A Wet Weekend

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Exhausted from a tough work week, lesbians Abby and Sarah decided to go out of town with their gal pals for the weekend. They booked a flight while their friend Jessica booked a hotel for their stay and after much comparing a welcome escape from the cold of Trenton, New Jersey all the girls lived in. Abby & Sarah laid out the plans for the weekend as the girls waited to board the plane. “Tonight girls,” Abby said, “we hit the clubs and paint the sky red! Then tomorrow is a beach day & dinner night. Monday we’ll have breakfast before we leave that afternoon.” All the girls agreed to the plan and they boarded the plane.

After a couple of hours in the air, the plane touched down at Miami International airport just after noon on Saturday and the girls disembarked. They got their rental car and went straight to the hotel to rest up for their big night ahead, heading out around 6:30 PM. After having dinner, the arrived at the first club around 8 PM. Because four clubs were on the list, Abby told all the girls they should spend no more than one hour in each club, so they could have time to enjoy each place. But after months of arduous work, the rest of the girls were looking to let loose; none of them were paying attention to the clock.

They stayed for close to two hours at the first club and arrived at the second one a quarter after 10. At the second club though, even Abby had lowered her inhibitions and was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her girlfriend Sarah remarked: “Looks like your wings are sprouting, huh Ab?” at one point.

“Got that right honey,” Abby replied before asking the rest of the gang: “What shots you gals want? I’m buying.” The girls said tequila and Abby ordered a tray or two of tequila shots. The single girls invited the guys they had been flirting with to partake in some shots too. The first round of shots was gone in less than five minutes but Abby ordered two more rounds of shots. She knew she was gonna have a hole in her bank account after this, but it was party time, so she wasn’t sweating it. She would have something else to sweat when she and Sarah hot back to their hotel room though.

After hitting the last two clubs, with the “boyfriends for the night” in tow, the girls were tuckered out by about 1 AM, so they called a couple of Ubers to get them back to the hotel. The guys went with the girls they met up to their rooms, while Abby and a pretty lit-up Sarah went to their room. Sarah could barely walk by the time the elevator doors opened, so an also-tipsy Abby propped her up on her shoulders and walked her to the room. The two staggered in, closed the door behind them, and began to undress for bed. It was then that Sarah remembered she had been holding in her pee since the girls arrived at the fourth club. The last time she used the bathroom was before they left the third club, so she was bursting at the seams by now.

Sarah took off her dress and panties – leaving only her bra on – and attempted to walk to the bathroom, but the level of alcohol in her system overruled those intentions. Sarah instead fell to the floor in a kneeling position and right in front of Abby, her bladder opened up and drained itself on the carpet just outside the bathroom. “Sarah, you’re peeing on the carpet!” Abby freaked and tried to get Sarah on the toilet. By the time Sarah was seated on the can, her pee had stopped; only a few ounces at most splashed into the water below. While Abby was mortified, Sarah was laughing at what happened.

“Oops, I’ve sprung a leak,” she said as she stumbled out of the bathroom, “Guess I should’ve gone before we left.”

“Yeah, you should have,” Abby replied. “I hope we can clean this up.” She got some towels from the bathroom and began blotting her girlfriend’s pee off the carpet. It was then, however, that Abby felt she had to pee too. She thought she could hold it until Sarah’s mess was cleaned, so she kept on blotting as Sarah laid down on the bed. It took Abby close to 20 minutes to clean Sarah’s pee and when she was finally done, her bladder was full to bursting. But if Sarah’s accident sobered her up for a moment, the cleaning helped that feeling wear off. Abby barely could walk again, but tried to reach the toilet.

She pulled down her panties and as she lifted the toilet lid, she felt like she couldn’t hold it anymore. Just like that, Abby’s bladder opened up and she flooded the bathroom with her pee; her panties were soaked too. She was even more mortified than when Sarah peed, canlı bahis şirketleri and understandably so; she hadn’t an accident like this since her childhood. Abby grabbed another towel and cleaned her pee from the bathroom as a nearly-naked Sarah laughed herself silly from the bed. Sobered up again from her accident, Abby was having none of Sarah’s hysterics. “Can’t you at least try to take this seriously?” she said throwing the pee-soaked towel at Sarah.

