A Slice from a Cut Loaf

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Big Dick

The great thing about our group is that we can share our stories and laugh or sympathise as required without feeling self conscious or judgemental. Phyllis laughed as aloud as any of us as she told her tale over afternoon tea, with toasted muffins and tea cakes. Other occupants of the select tea rooms where we had gathered must have been surprised at the bunch of elderly ladies behaving like a gang of rowdy teenagers. Here is the tale Phyllis told. A Slice From a Cut Loaf.

Let me tell you about my marriage, it lasted more than thirty years. I got married at nineteen, my mother told me I shouldn’t but of course I knew it all, well, we do don’t we girls? I reckon I knew more at nineteen than I do now that I am seventy. I look back and laugh now.

The wedding night was a real eye opener I can tell you. All the women I knew were telling me what to expect, and I didn’t believe them. No, I didn’t believe that husbands would squeeze your tits, put their fingers in your privates, and stick things into your body.

I knew I was right. They said you had to hold his willy until he was ready then you just had to close your eyes and let him ‘do it’. Well, none of it was true. We got into bed, and we had a cuddle, and I tried to hold Greg’s willy and he said we shouldn’t because it wasn’t nice. Greg didn’t squeeze my tits, didn’t touch my private bits, and certainly didn’t stick anything in me.

That opened my eyes to the silly ideas some women have about what men do to them. Well, his old bed was a bit lumpy so we got a new one, Greg said he was used to the old one so he stayed in that. We shared the bedroom of course, just had our own beds.

I was married about four years when I had my daughter, It took me a while to work that one out I can tell you.

Yes, yes, I know, looking back on it I can’t believe it myself, just how ignorant I was. I guess you can imagine the situation when the doctor said I was pregnant, I said how? I didn’t know where babies came from.

“Well” he said, “let him assure you young lady, it has absolutely nothing to do with either new bread, or gooseberry bushes and more to do with the little games you play in bed. I will get nurse to have a little chat with you.”

Well, the problem was, that the games I played in bed was just touching my ‘watsit’ with my finger, and I was shocked, I can tell you, to think that fingers, and pussy equals baby, good job I thought it was my fingers, not Greg’s fingers, it might have been twins!

I bet you horrible lot will laugh at me when I tell you that the rather elderly very stern nurse told me the same sort of things that my friends had told me, I was shocked!

Then nurse said we had to work out the dates, she asked when my Greg had slept with me, I said, he didn’t, we slept in separate beds. Then she wanted to know when he had last visited me, but we lived together so he didn’t visit at all. The she asked me when Greg had put his willy in me and of course I said he hadn’t, because he hadn’t .

“Well,” she said, “someone has, because that’s how babies get in bellies!”

Now it was beginning to make sense.

There was this day when Greg was at work and his nephew Brian came round, as he some times did. He was in a bit of a funny mood, and playing jokes, we had coffee, and he cracked a few jokes, Then he said…

“You like sausage don’t you?”

Sometimes when he was round we had sausages for tea.

“You know I do.”

“Well, I have brought you one and if you can find it, you can have it.”

“Is it in your bag?”

“No.” He laughed, tickling me under my arms as I bent to look in his work bag.

Then of course the horseplay started he was grabbing at me and I at him, my tits got squeezed, I pinched his bum, he grabbed under my skirt and when I fell, my knickers and all were on show.

Well of course I found his “sausage”, and we started to mess about and as he was rubbing it up and down my bum crease suddenly it slipped up the leg of my knickers and into my ,well, you know where. I asked what was going on, he was waggling it about, and I have to say I was enjoying this.. .

“Just making some gravy.” he panted.”

Suddenly, the gravy was made and he stopped playing just when I was enjoying it. Girls, now I knew about sausage, I wanted more. Little did I know that sausage and gravy made babies….I do now!

In due course Brian emigrated to Canada, I never saw him again. I had a daughter which hubby decided we should bring up together as ours.

I developed a taste for the joys of married life, hubby, wasn’t up for it of course, but then he never had been. I didn’t get it regular, but I did have one or two friends that used to get frisky when hubby wasn’t about. They would sometimes call when he wasn’t there.

“Oh he won’t miss a slice from a cut loaf” one of them would say.

All the excuse I needed.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him” said another

I wasn’t going to tell, don’t suppose Greg would have been interested anyway.

