A Tight Pair of Jeans

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My son got married recently to a gal with a little bit of a reputation. She had 5 or 6 boy friends in one year, according to my daughter. But she seems to be a nice girl, pays lot’s of attention to him and he really loves her. Now here is the problem, she likes to wear real tight clothes. She doesn’t have great body, pretty flat chested and kind of a big butt. The thing is that butt looks real good in the clothes she puts it in. She likes to wear a pair of designer jeans so tight that, well she obviously isn’t wearing any panties, I can’t keep my eyes off of her. And when she turns around you can see the split of her pussy, you know, the Camel toes.

A while back we are sitting around the patio outside and I get up and walk behind her. I look down and she is bending over so I could see down the back of her pants and I see she is wearing a blue thong with lace, I had to go to the bathroom and relieve myself, From the bathroom window I could look out the and see her sitting right there. While I was jerking off my son slips his hand down her pants a grabs a hand full of cheek while I squirt jism all over the shower stall. I wish I had thought to get a picture of that, the thong, not the jism. A few weeks ago they came over and she is wear a pair of tight slacks that just put that ass right there and didn’t leave much to the imagination. I just couldn’t contain myself. When the time was just right I acted like I had to hurry and squeezed between her and the counter and rubbed the back of my hand right across both cheeks, it felt wonderful, nice and full and very soft.

But the shocking thing was she didn’t even flinch, just stayed right there and didn’t pull away.

When I got across the room and looked back at her she was grinning ear to ear and staring right at me. The look on her face froze me, I couldn’t believe it, she liked it! Then she winked at me, my heart stopped beating, she twirled around and walked to the doorway, stopped, grabbed her ass and then walked out into the living room.

Oh my god, my daughter-in-law enjoyed me rubbing her ass and I think she wouldn’t mind if I grabbed a hand full!

For the rest of that night she keeps getting in position so I could see her ass and I was doing my best to not stare with all the others around. It seemed like she would stand in places so I could grab her if I wanted, and I wanted too, but I couldn’t make myself go for it, it just seemed so wrong.

Then my wife had me get out the movie projector to show the old home movies! I’m thinking no way, you want me to turn the lights off with that nasty girl in the room! And yes, some how Chris worked her way around the room until she is standing in front of me and keeps working backwards until it is right in my face! I swear I could smell her womanhood. It got real dark at one point and I couldn’t hold back any more, I reached up and touched that wonderful ass! My left hand went from the bottom of her bottom and up and around those full ass cheeks enjoying the feel of it and the fact that a woman 15 years younger was letting me do it!

But I almost got caught when someone turned on the light. I had to duck into the bathroom to hide illegal bahis my hardon!

For the next few days it was the only thing I could think of, I wore my wifes pussy out fucking her while thinking of that beautiful ass. I would position my wife face down and fuck her from behind cumming harder and better than I had in a long time.

My wife wondered what had gotten into me but she sure didn’t mind all the extra attention! She has quite the sex drive herself, she had a few affairs before and we did a threesome once. And then comes last weekend, I went over to my daughters house to work on my Hot Rod, (She let’s me store it there) when I pulled into the driveway I see Chris’ car is there and my heart starts pumping. I almost turned around and left, but I figured how could I get in trouble working on my car, little did I know.

I yelled hello to my daughter through the window and went out and started working on the car. My daughter comes out after a while and we talked for a while.

Then I looked over my daughters shoulder and Chris is standing in the doorway wearing a bathing suit that would be to small for my 5 year old grandaughter. It had 2 very small triangles covering her small breasts and another covering her pussy which was obviously completely shaved, since alot of it wasn’t covered, and the rest of the suit was strings!

She comes walking out staring right at me and when my daughter turned around she gasped and covers her self and runs back into the house proclaiming that she didn’t notice me standing there. I couldn’t believe the sight of that wonderful ass bouncing as she ran back into the house.

You see my daughter lives out in the country were no one can see her place, it is completely surrounded by trees and the girls like to go out there and sun bath. She told me that Chris had just got that bathing suit in the mail and wanted to get a sexy suntan.

I told her I could leave, but she said no, that they would go to the other side of the house. So after about fifteen minutes of laying under the car rubbing myself raw, I had to go look!

I went into the house with the mission of finding a beer, I went into the living room and peeked out the window and they were laying on a blanket about 10 feet away on their stomachs, facing away from me.

AND THERE IT IS, in all of it’s glory, those two lilly white cheeks naked except for a g-string running up the middle. I was jerking off when she rolled over and for a second I could see her asshole.

She layed back down and I could see almost all of her pussy, as was barely covered. I was engrossed looking at her body when I looked up she was staring right into my eyes with a nice “fuck me” smile on her face.

Normally I would have pulled back so she couldn’t see me but she was being so open that I new I could stare and she wouldn’t mind, in fact she was enjoyed it!

She started adjusting her bathing suit, pulling on it and moving it around which was giving me a look at her titties. They weren’t even a mouth full but she had some nice big nipples which I love.

Then she reached down and pulled her suit aside so I could see her pussy lips, she illegal bahis siteleri took one finger and ran it down her clit and into her pussy. She pulled it out and it was all wet and her pussy lips were glistening.