“How can I take it seriously?” Sarah replied in a drunken mumble. “We’ve both peed outside the toilet.” She then burst out laughing again; her face turning fire engine red.

“Are you saying you have a point?” Abby asked.

“Not really,” Sarah replied, “but since we’re both sloshed, what’s the point of getting up to use the toilet? We’re just gonna fall off and pee on the floor anyway.” Abby was dumbfounded by this; grown adults pee in the toilet no matter what. At that point though, Abby suddenly lost her balance and peed on the carpet she had just cleaned Sarah’s pee off of. Seeing that, Sarah laughingly asked her: “See what I mean Ab? You didn’t see that coming.” As Sarah laughed herself to the point of unconsciousness, Abby thought about what she had said.

“If we’re this drunk,” Abby said to herself, “maybe we are just gonna miss the toilet.” Deciding her drunk girlfriend was right, perhaps in her drunk state, Abby decided not to worry about using the toilet. She then took off her dress, put a dry pair of panties on, and crawled into bed with Sarah, who was still only wearing her bra. At that point, Sarah began rubbing Abby’s clit. “Don’t touch me, Sarah, I just peed twice,” Abby said.

“It’ okay, pee is sterile,” Sarah replied, “at least when it comes straight from you. C’mon, rub me and let’s do it.” With that, Abby took her panties off and reluctantly began rubbing Sarah as well, who took off her bra. The girls were ready before long, so they began scissoring, feeling the sexual excitement rise between them. After a half-hour, Sarah climbed onto Abby’s leg and began riding her like a jockey rides a horse. The girls climaxed a half-hour later and were so into ecstasy by then, they forgot about their pee accidents from earlier. Orgasming, however, made them both have to pee – it was just a natural thing their bodies did. Abby rolled off the bed and stumbled to the bathroom, where she stood in the shower and peed down the drain.

Seeing this from the bed, Sarah decoded to it a try too, with one trick. Sarah stood outside the shower and shot her stream into the shower stall, dripping on the floor between her feet. The girls then wiped their pussies dry and went to sleep. After about two hours of sleep, Abby felt a strange sensation underneath her and awoke to see Sarah peeing the bed. “Wake up, Sarah,” she said, “you’re peeing the bed.” Sarah slowly awoke and saw what was happening; her pee stopped just as she looked at the puddle she created on the sheets.

“Oopsie,” Sarah said, “Oh well, I saw some extra sheets in the closet.” She and Abby slowly made their way to the closet, where they found the extra sheets. They stripped the wet sheets off the bed, blotted the mattress with a towel, and put the new sheets down, falling back asleep afterward. Around 10 AM the next morning (Sunday,) Jessica called Abby and told her & Sarah to meet the rest of the girls downstairs ASAP. Sarah & Abby showered together, got dressed, grabbed their bathing suits, and got downstairs within 15 minutes, where they met the rest of their posse and left for the beach. That was when Jessica sprung a surprise on everyone.

“Okay girls, we’re going to Haulover Beach to let it all hang out,” she said. No one else knew what Jessica meant, so she broke it down for them. “Haulover is a nude beach; the biggest one in the U.S. I figured we try this once.” Abby and Carly, the most socially awkward of the group, was nervous; Carly only felt comfortable being naked in the shower. But Jessica eased everyone’s nerves by saying Haulover was so beautiful, “You’ll only wanna be naked there.” With the girls in agreement, they continued to Haulover, arriving in no time at all. They stripped naked in the parking lot, grabbed their towels & sunscreen, and hit the beach, where everyone was naked.

After setting their towels down, Jessica, Abby the girls were a natural paradise but if they thought nothing could bring them down, something did. Jessica, Abby & Carly were soaking up the sun when Carly canlı kaçak iddaa saw Stephanie & Sarah charging towards them. “Girls help, Sarah got stung by a jellyfish,” Stephanie said in a panic.

