Adventures with Leslie Ch. 12

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Chapter 12 – Home Invasion

I arrived at the courthouse on time, 10:45am. Emma had told me to be here 15 minutes before our case was to be called at 11am. I waited outside, keeping an eye out for her. She emerged from an office just off to the right followed by Bob Ruffe, who I recognized from college. Bob headed straight into the courtroom while Emma motioned for me to join her in Bob’s office.

“What’s going on with Bob,” I asked her quickly.

“How do you know Bob,” she countered.

“We played ball together in college,” I disclosed. “Why?”

“He is representing your wife,” she informed me.

Bob was a right-handed pitcher in college. He had decent stuff and got a lot of outs, which is always good. He left USC after blowing out his elbow in his senior year. Just for shits and giggles he took the LSAT exam and scored off the charts. He took a scholarship to Yale Law and was off to the east coast. I had heard he was a successful attorney and had moved back home. My wife had obviously heard too. Not good.

“Where do we stand,” I inquired, now much softer.

“She wants the house, her car paid and $1200 per month in living expenses,” Emma revealed.

“Wow, that is an absolute beating,” I admitted. “What do you think?”

“Both Bob and I know Judge Franklin will not destroy you like that when Bob doesn’t have any crippling evidence of infidelity,” she educated me. “Bob is offering no alimony and no car payments if she gets the house.”

“What do you think,” I solicited.

“Bob’s proposal is about right,” she conceded. “You could chance it with the judge and be a little better or a little worse off, but it will be in the ballpark of what he is asking.”

“Emma, that is a lawyer’s answer,” I stated. “I am not your client right now; I’m a fellow player in the game. Answer me like someone you care about. What do you think?”

She looked me dead in the eye and smile very wide.

“Fuck him,” she declared. “Roll the dice, I bet you come out better than Bob’s deal. I know Judge Franklin’s style and it’s not to stick it to the guy, especially when there are no kids involved.”

I nodded and followed Emma out of Bob’s office. We entered the courtroom and stood before the bench. Judge Emmitt Franklin entered and sat down. He called our case to order and began to address the attorneys.

“I have reviewed the facts of the case,” Judge Franklin stated. “Mr. Ruffe, I have read your proposal for settlement. Ms. Cartwright, does your client wish to accept that proposal?”

“Your honor, my client believes Mr. Ruffe’s proposal is inadequate,” Emma responded in her most professional and lawyerly voice. “He is confident that Your Honor will see this and settle this more equitably.”

“Very well,” Franklin sighed. “Mr. Ruffe, where is your client?”

I looked over and noticed that Bob was indeed alone. I knew where she was. She was at her parents eating cookies and watching Regis and Kelly.

“Your Honor, due to her emotional distress, my client could not be here today,” Bob explained.

“Her emotional distress is her own doing, Mr. Ruffe,” Franklin hammered him. “She brought this action for divorce. Simply put, here is how it will go. The house will be sold. Mr. Ruffe’s client’s vehicle will be paid in full and then any remaining profits from the sale of the house will be split, 70-30 for the Mr. Ruffe’s client. No alimony will be paid. Ms. Cartwright, as your client is still residing at the home, I expect to see a notice from a licensed realtor that the house is on the market within 48 hours. Now all of you get out.”

The judge exited back into his chambers and I followed ataşehir escort Emma out of the courtroom. Bob passed us in the hall and stopped for a moment.

“Well, that could have been worse,” he said to Emma.

“We did ok,” she admitted.

“Long time, no see,” Bob said to me, giving me the obligatory head nod.

“How have you been Bob,” I asked insincerely.

“Better than you, chum,” he gloated. “We won’t send you an invitation to the wedding.”

Bob walked away and I looked at Emma who had her head down.

“What did he mean by that,” I pressed her for information.

“Bob and your ex-wife are engaged,” she revealed.

“No shit,” was all I could muster in response.

“Don’t worry about anything,” she insisted. “Brooke will put your place on the market and get you good value.”

“Thank for everything you did,” I replied gratefully.

I kissed her on the cheek and left the courthouse. I headed home and crashed. I stripped out of my suit and lay down on the couch, weaving in and out of consciousness for most of the afternoon. I sat there in my t-shirt and boxers, looking and feeling like hell. I ordered a pizza for dinner, but didn’t each much of it. I had no idea why I felt like this.