If one of his friends called when he was at yenibosna escort home, it didn’t matter, they would start talking to him and he would drift off to his workshop and I would get a portion.

He had an interest in photography, built all his own equipment, sometimes at the camera club or, sometimes at home he would want to take pictures of me. Sometimes even in the nude, with his mates there. They thought him a lucky bugger, they told him so, he always agreed.

Back then, I had like a sort of teddy thing, something like a camisole wide legs quite thin silky material, he liked to take pictures of me in that.

One night he had me doing hand stands and that sort of thing, like exercises out of Health and Efficiency, you know those nudie magazine things several of his mates were there, with their cameras, I wasn’t very good at balancing and they were trying to do things with the lighting. One or two of his mates were into body building and muscly things sometimes when I wasn’t available they would pose

“Why don’t I put on my pouch and then you will have two subjects and I can support Phyllis.” Trevor suggested.

The offer was eagerly accepted by both Greg and Tony. Trevor produced his pouch from his camera bag, Greg and Tony turned their back while he stripped and put on his pouch, he didn’t turn his back to me, and neither did I to him, I had seen his dick before, even rode it once or… well a few times.

Well, having approximately set the lights I was asked to do a hand stand. You can guess that the silky camisole slid back along my legs and down over my belly, making very little practical covering to my dignity. Trevor looked down… he had to be looking straight at my fanny.

“Very good my girl, that’s just the view they need, don’t worry I’ve got you.” He held me by the ankles.

Greg and Tony turned away to check their cameras.

Trevor’s hand stroked down my leg under the leg of the camisole to rest on my moistening fanny. Then down to fondle my upside down tits. He removed his hand as they turned back to take another photo.

They knew, from previous occasions, that I could do the splits and this was the next pose I was asked to take. Trevor’s nose rested virtually on my fanny as he knelt behind me to support me his hands on my inverted hips.

They turned away again, he snaked his tongue and licked the length from my anus to my fanny. His delicious tongue just tipped what I now know was my clit, my legs came together so sharply, I nearly broke his skull his grip on my hips slipped and I landed in a heap. Trevor was reeling from the impact and as I looked back at him, his knob disappeared like a snail with salt on it.

“Uurm, delicious, just ripe.” He whmpered, licking his lips. He shook his head to rouse himself, and grinned, his purple knob reasserting its presence peeping out from his pouch.

Greg and Tony left the room to go to the darkroom. I was over the table and hiding Trevor’s purple knob (I won’t tell you where!) as quick as you like, and it was all over by the time they got back and I was back in position. Being on my head, I didn’t leak very much, just enough to keep my fanny moist, till the session was over, when of course I made a quick exit to clean myself up.

We were about thirty years into this marriage when the incident I was going to tell you about occurred. I had never gone short after that introduction by Brian. There had always been someone willing to supply what hubby had not, not only that, I used to get quite a few presents as well.

Most of the friends had dropped away over the years, I still had the occasional friend visit, and Greg still used to disappear leaving me to my own devices, it just was only rarely that I got what I wanted.

Money was not too scarce at that time, the house was paid for, daughter left home, Greg’s job paid reasonably well, we had gone through buying new car, caravan, new cameras and various other luxuries. This time, it was to be a slide projector. We had so many slides taken over the years.

We used the same shop for the projector that we had used in the past for the cameras and things. There was a new chap, Paul, about twenty two I guessed, quite shy for a salesman, he was most helpful and attentive. He wore an eye patch, and told me that he had a sore eye when I asked.

Having completed the sale he asked again if we were happy that we understood how to operate the projector, Greg asked if he would like to come round one evening, maybe this evening and just give us a run through to be on the safe side. We agreed on him coming round about seven, and made sure he had our address.

He found our house alright, and right away I asked if he would like him to bathe his eye, which I then did.

Greg dug out a wide selection of slides, including, to my feigned embarrassment, many of me in various stages of undress thank goodness not the most embarrassing ones.. Young Paul made many encouraging comments both about Greg’s photography and of course me and my ability as yeşilköy escort a model and how attractive I looked.

About ten Paul excused himself to go to his lodgings, he had not been in our area very long and lived in a B&B a short walk away.