“It’s true, girls,” Sarah said as she showed them a huge red mark on her left leg, “what do we do?” Abby & Carly had no idea what to do, but Jessica remembered seeing emergency remedies for jellyfish stings, one of which was urinating (aka peeing) on the sting.

“I heard peeing on the sting will help,” Jessica said.

“Well, who’s gonna pee on me?” Sarah frantically asked. Abby had to go but was self-conscious about peeing in front of her gal pals (nevermind she peed in front of Sarah many times the night before.) But with her girlfriend in pain, Abby said she would pee on Sarah’s leg. “Thanks, Ab,” Sarah said, “just hurry up!”

Carly ran for a lifeguard, so Abby told Jessica Sarah writhed in pain the whole time. The paramedics arrived about five minutes after the initial sting, wrapped Sarah’s naked body in a towel, and loaded her into the ambulance.

The rest of the girls got dressed in a jiffy and followed the ambulance to the hospital. At the hospital, Sarah was rushed into the emergency room, where doctors washed the sting more thoroughly and managed to stabilize her. After a tense half-hour, the doctors told the rest of the girls that Sarah would be discharged within another half-hour and led them into Sarah’s room. Abby gave Sarah a big hug as she lay in bed and that’s when one of the doctors said: “Good thing no one peed on the sting, that makes it worse contrary to what everyone says about it helping.”

All the girls kept quiet about Abby peeing on the sting back at the beach, but silently wished they knew pee didn’t help with jellyfish stings at the beach. After another half-hour or so, Sarah was given the all-clear by doctors and the girls gave her back her bathing suit to put on. She put it on and everyone left the hospital to return to Haulover Beach, where they got naked again to enjoy the weather; they all stayed out of the water this time though. When they were alone at one point, Sarah hugged Abby and thanked her for the effort of peeing on her sting: “It might not work as we thought, but thanks for peeing on it Ab,” she said, “I enjoyed it. You want me to pee on you later?”

“Are you serious Sarah?” Abby asked, “I peed on you because I thought it would help the sting, which it doesn’t.” Sarah said she knew pee was useless for jellyfish stings but told Abby that wasn’t the point.

“I know Ab,” she said, “I want to pee on you because I want you to feel how it feels. It felt great! And I said last night pee is sterile when it comes straight from you.” To not hurt her girlfriend’s feelings, Abby said Sarah could pee on her whenever she had to go. Sarah said okay and grabbed a couple of Smirnoff Ice drinks to herself & Abby. They drank two of those each and watched the rest of the girls played volleyball with a group of people they met before the jellyfish sting. About 45 minutes later, Sarah told Abby: “Ooo, I gotta go Abby. Follow me, I saw a nice spot hidden in the weeds a few feet down.”

“Sarah?” Abby nervously asked. “What if someone sees us?”

“I said hidden spot; no one will see us” Sarah replied. “And if they do, just tell them I’m drunk.” Abby went along with it and followed Sarah into the weeds behind the lifeguard station. Abby looked around and saw they were quite hidden, so she laid down. Sarah straddled her naked body and shot a warm golden stream first on her legs, then onto her stomach then she told Sarah to lay down.

“This should answer your question, Sarah,” she said as Sarah laid down where she had just laid. She then squatted over Sarah and peed on her stomach & pussy. “Now you roll over so I can get your butt too,” she said. Sarah rolled over and Abby finished with her butt. “Well, does that answer your question?” Abby asked after her bladder was emptied.

“Oh yes it does,” Sarah exclaimed.

Both girls were covered in each other’s pee by now, so they walked over to the beach shower to wash off. They returned to their spot to dry off where Carly, Jessica & Stephanie – finished with their volleyball gam – met them again.

“Where’d you guys go?” Carly asked, “we didn’t see you before.”

“We went to the loo,” Abby said, “You girls know us; we typically travel together!”

