Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 07

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This story contains multiple fetish themes and may not be for you. This series includes cheating wives, cuckold, Black cock superiority, small penis humiliation, female domination, incest, and humiliation. I appreciate feedback, it helps keep invested in writing and is always welcome.


Kat grabbed her phone and put it on speaker while she called Shelby. Kat’s wicked smile crawled across her face and her eyes grew a shade of evil I’d never seen before.

“Hey!” Shelby rang out.

“We’ve got him.” Kat chuckled with a sense of arrogance.


“We’ve got him… Jay, he’s broken, and he’ll do anything you want.” She reached out and grabbed my balls squeezing them and pulling me closer to her.

“So… what now?” Shelby asked.

“Now, we show him the pictures.” Kat let go of my balls and told Mike to turn on the AppleTV, she mirrored the screen to the 65″ tv and pulled up her photos.

“So, Shelby sent these to me two days ago.” Kat shared. “Shel, why don’t you explain what we’re looking at.”

“Can you hear me okay?” Shelby asked, “Jay?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Listen, I was going to talk to you about it on our way to the port. I know you said I could fuck around on the cruise, and we’ve been playing these fantasies for a while now, but I just wanted to make sure we were really in agreement that this the right time to take it to the next level.” She explained.

“Shelby.” I moaned.

“Listen Kat told me she knows all about our secrets, you know all the websites and stuff. So, she already knows about your little cuckold fantasies and our big cock play. And she obviously knows about your tiny dick. So, what if we used this as a chance to really do it? I’ve really enjoyed the big dildo, but…” She paused, “I just want to feel a real cock… I want to feel the heat from a flesh and blood cock, to feel it throb inside me, and to feel it cum deep inside of my married cunt.”

“What if you can’t find a guy?” Kat interjected steering the conversation.

“Well, I’ve already met someone. His name is Malik, he’s a very dark black man. A little taller than you Jay, but much bigger.”

“Like muscular?” Kat asked.

“No, he’s fit but not thick. But I saw him coming out of the pool the other day, he was wearing tight trunks and let’s just say he had nothing to be shy about.” She laughed, “Do you have the picture, Kat?”

Kat pulled up a group shot of Shelby, her friend Melissa and two black guys in a hot tub on the cruise liner. Melissa was taking the picture and they were pretty close together.

“So, Melissa goes up to the guy and she starts talking to him, and he has a friend with him too. We started talking and flirting and wound up hanging out with them most of the day. We reconnected later that evening and were sitting in the hot tub when Melissa decided to take this picture.”

“Then, she decided to get out of the hot tub, Malik and Ian stood up behind me and …well do you have the picture, Kat?” Kat swiped to the next picture. Melissa was holding the phone out and Shelby was leaning against the hot tub facing the camera, and behind Shelby, I saw Malik and Ian had pulled their trunks down flashing their cocks. Kat zoomed in a little, but I could already tell they were both much larger than me.

“Neither one of us noticed until we were looking at the pictures later that night.” Shelby laughed, “Can you believe how big they are?”

“So… what’s going on Shelby?”

“Well, Malik and Ian came by our room the next day, and well, we made out for a little bit. Melissa and Ian really started getting into it, so we left and let them have the room. Malik invited me to his room, and I just couldn’t. Not without telling you first. I promised I would never cheat on you, never do anything without you knowing, and really want your consent.”

There was a moment of silence, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even think straight. I had imagined Shelby getting blacked for several months, and now it’s going to be a reality. My dick pulsated with excitement, and Kat reached out and stroked my dick making it even harder to answer.

“Do you want me to let you cum?” Kat asked.

“Yes,” I sighed.

“What are you willing to do? You said you would do anything just to see my tits, now I am offering you something more. You agree to let Shelby fuck bigger cocked guys, and I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you cum harder and longer than you ever knew was possible, and as many times as you want until Shelby says stop. You are Shelby’s cuck, and you will do as she says.”

“Jay.” Shelby said sternly, “I need this, we’ve been heading down this road for some time and now we’re here, this is real you are going to agree to this because you want it and you owe me. But I need to hear you say it. I need witnesses to hear you say it too. Do you agree to allow me to fuck guys with big cocks, cocks bigger and better than yours, and that you want this?”