I decided, well it was usually me that did such things, to show Paul out while Greg prepared for bed. We lived on the second floor of our old Victorian terraced house, the ground floor had a lounge, a spare room and a downstairs loo.

Paul and I spent just a few minutes on small talk at the door, when suddenly he leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I could see a look of panic in his eyes.

“Just to say thank you.”

“For a lovely evening and for bathing my eye, it feels so much better.”

“A peck on the cheek is no way to say thank you to a lady.”

I grabbed him and mashed his mouth with mine in a deep passionate kiss. I pulled him to me, my bosom crushed to his chest. There was no space between us, and I could feel his rapidly hardening cock, I reached between us and confirmed my suspicion.

We paused.

I grabbed him back to me and started to kiss him to which he responded willingly. His hand went up inside my blouse to fondle my brassier confined tits.

“That is more like saying thank you to a lady.”

The door at the top of the stairs opened, Paul was shielded from Greg by me but his hand shot from under my blouse all the same.

“Just going up to bed. OK?” Greg called down.

“You will…be up in a minute.” I called to Greg.

“Good night Paul!”

The door closed. It was quiet again.

The “You will” part of my response to Greg had been whispered in Paul’s ear, the remainder of the sentence, loud enough for Greg to hear.

I returned to groping his cock as he did to my tits. He dropped his hand to the hem of my skirt then ran it up my legs to find the stocking tops, and above, the leg of my knickers. He probed into my very wet slit.

“Ooohh Noooo” “OOOH Fuuuuck, I need a fuck.”

Pauls hard cock was still in my hand.

“I think we had better go in here.” I pulled him by the cock into the lounge.

I was hot, He was hard, I was wet.

I unzipped him and pulled his cock from his trousers.

I broke away from him, turned my back, rucked my skirt up and pulled the loose gusset of my knickers to the side.

“Oblige a lady Paul, fuck me, get in quick and spunk me.”

I bent over and buried my face in a cushion. As he entered I shuddered violently, gasping into the cushion. Every few thrusts brought a new shudder and more gasps. It took very few minutes to get his juice rising and after his word of warning I gasped

“Give it to me”

He emptied into me.

As he withdrew from my hot, wet, now sticky hole, I grabbed his cock and wiped it dry on my knickers. I ushered him quite unceremoniously out the door at about 10.15.

I expect he thought that was the end of the incident. I gave it further serious thought. Ok, it did give me masturbatory material while alone in my bed.

I developed a plan, well we do girls don’t we?

I suppose it was just over a week later, Friday afternoon actually, that I phoned him at work, his manager answered the phone, I introduced myself as his mother and asked to speak with him.

I heard the manager call him.

“It’s your mother”

“Hello Paul, its me, Phyllis.”

“Hello mum.”

I giggled.

“What’s the problem?”

“No real problem, the bulb has gone in the projector, could you be a dear and bring one round this evening?”

“I’ll see what I can do, what time will suit you.”

“Oooh, any time, say round seven again?”

“Ok, bye.”

He arrived at the door about ten past seven. I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and led him upstairs to the lounge. He was surprised not to see Greg.

“Where’s Greg?”

“Away till Monday.”


“Gone to a reunion. Have you had your tea?”

“No, not yet, thought I’d get a bite on the way back to the lodging.”

“I’ll get you something.”

While I was getting the food he watched me. My hair neatly permed, was beginning to grey, I wore a heather coloured twin set and a not very tight mid grey wool skirt, pale blue petticoat and Cuban heel slip on pumps. My stockings were seamed and the seams, fairly straight, light tan.

“Been somewhere nice?”

“Not really, just to the shops down the road.”

“All dressed up? The tradesmen must like you!”

“It pays dear boy, it pays!”

We sat at the table to eat the meal I had prepared. I groped beneath the table, and he responded in kind, however despite his best endeavours I managed to block him from getting beyond my stocking tops. I was saving that for later.

He reached out and touched my tits, albeit outside of my cardigan and jumper. The meal passed and we retired to the lounge for coffee.

He sat at the end of the settee, I guessed he expected me to sit beside zeytinburnu escort him.

I did not.

I chose to sit in an easy chair directly opposite to him.

With a swish of nylon I crossed my legs showing an extensive length of thigh as I did so. Uncrossing and crossing them several times in the first few minutes finally uncrossing them and sitting back in the chair.

