A Surprise Gift

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All individuals in this story are above the age of 21.


Another sultry night in Charleston, after spending all day at the beach you skin feels hot and your pussy is wet. Eating seafood on the rooftop with a nice breeze relaxes you for the excitement that is sure to come tonight.

To my surprise and delight you have been flirting with our waitress all night. I didn’t notice right away but she did. She is stunning, tan skin, dark hair, and piercing blue eyes. Obviously a college student working her way up in hope of something better, she must have been 22 years old. She caught on right away, coming close to you and just barely touching you as she gives her recommendations from the wine list. I noticed when she somehow made pouring your wine into foreplay. You chuckle and slide your hand into my lap in response to my raised eyebrow. Comfortable linen shorts make for easy access to my cock. You stroke my already hardening member and fell the tip for the precum that you enjoy so much. Licking your fingertip and looking like sex incarnate you suggest that we have some play tonight. I laugh out loud from the joy of being with you.

Later istanbul escort at another rooftop club our new toy shows up and crosses directly to us as if being drawn by a magnet. After a couple drinks and dances the energy gets fierce. The way she slides her hands across your body is turning me on so much I might just blow from the show. It doesn’t help that both of you keep rubbing up against my cock. Keeping me hard and attentive whilst depriving my brain of blood so I lose the ability of critical thought. The crowd also loves the show, occasionally throughout the night you feel someone’s hand sliding across your ass, each example of lust raises your level of excitement. Your nipples are clearly visible pressing against the light cotton dress you are wearing. Our toy lightly bites one and you release a moan that drives me beyond distraction.

At this point my instincts kick in and I call up the car to take us back to the resort. Once inside the vehicle rules and clothing disappear. Our Toy gets down on her knees and starts licking your wet, juicy snatch. I love to look into your eyes when you kadıköy escort cum, to watch as waves of pleasure roll through your body. When you hear my voice in your ear telling you to cum you flood the car with the sense your orgasm. The driver is trying not to wreck and you feel another wave coming on when you see him watching you, lusting after you. With a mere gesture I could have you lean up to the window and tell him how you want to gobble on his cock while he drives. Safety for once wins out and the moment passes as our toy continues her labial buffet.

Back at the villa, I get a couple glasses and the wine bottle as you two make out on the couch. I come back into the room and our Toy is eating you out again. She moans deeply as I slide into her from behind. My thrusts push her face and tongue deeper into your twat. Her fingers are on your g-spot and one is even playing with the ring of your ass ever so delicately. More orgasms follow until I suggest we move to the bed.

Once on the bed you slide your ass onto my cock, riding me while facing away, and I tell our Toy to continue kağıthane escort to eat your pussy. You know that this is one of my favorite situations. I can feel your ass tighten on my cock as she licks your clit. It feels even better when she slides one of your vibrators into your pussy. You have lost all control and just keep gushing as we both fuck you. When you feel my cock get even harder and cum in your ass you almost lose consciousness. Colors and sounds streak past you.

Snapping out of it you decide to go to town on our Toy. Using all the tricks you have learned you turn her into a quivering wet rag. Finally, I hand over your favorite. The double ended dildo. Pushing your pussies close to each other and passing my cock from mouth to mouth you both unite in a long simmering orgasm. When you feel me getting ready to unload again you swallow my cock deep into your throat and begin swallowing. The tightness on my cock and the pulsating of your throat muscles exceed my ability to keep my balance. Slowly at first I topple to the side, the last few spurts of cum landing on your tongue for your to savor. Neither one of you can stand and walk so I get the duty of retrieving water for all. In return for such a gallant gesture when I get back both of you take turns sucking my cock back to life. Finally I cum again while she is giving me a rim job and you have my dick all the way down your throat. Swallowing my cum and smiling you ask if I enjoyed my surprise present?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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