“Jay, say yes.” Kat gently persuaded. “Say yes, and let Shelby fully experience ataşehir escort this. Say yes and relinquish all control. Say yes and your fantasies will come true. Say yes. Just say it. We all know it’s what you want, now say yes, and give Shelby control over you, over your sex, over your marriage. Say yes.” Kat knelt down in front of me placing her lips on my dick and kissing it softly.

“Yes,” I released with a quiver in my soul.

“Louder” Kat commanded.

“Yes! Yes, you can fuck whoever you want, yes you can have control over me. Yes, I’ll be your willing cuck.” I cried out.

“Good boy,” Shelby cheered, “Now, I have some demands and they are non-negotiable. Kat, you are not to let Jay cum by any means until I say so. I don’t want you letting him squirt only to find out, I couldn’t go through with it. I left a little present for you in the glove box of your truck Jay. I think it might come in handy. I was going to give it to you, but then the accident happened.”

Mike quickly got up from the chair, I had almost forgotten he was there. He slipped his pants back on went out to my truck. He came back with a small wrapped box and handed it to Kat.

“I guess this is what she left for you.” Kat smiled and opened it up for me. The side of the box read BON4Micro.

“That is a chastity cage, and Jay, you will wear it. Kat, can you put me on Facetime I want to watch as you put it on him.”

Kat handed the phone to Mike and he switched over to Facetime so my wife could watch her sister lock me in chastity. Kat pulled out several parts and choose the smallest ring and slipped it around my dick and balls. But I was still hard.

“Um, I don’t think I can lock him in like this.” Kat said, “I guess I’ll need to use the numbing cream again.”

“No. I want him to feel it.” Shelby scolded, “Make it hurt.”

“Sorry,” Kat smiled, and made a fist and punched me in the balls. I fell to the floor and Kat spread my legs and found my aching groin.

“Looks like that worked,” Shelby laughed through the phone. “Get real close, Mike, I want to see Kat lock him up.” Mike leaned down and pressed his weight on my chest so I couldn’t see what was happening.

Kat grabbed the cock piece and lock from the box, and I felt the cold metal press against the tip of my dick as Kat pushed it into the base. With a soft CLINK, my dick was cinched up tight in its new metal home.

“I’ve never seen one this small, it’s like a fucking thimble.” Kat grinned, “Not many guys could fit in this one.” Mike took his giant hand off my chest and I looked at my little dick squished inside this small metal bottle cap. There was a metal ring that went around my balls and cap piece that pressed my dick inside me and just above the headpiece was a brass lock.

“How does it feel?” Shelby asked.

“Tight, very tight.” I winced looking down at my caged dick and aching balls.

“Jesus!” Kat huffed, “On the plus side, your balls look huge! I don’t know if it’s from the cage, the punch or a serious case of blue balls, but they look massive.” She was right, they looked comically large, like a set of balls on a pig.

“I am meeting up with Malik for dinner in a couple of hours, and after that… well, I am pretty certain I know how this night is going to end. Jay, by the time you lay your head down to sleep tonight, I’ll have been stretched out by a big black cock. And Jay, I am going to make you watch as I make your fantasy come true. Kat, I’ll Facetime in, but be sure to mute it on your end. When I say so, Kat can unlock you Jay and let you have your fun. But you will have to be a good and obedient boy Jay. And until then… I want you to keep him horny and frustrated Kat. Bye, see you tonight.” She blew me a kiss and hung up.

I laid my head back down on the floor and thought through the last few days. Here I was wearing nothing but two casts and a cock cage in front of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, and everyone knows my wife is about to cuckold me with a large black cock.

“Is the other room ready?” Kat asked Mike.

“Yep, all set up to go live whenever you want.”

“What? What are you up to now?” I asked as Kat grabbed my balls feeling their weight.

“Well, Mike and I have a pretty loyal online fan base. We’ve been making some real good money with our BDSM webcam shows, and today, you get to be part of the show and these big balls are going to be a huge hit.” She laughed and threw a fake punch toward my crotch.

“Why don’t we let you get a little rest and soak in the tub, while I figure a few things out.” Kat and Mike helped me up, but I still had a ball shot pain in my gut. Kat walked me to the bathroom and got me settled into the tub. Laying there I desperately wanted to rub my balls, oddly the cramped cage didn’t really bother my dick. Kat knelt down beside the tub, her large bra clad breasts rested on the edge pushing them up to her chin. She gently rubbed my chest, and as if she could read my mind slid her hand down and massaged my kadıköy escort swollen sack.

