A Wife Strays

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If my husband had come shopping with me that Friday night as he usually does, none of this would have happened. As it was, I went on my own to my local supermarket and was doing the weekly shop as normal. I noticed this young guy coming towards me, pushing a shopping trolley with a young baby in it. He was about 20, about the same age as my elder son and he was absolutely gorgeous – the sort of man that every woman looks at and thinks “if only”! He was tanned and well build, not overly muscled, but just perfectly formed, nice arms and chest, and so handsome, like a young Paul Newman. As he walked past, I couldn’t help but turn and look – and his tight young bum was as perfect as the rest of him.

I carried on with my shopping, catching sight of him now and then. As I turned into one aisle, he was busy looking at nappies and as I walked past, he politely asked me if I could help him. He wanted some advice on the sort of nappies he should be buying, as his shopping list wasn’t specific. He laughed and said “men eh?” and we talked for a little about his baby and some general small talk and all the time I just kept thinking “God you’re beautiful” and generally behaving like a silly girl rather than a 40 year old woman.

After he’d taken my advice and put the nappies in his trolley, he turned and continued to walk with me, just chatting away. He was a bit rough, but in a nice way and very polite, and this just added to his sex appeal. He walked with me while we finished our shopping and when we got to the checkout, right out of the blue he said, “Thanks for your help – could I buy you a coffee?”

I have no idea what made me accept, but I found myself saying yes and a few minutes later he was seated beside me in the supermarket restaurant, with his baby fast asleep in a buggy next to him. I was so close to him, I could smell an attractive mix of aftershave and musky male – a heady combination – he smelt as wonderful as he looked. He told me his name was Sean and he was so attentive, asking me about myself and my family, flattering me when I told him I had two boys of 18 and 20, saying he couldn’t believe I was old enough. All the things you would expect him to say if he was chatting me up, but at the same time, the things we women love to hear – especially if it’s coming from a drop-dead gorgeous man 20 years younger than you!

We chatted for ages until he said “I’d really love to meet you again – can I have your phone number?” I was shocked – but I admit my heart skipped a beat! I told him not to be so silly – that I was old enough to be his mother, that he had a young baby and no doubt a beautiful wife at home. But he persisted, telling me he found me really attractive and easy to talk to.

He admitted that his wife was beautiful, but that she was also pretty dumb (his words!). They never talked about anything much and since the baby, she had even gone off sex. I still resisted, telling him it was not unusual for a woman to feel like that after giving birth, but that she would soon get over it. But my mind was in a whirl – this handsome young man found me attractive – I had butterflies in my stomach – I heard myself talking without really knowing what I was saying. He was so persistent – and I was so flattered – that I found myself accepting his phone number, with the promise that I’d give him a call!

He walked with me back to my car and after he had loaded all my shopping, he turned and kissed me gently on the lips and said “Don’t forget to call me” and with that he walked casino oyna away pushing his buggy. The affect of his kiss was like an electric shock – I steadied myself against my car and watched him walking away – again admiring his tight young bum. I sat in my car for what seemed like ages before I felt safe enough to drive home and all the way I could still smell his aroma on me and feel his kiss on my lips.

How I acted normally when I got home I will never know. It was like I was in a dream, my mind was reliving the last hour, but my body was going through its normal activities – I was like two separate beings. I lay awake nearly all that night and by morning I had convinced myself I was being stupid, that it was ridiculous for a 40 year old woman to feel like that about a casual meeting and that it was nothing worth risking 20 years of marriage for. I tried my hardest to put all thoughts of him out of my mind, but the piece of paper with his number on felt like it was burning a hole in my pocket. Several times I went to rip it up but each time something stopped me. Days went by and my confusion got worse as I argued with myself, one moment picking the phone up to call him, the next telling myself to throw his number away, but each time knowing that I really wanted to see him again. Eventually I decided that if I just met him shopping again, nothing could happen and I could satisfy my curiosity and get him out of my system. So the following Friday I found myself dialling his number – I was aware that my hands were shaking – the phone rang several times and then his voice said “Hello?”

I was like a silly teenager all over again and it was several seconds before I could even manage to say “Hi – it’s me”. He sounded genuinely delighted to hear my voice, saying that he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me all week. I asked him if he would be shopping that night but he said no, he had to work this week. I felt so disappointed, I thought for a moment I was going to cry and then he said “can we meet for a drink on Saturday evening?” I was so relieved that I almost blurted a yes out before I’d had time to think and next thing I was making arrangements to meet him at a pub the following night.

That evening I found myself lying to my husband for the first time in our marriage, saying that I had had a call from an old friend and that we were meeting up for a drink. Saturday passed in a blur and at 6 O’clock I started to get myself ready, showering, applying my favourite perfume and even trimming my pussy hair. I carefully choose a skirt and top that flattered my figure, but something that wouldn’t arouse my husband’s suspicions. Underneath I wore a soft silk teddy, all the time trying to convince myself that things would never go far enough for me to worry about what underwear I had on.

As I left home my husband kissed me and told me to have a nice time and the shame and guilt at what I was doing nearly overcame my desire to meet Sean again, but half an hour later I was standing outside the pub where we had arranged to meet. My legs nearly failed me again as I suddenly though how it would look – a 20 year old lad and me sat together – I could almost hear the comments. But I walked in and looked around, momentarily panicking when I couldn’t see him, when a voice from behind me said “Hello gorgeous – I thought you weren’t coming” and he stood up, put his hands on my hips and kissed me full on the lips.