And that was when I cummed all over myself, she laughed at me and my daughter turned around and I had to hide and then clean up the mess I made.

The window was open so I could here them talking. My daughter asked her what was so funny. She said “The look on your dad’s face when I came walking out front”.

“Yeah” my daughter said. “I doubt he has seen that much skin in quite awhile, at least other than my Mom, EEUUUU!! I wished I hadn’t thought of that” she said.

Chris replied “I think your Dad is very handsome, I mean his son, my husband looks just like him! I wouldn’t mind being seen on the arm of a man like him, I wonder if he is as big down there as my husband?”

My daughter said, “My father is the most faithful man I know, you keep your horny little claws off of him”.

“I know, I was just kidding around a little!” Chris said.

About that time my son-in-law drove up and I went out and worked on the car for a while, the girls got dressed and Chris left about an hour later. I swear that she winked at me as she drove down the driveway.

Well that brings us to last night, you see my wife works 3 nights a week, and I was surfing the net and watching TV when I thought I heard a car drive by that sounded like Chris’. She has a burnt out muffler on her old Nissan. But it just drove by the house and kept going.

About a half hour later there is a knock at my back door, I am thinking it is my nieghbor come to borrow some tool again. When I open the door “SHE” is standing there with a tube top and and a mini skirt that defined the word “Mini”!

She asked if she could use the phone, I of course said yes and she came in and called home.

She told my son that she had bumped into an old friend and wanted to visit for a while and would be home a little late. Of course the whole time she is on the phone she is bent over the counter with her ass pointed at me hanging half out of her skirt.

She then sets the phone down and walks into the living room. I stood there in the kitchen trying to figure out what I should do. My cock reminded me that he had a vote by causing a tent to form in my pants.

I walked out into the living room and she is laying on the couch with her top and skirt covering her belly button and one hand pinching her nipple and the other had 2 fingers working on an obviously very hot cunt.

When she opened her eyes she got up and put her arms around me, started kissing and rubbing her body all over, then starts rubbing the bulge in my pants, “OH my, your even bigger that your son!”

When all of her actions got no reaction from me, (well except for the reaction of one part), She turned around and started rubbing that butt against me, she bent over and was rubbing her cunt on my cock and I just couldn’t hold back any more I grabbed her ass touching it and just feeling her wonderful globes.

She then walked away headed to my bedroom so I followed. She laid canlı bahis siteleri down on the bed, ass up and I followed her onto the bed and touched, felt, grabbed, kissed, and played with her ass until I smelled a familiar scent. She slowly spread her legs and I started rubbing down between her legs and I found her to be soaking wet.

I rolled her over and spread her legs and started sucking her clit.

That really hit her button, she started moaning and moving, gyrating her pussy against my tongue. I had to hold on for the ride. When she cummed she was so loud I was afraid the nieghbors might think I was murdering somone.

When she finally settled down she said, “I’m sorry, I love to have my cunt ate out, but aren’t you going to put that dick in me?”

I decided I was going to have some fun for awhile. “I just want to enjoy your body for a while if you don’t mind!”

“Hell No! After that orgasm I’m your sex slave hunny!”

So I climbed up and sucked on her little tities and then climbed higher and kissed her deep with my tongue and she kissed back, I never had a woman kiss me like that, rubbing her tongue in mine and using her face totally to make love to my face, it was very erotic. All this time I am running my hands up and down all over her and she is also. When she finally got my dick out she stopped, pushed me over and took that nasty tongue down south.

She licked it and when she sucked it into her mouth I knew this was it. I said “Here I Cum!”

She kept sucking as I blew my load into her mouth, it was the best orgasm I’d had in years. My cock just kept pumping out shot after shot, and she just stayed with it.

When I finally quit cumming she looked up at me with a very saited smile. She laid her head down on my lap and closed her eyes. I closed mine and dozed off for a second.

The next thing I knew my cock was being sucked back hard again and when it got to full size she said, “I want that thing in me now!” She climbed up and on to my dick, it felt wonderful as her hot wet pussy slid down my rigged cock.

Since I had already cummed I could really control myself and just revel in making love to her. I pulled her down and sucked on her big nipples while slowly stroking up and down inside her.

Then she took over and fucked my cock from the top, it took her about 5 minutes until she cummed again. She did make alot of noise again but not so loud this time, but I must say it turned me on, I have never made love to a women that cums so loudly!

She laid down on my chest and then we kissed some more as she moved on my cock. She got up, laid down on her back and said, “Time for a good old fashioned fucking!”

So I climbed over and kissed her pussy then her belly button tasting her salty sweat, then her tits and then her mouth, as I slid my cock into her she made a moaning noise that sound very nice. I started stroking into her as she wrapped her legs around mine as I fucked her for old glory. It was the best sex I had ever had. Finally let loose, cumming along with her as she called out my name over and over and again I hoped that the neighbors couldn’t hear.

It felt so nasty cumming in my daughter-in-laws pussy, pumping her full of spunk as she screamed “JERRYY!! JJERRYYY!!!JERRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!!

We laid there in a pool of sweat and cum completly spent when I heard a car pull in the drive. “IT”S MY WIFE!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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