I polished off 6 or 7 beers as I sat there thinking. I wanted my now ex-wife to be happy and I loved the game. Still, there was time spent there. Good times and bad. She picked me up after I was crushed by my first love. She put me back together and was a good partner. I know she wanted kids but I wasn’t ready. Time passed and I could not get my mind right about that. Then the game came along and she called “game over.” I was going to be fine, but today sucked.

There was ring of the doorbell around 8pm. The pizza had already been delivered, so I had no idea who this could be. I wobbled my way to the door and opened it. Vivian stood at my front door, staring at me. I looked at her and said nothing.

She pushed past me and entered the house. I closed the door behind her. She looked at me and slapped me hard on the face. That woke me up and got my attention. She motioned for me to follow her, so I did. As we walked through the house, me two steps behind her, she began to undress. She dropped her coat in the front hall, discarded her blouse and shoes in the living room and then dropped her shorts at the foot of the stairs.

I followed her up the stairs where she tossed her bra aside and made her way into the bathroom. She turned the water on in the shower and bent over to remove her panties. I watched her feel out the water and step into the shower, motioning for me to join her.

I tore off my t-shirt and boxers immediately. I climbed into the shower with Vivian as my cock began to grow. She kissed me passionately on the mouth under the running water. After a long session of intertwining our tongues, she pulled back from me and finally spoke.

“I am here to heal you,” she divulged. “Emma told us what happened in court today, so Leslie decided I should come over and heal you, here.”

She put her hand in the center of my chest.

I kissed her again, deeply. I pulled her to me tightly.

“How are you to heal me,” I asked under the running water of the shower.

“I am going to wash away any pain you feel,” she answered. “And then I am going to let you make love to me.”

Vivian then proceeded to take a wash cloth and wash my body. She paid special attention to my cock, which was fully erect. When she finished she shut the water off and grabbed a towel from the rack on the wall. She dried herself and me thoroughly avcılar escort before stepping out of the shower on the floor. I stepped right behind her and followed her to my bedroom.

Vivian laid on my bed and pulled me down on top of her. She guided my dick right for her slit. I pushed inside of her gently and felt her wetness. I forced my hips to hers to press myself inside her firmly. I was as hard as concrete and I focused on controlling myself as I pressed into and out of Vivian’s box. I looked down at her and pushed in again.

She grabbed me and kissed me passionately. Our tongues danced with each other as I jammed my shaft into her pussy repeatedly. She arched her neck and her eyes rolled slightly as she climaxed underneath me. I pressed into her harder and with more force. She moaned slightly as I rocked into her.

I swelled inside her and thrusted forcefully. I exploded over and over as I reached my peak. I dumped jet after jet of jizz into her sweet spot. I crashed next to her and pulled her to me. I drifted off with her in my arms.

I was awakened by the doorbell ringing. I was not sure how long I slept for but Vivian was no longer in my arms. She was sitting, now fully dressed, at the edge of my bed.

“I like watching you sleep,” she whispered. “Don’t get up, I’ll get the door.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I watched her hop off of the bed and head downstairs. I checked the clock, 9pm. I was only out for about 20 minutes. I heard the front door open and then voices. Apparently, Vivian was having a conversation with whoever was at the door. A moment later, I heard the door close and a set of footsteps heading back up the stairs.

I was stunned to see the person returning to the bedroom was not Vivian, it was Brooke. She looked at me curiously. I sat up in bed, which caused me to realize that I was still nude. I pulled the sheet over my lap and stared at Brooke, almost in disbelief that she was here. I wondered why she was a wearing a long overcoat in the summer, and where was Vivian?

“Vivian said to tell you goodbye,” Brooke said to me. “I guess she healed you.”

“She did her best to try,” I confessed. “Is she still here?”

“No, she’s gone,” Brooke informed me. “It’s my turn. I am here to get your head back into the game.”

“So you and Vivian are like, good cop/bad cop,” I related.

“If that’s how you like to think of us,” she laughed. “I prefer to think of us as love and sex.”

“Could you explain that to me,” I implored her.