“You could’ve said no,” She whispered.


“When Shelby asked to cuckold you… you could’ve said no.” She let those words sink in like waiting for medicine to kick in. “You could have told her to fuck off. You could have told her you want a divorce. You could have fought me when I put you in chastity. You could’ve done a lot of things that would have made this outcome different. But you didn’t. You chose this.”

“But… you manipulated me.”

“Did I?” She asked letting go of my balls. “Or did I just open you up to more options. Life choices you never would have considered, but now, now it’s not just an option, it’s what you want. And at any point, you can stop this, it’s always your choice. Do you understand?”

“Yeah. Yes.” I breathed.

“Do you want to keep going? Do you want to see where this all goes, or are you ready to tell me to fuck off?”

“What happens if I tell you to fuck off?”

“Well then, Mike packs everything up and goes home. I put some real clothes on and stay in the guest bedroom and help take care of you until Shelby gets back, and the two of you sort it out from there.”

“Will you really let me fuck you?”

Kat sat quiet, swirling her hand around my balls and then slipping a finger down my taint to me asshole she finally broke her silence.

“That’s the one thing that’s not really your choice,” She smiled. “So… what do you want to do?”

I locked eyes with Kat and for the first time felt like it really was my choice, I felt empowered and understood.

“Keep going,” I told her confidently. Kat got up and went to get things ready for what would happen next.

Several minutes passed and Katie came back to the bathroom, helped me out of the tub and dried me off. She wrapped a towel around my waist and led me to the bed, she gave me a few more pills.

“Here these will help with the pain, and maybe help you relax a bit.” I took them and within minutes I felt my eyes growing heavy and laid down.

“You ready?” Kat asked waking me from my stupor, Kat had a stunning white bustier and panty set on, and her hair and make-up looked porn star ready. A quick glance at the clock told me it was nearly 7:00 pm. Kat helped me up and put me in the double sling, keeping my arms up against my chest.

She took me to the spare room that had been carefully set up like a photo shoot. Soft umbrella style lamps added the right amount of light, a semiprofessional looking camera was aimed at the bed, and their computer was set up just out of frame. She ran through a few rules with me and told me to follow her lead. She slipped a mask over my face, like one of those masquerade party masks you see in movies.

“Oh, one more thing before we start.” Kat said, “This is a show, we make 6 to 8 thousand dollars a month on this, and we haven’t worked all week, so we need to make up for it. You will do what you’re told.” She warned, “If not, I’ll take that mask off and give everyone your real name.”

“Ready?” Mike asked working the camera and computer.

“Stand right here,” Kat guided me beside the bed, while she sat down on the edge. “Ready.” She answered.

“We are live in 3, 2 …” And Mike pointed at us as the camera light went red.

Kat didn’t waste any time, she jumped right in talking to the camera like a professional. She took control and put on a persona that was much more crude, bossy and sexual. She was right, it was a show, and she was putting on a great one.

She went on to explain that we would be playing a dice game. I learned later it was a virtual die, and watchers could buy a roll with tips. I am not sure exactly how that all worked, but Mike and Kat had it all down. Kat told the viewers that a 1 = one punch to the balls, 2 = 2 minutes of ass licking, 3 = 3 minutes of ball massage, 4 = 4 swift kicks to the balls, 5 = 5 minutes of eating her pussy and 6 = six minutes of pegging.

About 2 minutes into her talking it up she announced we had the first roll and it landed on 3. She had me lay down on the bed. Kat knelt between my legs and poured warm oil on my balls and gently massaged me.

Kat felt amazing, her gentle touch and the warm oil was soothing to my aching nuts. The only problem was the damn cock cage. The more she touched the more turned on I got, and the more my little dick tried to grow, but it had no room. She felt so good and I desperately wanted to feel her rubbing my dick. And before I knew it the time was up.

Another roll of the dice and it was 2. I was so excited to finally get to touch her, I had dreamed of her thick ass, the only thing that would make it better is if she was topless.

“Ok guys, 2 minutes of my new toy licking my ass. But if we reach 200 tips in the next 3 minutes, I’ll take my tits out while he licks me.” She announced, I swear she could read my mind. For the next 3 minutes she sat up on the bed bouncing and groping her tits, teasing bostancı escort bayan the online audience and soliciting more money.