The rest of the girls got a giggle out of that and Jessica said they canlı kaçak bahis had to get back to the hotel so they could get ready for dinner that night. Everyone washed the sand off themselves, got dressed, and drove back to the hotel. Back at the hotel, Abby told Sarah: “Now I see why you wanted to pee on me, Sarah. It’s so warm and exhilarating!” Sarah just smiled and kissed Abby. The girls then relaxed before getting ready for dinner. They met the rest of the girls in the lobby and the group drove to the restaurant. They were seated and their drink orders were taken, so they began chatting about how much fun they had been having on their getaway.

“We needed this huh girls?” Carly asked.

“You said it, sister,” replied Stephanie. “After being cooped up in an office for so long, I thought I was gonna explode if I didn’t get away.” Their drinks arrived shortly after, so Jessica proposed a toast.

“To good times, good friends, and many more opportunities to get away from all responsibilities,” she said.

Sarah then added: “And to Abby (in air quotes) ‘kind of’ helping me back at the beach today!” The girls all laughed and touched their glasses as they waited for dinner to arrive. Sometime during dinner, Sarah asked Abby: “What are we doing back at the hotel tonight? More sex?”

“Sure, and maybe something extra,” Abby replied. Sarah asked what that “extra something” was, to which Abby said: “Wait and see!” Sarah spent the rest of the girls’ dinner and the drive back to the hotel waiting with bated breath to see what Abby had planned. In the elevator, she noticed Abby had her legs crossed a little bit; it was then that Sarah knew what Abby had in store. Sure enough, when they got back to their room, Abby stripped naked, had Sarah do the same, and they both made a B-line for the bathtub.

Sarah laid down in the tub, Abby climbed onto the end, spread her pussy aside, and shot another pee stream onto Sarah’s naked body; Sarah also rolled over to ensure Abby got every part of her body wet. After Abby was done, she & Sarah switched places and Sarah got ready to pee on her but didn’t have to go. “Guess I’ll have to wait for that,” Abby said, “let’s hit the shower in the meantime.” Sarah turned the shower on and the girls hopped in to wash off. Abby leaned in to kiss Sarah and they began making out under the running water. Abby then rode Sarah’s leg as they sat down on the shower floor, much like how Sarah rode her leg the night before.

The girls scissored after Abby rode Sarah’s leg for about 10 minutes, orgasming after about another 20 minutes. They stood back up and began washing off again. Sarah kissed Abby once more and then felt a familiar feeling. “Abby, look,” she said. Abby looked down and saw Sarah’s pee splattering on her feet. With Sarah returning the favor for peeing on her in the tub, Abby kissed Sarah and they showered for real. Once done, they wrapped themselves in a towel to dry off and made their way back to the bed. Abby thanked Sarah for introducing her to getting peed on but Sarah was quick to point out it was the other way around.

“Remember Abby, you’re the one who introduced me to getting peed on. Remember on the beach? And the jellyfish sting?” she said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” Abby replied. The girls changed into their pajamas – the first time they wore them on this trip – and turned in for the night. Their return flight was departing at noon the following day, so they had to get as much sleep as they could; Jessica said they had to be at the airport by 10 AM at the latest. The girls woke up around a quarter to 9 the next morning (Monday,) packed their bags, and met the rest of the girls in the lobby. They drove back to the airport, went through security, and waited for their plane at the gate. Sarah silently whispered to Abby that she still wanted to experiment with pee play when they got home; Abby said she wanted to do so too.

On the flight home, Abby and Sarah silently agreed to have some pee fun once or twice a week, starting that upcoming Friday. The girls touched down back home just after 2 PM on Monday, collected their bags from the baggage claim, and split up for their usual weekly routines. Abby the wintry air feeling bracing on their bare pussies.

Since taking up pee play, Sarah & Abby’s relationship has grown even more intimate than before, which is saying something as their friends had been jealous and envious of their intimacy. Carly, in particular, longed to have intimacy with her new boyfriend as deep as Abby & Sarah and eventually asked Sarah: “How do you and Abby keep the spark alive?”

Sarah simply replied: “One can’t up all their secrets, Car. Let’s just say sometimes, you just gotta get kinky with it.”

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