My embarrassment must have been obvious to the whole pub; I could feel slot oyna myself blushing bright red and I quickly sat down in the corner whilst he got me a drink. The evening seemed to pass in a flash as we talked and each time he touched me it sent shivers through my whole body – I was like a young girl on her first date. Once, when he brushed against my breasts as he passed me a drink, I felt my nipples harden like rocks and I tried to hide the effect he’d had in case he noticed. At closing time we walked to the car park and he just said “Well- would you like to come for a drive with me somewhere Linda?” and smiled his smile – and all my good intentions just evaporated.

The next thing I remember is that we were parked in a quiet country lane and he was kissing me and nibbling at my ears and neck. I felt goose bumps right down my spine and offered no resistance as his fingers began to un-button my blouse. Seconds later it was open and he had lifted my boobs out of my teddy. I heard him give a low whistle as he lowered his head and began to lick and suck my already hard nipples. He ran his teeth over them and pulled gently, making then stand out even further – he lifted his head and said “My God Lin, – I’ve never seen nipples as big and hard as yours” and he pulled at them with his thumb and forefinger, twisting them slightly.

I gasped at his touch and he said “Jeez – you are gagging for it aren’t you?” I couldn’t bring myself to say anything, knowing that what I was doing was so wrong, but he knew the answer anyway. He lowered both front seats so that I could lay back and he knelt up over me and un- zipped himself. I lifted my head to look at him and his cock was not a disappointment – not huge or anything, but so hard, like only a young man’s is.

I put my hand up and touched him and it felt like iron. I tried to raise my head further to suck him, but he pushed me back down and put his cock between my boobs and pushed them together and started to rub himself between them, rubbing his thumbs over my nipples at the same time. It was heavenly and my breath started to come in short gasps. He stopped momentarily to take his T-shirt off which gave me the opportunity to feel his hard young body. I licked both of my index fingers and lightly stroked his nipples, which made him say “God – that’s great”.

I wanted him desperately now and he knew it. Without any further effort at foreplay, he pulled my skirt off and opened the poppers on the crotch of my teddy. He pushed two fingers in me and withdrew them straight away. Rather crudely, he put them to his face and sniffed them, saying “You smell great – like a bitch on heat” and he was right!

He then pushed me further back on the seat and opened my legs as wide as the car would allow and taking his cock, he rubbed it up and down my soaking pussy a few times and then just drove right into me. It just took my breath away and I gasped for air as he fucked me fast and furiously. It felt wonderfully wicked to feel another man’s cock in me for the first time in 20 years and within minutes I came, moaning loudly as my head rolled from side to side. He stopped as I came and withdrew his cock and I opened my eyes to see him leaning back, looking at me as though he was admiring his achievement at making me come so easily.

He then leaned forward and put his hand behind my head and pulled me up, and offered his cock to me, still all wet and shiny with my juices. I put my hand round it and took him into my mouth, tasting myself on him and canlı casino siteleri listening to his gasps as I sucked him in and out, letting my teeth gently rub over his big cock end. As his excitement increased, he took hold of the back of my head and began to force himself in and out of my mouth, almost making me choke in his youthful exuberance. Suddenly he groaned and I felt his hot come in my mouth, spurt after spurt. It tasted sort of sweet and salty at the same time, different to any I’d experienced before and for the first time in my life I swallowed, wanting to derive every bit of pleasure that I could. He slumped backwards, laughing as he said “That was great Lin, best blow job I’ve ever had” and it made me feel strangely proud!

We lay for a while, just stroking each other and I made him remove his trousers so that I could feel his warm skin against my body. I was aware of a couple of cars driving by and tooting, obviously aware of what we were doing, and it made me feel even more wicked, thinking that it may be someone I knew.

After a short while, I began to feel his cock hardening again and soon it was as hard as before and he asked me to turn round and lean over the back of the car seat. I wasn’t about to deny him anything and did as I was asked, aware that I was now in full view of any passing motorists. I felt his warm breath on my pussy as he bent to lick me a few times, even running his tongue up and over my puckered rosebud, which made me shiver.

Then I felt him pressing at my pussy again and he was inside me, hard and deep. He took me slowly, on each stroke almost pulling out before he went back in and I realised he must be enjoying watching himself sliding in and out of me. His hand came round underneath me and he began to pull and rub at my clit in time with his cock and I felt the delicious feeling of another orgasm building. I began to force myself backwards on him and he got the message, beginning to fuck me harder, still rubbing my clit at the same time. I was resting my face on my hands folded in front of me, and suddenly I was biting myself as a really powerful orgasm hit me. At the same time Sean buried himself in my pussy and pumped his seed deep inside me. It was a beautifully mortifying moment – to have him come deep inside me at the same moment as I had come was more than I could have hoped for, but at the same time I was immediately worried by our actions. My husband had a vasectomy years ago and I had just let a virile young stud plant his seed in me!

As the moments passed I turned and looked at the clock in his car. I realised the time had passed so quickly and I hurried him to get dressed so that I could get home. Sean was keen to stay for longer, saying that I was so sexy he could get it up for me few more times yet. Tempting thought the offer was, I had to get home in order not to raise too many suspicions. Sean drove me back to my car, making me promise to ring him again, kissed me goodbye and I drove home. On the way I could feel his cum dribbling out of me and I had to stop and clean my pussy up with some Wetwipes.

When I arrived home, my husband was still up waiting for me. He asked me if I’d had a nice time, how my friend Sue was and I was surprised how easily the lies came to me. I was worried that I would smell of sex, because I was very aware of Sean’s smell on me, but maybe that was because my senses were so heightened by the night’s events. But Mike didn’t seem to notice anything unusual and we went up to bed. He fell asleep quite quickly, leaving me to lay awake, my nipples aching as I re-lived my evening, but desperately worried that I had allowed Sean to come inside me. Little did I realise then where my wanton behaviour and obsession with Sean would lead me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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