“Good job! We’ve hit the goal.” She announced, and my heart skipped. I was not only going to get to lick her ass, but I was also going to see her beautiful tits. I was still limited to positions due to the casts on my arms, so she had me sit down on the floor with my back braced against the bed, and slowly back her juicy ass up to my face. She paused and slowly slipped her panties down, bending seductively at the waist. Her ass cheeks spread apart as she bent forward revealing her hole, and also giving me a good look at her cunt.

Kat stood back up and pulled her breasts out of the top of the tight bustier, and that’s when I realized I still wouldn’t be allowed to see her breasts. She revealed her tits to the paying online viewers, but not to me.

“Get to work.” She ordered and backed her ass against my face. I leaned in and licked her hole, tacking in her musty scent. Kat reached back and spread her cheeks giving me even more access to her. I wanted to do a good job, I wanted her to really like it and she seemed to… or was it just for show?

The next roll landed on 5, and excitement shot through me like a jolt of adrenaline. Kat stood up and slowly peeled her panties off and sat on the bed and had me lay down, she lifted the mask off my face and mounted my face in a 69 position. For the next five minutes, I got to please Kat’s big cunt that had obviously grown use to much larger cocks than my little dick which was painfully swelled inside the tight chastity cage.

I teased, licked and sucked her meaty clit, working my tongue in as deep as possible and doing my best to make her cum. Her pussy is so different than her sisters, her lips and folds are much larger and pronounced, and the more I worked her cunt with my tongue the bigger it seemed to get. Her slit really had been stretched out, and I realized that even if she let me fuck her, I might not feel much.

Several times Shelby had me fuck her with the big black strap-on and then try to fuck her with my little dick, each time I did the first few seconds felt like I was fucking a cold, empty and hollow hole. After a few minutes, she would begin to return to normal and could feel the warmth of her pussy. I began to see what fucking a monster cock for several years does to a woman’s body.

Kat began to moan as I worked her with my mouth and started rocking and fucking my face. She gripped my balls and squeezed them tight as her orgasm built, finally, she let go and a flood of juices came pouring over my face as she rode my mouth through a powerful orgasm.

My face was covered in her and my mind was hazy, lust drunk or still groggy from the medications or a combination of the two. She rolled off of me and put the mask back on my face and we waited for another roll of the dice.

A few minutes later the next goal was met, and we had another roll, and my heart sunk as Kat read it out loud.

“4, you get four swift kicks.” She smiled.

“Are you serious?” I protested.

“Do you really think you have a choice now? You made your choice earlier… and now you will obey – or I’ll kick you in the balls anyway and keep that little pinky locked up for good.” She made sure it was clearly known to me and everyone watching that she was in control.

Kat leaned in and whispered, “Remember, your wife is probably almost done with dinner by now.”

She took me to the side of the bed then bent me over resting my torso on the bed and spread my legs.

“Four swift kicks!” She laughed, and then with lightning speed she tagged my testicles with 3 swift and mildly painful taps, before rearing back and kicking me harder for the fourth and final blow. I felt it well up in my stomach like I was going to vomit. My legs gave out and I fell to my knees, coughing in pain.

“Wow, we got almost twenty-five thousand people watching!” Mike said sounding excited.

“We’ve already hit our next goal… that means another roll.” Kat exclaimed.

“Oh no,” She said mockingly, “Looks like you don’t get a break… another FOUR!” I genuinely couldn’t stand up, and Mike came out from behind the camera and lifted me to the bed, laying me down on my back with my butt and legs hanging off. Kat wedged my legs open and sent a knee to my swollen balls.

“This is what we do to small dicked men!” She beamed and kneed me again.

“I can’t believe how small your dick is! Loser!” followed by another knee.

“One more!” Again, she made the last one stronger, Kat put her weight and momentum behind her, and this time I really did throw up as the pain shot through my gut. Kat helped me sit up and I looked down at my aching balls, they looked like they had swelled up even more and now had a red glow to the tender flesh.

“Who will get us to the next goal?” My sister-in-law was loving it. We sat for several minutes as she chatted with her viewers and occasionally teased them with quick looks at her ass and shaking her large breasts at the camera. I could barely think straight as it was, but now with the pain in my balls, I couldn’t keep track of what was going on. Before I knew it, Kat was pushing me down on the bed and straddling my face.

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