I sat with my knees slightly parted. He could see virtually nothing yet appeared absolutely fascinated.

“What are you looking at.”

“I was looking at your legs.”


“They look good.”

“Anything else?”

“I was trying to see your knickers.”

He was very forward, cheeky begger.


“Can’t see them.”

I started to slide forward in the chair, my legs parting more and more as I came closer to the edge of the seat.


“Still can’t see them. You spoil sport. I expected to see you in French knickers or something equally sexy.”

“Don’t you like what you see? You do know why I asked you to come round?”

“Yes, to change the projector bulb.” He grinned.

He knew by now that was not the reason.

“You did such a good job the other night, when you gave me the quick shag I needed. I want to see if that was a one off.”

I sat forward in the chair, my stocking clad thighs still parted and my naked hairy fanny in full view.

“So what are you saying? You want me to come over there and give you a quick shag?”

“That would be a start.”

He crossed the room towards me, unbelting and unzipping his trousers as he did so. As he reached me I grabbed his stiffening cock stroking it’s length and planting a kiss on the tip I lay back in the chair, hanging my legs over the arms.

“Go for it then.” My eyes were begging as I spoke.

Paul shoved my jumper up over my bra clad tits as I guided his cock to its target. He took firm hold of my tits outside my bra and drove full length into my slippery wet fanny. My bra was substantial, firm, white and adequately supportive of my 40c s.

I matched him with my thrusts one for one each time gasping as he hit into me. He stuffed his hands into my bra cups and pulled my tits into view then dipped his head to suckle on the hardened nipples.

“Oh yes, Oh fucking yes, that’s the way. Lets get this fuck over with so we can relax.” I said between the gasps and shudders with which I accompanied each of his thrusts.

“The other night was too quick, I want to savour a good shag. There’s plenty of time to enjoy sex, but make this one quick, then we can take our time.” I gasped and still matching his thrusts hump for hump.

“Nice tits, I like your nipples.” Paul flicked his tongue across them.

I moaned and pulled his head up to my lips. The pace picked up, I lashed my tongue wildly about his mouth.

Paul broke away just long enough to say.

“Here I come, ready or not.”

“Fucking do it” I replied reclaiming his lips as he emptied spurt after spurt of himself deep into my hot fanny.

“Your fanny certainly likes cream.” he said as my muscles milked every drop from him.

“Trust me!” I panted “It does and lots of it.”

His softening cock dropped out dribbling the last drops of cum on my chair and stockings.

I was quiet for a few minutes, then stirred myself.

“I can see,” young Paul “I shall have to teach you some manners, it’s not polite to dribble.”

I took his cock and pulled my slip down far enough to wipe it.

“That’s better.”

I stood, tucking my tits back into my bra, tugged my jumper down over them and did up the first few buttons of the cardigan. I straightened my slip and smoothed my skirt down. I left the room to get some coffee, bringing a clean pair of knickers back with me.

Setting down the tray of coffee I hiked up my skirt and stepped into the old pair of cotton granny knickers. They were at my knees…

“They’re not very sexy are they?”

“Nope, nor is your cum dribbling unhindered down my legs.”

My hairy fanny was once more exposed as I continued to pull my knickers up.

“Come here.”

I went to him.

He stuck his finger between my legs, found my clit and frigged me until my knees buckled and I collapsed onto the settee next to him. He hugged me to him then sneaky bastard his hand was straight to my knee for a stretch of thigh climbing.

I caught his wrist and held him.

“We have all weekend, what’s the rush?”

“All weekend? I thought ten thirty was chucking out time!”

“Even so we have several hours yet, but then, I don’t want to waste a perfectly good weekend. So ten thirty it is then…Sunday night. OK?”

We consumed our coffee and I poured a couple of liqueurs, which we sipped as we sat there.

“Those photos and slides the other night?”


“Can we look at them again? Particularly the nudie ones? Do you have any really rude ones?”

“Ok, you set up the projector, I will see if I can find some.”

I left the room, and checked the cupboard where I knew Greg kept the slides and albums., I also changed out of the old very damp cotton knickers into a sheer pair of pale pink nylon ones with a pretty lace front panel. The legs were not too tight, I didn’t want to lock him out completely. Two boxes of slides and three albums I thought should keep us occupied.

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