a replica of the monster between her wife’s legs and the hole was a replica of her own pussy. Of course, due to how busy Madeline was and how often she had to be out of the house, the dildo had seen a lot more use that the onahole has. So, pulling her collar off and setting it aside, she turned the shower on and stepped in. Of course, the first thing Aelruth reached for was the faux horsedick, which she quickly stuck to the wall behind her. The emerald elf slowly bent over, putting one hand on the glass door to steady herself and the other to use two fingers to spread open her cunt to fit in the flat, flared tip. She bit her lip as she backed up against the toy, groaning as it forced her to spread open wide… until it popped into suddenly, the momentum causing her to slip back and impale herself on more than half of the cock. “AH Fuck! O-oh gosh… mmnhf, mmngh…”

She had to take a moment to catch her breath, the hot water washing over her body and her tummy bulging out a little with how big the toy was. Once her breathing got a little better, Aelruth started to bounce on the cock, each time she slid back, she would take a little more into her until eventually her ass was pressed against the tile of the shower wall. She was gasping and panting, being filled so much and loving it. The cock was a near perfect replica, the way the tip would kiss at the entrance of her womb… If only Maddy was here now to yank her hair back and call her dirty names while trying to force those last few inches into her womb. Once she got used to the size, Ael had resumed bouncing on the cock, pressing her hands up against the glass for balance, her moaning getting louder and more frenzied until finally… The shower door she was using canlı bahis siteleri for balance opened. Aelruth let out a shriek as she tumbled out onto the bathroom floor mid-orgasm, her body tensing up even as she fell. Once her climax wore off, she slowly pulled the horsecock out of her now gaping slit and started to chuckle at what had just happened. Well… good thing nobody saw that, right? So, she stood up again and climbed back into the shower, replacing the dildo next to her onahole and starting to deal with the more boring parts of finishing her shower. She grabbed a towel to clean up the water and femcum off of the floor from when she fell and pulled her collar back on.

Her next destination was back in her room, where she opened her walk-in closet to try and decide on her attire for the day. One side of the closet was very fancy and expensive, various Victorian dresses and ball gowns mainly in various shades of red while the other held various t-shirts, zip-up sweaters and slutty costumes. She flicked through the shirts to see if any struck her fancy. “Pin me down & Fuck my ass” “Pin me down & Knock me up” “Grab my hair & Fuck my throat” “Tuck me in & pat my head” “Tie me up & Fuck me stupid” and other similar slogans. It was raining out though, so she decided on a simple light blue sweater which she pulled on and zipped up until she had a healthy amount of cleavage, which she then grew out until it looked as if her tits would burst free of her sweater if she so much as hopped a little. Then she pulled open her underwear drawer… And frowned. She only had two pairs left. With her sister stealing them whenever she came over and her various partners ripping them off to get at the slutty treasures within… Aelruth would have to steal some more from her Mama soon. So, she pulled on a nice red, lacey pair and then covered her legs in a pair of kneesocks colored to be replicas from the demon with the same name. To complete her look, she took the skirt from her slutty schoolgirl costume and pulled it on, giving a pose in front of the mirror to see how she looked. Cute and slutty. Perfect!

Time to go get laid~

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