A Submissive at Heart Ch. 03

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To maximize your enjoyment of this sorted tale please read chapters 1 and 2 first. The events depicted herein pick up directly from the conclusion of chapter 2.

I also wanted to thank folks for all the positive comments thus far; I hope you enjoy the third segment.

My eyes shot open and in that same instant the events of the night before came crashing back to me. I could tell from the light illuminating from the shades that it was mid morning. I spun around in the sheets to see my girlfriend lying there, for a moment I thought maybe the whole episode from the night before had been a dream. However as my senses came back to me I could feel Marks cum still oozing out of my ass. I thought about going to take a shower but I knew the running water would wake Michelle up; I instead elected to drift back to sleep.

When I woke several hours later I remember feeling a sense of shame and guild as I attempted to clean Mike’s sperm from my ass. After thoroughly rinsing I headed downstairs and it became evident to me Michelle was out.

My head was still throbbing from the night before and I decided my best course of action was to go back to sleep even though it was already 3 pm by this point. As I lay there playing the events from the night before in my mind I realized I was getting hard. I followed standard protocol and started to rub my cock. In an unusual twist though I also proceeded to stick two fingers up my very raw asshole. After I finished masturbating I drifted back into a well-deserved sleep.

Around 8pm that night I woke to Michelle’s voice, “rise and shine sleepy head”. I realized she was in bed with me so I shifted around to face her.

“Hey baby, what have you been up too?” I said.

“Well if you must know babe since I didn’t get any loving last night and güvenilir bahis you were a dead to the world when I got up I went to Mark’s place for a few hours” she said with a smirk on her face.

“Did you have fun?” I asked

She look at me for a moment as if considering something then with a huge smile blurted out, “he told me all about last night hon”

Completely on raw instinct I immediately said, “Nothing happened”

“Sweetie” she said in an overly sensitive tone “I have never been so turned on in my entire life, my straight boyfriend taking it up the ass for my lover, honestly I think it just might be the hottest thing I’ve ever imagined”.

At this point I realized I had no option but to be totally honest with Michelle. I told her the entire sorted tale while she began to rub her clit. When I told her that Mark’s cum was still leaking out of me she let out a loud moan and the next thing I knew my cock was slipping inside her well-used pussy. As usual our loving making was amazing.

Later that night we ordered some take-out, while we ate we discussed the events of the previous 24 hours. Michelle wanted to know if I would be open to being with a man again. I told her that even though I really have no attraction to men being submissive and getting taken like a woman was an incredible turn.

Unfortunately when Michelle broached the subject with Mark a few days later he decided he wanted to keep things just between them.

A couple of days later we bought a strap on dildo and over the next few months the strap on was in me as much as I was in Michelle. She loved to take me missionary and tell me things like what a good slut I was going to be for a real man, this would drive me crazy.

Finally after one fateful day Michelle called me at work and told me she had türkçe bahis amazing news best discussed when I got home.

That night I got home a bit late and Michelle was watching TV on the couch. I sat beside her and kissed her hello. She held me close and we started a passionate make-out session. Being the consummate horny bastard I am I started to remove her spandex pants; to my surprise she gently stopped me, “hon this is one of the things I need to talk to you about”.

She paused and her expression became somewhat serious, “last night when I was at Marks he ask me if I would consider being with him exclusively.” All of a sudden I felt a lump in my throat the size of a baseball, fighting back my emotions I asked, “you want to break up with me?”

Michelle immediately wrapped herself around me, “no sweetie not at all, in fact I told Mark I love you and would never leave you.”

This set my mind as ease and Michelle could sense the tension flow out of my body. She continued “Mark is getting transferred to his head office in London in 3 months, I guess what he wants is the next 3 months to be exclusively him and me.”

Feeling unsure of myself again I asked, “So what did you say?”

“Well I told him I couldn’t do it unless, she paused, unless I new you were getting attention from someone too. Once we solved that issue I told him I was all his for the next 3 months”.

At this point my mind was spinning, I recall that I opened my mouth to speak but Michelle continued before I could get a word in, “Honey, do you remember meeting Gerald one of Marks work friends at Tyrst several months ago”? Without pausing she went on, “Well you may not remember him but he remembers you. He is gay and apparently has been telling Mark for months he has a crush on you. Mark called him last night and güvenilir bahis siteleri he has agreed to umm… keep you company or the next few months.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “Michelle you can’t be serious, I told you I was turned on with Mark and I like when you use the strap on but I’m not gay and I certainly have no interest in anything outside of maybe being used like a woman once in a while.”

Michelle interjected, “Honey that’s the best part I spoke with Gerald and he is strictly a top in fact it turns him on to treat his partners like women.”

She grinned, “Did I mention Gerald is 6’4 and black”.

We continued to talk and she told me both Mike and Gerald had their leases expiring at the end of the month and she had taken the liberty of arranging for them to move in with us for the next 3 months. Mark was going to move into the master bedroom with Michelle and I would be in the spare bedroom with Gerald.

While the idea of being a “woman” for another man turned me on I was worried this was going to far. In the end though I nervously and somewhat reluctantly agreed to Michelle’s plan.

The next few days Michelle and I moved my cloths and other personal items into the spare bedroom.

On Thursday night we moved the last of my things. Michelle and I made dinner together and afterwards she asked me if I was nervous. I told her how the fantasy versus the reality was causing some conflict but I was ready to give it a shot.

The next day at work I was nervous, I was so nervous my stomach felt like it was in a constant state of vertigo. When 4 o’clock rolled around I headed home. Michelle was still at work so I did all my last minute preparations for Gerald; I shaved the little hair I had on my ass and gave myself a thorough enema.

An hour later Michelle came home, she gave me a deep kiss and told me how proud she was of me. Seconds later we heard the rumbling of a moving van pull into our driveway.

“Lets go introduce you to your new lover” she said.

To be continued

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