“For you, anything,” she giggled. “Vivian used her love for you to heal your heart. Emma told us everything and deny what you will; we all knew you were wounded today. Now that you are healed, I am going to correct your mind and get your focus back on the game.”

She dropped her overcoat where she stood, revealing a red lace bra and matching red lace panties. My cock started to get very firm under the sheet. I noticed Brooke was also wearing red, patent leather pumps with a 4 inch heel. My dick was now rock hard and pitching a tent where I sat.

“I was hoping to get a rise out of you,” she remark, pointing to my groin.

“What now,” I asked.

“Now, we get your head on straight,” she repeated.

She reached around and unclasped her bra, let her tits fall free. They were spectacular, very firm and a perfect proportion to her body. I am guessing they were about a 34C, with large, light puffy nipples. I started to leak from the tip of my tool.

Brooke bent over and slid her panties to the floor. As she stepped out of them I stared at her freshly avrupa yakası escort shaven pussy. I wanted her.

She climbed onto the bed and crawled to me until we were face to face.

“The game is about everyone getting what they want,” she stated. “What do you want?”

“Right now I want you,” I answered.

“That’s too easy,” she countered. “I want you to cum on my tits. But, based on what I have been told, I bet you want to cum on my shoes. Do you think we can do both?”

“I don’t see any reason why not,” I confirmed.

“Leslie gave me a one hour time limit,” she revealed. “So you better get to work.”

I ripped the sheet off of me and showed her my rock hard cock. She grabbed it immediately and started stroking it. I was oozing precum everywhere. I stopped her and pushed her to the bed. I moved behind her and she lay on her side, giving me a wonderful view of the butterfly tattoo on the small of her back. That was sexy. She had her legs firmly together which made her pussy very tight when I entered it. She was very wet and easy to penetrate.

I rocked my rod in and out of her pussy, watching her play with her tits the entire time. She rubbed them and tweaked her nipples as I plowed her box. I thrusted into her hard and fast as she circled her nipples with her index finger. She arched her head back and moaned. I pumped faster.

I was crashing into her cunt when she spread her legs and began playing with her clit. Her left leg was still on the bed and her right leg was over my right shoulder. I rammed my shaft into her wetness with brut force. She pinched her clit and screamed as she peaked. I loved hearing her little whimpers as she came.

Her box flooded from her orgasm and my cock was penetrating her wildly with the new lubrication. I plunged my pole into her until I could not take anymore. I withdrew my staff and she presented me her shiny red shoes. I stroked it gently once or twice before discharging stream upon stream of milky white cream onto her heels. I gripped my tool tight, wanting every drop to escape onto Brooke’s feet.

I came harder than I could remember cumming in some time. The jets of juice kept spraying from my prick. They were full, thick wads of semen and the feeling was mind-blowing. When I was finished I did not move. I stayed there, on my knees, looking at the load I had left on her shoes. It was so hot seeing those glossy red heels covered in white goo that I stayed quite hard. Brooke looked up at me.

“Time for I want,” she beckoned.

I reached over and opened the top drawer of my nightstand. I withdrew a bottle of baby oil and poured a good amount over her magnificent tits. She rubbed in the oil as I mounted her, placing my still swollen member between her mounds. She pushed her tits together around my cock and I began to slide it between them.

I slid faster and faster, knowing that I would not hold out long. Brooke bent her head and extended her tongue, licking the tip of my dick on each pump. I thrusted between her breasts and felt wonderful. My next orgasm was close and Brooke took notice.

“Cum for me,” she encouraged. “Cum all over me, baby.”

I pressed between her boobs faster until I gushed my liquid all over her chest. I left man batter all across her beautiful bosom. I crashed to the bed next to her, spent.

“By the way, I put your house on the market,” Brooke divulged.

“You are one great lay,” I admitted.

“I know,” she laughed. “Wait until we have more time, I will really rock your world.”

She stood up and collected her bra and panties. Then she put on her overcoat and turned to go. I lay there, motionless.

“So, can I inform Leslie that you are past this little crisis,” she asked.

“Tell her I am good to go,” I replied.

She then headed downstairs. I heard her heels on the floor. I then heard the front door open and close. I wondered when I would see her again; I liked fucking her a lot. My eyes shut and I felt peaceful.

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